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“Okay! Done.”

Hong Heiyu exhaled and patted on Jiang Li’s head. Immediately, all the red disappeared from his body. What remained was a type of glaze like skin. It was lustrous. Jiang Li didn’t seem like a human, instead, he looked like an exquisite pottery.

The fierce fire refined the body like glaze, leaving behind no impurities.

This was Jiang Li’s current state.

He woke up and found that every inch of skin was full of vigour and had unparalleled power. His cells kept expanding. The structure of each cell was all very strong and his organs were like metal. With the slightest breath, there would be a strong air flow created.

As he breathed, he could master the wind.

“My life force!”

Jiang Li punched and found that his life force still didn’t increase. It was still 3 but his body structure had undergone change. It was more resistance to damage than before.

“your life force is still 3. The fire spirit stone was used to change the deficits of your body giving you a solid foundation. It’s still the old saying. You changed from an old cat, into a baby tiger. Your power didn’t change but your life essence improved a lot. Don’t you feel that it is easier for you to control congenial chi?”

Hong Heiyu found Jiang Li’s confusion and answered it for him.

“I’ll try..” Jiang Li suddenly struck a palm out using [Wind Travelling Across The Earth]. This was a move in the eight trigrams, wind and lightning palm. When he attacked, the body shook in a special rhythm. His arms flashed and wrists turned. His fingers grabbed pushing continuously. There were tens of micro movements joined together to form this move.


A gust of strong wind twisted howling over the ground making metal like noises with the ground. It was as though this wind was metal and was rubbed against the ground.

The power of his congenial chi increased.

“Now, your cultivation will be much easier to improve.” Hong Heiyu looked carefully before saying: “However, there’s not enough fire spirit stone. You’ve cultivated in wind and lightning so you still need wind and lightning spirit stone. That will improve your wind and lightning martial arts to a new level.”

“there’s still wind and lightning spirit stone in this world?” Jiang LI was curious.

“Why wouldn’t there be? Other than those, there are also water, metal, earth, wood, light, dark spirit stones. Each spirit stone has its special uses. However, these things are too rare. Spirit stones were already a special type of energy, it is the only type of high level energy that can be adsorbed by the body. When the universe was first created, all sorts of attributes were welded into them. This was very normal.” Hong Heiyu pointed at the sky: “The atmosphere on Emperor Planet is very special, the air flow is fierce and can even blow apart smaller battleships. Such strong air flow synthesised with the spirit chi will eventually form a wind spirit stone. The lightning spirit stone is also created like this.”

“By the way, since our technology is so advanced, can we artificially create spirit stone. This way, the earthly humans can improve another leap.” Jiang LI suddenly had an idea.

“Not at the moment. Because for spirit chi to form into spirit stone, it would need billions of years. It involves the movement of earth as well as the most mysterious changes in space.” Hong Heiyu shook his head: “Just like 200 years ago, our energy resource was oil. These things could only be harvested and not created. Humans are currently researching space folding technology. Once we succeed, perhaps we can realise the first step of liquefying spirit chi. And, the spirit chi is very magical. It cannot be detected be technological means. It can only be detected when a human reaches fetal respiration. Therefore, without space technology, we can’t harvest spirit chi.”

As he spoke, he grabbed and a cloud of air appeared in his hands.

This air continued spinning. Hong Heiyu asked: “Jiang Li, is there spirit chi in this air flow?”

“Probably.” Jiang Li took a deep breath.

“Wrong, there isn’t.” Hong Heiyu opened his computer and ordered: “Analyse the surrounding air.”

“Immediately, the computer started to analyse. The results were: “contains ….. oxygen….” A series of results were shown but there was no spirit chi.

“How could this be?” Jiang Li suddenly had an idea, he was shocked: “Could it be that although the spirit chi is on the Emperor Planet, it is in a different dimension?”

“That’s it. Although the spirit chi is on Emperor Planet, it isn’t in the three dimension space. It is in the two dimension. Therefore, it can’t be collected with technological means. Only those who reach fetal respiration can use their spirit energy to pull the spirit chi from the 2nd dimension to 3rd dimension because the power of spirit is intangible. Therefore, it can also enter the 2nd dimension.” Hong Heiyu explained.

“Technology is tangible and has not yet been able to reach the second dimension. Therefore, people still need to rely of fetal respiration to absorb spirit chi.” Jiang Li also started to understand: “By the way, teacher, can you pass your spirit chi to other people after you absorb it?”

“Not possible, my state is too low. As soon as I absorb spirit chi, it goes into my holy fetus. I can’t give it to other people. Unless I reach the third stage of fetal respiration, Hun Yuan Respiration. Only then can I use my spirit to liquefy spirit chi and insert it into the body.” Hong Heiyu shook his head showing that he hadn’t reached that state.

