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Chapter 273 - Array

Like a tsunami, countless black beetles and bug eggs swooshed towards the divine tower.

Di Sha looked with scorn at the roaring tide of bugs. He abruptly opened his mouth and let out a fist-sized, faintly sparkling purple pearl, which had nine fiery dragons embossed on it and was wrapped in fiery light.

Resonating roaring sounds of a dragon instantly filled the air while large and raging streams of purple flame enveloped the entire area within a radius of tens of miles.

The dense and roaring purple flame immediately wiped all the bugs and the bug eggs out. At the same time, these squirming purple streams of flame that looked like living creatures stuck on the bodies of those wounded warriors and burned all the bugs and bug eggs, which were laud on or in their bodies, without leave even a trace. That violent purple flame even burned the unwounded skins of those warriors into black as well, but none of those warriors noticed the pain, and all raised their arms high and yelled in excitement.

The bug puppets that had yet to explode, had missed their chance to do so. A zhang long fiery dragon rushed out of the purple pearl and transformed into a stream of light, which swiftly punctured through the bodies of these puppets.

Each pore of these puppets emitted a beam of fiery light. All the hidden eggs inside their bodies were burned to ashes, after which those puppets quickly collapsed into a puff of ash as well, while being dissipated in the air.

Di Sha narrowed his eyes, stood beside the divine tower, proudly raised his arms and yelled, “The highest Blood Moon.”

All the warriors in the army of Di Sha, including the rich kids who had come from large and wealthy families with the sole purpose of making huge profits, joined him into yelling.

“The greatest Blood Moon!”

In this loud, thunderous roars that let out by tens of thousands of warriors simultaneously, the moral of the Di Sha’s army suddenly rose to its peak. Although those bug puppets had made them loose thousands of people, but at this moment, the face of every warrior had turned into a weird red colour, which showed these warriors were now extremely eager to fight.

Ji Hao was standing on Mr Crow’s back, while looking at Di Sha, who had been madly roaring towards the sky, from a great distance.

A gale raised Di Sha’s luxurious cloak, his clothes and his long hair up. The cloak fluttered in the wind, while his whole body was wrapped in a bright and dense blood-red light. The erect eye on his forehead was pure-dark. When looked from a distance, Di Sha seemed like a devil, who had just crawled out of the hell, filled with an evil power that would make people quiver.

What had surprised Ji Hao more was that the stone sword was shaking inside his spiritual space.

The stone sword was reacting to the power of the purple pearl. Obviously, that purple pearl was also a natural-formed magic treasure, a holy weapon, and had naturally bred a special kind of flame, which was extremely mysterious and powerful.

This purple nine dragons fiery pearl was the invisible opponent of Ginger’s magic bug formation.

“This guy has indeed very good luck. I can smell the Southern Wasteland scent from this purple pearl,” murmured Ji Hao, trying to comfort the stone sword, which seemed a bit anxious in his spiritual space.

The stone sword had been nourished and cultivated with Ji Hao’s soul power, therefore, it soon quieted down in Ji Hao’s comforting.

However, the nine dragons fiery pearl had been swiftly and violently rotating around Di Sha, while spurting a large amount of purple flame. Di Sha had been growling deeply. He suddenly opened his mouth and let out three mouthfuls of blood on that pearl, while a blood-red beam of light darted out of his erect eye and struck on that pearl, which barely allowed him to swallow the pearl back in.

“A holy weapon that hasn't been bound yet,” Ji Hao’s eyes suddenly shone, while taking a glance at Di Sha, who now had a slight wisp of blood flowing down from his mouth corner.

Mr Crow cawed loud, then transformed back into a stream of fiery light and flew into the Chi Ban Mountain area. Ji Hao turned his head back and looked around, discovering that Di Sha was now standing on the divine tower and was yelling loudly, along with which, the army quickly gathered towards him and increased its moving speed, closely following behind Ji Hao.

