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Other Explanations

Magusriests: A special group of people among Magi. Magusriests are good at all kinds of sorceries and magic spells, as well as drug-making. Some of them may not be as physically strengthful as Magi, however, they usually have great spiritual power.

Elder Magusreist and elder Magi: Generally speaking, Magureists are mostly good at all kinds of mysterious and powerful sorceries. They also have responsibilities for communicating with their ancestors’ souls and ensure the bloodline inheritance. Almost every Magureist are psychic. While elder Magi are mainly responsible for dealing with all kinds of administrative affairs of their clans. Magusreists have slightly higher status in the their clans than elder Magi.

Magus Cave: Internal, spiritual spaces store the internal power and energy of a Magus.

Spell Symbols: This kind of marks are unique symbols which containing the mysterious power, usually connecting to certain sorceries and will appear under the Magus’s will.

Spiritual powers: Slightly different from the internal power, the spiritual power of a Magus can be seeing as ‘the power of the soul’. Unlike the internal power, spiritual power cannot directly turn into the physical attack. However, strong spiritual power is one of the most important foundation of Magus practicing. Strong spiritual power is also highly necessary for all kinds of sorceries.

Internal power: Different from spiritual power, the internal power is a force exist and grow in both the physical body and the spiritual world of a Magus, which can be improved through both internal and external means, and able to transform into physical force.

Bloodline Power: As we mentioned in the last few chapters, bloodline power is the internal power contained in a Magus’s blood, passed on along the bloodline. The bloodline power could only be triggered when a Magus has reached their top levels (level 11 and level l2) as a Practising Magus. We already know that Ji Hao was practicing as both a Magusreist and a Magus warrior, and he was able to use his internal power at this stage. However, his internal power at this stage was not from his bloodline, but mainly from his daily practice and the ‘Bu Tian Bu Lou Magic Spell’. This kind of internal power is weaker and more limited than the bloodline power.

Hand Gestures: In mysterious Eastern culture, Magus release their powerful sorceries by lock their fingers together into certain motions and sometimes coordinate with magic spells.

Spiritual space: The spiritual space is an unique space in the form of spirit, existing each Magus’s mind. Magi are able to get themselves into their spiritual space by using their internal power. When a Magus gets into his spiritual space, his body will also be in spirit form. A powerful magus can even gets into spiritual spaces of others.

Dantian: Traditionally, a dantian is considered to be a center of life force energy of the human body. The lower dantian is particularly important as the an energy center, positioned near the lower abdomen of a human body.

Dragon: Legendary creatures in Chinese mythology and folklore. Dragons have many animal-like forms such as turtles, fish, and imaginary creatures, but they are most commonly depicted as snake-like with four legs. In yin and yang terminology, a dragon is yang. Chinese dragons symbolize potent and auspicious powers, which are a symbol of power and strength.

Phoenix: The mythological birds of East Asia that reign over all other birds. Males were originally called feng and the females huang. But such a distinction of gender is often no longer made and they are blurred into a single feminine entity so that the Phoenix can be paired with the Chinese dragon, which is traditionally deemed male.

Flood Dragon: Flood Dragon is a mysterious creature capable of many forms. Most often it was regarded as a kind of dragon. In Chinese old legend, serpent kind and fish kind are capable of transform into flood dragons by practising their own spiritual power and life force energy. Once they successfully transformed, they will gain a supernatural power and will be immortal.

Magrimals: Animals been raise and train by Magi as helpers.

Inherited magus treasures: Even the weakest ‘inherited magus treasure’ was made by a powerful Senior Magus, who had, at least, a hundred of ‘magus caves’ waken. Every one of the ‘inherited magus treasures’ was at least passed through generations for at least a thousand years, been nourished by the blood and spiritual power of Senior Magi from generation to generation, then eventually formed. Any of ‘inherited magus treasures’ could boost a Senior Magus’s power to ten times better.

Magusreist Mediciner: Magusreists who are good at medicining skills and mainly responsible for curing people.

The ’fighting beast agreement‘: An agreement which allows a Magus to connect with a beast, as his/her fighting beast. Once the agreement make, both the Magus and the beast can share their power with each other.

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