However, Jiang Li knew that his state must be very high. He could tell that his life force was at least in the two digits from how he saved them from the volcano.

“Okay, you need to learn for yourself these few days. Your literacy knowledge must not fall behind.” Hong Heiyu moved and disappeared into thin air again. It was really as though he came and left like the wind: “after those four recover, I will arrange even more cruel training for you guys.”

“This time was already cruel enough, there are still crueller ones? Does he want to play us to death?” Jiang Li thought about Lu Jiajia and Yang Miaoyu and how their bodies were burnt to charcoal. Some places even bared bones. It made her shiver just hinking about it.

He stood up opening the computer and started to contact Big Black.

The virus in his computer had already been cleared. Now, no one could lock his location again but he still felt that he should learn more hacking knowledge in case he was ambushed again.

“Jiang Li, you heartless thing! Haven’t contacted me for so long, what have you been doing recently? I’m doing experiments.”

Big Black appeared waving his claws at Jiang Li. There were electricity buzzing on his horn. The wings on his back expanded showing the fur and a sense of holiness.

He was in a large laboratory and a lot of kittens were rolling around in it.

“Don’t talk about it, I was almost tortured to death recently, just got some time to catch my breath…” Jiang Li saw that Big Black seemed to have evolved a lot and asked: “how’s your research on the DNA of the Heavenly Shocking Lightning Beast?”

“I’ve found something but I still need to give me more research data. The heavenly shocking lightning beast is too strong. Although it is a part of the feline class, it won’t be easy to evolve into that… hm? Jiang Li, you’re in greater stasis?” Big Black meowed waving his claws in front of the screen: “Not bad, keep it up. Astral University really is a good place, take me there some time.”

“Haha, no problem, I’ll find an opportunity.”

Jiang Li remembered although Astral University restricted students from bringing other people, they could bring their pets.

Big Black wasn’t a person so he could be considered as a pet.

“Then I’ll continue my research, I’ve already reached the 3rd stage of genetic mutation. I will be able to evolve soon once again. By that time, I can probably fight against sound speed mecha with my own body!” Big Black seemed very satisfied: “By the way! The Sun and Moon Corporation wants to enter the black market once again, you need to be careful.”

“They are digging their own grave then.” Jiang Li immediately knew that the Sun and Moon Corporation was going to take action and this time, it would be much larger.

Although Jiang Tianhe’s death couldn’t be blamed on him, he still died near the new students base. If people from the Jiang family investigated, they would realised that Jiang Tianhe died in order to kill him. Then, they would blame this on him and the troubles would come rolling in.

Luckily, he had a secret card set in the black market.

On the surface, it was Wang Kurong who protected his family. Beneath the surface, it was Big Black who protected his family. With one in the light and one in the dark, it would be hard for the Sun and Moon Corporation’s evil plans to be enacted.

When he progressed enough, it would be time to return and cripple the Sun and Moon Corporation once and for all.

“I recently earned 100 million, I’ll give it all to you. Before it was you who gave me money, now I give you money.” Jiang Li smiled and transferred.

“100 million! You’re rich?” Big Black saw the transaction and meowed in shock.

“As long as you have enough power, it is very easy for you to earn money at Astral University.” Jiang LI said: “I can absorb spirit chi annyways so I don’t need to buy other resources. The money I save can be used by you. The stuff inside Astral University is very cheap but they prevent us from selling. I can’t buy it for you, that’s really unfortunate.”

“No problem, I can do a lot of things with this 100 million.” Big Black jumped: “Awesome! Meow, this is so awesome!”

Jiang Li ended his conversation with Big Black and contacted his parents to report his safety. His parents were living in the Safety Corporation at Jing Hua city enjoying a peaceful life. He also asked about his sister’s studies and found that his sister had improved a lot. Her life force was already 1.2 and was progressing much faster than he did during that time.

This was expected. With someone like Wang Kurong to teach as well as adequate resources, if the person still couldn’t progress fast, then that person is really an idiot.

At last, Jiang Li asked about his brother.

His mum told him that his brother was still in the military training and did not return for school.

He started to worry. This military training was too long, he had a bad feeling: “Looks like I need to find a chance to use my connections in Astral University to get inside the military and see what training my brother is undergoing? I hope that there isn’t any problems.”

He couldn’t contact his brother now too.


After talking to his family, he received another email, it was Lara.

“Jiang LI, how have you been recently? What squad did you join? I joined a squad made of old students. Liana entered another squad. Our trainings have finished recently, do you have time? Let’s meet up? We’re planning to do a mission. While we meet up, we can also earn some points and money. Although it’s a bit dangerous, we’re really prepared here, so it should be fine.”

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