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Chapter 236 - Preach

The people of Pu Ban City were mostly simple and honest. People who committed a serious sin and were put into jail, were extremely rare. After those people had surrounded Ying Yunpeng’s hut and discussed him for a while, they lost interests in both Ji Hao and Ying Yunpeng, shook their heads and went back to their lifes.

Ying Yunpeng gave Ji Hao a few sneers, sat and crossed his legs, took a long deep breath and began cultivating.

Ji Hao hadn't noticed anything special during the daytime, but during the night, when the sky was thickly dotted with bright stars, Ji Hao clearly saw a relatively bigger star, grow much brighter than the others. The star was shining brightly and even looked like a pentacle from Ji Hao’ angle. Beams of extremely condensed, golden needles-like starlight descended from the air, continuously gushing into the Magus Acupoints of Ying Yunpeng.

Every beam of starlight was extremely pure and contained a great amount of power. The power contained in every beam of starlight equaled to the total amount of power contained in the Magus Acupoint of a Senior Magus. Within the span of only one breath, over ten beams of starlight would be absorbed by Ying Yunpeng’s body.

Ji Hao stared at Ying Yunpeng in shock for a while. He suddenly realized the great, scary difference between Magus Kings and Senior Magi.

Raising his head and looking at the starry sky, Ji Hao silently shook his head. A Magus King’s cultivation started from finding his or her own spirit star. From then on, he or she would be able to share powers with the spirit star, and every move of this Magus King would be improved by the special power, belonging to that spirit star.

Pondering over this for a while, Ji Hao began his own cultivation as well.

The cell of the jail was only made from four bamboos and one straw roof, without anything to block people’s eyesight, therefore, even sleeping in this kind of cell would be quite embarrassing to Ji Hao. Except cultivation, he could think of no other thing to do.

Slowly activating all the power contained in his meridians, he transformed the streams of power into a sharp and solid drill, continuously drilling a new Magus Acupoint. The power contained in his meridians were relatively withy, perfect for awakening new Magus Acupoints.

As for the power contained in a awakened Magus Acupoint, which was way too condensed and great, could only be used in ordinary cultivation, instead of awakening new Magus Acupoints.

Because the new Magus Acupoints were as fragile as eggs, if the power contained in the already awakened Magus Acupoint would be used to awaken them, it would be easy to lose control of that fierce and violent power. This could result in smashing the new, tender Magus Acupoint into pieces, causing the Magus to lose a precious Acupoint.

Ordinary Senior Magi never cultivated their souls and spiritual power, therefore, they couldn’t exert precise control over the great and violent power contained in their awakened Magus Acupoints. Ever since the magic cultivation system was invented, all Senior Magi would only use power contained in their meridians to awake their new Magus Acupoints, and all foundational power of their newly awakened Magus Acupoints came from their meridians, and had nothing to do with their already woken Magus Acupoints.

However, Ji Hao had been cultivating with the [Mantra Dan of Nine Secret Words] since he had been a little kid, which allowed him to freely control his soul and spiritual power, which was hundreds of times greater than ordinary Senior Magi. His spiritual power was sensitive, therefore, every time when he awakened a new Magus Acupoint, he could always transfer a slight stream of power into the new Magus Acupoint from those already awakened Magus Acupoints. Therefore, every newly awakened Magus Acupoints of his would be slightly more powerful than the previous one.

You probably wouldn’t be able to tell any difference when he had only ten or twenty Magus Acupoints, but until this number grew to a hundred, two hundred, a thousand, two thousands, even ten thousands, the power contained in Ji Hao’s newly awakened Magus Acupoints at that time, would be much greater than those foundational power contained in his meridians.

Step by step, and to rise abruptly based on accumulated power. Ji Hao had already surprisingly discovered that he now had a better foundation and body condition than the others.

Half an hour later, a popping sound came from his body, a red spot lit up on Ji Hao’s left shoulder - another new Magus Acupoint had been awakened. All power contained in his meridians and one percent of power contained in the three awakened Magus Acupoints, which were located near the newly awakened one, simultaneously gushed into the newly awakened Magus Acupoint. After that, this Magus Acupoint began expanding rapidly, and large streams of sweat gushed out of Ji Hao’s skin.

“Little bastard,” Ying Yunpeng opened his eyes and threw an angry glance at Ji Hao.

“Old pig,” Ji Hao opened his eyes as well, showing the whites of his eyes towards Ying Yunpeng.

