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This Glossary is all thanks to Craptonium, thanks for creating this.

Characters:(The * with a character's name represents the character importance in the novel.)
- Chen Xiang:
Protagonist. Born without Spiritual Veins, Chen Xiang has been doomed to be a failure as a cultivator. Despite his circumstance, Chen Xiang still holds hope to repair his situation and became more hard-working at training than anyone else, which strengthened his body into becoming robust and tempered his mind into becoming more mature than others. He is the grandson of the Chen Family Patriarch and the son of Chen Tianhu.

- Bai Youyou:
One of the two mysterious and powerful long-haired perfect celestial beauty whom Chen Xiang stumbled upon in the Immortal Devil Cliff. Bai Youyou has a cold and emotionless demeanour, practices Devil Skills, and has dual Extreme Yin Divine Veins.

- Su Meiyao:
One of the two mysterious and powerful long-haired perfect celestial beauty whom Chen Xiang stumbled upon in the Immortal Devil Cliff. Su Meiyao has a fiery, playful, and coquettish demeanour, practices Divine Skills and Alchemy, and has dual Extreme Yang Divine Veins.


- Old Ma/Lao Ma: An old steward of the Chen Family.

- ***Chen Tianhu***: A middle-aged man and Chen Xiang's father. Chen Tianhu is a formidable and renowned cultivator who is one of the top candidates for inheriting the Patriarch position of the large Chen Family. He is very supportive and protective of Chen Xiang.

- ***Xue Xianxian***: A charming fairy-like girl with skin as white as snow and long hair, equal in beauty to Bai and Su, and Chen Xiang's fiancée. Xue Xianxian is around ~15 years old at the time of introduction, and she holds Chen Xiang dear to her heart. She is considered to be a cultivation genius, reaching Mortal Martial Realm 6th stage at only ~15 years old.

- Chen Luzhong: Chen Xiang's grandfather.

- Chen Zhenhua: A spoiled brat from the Chen Family who hates Chen Xiang due to a past grievance. His father is a commander of one of the Chen Family’s Branches.

- Spirit Dan Hall Master Chen Luzhong: An old man who is a renowned Alchemist. He runs the Wohu City Spirit Dan Hall and is known for being an enemy of Chen Xiang's grandfather.

- Chen Haohai: A middle-aged 7th Stage Mortal Martial Realm cultivator at the time of introduction, and one of the candidates vying for the position of the Chen Family Patriarch. He is the father of Chen Zhenhua.

- Chen Yihan: Chen Haohai's younger bearded and handsome brother and another candidate vying for the position of the Patriarch. He is in the 7th Stage of the Mortal Martial Realm.

- Xue Ming: One of the two Xue Family teenagers who were fighting a group of assassins near the Immortal Devil Cliff.

- Xue Zhilang: One of the two Xue Family teenagers who were fighting a group of assassins near the Immortal Devil Cliff.

- Yao Tianhua: The ~16 year old "genius" of the Yao Family who can refine Dans. He is arrogant and desires Xue Xianxian.

- ***Empress of the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire***: An incredibly beautiful and powerful middle-aged woman with phoenix-like eyes. She is Xue Xianxian's master and one of the deans of the eight major Righteous Sects in the Chenwu Mainland, and Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire is a nation that grew out of that sect. She is the Empress of the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire.

- Hua Xin: A ~30 year old handsome man who is the son of the King City governor and runs a pill shop for the Danxiang Herbal Manor, the 2nd pill business of King City apart from the Yao Family.
- Hua Gaoyun: The father of Hua Xin and the King City governor.

- ***Manor Lord "Hua Yueyun"***: A beautiful seductive girl who acts as the Lord of the Danxiang Herbal Manor, a branch of the Danxiang Taoyuan. She is a schemer and is at least in the 8th stage of the Mortal Martial Realm.

- Chen Furong: An old white haired man from the Chen Family who is part of the True Martial Sect. He has good relations with the Yao Family.

- Dan King Meng Bo: A renowned old blond-haired alchemist who has dealings with the Yao Family.

- Yan Longzi: A mysterious man who originally refined the Brilliant Flame Dragon Furnace.

- Chief Hei: The leader of the Black Wind Gang, they are affiliated to the Yao Family.

- Wang Yushan: Patriarch of the Wang Family, a Yao Family lackey.

- ***Leng Youlan***: The powerful daughter of a famous Southern Martial Empire General. She has mysterious white hair, a mature and sexy figure, and a cold demeanour. She is 14 years old at the time of introduction and in the 7th stage of the Mortal Martial Realm.

- Song Nanming: The eldest son of the Emperor and Crown Prince of the Southern Martial Empire. He is in the 7th stage of the Mortal Martial Realm and 20 years old at the time of introduction. He covets Leng Youlan.

- Yao Chong: A Yao Family member and Yao Tianhua's brother. He is in the 6th stage of Mortal Martial Realm.

- Song Wu: Southern Martial Empire’s Emperor and the father of Song Nanming.

