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The Grades of Magi

Novice Magus: The elementary level of Magi, divided into 12 levels. A Practicing Magus can only trigger his bloodline power after he/her has reached level 11 of the Novice Magus realm.

Junior Magus: The level after the Novice Magus. Usually, a Junior Magus has already triggered his/her bloodline power, but has yet to awaken their magus acupoints.

Senior Magus: The highest level of ordinary Magi. A Senior Magus has already awakened his/her magus acupoints.

Magus King and Divine Magus: Both are legendary Magi levels. Magus King and Divine Magus are beyond the Senior Magus realm but hasn’t reached the realm of Supreme Magus yet.

Supreme Magus: The legendary top-level of Magi.

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