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Clans and Groups

The Fire Crow Clan: A powerful clan with long histories, the centre of the clan located in the Gold Black Mountain, in the South Wasteland. The Gold Fire Crows are their ancestors; the Fire Crows are their friends, families and protections.

The Bi Fang Clan: The most powerful clan of the South Wasteland.

The Black Water Serpent Clan: The archenemy of the Fire Crow Clan. One-horned Black Serpents are their fighting beasts and totem.

Bloodcrocodile Clan: A subsidiary clan of the Black Water Serpent Clan.

Cannibal Savages: Cannibal Savages are a group of people with low intelligence who do not have their own clan; neighter know how to hunt for food and build a homeland. They don﹑t have the normal sense of human society, instead, they﹑re more like beasts living in the jungle. As same as beasts, they moved around the jungle, build simple and temporary shelters for themselves; sometimes they rub other clans for food and women. The most powerful one get to become the leader in their group.

﹐Blood Tooth﹑: A mysterious group; seemed very powerfull.

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