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Qing Long: He has unsurpassed wisdom and extremely strong spiritual power. He created the ‘Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words’ based on the ‘Nine Secret Words’. He was known as the strongest human in the world. For retrieve the lost treasure - the round tripod, which was belonged to the ancient city Liang Zhu, Qing Long fell into a trap and seriously injured (or died). After that, he was impacted by an unknown power, went through an unexpected time and space travel and reborn in the Fire Crow Clan, named Ji Hao.

Ji Hao: The son of the leader of Fire Crow Clan warriors.

Ji Xia: Ji Hao’s father, the leader of Fire Crow Clan Holy Land warriors.

Qing Fu: Ji Hao’s mother, Ji Xia’s wife; a Magusreist Mediciner; came from the Qing Yi clan; good at drug-making and medical skill.

Qing Ying: Qing Fu’s blood brother, the warrior leader of the Qing Yi Clan.

Ji Shu: Ji Xia’s distant cousin; the leader of one Fire Crow branch clan.

Ji Wu: Ji Shu’s son.

Jiang Yao: Ji Wu’s mother; Ji Shu’s wife; the daughter of the Bi Fang Clan’s Master Magusreist; good at use poison.

Ji Huan: Ji Shu’s father.

Ji Kui: Master Magusreist of the Fire Crow Clan.

Ji Tu: One of elder Magusreist of the Fire Crow Clan; the best mediciner of the Fire Crow Clan.

Ji Hum: Another distant cousin of Ji Xia.

Jiang Bo: Master Magusreist of the Bi Fang Clan; Jiang Yao’s father.

Ji Ying, Ji Bao, Ji Lang: All three of them were Senior Magus warriors in the Fire Crow Clan; they followed Ji Xia’s troop went to the Coldbrook Valley, were important friends and associates of Ji Xia.

Black Water Jiao: A Black Water Serpent Clan warrior.

The Mysterious Man: He appeared in Ji Hao’s spiritual space since Ji Hao was a newborn, traded his ‘Bu Tian Bu Lou Magic spell’ with Ji Hao’s ‘Mantra Dan with Nine Secret Words’. Ji Hao couldn’t see his face clearly, never knew his name either.

Heng Luo: Ji Hao’s friend, a ‘Nymph’, a magical creature. Hong Luo born by the gathering of natural life force energy and spiritual power, with the talent of control the beasts, identify all kinds of plants and communicate with all living creatures. She is tightly associated with nature, she is the one who animating this jungle.

Stone: Ji Hao’s friend. A ‘Stonemlin’. The ‘Stonemlin’ once was an ancient stone down in the valley. Somehow, the stone had learned to absorb the life force energy from nature. Year by year, it started to grow a human-like spirit and eventually learned how to turn itself into a human shape.

The Treefolk: Ji Hao’s friend. An old tree, born with a strong spiritual power. One day it had unexpectedly awakened into sentient. Since then, it has always known how to enhance itself with the natural life force energy. After years of practicing, the old tree became a mobile Treefolk with human-like limbs.

Mr Crow: A Fire Crow; will become Ji Hao’s fighting beast and his best friend.

The Fat Bear: Ji Xia’s fighting beast.

Di Luo: A team leader in ‘Blood Tooth’; has three eyes.

Toba and Toao: Di Luo’s underlings, Jia Clan warriors; both of them have four eyes.

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