- Zhang Long: A beautiful, delicate, and fair skinned man. He is in the same sect as Chen Furong.

- Yao Hong: The Patriarch of the Yao Family.

- Jiu Duzi: A dreadful and powerful old man who is the founder of the Jiudu Gang. He is affiliated with the Hundred Poison Sect.

- **Zhu Rong**: Extreme Martial Sect Inner Disciple and member of one of the 4 great aristocratic families - the Zhu Family. A fatass with the appearance of a bully who Chen Xiang stumbled upon on his way to enter a sect. He is a money miser.

- **Yao Haisheng**: Extreme Martial Sect disciple and an aspiring Alchemist. He is the middle-aged man from the Yao Family who is butthurt over Chen Xiang.

- Hao Dongqing: Extreme Martial Sect member. A middle-aged man with a long beard who is a True Martial Realm expert. Dongqing is Zhu Rong's uncle.

- Fang Liang: Extreme Martial Sect Disciple and Yao Haisheng's apprentice. He is a Fang Family genius at around 18 years of age and in the 9th stage of the Mortal Martial Realm at the time of introduction.

- Zhang De: Extreme Martial Sect Outer Disciple. An old 70 year old man who is in the 10th stage of the Mortal Martial Realm at the time of introduction.

- **Yun Xiaodao**: Extreme Martial Sect Outer Disciple and member of one of the 4 great aristocratic families - the Yun Family. He is a dark-skinned young man who is shorter than Chen Xiang, has scars over his face, and is the strongest Outer Sect disciple in the 330th courtyard at the time. He is 16 years old at the time of introduction and in the 10th stage of the Mortal Martial Realm.

-*** Elder Dan***: Extreme Martial Sect Elder and an Alchemist. She managed the Inner Disciple qualification test and is the head of the Extreme Dan Courtyard.

- **Wu Kaiming**: Extreme Martial Sect Elder who was responsible for the third assessment of the Inner Disciple qualifications. He is the 3rd most powerful person in the sect who is known for being without arrogance and being quite friendly. Elder Wu is bald with a long white beard and long white eyebrows.

- Qing Er: Beast Martial Sect disciple. An evil disciple who fed mortal civilians to her beast.
- Mo Yuwen: Extreme Martial Sect Inner Disciple and member of one of the 4 great aristocratic families - the Mo Family. He is situated in the highest ranking Inner Disciple Martial Courtyard. He is a delicate looking and fair-skinned pretty boy.

- **Xu Weilong "Squinted Snake/Dragon"**: One of the elite Inner Disciples of the Extreme Martial Sect situated in the highest ranking Inner Disciple Martial Courtyard. He is a very proud man with squinted eyes and a punchable face.

- **Huang Jintian**: A crazy eccentric old man with unimaginable power. His long white hair drops to his waist and his face is interestingly without wrinkles despite his age, and he also sports a long beard. Huang Jintian is the Extreme Martial Sect's 13th generation Dean who once killed the Dean of the Beast Martial Sect and sent himself to the Extreme Martial Sect's punishment realm on his own accord. The teacher of Gu Dongchen, Elder Dan, and Wu Kaiming, is also Huang Jintian's apprentice and the 14th generation Dean who ascended to the Immortal Domain.

- **Gu Dongchen**: The current and 15th generation Dean of the Extreme Martial Sect, Gu Dongchen has the appearance of a young and handsome man.

-*** Wu Qianqian***: Extreme Martial Sect/Peerless Martial Sect disciple. She is the beautiful narcissistic yellow-robed girl who lead a group into Chen Xiang's Martial Courtyard in order to take it over.

- Wu Xiaodie: The hoity-toity girl accompanying Wu Qianqian.

- Chang Xingyi: Extreme Martial Sect Inner Disciple. One of Mo Yuwen's dogs, he is a chubby yet handsome man who has the brain of a pig.

- Yin Lin: Extreme Martial Sect Inner Disciple. One of Mo Yuwen's dogs.

- Lei Chi: Extreme Martial Sect Inner Disciple and member of one of the 4 great aristocratic families - the Lei Family.

- Lu Gongming: Extreme Martial Sect Inner Disciple. One of Mo Yuwen's dogs.

- Zhu Rourou: Zhu Rong's beautiful younger sister.

- Yun Suyi: Yun Xiaodao's beautiful elder sister and the 2nd ranked beauty at the time.

- Mrs. Li: Danxiang Taoyuan Steward and wife of the Fragrance City’s governor. A middle-aged and noble looking woman.

- Li Shao: Fragrance City’s governor.

- *Liao Shaoyun*: True Martial Sect disciple. The high and mighty feeling piece of dog turd who created enmity with Chen Xiang, a mistake he will suffer for. He is a handsome and young looking man clothed in blue robes and a Tempering Realm warrior at the time of introduction.

- ***Long Xueyi***: A member of dragon race who specialize in cultivating spirit(Shinto), greedy little bugger.

