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Jiang Li was already planning to meet up with Lara and Liana after he had some time but he didn’t think that Lara would be the one to invite him.

He immediately replied: “I’m resting in the new student’s base, where are you guys?”

“Location, 12456:17893. We’ll talk once you get here.” Lara replied immediately telling him her location.

There were no named locations on the Emperor planet, so everything relied on coordinates. The computer showed him where his coordinate was and immediately began to search the location.

“It’s pretty far.” Jiang Li saw that the location was around 10,000 km from here and this made him long for Hong Heiyu’s battle ship.

But that battleship was too expensive and needed to be custom made.

He flew out of the human base secretly into the barren wilderness and suddenly opened his dimension and went in. a rock flew across the sky with mark 5 speed. Although it couldn’t compare with battleship and couldn’t go into outer space, it was enough for travelling.

To leave earth, you needed the first astronomical speed which was 24 times speed of sound.

On the Emperor Planet, the gravity was greater and therefore the first astronomical speed was many times that of Earth. It would probably be 60 to 70 times Earth’s gravity. A meagre 5 times sound speed was nothing.

Of course, this opaque stone was called the emperor relic, it belonged to the most high emperor in the universe. It was the brightest jewel on his crown. There was no way that this was all the abilities it had. As Jiang Li’s power increases, this relic’s power will still increase to an unimaginable state.

Everything had to wait until he formed his own holy fetus. That was the real beginning to the path of cultivation.

Jiang Li also knew the state in cultivation civilisation terms. The stasis on Earth was called foundation establishment in the cultivation civilisation.

“it really does feel different flying in this dimension.” Jiang Li sat in the depth of his dimension, controlling the stone with his thought. He could feel clearly what was outside. He had great control over this and could manoeuvre it more precisely than a battle ship.

The huge dimension was empty and he sat inside. It was very stable and was impossible for any turbulence. No matter how fast the stone spun on the outside, the dimension inside was still stable.

It wasn’t like a battleship where if it met a strong flow of air, it would shake.

The air flow in the higher atmosphere on Emperor Planet was excessively strong. If there was large scale hurricanes, it could swoop up mountains. The power of the battleship was still weak in the wake of the force of nature.

It was only truly stable flying in the Emperor Relic.

Jiang Li multitasked controlling the stone to fly while using his spirit to feel the spirit chi.

Spirit chi was in the second dimension and could only be retrieved by the spirit of someone in fetal respiration. With his current cultivation progress, he could only consume spirit chi if he had the emperor relic in his mouth.

But, just as he was flying, he felt that there seemed to really be a gathering of spirit chi.

It seemed that the emperor relic was using the spirit chi as energy to undergo some operation.

But, Jiang Li couldn’t absorb this into his body.

It appeared that he could only put it in his mouth to cultivate, it was useless even if he was inside the dimension.

“So dense!” Jiang Li felt that the emperor relic absorbed more spirit chi during the flight. It made the spirit chi in the dimension denser and denser but he could absorb one bit.

But, he gradually found out that the walls of the dimension were chaning.

Originally, the walls of the dimension were an opaque white colour but now, it seemed to have a light blue colour.

The entire dimension was changing.

The emperor relic was changing.

“Worm hole travel needed large amounts of energy. After this energy were absorbed, the emperor relic’s powers would be excavated. Looks like I need to travel through wormholes more to excavate the potentials of the emperor relic. But what if something happens he get himself killed. It was better to use the emperor relic while he was outside to travel through the wormhole.”

There were countless experiments about wormhole travelling in the Astral University. After establishing the two portals, they would use items to test. This was extremely advanced technology. Normal universities wouldn’t be able to own this. But with Astral University being the best university in all of humanity, students needed to learn this.”

As he flew, he studied the changes to the emperor relic.

After two hours, Jiang Li finally neared Lara’s location.

He jumped out from the dimension and sucked. The emperor relic was gulped into his stomach as he jumped around. His arm shook and glided in the air easily flying out to 100 meters.

And, he could also spin in the air like doves.

Normally, a jump in the air was straight. You couldn’t change directions half way. But now, he only had to twist his body slightly and air would gush allowing him to take a S-shaped path in the air. Air was like the ocean to him, where he could swim freely.

“Of course, although my life force didn’t increase, the explosive power and potential of by muscles as well as the flexibility of my bones have all increased multiple times. The fire spirit stone is really reliable. Although my ability to control air flow can’t compare with Meng Xingyun right now, it is still much superior than Liu Yilong and them.”

Jiang Li jumped suddenly and was able to reach a height of four meters. His arms shook creating a gush of air and he ascended more like a flying bird. He reached a height of 10 meters and started to glide forward rapidly. As he glided down, he took a sudden breath in breathing in large amounts of air before shooting it out. His foot tapped lightly and started to spin. The ten meter high air was like flat ground to him. This completely disobeyed the laws of gravity.

This was in actual fact a part of controlling air.

He could dodge all sorts of things in mid air.