After only ten minutes, Ji Hao had arrived where Ginger had been waiting for, hovered around in the air then landed down.

Ginger’s face had turned incomparably dark. He kept his eyes closed, while he said in a low, ghost-like voice, “A holy weapon that has bred a natural spirit flame, here we got a trouble. Bugs and all kinds of Gu, are naturally afraid of flame. I have indeed fostered a few kinds of bugs that could resistant flames, but only of a few kinds.”

“This is their luck,” sighed Ginger, while narrowing his eyes and taking a glance at Di Sha’s army.

The Blood Moon Divine Tower kept letting out huge streams of blood-red light, which left a long arc in the air and struck hard on the ground; those blood-red light streams exploded against the ground and let out countless tiny spell symbols out, which would then explode in a row. With all these sell symbols, the divine tower could find out all the hidden magic formations and ambush formations.

Ji Hao stayed silent, narrowed his eyes as well and tried his best to come up with a solution.

Di Sha had the nine dragon fiery pearl with him, which had weakened Ginger’s ocean-like magic bug formation for at least ninety percent. Added with that, they had failed to destroy the divine tower - another extra effective defensive power of this army.

This fight was going to be hard.

Nevertheless, soon enough a magic talisman flew out from Ginger’s sleeve, and a beam of dim light spurted out from it, followed by which, Si Wen Ming’s voice came out from the talisman.

“Stick to the plan. Ji Hao is the bait, he has to draw all of Di Sha’s attention. Four human armies are now less than a thousand miles from you. Once Di Sha and his army has been led into the designed massacre spot, the four armies will launch attacks joined-handily. We have to wipe Di Sha’s army out, right here!”

“Are we still going to take the frontal fight?” Ji Hao shook his head with a bitter smile on his face.

“Every single time, we have to take the frontal fight. Only killing enough monsters could make them draw back,” said Ginger blandly, “Only the frontal fight can allow us to kill enough monsters and push them back, we have no other choices.”

A long shout came from afar. Thousands of muscular warriors, who were all wearing thick full metallic armours, holding exactly the same long spears, riding black cheetahs, which were wearing full metallic armours as well, quickly moved forward from the back.

All these battle cheetahs ridden by those warriors looked especially powerful and well-trained. They could leap directly onto a small hill from another one. At the moment that Ji Hao heard that long shout, this black cheetah army was still over a hundred miles away from them, but after the span of only tens of breaths, these armoured warriors had already rushed up to Ji Hao.

“I am Lie Mountain Clan’s Lie Mountain Gang. I have come to this life-and-death battle under the order.”

On an especially tall and muscular black cheetah’s back, a tall and sturdy man, who looked even as powerful as those Jia Clan’s warriors, raised his long spear, waved it in the air and nodded his head to Ji Hao, expressionlessly.

Coming to this life-and-death battle under the order, hearing Lie Mountain Gang’s words, Ji Hao couldn’t help but get goosebumps on his scalp, while all of his fine hairs were standing straight up immediately.

Staring at this man, who looked as strong and solid as a mountain, Ji Hao wondered what kind of order he actually just had received.

“Follow me,” Ji Hao didn’t have any time to do extra talk with this man. He only guided him to walk down the hill, to the exit of a valley. Man Man and Ji Hao’s other teammates had already been waiting there, along with tens of Magi Palace’s apprentices, who were still holding Ginger’s magic bug banners.

After Ji Hao arrived, Lie Mountain Gang waved his long spear, and following his move, a whole three-thousand heavily armoured warriors from the Lie Mountain clan lined up behind Ji Hao, into thirty horizontal lines.

A thick blood-red light stream suddenly struck on the ground and exploded right in front of Ji Hao, less than ten zhangs away from him.

That was the detective blood-red light released by the Blood Moon divine tower, and in the front of Di Sha’s army, those captured people had already been pushed into this valley.


Edited by SecondRate

Translated by XianXiaWorld

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