The two of them glanced at each other angrily, then closed their eyes simultaneously, continuing their cultivation.

This was a quiet night, no one stayed around the two of them except the two muscular men living in cells relatively close to Ji Hao and Ying Yunpeng, who were bored, and were staring at Ji Hao and Ying Yunpeng, their eyes filled with admiration.

The most powerful one among them was only a Junior Magus, and that too an elementary-level one, who had only over ten meridians filled with power. Not to mention Ying Yunpeng, Ji Hao was already a Senior Magus at such a young age, which made both of them to be filled with jealousy and admiration. They couldn’t describe the complicated feeling in their hearts.

One of them, whose face was almost covered underneath a mustache, abruptly let out a sigh and said, “If I can become a Senior Magus one day, I will go to the North and join the army. Even if I have to risk my life and fight against enemies, I would have a chance to earn an official position and an feudal land, that way, my life would be valuable. It’s much better than staying at home and being yelled at by those damn women!”

Another muscular man threw a sideway look at this, laughed and said, “You? A Senior Magus? Yeah right, keep dreaming. Lazy douchebags like you who are even unable to distinguish one kind of grain from another, and know nothing but getting drunk and going back home to be beaten by your Amma and wife, you could only be a meat shield for others even if you really managed to join an army. Haha.”

The mustache man was enraged by his words, pointed his finger at that man and yelled, “Bastard! Once I get out of this jail, I will certainly kill you!”

Everyone who had been put into this jail was not nice at all. The other man slapped his own neck, sneered and yelled back, “Come, kill me. If you can’t kill me, I will chop you instead, then kill those old douchebags in your home conveniently. I have been fancying your wife since long ago!”

The conflict between the two of them had started a chaos, a few other men joined this oral fight, gradually turning the entire jail gradually noisy.

“People, you are so pathetic, the bitter ocean is boundless. Turn around your head, you will see the coast of the ocean.”

A gentle voice came from afar. This voice was filled with a magical power that would make people feel extra peaceful. Those men, who had been yelling at each other, stopped instantly and turned their heads back, to see who was talking.

The mustache man, who talked at first yelled out, “Kong Ye kid, what are you doing here, again? What nonsense bitter ocean? Who is bitter? You can’t imagine how happy were are! Why are you always saying that nonsense?”

Ji Hao opened his eyes in curiosity as well and saw a young man, who was about fifteen or sixteen years old, only slightly older than Ji Hao, and looked quite handsome. This young man was wearing a roughly sewed flax cloth, bared his feet, and was standing not far away from Ji Hao.

The young man been called Kong Ye had his long hair hung loosely on his back and had been releasing a magical sense of power that gave a sense of emptiness. He pitifully looked at the mustache man, and said in a deep voice, “You are trapped in this jail, don’t you feel sad? You are not getting along well with your families, isn’t that bitter? Your wife is not nice, haven’t you been annoyed by that? You worked so hard, ploughed and sowed on the land, but your harvest could barely fill your stomach, isn’t that bitter? You can never have what you want, tell me, isn’t that bitter?”

Letting out a heavy sigh, Kong Ye continued gently, “Every creature in this world is living a bitter life, and the bitter life we have, is due to our sins of our precious lives. On and on, the bitterness will linger around us, and will never end. If you want freedom, the only way is to join us. Join us, you will learn the powerful secret magic, which will set you free from your bitterness.

Ji Hao stared at this Kong Ye, wondering how his words could sound so familiar.

He let out an evil grin, then said in a deep voice as well, “The freedom is right behind you, only need to slice yourself on the neck, then you will naturally be free.”

Kong Ye looked at Ji Hao, responded blandly, “How could that be freedom? Even if you set yourself free from this life, your soul will reincarnate into the next like. Committing suicide is a serious sin, if you do that, you could only add heavier sins on yourself, and your next life could only be more sorrowful.”

Ji Hao spread his hands and said, “Well, do you mean there is no way to break out from our bitterness?”

Kong Ye slightly and slowly shook his head and said, “Of course, there is a way that will set you free, you will learn that after you join us. Come, join us, you will have endless, true happiness.”

Looking at Kong Ye’s brightly shining eyes, Ji Hao ruminate for a short while, then blandly yet seriously said an incomparably dirty word to Kong Ye, which contained a bare insult to Kong Ye’s biological mother. After which, Ji Hao closed his eyes once again and carried on with his cultivation.

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Translated by XianXiaWorld

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