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Magus-tools and Inherited Magus Treasures

The ‘fire crow axe cane’: The the symbol of the highest power of the Fire Crow Clan. The cane itself do not containing any power or magic.

Mu Sheng Pearl: A powerful Magus-tool, belong to Qing Fu.

‘Thorns of Life and Death’: A set of Inherited magus treasures; in the shape of needles, but longer and bigger; in three different colours, which are black, white and cyan. The ‘Thorns of Life and Death’ are capable of both saving and killing people. It belong to Qing Fu.

Suiren Cane: The legendary ancient demigod, Suirenshi’s magus cane; a very powerful iherited magus treasure.

Fire Essence Crystal: A kind of mysterious and very powerful crystal found by Qing Fu in the Coldbrook Valley. Ji Hao have seen this kind of crystals in his previous life. Ji Xia call it ‘Fire Jade Pith’, said that it’s can largely improve the power of Senior Magi who are practising on fire-related sorceries. However, According to Ji Hao’s previous life knowledge, the power of this kind of crystal is way more than that.

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