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Synopsis by xianxiaworld:
Realms In The Firmament is the latest work of Fengling Tianxia (风凌天下) the author of Otherworldly Evil Monarch and Transcending the Nine Heavens. The main character, Ye Xiao, was a superior master in his prior life. The three factions of the realm kill millions of people every time when they attempt to seize cultivation resources. Wealthy towns become wastelands only in one night. They cover up their crime with assertion that the towns were suffering under pestilence and disaster. They forcibly hold all the resources for cultivation, monopolize all valuable practice materials, and forcibly keep outsiders from cultivating so that only their three factions can practice in the realm. Ye Xiao declared war against the three factions in retaliation of their actions. He fought alone and ended up dying in vain. However he is reborn into a mortal body of a 16 year-old boy. He will use the powers he cultivated in his last life and slaughter his way back into the Realm. The story begins!

Official Description:
Laughing out loud upon all the heroes under the firmament, I am the monarch of the universe! All mountains and rivers are my territory. Riding toward all directions, I am the only king wherever I am. I shall dance beside wind and cloud, look down upon the earth, step on the skyrim realms, reach the edge of the firmament! Who dare to contend with me?! Would you fight alongside me, to conquer the world, to fly beside the wind and cloud, to the battle in the realms in the firmament!

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