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SR’s Note: Due to a mistake on my part, the chapters 234-236 got published nearly unedited. I apologize on behalf of the team of TME and hope it hasn’t left a bad taste for the novel in your mouth. As always, if there are still stuff that needs to be corrected, feel free to suggest them. My apologies again!
Chapter 234 - Being taken into custody

Once Di Shun said that sentence, a natural and peaceful yet great stream of power spread out in the hall.

Zhu Rong, who had turned into raging, blazing flame about to launch an attack, sniffed in disdain and transformed back to a beautiful young man in a red cloak, keeping his eyes narrowed and sat back on his seat. However, judging from the cold and sharp light that leaked out of the corners of Zhu Rong’s eyes from time to time, this hatred between Ying Yunpeng and him was rooted firmly.

Wulong Yao and few of the other master Magi tutors all took their seats as well, but with darkened faces. They straightened their necks and gritted their teeth, looking quite angry and embarrassed.

Thy had indeed received Ji Hao’s message, but they were too busy attending this extra important meeting and were unable to spare any attention to deal with Ji Hao’s problem. That was why, according to the standard procedure of the Magi Palace, they could only let the elder of outer palace, Meng Jiang, who was also sitting in this hall, handle Ji Hao’s problem.

However, somehow the problem got serious, to the point that Ji Hao had no choice but seek out the help of Si Xi, and Si Xi had taken him directly to Emperor Shun. No matter what had happened after Ji Hao reported to them, and whoever had been involved in this, all in all, as tutors of Ji Hao, all of these master Magi tutors felt greatly offended.

Whoever was behind this ‘framing” issue had not only offended their dignities but also offended their powers as elders of the Magi Palace.

Therefore, when they looked at Meng Jiang, all of these master Magi tutors were showing their anger clearly on their faces. Although Meng Jiang was a famous, powerful, and fearless person, who belonged to the Qing Qi Clan, he felt tortured by those weird gazes of those few master Magi tutors, making his body twist continuously in his seat, as if he had thorns growing out from his back.

Si Xi sneered, slapped hard on Ji Hao’s shoulder and yelled, “Ji Hao! Tell them what has happened!”

Ying Yunpeng instantly took a step forward, said to Ji Hao with a fake smile and a cold voice, "Ji Hao, you little bastard, you can still tell the truth, our King might lighten you punishment, but, if you ever dare to call white black and try to set your bunch of little bastards free from your sin, don't' blame me for punish you right here!!"

Ji Hao smiled, gave a measuring look to Ying Yunpeng, shook his head then seriously bowed to Emperor Shun, and said, “His Majesty, I, Ji Hao, a kid from the Gold Crow Clan, with respect, will honestly state everything that has happened to me and my friends these past couple of days.”

Ji Hao was quite a talented storyteller, from Yu Mu and Feng Xing first accepting this task, and they leaving the Magi Palace for the Rong Mountain Clan, to when they escaped from that underground cave through an underground river, and had returned on the ground. After which, he had sent his messages to Wulong Yao and the other tutors, requesting the Magi Palace to redress the scales. Ji Hao told the whole story in full details.

At last, Ji Hao took out the three confessions, written by Meng Ao and the two young men, stepped forward and carefully placed those confessions on the small table in front of Emperor Shun.

“Please, His Majesty, we just want justice,” said Ji Hao calmly, “At first, only the Rong Mountain Clan was involved in this whole event. According to our Southern Wasteland rule, which states that we pay back everyone who helped us and make all enemies pay for their mistakes, my friends and me could simply wipe the entire Rong Mountain Clan out.”

“Great! Clearly distinguishing kindness and hatred! Our Southern Wasteland boy very good!” said Zhu Rong while slowly clapping his hands.

Throwing a sideway measuring glance at Ji Hao, Zhu Rong shook his head and let out a long sigh, then said, “Hmmm, you’re a nice kid indeed, but, wanting to be my son-in-law? You’re still far away from that.”

Ji Hao instantly fell speechlessness, this old Zhu Rong…what on earth was he thinking about…

Ying Yunpeng stood aside, hearing Ji Hao’s word, he yelled out harshly, “Such an evil, shameless little monster! Apart from making stories and framing others, how dare you just mention wiping the Rong Mountain Clan like that?! Do you even have any idea where you are?! And who you are talking to?!”

