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Sorceries and Magic-Spells

Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words: A mysterious magic spell, it can discover the deepest potential of the human body. Created by Qing Long, based in the ‘Nine Secret Words’.

The weapon-tattoos: This is a special sorcery which allows Magi to combine with their weapons, the weapons will show in the form of tattoos on their skins, and will reappear in entity under the Magi’ will.

Bu Tian Bu Lou Magic Spell: A magic spell, which can form a colourrful flame in its owner’s Dantian; After that, ninety-nine percent of life force energy in the food that ate by Ji Hao will become the nutrient of the flame, while one percent will nourish Ji Hao's internal power and became his/her strength.

Body Transformation: Transformed one¡¯s body into light spots or other forms; a difficult Magusreist-sorcery. Only Magusreists who are beyond the Jenior Level can cast a sorcery like this.

Spying-Crow: One of Ji Hao’ s magic sorceries. Spying-Crow is a small crow transformed from a Fire Crow feather, mainly used to peek and overhear; what the crow see and hear can be directly transfer to it’s owner.

Shamisen fire: Made from three different kinds of purest processed-fire, which were extracted and purified from the underworld, the earth core, and the human body. This three kinds of processed fire were compressed by some great power and forcibly turned into a natural fire - the Shamisen fire

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