Emperor of The Cosmos

Author:Meng Ru Shen Ji

Introduce:Synopsis by Xianxiaworld: What is unique about this novel is it deviates from the standard backdrop of an ‘ancient’ world and is set in the contemporary future, the Galactic Era. Advancements in technology on Earth has given rise to methods of cultivation and a super breed of humans with unmatched physical prowess. Man has long discovered ways of space travel and have started to invade other planets in bids for resources. In these conquests they come across many civilizations with cultivation techniques, some which are even more powerful than technology... Back at home on Earth, there is a boy with average innate talent. But one chance meeting transforms his fate, and you and I shall watch him rise to the top to become the Emperor of the Cosmos! Official Description: When humans step foot into the Galactic Era, the ancient art of cultivation thrives once again. Regardless of the times, cultivation is never obsolete. In the Buddhist texts, Bodhi asked Buddha: “How does one control his heart to become a buddha?” This one sentence summarises the true essence of cultivation: mastery over one’s heart. The heart is very powerful, and is the reason why the Monkey King is also called the ‘Heart Monkey’. Everyone’s heart is a Monkey King, master the monkey and one can achieve ascension. Allow me to demonstrate to you the true essence of cultivation in this book Translates: Quantum and CassiEast Editor : Orphire

Dragon-Marked War God

Author:Su Yue Xi

Introduce:Official Description: The once greatest Saint underneath the heavens has been reborn after one hundred years. He cultivates with mighty skills, and he fights to once again reach the top of the world! Don’t compete with me when it comes to concocting pills, 100% effectiveness means nothing to me. Don’t compete with me when it comes to cultivation speed, I won’t be responsible when you die from embarrassment. Don’t compete with me when it comes to experience, as I’m an ancient ancestor. The existence of Jiang Chen is destined to ridicule thousands of geniuses…… Synopsis by xianxiaworld: Jiang Chen was once the strongest Saint underneath the heavens. He cut through the skies and broke the door that led to the Gates of Heaven, opening up a new path for the Saints of the Saint Origin continent. But, he depleted his last drop of blood in the fight and died at the Saint Cliff. 100 years later, he was reborn into the body of Jiang Chen, a useless good-for-nothing noble. He had already walked the road to the top once, now he needed to do so again. Only this time, he has knowledge far surpassing anyone else in this world. Come watch as Jiang Chen once again walks a road filled with the blood of his enemies and those who oppose him, settling for nothing but the top.Note: DMWG - $20 per chapter. 7-14 sponsored chapters per week.( XXW will not take a single penny from the donations! )Translator: Ares

Beast Piercing The Heavens

Author:Yao Ye

Introduce:Synopsis: 1. Anyone who has a heart disease... Please, don’t read any further. 2. Anyone who is emotionally fragile... Please, don’t read any further. 3. Anyone who is less intelligent... Please, don’t read any further. 4. Anyone who is reading other xianxia novels... Please, don’t read any further. After reading ‘Beast Piercing The Heavens’, you’ll find that other novels are an insult to your intelligence. Only for those who believe in this novel, and are willing to give up the entire forest for this single tree... Please, read it! Conclusion: 1. A lot of foreshadowing and suspense. 2. Full of logic and reasoning. 3. A lot of innovative writing skills. 4. The plot is of high quality. 5. Master Sun’s Art of War has been utilized in combat. 6. The cultivation and weapons are described in concise phrases, to enhance readability. 7. The protagonist is vivid and substantial. He distinguishes himself from the masses with his chivalrous disposition, while his personality is a mixture of lofty heroism and an endless romantic.The above synopsis and conclusions are drawn from the reviews of Chinese readers towards this book, and are not representative of Xianxiaworld. Note: BPH - $30 dollars per chapter, whenever we have time aside from our 7ch/week schedule (most likely 1-3/week).( XXW will not take a single penny from the donations! ) Translator: Claire Pang Editor: Sietse Valici

God of Slaughter

Author:Ni Cang Tian

Introduce:Synopsis by xianxiaworld: God of Slaughter is an R18+ Chinese fantasy novel. Shi Yan, the hero of this novel used to be an extreme athlete. However, during an adventure in the deadly blue holes of the Bahamas, Shi Yan unexpectedly traveled through time and space, and became a young master of a famous clan, who was also named Shi Yan. At that time, the young master Shi Yan had died beside the blood pool during an adventure. The extreme athlete’s soul somehow was transferred into Shi Yan, the young master’s body, and gained a magical ring which was called ‘Blood Vein Ring’. That ring had a mysterious power, which made Shi Yan a man of slaughter, who needed to kill ceaselessly in order to improve his power rapidly. Every time after the killing, the sexual desire will come along… Official Description:Growing up parentless, Shi Yan was left with large amounts of inheritance money, and a general disinterest in life. The only times he felt alive was when his adrenaline coursed through his veins, He quickly found that extreme sports such as bungy-jumping, cave-diving & skydiving, gave him the biggest kicks. The bigger the adrenaline kick, the closer he was to death, and the more alive he felt, Waking up in a pile of dead bodies in an unknown land, after a diving adventure had ended disastrously, he quickly realized that the body he now possessed was not his own, Follow Shi Yan as he explores this new world where danger lurks around every corner, and death is only a breath away. A world Shi Yan could not feel more alive in.Note: GoS - $30 dollars per chapter, 4 regular-released on weekdays, 3 sponsored-released on weekends. Total 7/week max ( XXW will not take a single penny from the donations! )Translators: Qian and Amy Editors: Moto, Vick, Chancs, TheNo1Fan