Jiang Li moved forward rapidly. His physical capabilities exploded and was able to cover more than 100 kilometres in just 20 minutes.

At this time, he saw an empty patch of ground in the forest. Above it sat a battleship. It was also a Astral Fish Battleship. There were quite some people gathered outside the battleship as if discussing something.

Squads who could afford Astral Fish Battleship were definitely strong.

Jiang Li could see clearly that there were ten people on the empty patch of ground. There seemed to be two squads.

Lara and Liana were both inside. Their life forces both reached greater than 2. It appeared that their training during this time had benefited them a lot. He wondered who their teachers were.

Jiang Li followed Hong Heiyu’s hellish training. His life force didn’t increase much as the training was more focused on building a solid foundation. With a solid foundation, it would be really easy for life force to increase rapidly in the future.

Originally, he could increase his life force by a few decimal points with the fire spirit stone. From 3 to 3.2 or even 3.3. However, Hong Heiyu used the fire energy to expand his cells, muscles and bones, changing the structure of his life form. This set his life force to 3.

“Lara, we have enough people on these two teams. It doesn’t seem quite appropriate if you get other people to come.” On the empty patch of ground, the members of the two squads were resting ready to go.

A man amongst them said to Lara.

He was experienced in life and had a calm tone. It was obvious he was an old student. He had been to Astral University for at least a year and were familiar with all sorts of things.

“This friend I called is really strong. He’ll definitely be able to help us out a lot. His hypnosis is especially outstanding. It has far surpassed that of secondary hypnotists. I believe with his help, this mission will be much safe.” Lara’s tone was very cold.

“Is he a new student or old student?” A few old students came up and asked.

“New student.”

“How strong can a new student be? Is he Meng Xingyun? Or is he one of the top ten from this year’s new students?” An old student sneered.

“You will know when he comes.” Lara didn’t bother to argue. She seemed to have great confidence towards.

“Hm? Someone is coming.”

“He is very fast.”

“Who is he?”

Everyone was curious why Lara was so confident. They were going to ask again but then they suddenly heard a sharp howl in the air.

Subsequently, they saw someone glide down from a distant tree like a big bird. He descended on the ground in the forest immediately.

“He can fly without a mecha by controlling the air. His air controlling ability is really strong!”

A few old students looked at him in a new way.

Jiang Li had already descended on the ground: “Lara, Liana, your powers are increasing so fast.”

Lara suddenly stood up.

“Ya! Jiang Li, haven’t seen you in ages, I miss you so much.” Liana was still as lively as before and said in a joking tone. She jumped and flew towards Jiang Li.

Lara reached out her hand and grabbed grabbing back the flying Liana. She fell to the ground gently: “There are so many people here, don’t be too naughty.”

Jiang Li couldn’t help but to smile. The three of them experienced life and death together and were very tacit. After experiencing another hellish training, he felt very close to them after finally seeing them again.

Liana playfully poked out her tongue at Lara before putting on a formal face and introduced: “Jiang LI, I entered the Cloud Lightning Squad. It is an old student squad. One of the squad members was expelled by the teacher due to his poor performance so I was replaced in. this is our captain, Lei Zheng.”


A tall figure stood out and shook hands with Jiang Li. He had a royal temperament with broad shoulders rendering people a sense of security. Jiang Li looked, his life force was at least 3.5. although he wasn’t as good as Meng Xingyun, he was still someone strong amongst the old students.

The two shook hands and Jiang Li immediately felt a huge power coming from the hand. He was obviously testing Jiang Li. However, Jiang Li was on par with Liu Yilong at the volcano. After using the fire spirit stone to strengthen his body, he became even stronger. Now, when they shook hands, Jiang Li secretly tensed his hands and used the lightning techniques of the emperor Lightning Seal.


Their arms shook at the same time releasing air waves. Lei Zhen released his hand with eyes full of surprise: “Such strong lightning technique, so strong body. Your life force also reached at least 3. You are quiet someone.”

Now, Jiang Li received Lei Zhen’s acknowledgement.

“Oh? There would be someone as strong as him amongst the new students?” Another captain stood out. She was a lady with beautiful eyebrows and tidy uniform. She seemed like a business women but she was playing with a pistol on her hands. It made people feel that she was very violent as if she was going to shoot someone at any time.

“This is a mini rocket and can reach a range of ten kilometres. It has homing missiles too.” Jiang Li could tell that this weapon was strong.

“This is the captain of our Snow Dance Squad, Ji Qingwu.” Lara introduced and then said: “Our squad still needs a bit of points and we can enter the score board. We came out this time to do a dangerous mission and we need your hypnosis to help us Jiang Li.”

“Complete what dangerous mission?” Jiang Li saw that everyone was ready to go and the atmosphere seemed very serious so he couldn’t help bu ask.

“Rescue team mates! Yesterday, one of our student was taken away by the natives of the Da Qian Academy. We need to rescue him back!” Crack, Ji Qingwu loaded a bullet into her gun and said seriously: “We are facing the intelligent life on this planet, the cultivating human beings!”

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