Letting out a hollowed cough, Ji Hao looked at Ying Yunpeng, sneered and said, "Of course I know where I am! Even in front of our King I dare to say whatever I am thinking about! The Rong Mountain Clan betrayed us for the crystal mine and tried to frame us, even tried to kill us and seal the truth. Even if I truly wipe that clan out, it's totally reasonable!"

Drumming hard on his own chest, Ji Hao yelled back at him, “I, Ji Hao am a dignified man, I am responsible for every single word I said! I dare to think about it, of course, I dare to talk about it!”

“Good! Good kid!” An old and hoarse voice came from a corner of the hall, “Good talk! Eh, kids in Pu Ban City now are all weird, like…those little pussies, eh, call themselves princes, magnates, and things like that, they’re not even a little bit manly. This kid, Ji Hao, ah, I, an old man, like him!”

All the ministers sitting in the hall turned their head back and looked at that corner, after which, most of them immediately turned their heads back and remained silent.

The one who had been napping in the corner of the hall, and abruptly yelled out just now, was no one else but the old, old man, Master Candle Dragon, who had lived for at least ten thousand years. Even if he was talking complete nonsense, no one dared to argue with him in front of his face.

Only Ying Yunpeng popped up his eyes wide open when he saw Candle Dragon, he instantly went so raging that even his eyeballs turned green. This old bastard had trapped him and indirectly let all those horrible things happen to him!

Emperor Shun shook his head and said blandly, “Ji Hao, you were talking about…Lie Mountain Xu.”

Ji Hao looked at Emperor Sun seriously and said, “Not only him, but also Gong Gong Wuyou. If wasn’t because of the two of them, we would never, ever disturb you, His Majesty, for such a small problem. However, now it seems that this elder is quite angered because of me.”

While speaking, Ji Hao pointed his finger at Ying Yunpeng.

Ying Yunpeng showed the whites of his eyes, suddenly kneeled down in front of Emperor Shun and began crying and showing, “His Majesty, please, please redress the scales for me! My, my poor little boy, Yun, and Su, my good nephew, and that talented kid Great Gale Ling, they, they all died, miserably! Poor boys!”

All ministers sitting in that hall were confused badly. Wasn’t Ji Hao claiming that he was framed? But why did Ying Yunpeng begin crying here?

All these ministers hadn’t left this hall for days and had been discussing about the Chi Ban mountain area. They didn’t know what had happen outside yet, but at least, they had heard about the deaths of Ying Yunpeng’s son, nephew and Great Gale Ling.

Emperor Shun frowned, deeply and harshly growled, “What exactly did happen?”

Ying Yunpeng’s eyes showed intentions of killing, pointed at Ji Hao and yelled in a high-pitched voice, “Him! This cruel and evil little bastard and his team, for some small conflicts, they killed the few poor boys of mine!”

Ji Hao spread his own hands and let out a sigh, his face filled with innocence, and said, “What? You failed to frame me so you have decided to say whatever you want?”

Ying Yunpeng abruptly leapt high from the ground, waved his arm and threw a punch towards Ji Hao, while screaming, “Little bastard! Even if Emperor Shun will punish me, today I will revenge my poor boys!!”

Ying Yunpeng was a great, powerful Magus King, whose punch was swooshing towards Ji Hao. If this punch truly landed on Ji Hao’s body, Ji Hao would definitely be smashed into a wisp of smoke. Fortunately, Si Xi had been standing right beside Ji Hao all the time. He threw out a punch as well and struck straight onto Ying Yunpeng’s fist. Their fists only touched slightly without making any noise, after which, both of them took a step back. Ying Yunpeng vomited a large mouthful of blood out, while Si Xi stayed perfectly fine.

Ying Yunpeng kneeled on the ground and began crying again, while screaming, “Please, someone, show justice to us! To those poor dead boys of our Ten Sun Country!”

Emperor Shun remained absolutely calm, while only staring at Ji Hao from head to toe.

Remaining silent for a short while, Emperor Shun said with the same bland tone, “Where is Hao Tao? Come, take Ji Hao and Ying Yunpeng both into custody. After we have found out the truth, we will deal with both of them.”

A strong man, who had a purple, square and august face, walked out from the crowd of ministers, grabbed Ji Hao’s shoulder with one hand, other hand grabbed Ying Yunpeng’s shoulder, and walked out of the hall.


Edited by SecondRate

Translated by XianXiaWorld

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