- Lu Zhengnan: Extreme Martial Sect disciple, a 3rd level Alchemist, and Herb King Mountain's Lu Family member. He is the idiotic 20 years old looking brat with a superiority complex who competed with Chen Xiang in alchemy.

- Niu Hao: Beast Martial Sect disciple. A very tall and robust man with the physique of a bull, he competed with Chen Xiang.

- Zhao Cheng: True Martial Sect disciple. The delicate looking prettyboy equipped with the 'Demanding Life Devil Bow' who competed with Chen Xiang.

Dantian: Pubic region

Li: Chinese measurement for length| 1 Li = 500m

Jin: Chinese measurement for weight| 1 Jin = 500g

Zhang: Chinese measurement for height or length| 1 Zhang = 3.33m

Qigong Deviation: Imbalance in Qi, if fail to suppress will lead to death(Blasting to death)

Huafu(华服): Chinese noble dress

Yaojing(妖精): Alluring woman or evil spirit who is enchanting and beautiful

Long Pao(龙袍): Traditional robes worn by emperor of China

Five Zhang Six Fu(五脏六腑): According to Chinese medicine it is basically internal organs consisting of Five Zhang which includes Heart, Liver, Spleen, Lung and Kidney and Six Fu which includes Small Intestine, Large Intestine, Gall Bladder, Urinary Bladder, Stomach and San Jiao.

San Jiao(三焦): Meridians connecting major internal organs.

[Cultivation Stages Classification]
(I) Mortal Martial Realm:
(1st) Refining Qi
(2nd) Quenching Body
(3rd) Martial Body
(4th) Opening Vein
(5th) True Qi
(6th) Divine Sense
(7th) True Aura
(8th) Divine Power
(9th) True Form
(10th) Completion
(II) True Martial Realm:
(III) Three Extreme Great Realms
(1st) Spirit Martial Realm:
(2nd) Soul Martial Realm:
(3rd) Tempering Realm:
(IV) Nirvana Realm:
(V) Heaven Martial Realm:
[Divine Vein Classification]
Normal Grade < High-Grade Veins < Profound Veins < Heavenly Veins < Divine Veins
[Skill and Dan (Pill) Classification System]
Mortal Level < Spirit Level < Profound Level < Earth Level < Heavenly Level < Sacred Level < Divine Level
[Magic Weapons Classification System]
Ordinary Weapon < Spirit Weapon < Precious Weapon < Immortal Weapon < Sacred Weapon
[Alchemist Categorization]
1st - 9th Level Alchemist < Great Dan Master < Dan Ancestor < Dan King
Locations & Political entities:
[Chenwu Mainland]
Description: The Chenwu Mainland is one of the hundreds of thousands of continents in the Mortal Martial Realm. It has a triangular shape. The secular world of mortals is located in one edge, separated by a mountain range from the 8 great provinces, its separation being caused by its very low Spirit Qi quantities.

- Southern Martial Empire: A secular mortal world Empire which is away from the lands of the martial sects.

- Wohu City: A prosperous city of the Southern Martial Empire, it houses the Chen Family and has a population of around 1 million souls.

- Immortal Devil Cliff: A mysterious and dangerous cliff near Wohu City, it is known for emitting Death Qi.

- King City: The largest city of the Southern Martial Empire and its capital, it holds a renowned martial tournament every 10 years.

- Tianmen City: A city close to the Extreme Martial Sect.

- Perishing Dragon Mountains: A place of legend where a dragon once allegedly left precious treasures.

- Guanlong City: A city near the Perishing Dragon Mountains.

- Fragrance City: One of the biggest cities in the Taoyuan Province which houses the Danxiang Taoyuan.

- Herb King Mountain: Lu Family location.

[Chenwu Mainland 8 Great Righteous Sects]

Description: Every righteous sect has their own province.

- Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire: Started out as a sect which grew into a nation. They are the best weapon refiners of the 8 great sects.

- Extreme Martial Sect: The most powerful of the 8 great sects in terms of strength. It has a subsidiary called the Peerless Martial Sect.

- Danxiang Taoyuan: Focuses on alchemy.

- Icewind Valley: Cultivate in extreme yin and yang and have the lowest number of disciples.

- Beast Martial Sect: The beast martial sect is located in the Beast Martial Province, and where many demon beasts are reared by them. Many of their martial skills are invariably connected to demon beasts.

- Proud Sword Sect:

- True Martial Sect:

- Lotus Island:
[Chenwu Mainland 5 Great Devil Sects]
Description: All the 5 devil sects are located within 1 large province called the Chenwu Nine Province.

- Hundred Poison Sect:

- Devil Yang Clan:

- Myriad Snake Valley:

- Blood Refining Clan:

- Transforming Bone Clan:

[Heavenly Realms]
Description: The higher realms of existence which exists above the Mortal Realm. They are divided into 3 Great Heavenly Realms which are independent and separated, but share a common meeting point which when opened initiates interaction between the realms usually in the form of a massive apocalyptic war.

a. Devil Domain:

b. Demon Domain:

c. Immortal Domain:

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