A Thought Through Eternity

Author:Er Gen

Introduce:Official Description: With a thought, the ocean shifted. With a thought, the fields moved. With a thought, a thousand demons slain. With a thought, a thousand gods fell. My thought is … Eternity. Note: ATTE - $30 dollars per chapter, 5 guaranteed chapters a week, and up to 3 sponsored chapters a week. ( XXW will not take a single penny from the donations! )Translates: Marcus, Nat, Xin, Sean Editors: Arch, Crimsonguard, MantouInv

The Magus Era

Author:Xue Hong

Introduce:Xue Hong is one of the most popular authors in China amongst fantasy novel writers. In 2014, Xue Hong became the only Chinese author to make more than ten million Yuan in a year. His first novel was read by more than 55,000,000 people in only 4 months after it was published online. The Magus Era is his eighteenth influential work.Synopsis by Xianxiaworld:Qing Long is the former strongest man in the world. He traveled through space and time and was reborn as Ji Hao in the Fire Crow Clan of the Southern Wasteland. It’s a complicated world. Forces from both inside and outside of the clan want this young and talented boy to die. Under great pressure, Ji Hao makes a deal with a mysterious man, who resides in his spiritual space, never showing his real face. He gains two drops of blood from a dragon and phoenix. Afterwards, Ji Hao becomes increasingly more powerful.Official Description:Long ago, there were people who stood upon the earth with their heads held high. They never bowed to anyone because of their indomitable spirit. They were capable of controlling wind and lightning, and conquering dragons and serpents. They seemed strong enough to split the earth and shatter the stars with their fists. They traveled throughout the land and called themselves Magi. Eventually, one of them would become a Supreme Magus! These men are the ancestors of human beings. Their blood is what we all share today.Note: TME - $30 dollars per chapter, a maximum of 3 sponsored chapters for now, 7 regular per week.( XXW will not take a single penny from the donations! )Translate:Anya Editors:Second Rate, dillsterX

World Defying Dan God

Author:Solitary Little Thief

Introduce:Official Description: Young Chen Xiang had a fateful encounter with a goddess & demoness and received their peerless heritage, divine pulses, ultimate martial arts, and transcendent alchemy techniques, which gave him an easy ride in his journey of cultivation. When hungry, he refines some spirit pills to eat as snack, when lonely he flirts with the goddesses, when bored he teases those martial artists who came to beg for spirit pills, when tired he let his beautiful wives massage him.Synopsis by xianxiaworld: Chen Xiang had been struck with misfortune, he was born without a spiritual vein so he cannot practice martial arts. However it was just his luck that he had a fateful encounter with some mysterious beauties. This made his life take a turn for the better down the path of cultivation and alchemy. This new and exciting world is filled with immortals, devils, gods, and mystical heavenly beasts. As he starts his lifelong adventure, he comes across many secrets and mysteries hidden in this world. Explore with our hero as he contemplates these tantalizing and profound mysteries and reaches the peak of the martial way, while he flirts with women, makes friends and challenges the lords, immortals, and devils of the martial world.Note: WDDG - $30 dollars per chapter, 7 sponsored weekly maximum with 7 regular ( XXW will not take a single penny from the donations! )Translator: Ash Editors: iballisticbunny, EliteCreature, TheNo1Fan

The King Of Myriad Domains

Author:Ni Cang Tian

Introduce:Official Description: In ancient times, there existed djinn capable of supporting the heavens. Their bodies were like the stars, as they could fly across the universe. Each person of their families was greatly respected, as a strange kind of blood ran through their veins. They could break space and re-create worlds. At the same time, there were also ancient Lianqi warriors, who could swim through the galaxies. They were the enlightened beings. Nobody knows why, but that era quietly came to an end, as the tens of thousands of domains were separated and the ancient giant Djinn disappeared one by one. Many years later, young Nie Tian came across a drop of blood, which would start the return of the ancient times.Translators:Log hut, Watermelon, Nata and Sean Editors: Sietse and Zach

Realms In The Firmament

Author:Fengling Tianxia

Introduce:Synopsis by xianxiaworld:Realms In The Firmament is the latest work of Fengling Tianxia (风凌天下) the author of Otherworldly Evil Monarch and Transcending the Nine Heavens. The main character, Ye Xiao, was a superior master in his prior life. The three factions of the realm kill millions of people every time when they attempt to seize cultivation resources. Wealthy towns become wastelands only in one night. They cover up their crime with assertion that the towns were suffering under pestilence and disaster. They forcibly hold all the resources for cultivation, monopolize all valuable practice materials, and forcibly keep outsiders from cultivating so that only their three factions can practice in the realm. Ye Xiao declared war against the three factions in retaliation of their actions. He fought alone and ended up dying in vain. However he is reborn into a mortal body of a 16 year-old boy. He will use the powers he cultivated in his last life and slaughter his way back into the Realm. The story begins! Official Description:Laughing out loud upon all the heroes under the firmament, I am the monarch of the universe! All mountains and rivers are my territory. Riding toward all directions, I am the only king wherever I am. I shall dance beside wind and cloud, look down upon the earth, step on the skyrim realms, reach the edge of the firmament! Who dare to contend with me?! Would you fight alongside me, to conquer the world, to fly beside the wind and cloud, to the battle in the realms in the firmament!Note: RITF - 15$ per sponsored chapter, 7 guaranteed chapters/week, and up to 5 sponsored chapters/week.( XXW will not take a single penny from the donations! )Translator:Rain Editors: Arch

Stealing The Heavens

Author:Xue Hong

Introduce:Official Description: Steal a hook and they will hang you, steal the whole country and they will make you a prince. Those who steal the world and the hearts of the people might become a Divine Immortal. The Dao is boundless; the will of the people is limitless. Follow me and watch how I alone use my hands to steal the heavens!Note: STH - $30 dollars per chapter, 5 regular per week, max 5 sponsored per week.( XXW will not take a single penny from the donations! )Translator: StackThatCoins Editor: EliteCreature