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Jiang Li saw Hong Heiyu’s true means through this.

A swirling gust of wind charged into the volcano pushing the rocks away. The tall figure had green air flow surrounding him. A huge energy hand appeared on his back and scooped them up. Next, the squad appeared outside the volcano.


Ten fruits of life were cracked. Under Hong Heiyu’s strong power, it became a flow of chi that enveloped everyone’s skin and gradually seeped in.

The fruit of life could turn into thresh and replenish lost life energy. It was the best medical item.

But, with the severity of everyone’s burn, they still needed all sorts of treatment especially the two girls, they were almost on their last breath. They were burnt to charcoal and looked like they could not survive.

Their life was really hanging.

Their spirit even start to disperse believing they were dead themselves.

Jiang Li could feel the deep terror and lost of hope in their spirits. That was the horror between life and death.

Jiang Li was still fine, although he was severely burnt all over his body with some places even baring his bones, his organs were still fine and so was his spirit. His hands still held the fire spirit stone.

“Teacher, I got the spirit stone.”

He was very calm and didn’t take it all for himself.


Hong Heiyu saw the spirit stone but didn’t take it. Instead, he howled to the sky like a wolf king, shaking the mountains and earth as if releasing the joy in his heart.

“You take it, this spirit stone is for you guys anyways. When we go back, I will teach you how to use it. You did very well this time, a worthy student of mine. Putting life and death behind you to accomplish the impossible. Gui Junzi, do you have anything else to say?”

On the other side of the volcano, a person flashed. Gui Junzi brought Meng Xingyun and them out with an face full of fury. Meng Xingyun’s face looked worse. He stared at Jiang Li: “How did you steal away my fire spirit stone?”

“Your fire spirit stone?” Jiang Li almost laughed out: “This belongs to whoever gets it first.”

“If I say it’s mine, no one can refute.” Meng Xingyun walked and saying coldly: “you are the first to steal something from my hands but I suggest you hand it up. Don’t make me angry.”
“Angry? Get angry then, let me see what you can do?”

Jiang Li already knew that Meng Xingyun was high up in the clouds. Getting first place with absolute power, he naturally built this habit like those ancient emperors, having it their way for everything and not allowing dissent.

However, under the protection of his teacher, he didn’t think Meng Xingyun could do anything to him.

“Very well.” Meng Xingyun didn’t take action. He exhaled and laughed instead: “Your means were good today. Even I fell for it. However, you took my stuff, I’ll make you pay for it next time.”

Gui Junzi also scanned Jiang Li with his eyes but didn’t say anything. He seemed to be very dark: “Hong Heiyu, you have a good student. He actually turned the tables at the most crucial moment. However, this is only the beginning of the battle between our students. My student will take complete victory over your student.”

“Hahaha, you’re day dreaming. My student could beat your student even when he had the complete disadvantage, much less in the future? Gui Junzi, you just wait.” Hong Heiyu was very high spirited. He pressed a button on the chip on his wrist and the battleship in the sky shot down a beam of energy scooping them up into the sky.

The battleship started and immediately disappeared into the skies.

“Teacher, why didn’t you stop them?”

Meng Xingyun turned around: “That Jiang Li may have used a strong treasure to take away the spirit stone.”

“That’s his thing.” Gui Junzi looked at the disappearing battleship and seemed to be in thought: “There’s a secret on him but I didn’t want to break it out. It’s good that you have an opponent. I’ll give you a mission now and that is to find out his secret. Make his secret into your secret, understand?”

“Understood!” Meng Xingyun’s body was tall. A sharp ray of air circulated his body.

“Let’s go, the real training only just begun. The hatred between me and Hong Heiyu is destined to be long lasting until one of us dies. However, he will be dying before me. That super strong person from the Da Qian Academy won’t let him go. The high management of Astral Univeristy is also suspicious of him. His fate will be very bad, he is destined to be a tragedy.” Gui Junzi summoned his battleship down and left.

In the new students base of Astral University, the depth of the medical warm.

Li Zhen, Yu Tiancai, Lu Jiajia, Yang Miaoyu were all wrapped like a mummy. They fell into deep unconsciousness. After checks, they weren’t far from death.

Meanwhile, Jiang Li recovered after a simple operation.

Therefore, he sat face to face with Hong Heiyu.

“You have a secret, otherwise you couldn’t have gotten the fire spirit stone.” Hong Heiyu’s first sentence was very straight forward.

“Teacher, i….” Jiang Li had already thought of his excuse.

But Hong Heiyu waved his hand and stopped Jiang Li’s words: “I’m not interested in knowing these. But what I can discern, Gui Junzi can also discern. This person has a devilish heart, you need to be careful.”

“Teacher, you seemed to have very deep hatred towards him?” Jiang Li was relieved that Hong Heiyu didn’t ask but all this was in his calculations. Hong Heiyu had his own dao, his personality was straightforward. He didn’t disdain to obtain through other means.

“There are no ends to our hatred, it’s either he dies or me.” Hong Heiyu didn’t want to continue: “Come, I’ll help you melt the fire spirit stone and wash your bones making your body stronger. Your spirit is greater stasis and your power is also enough. What you need now is time. With adequate resources plus my training, it won’t be hard to catch up to that Meng Xingyun.”

“They’re not going to use the fire spirit stone?” Jiang Li pointed to the other four team mates.

Hong Heiyu moved his fingers and an air flow carried the fire spirit stone into the air: “Their body can’t withstand the essence of fire. It would damage their cells instead. And they have serious injuries right now and are still unconscious. After they recover, their spiritual power will increase another level. I believe those two girls can enter stasis.”

Jiang Li smiled bitterly: “Teacher’s training methods are really dangerous. If something happens, they can die easily. I believe there are much more these sorts of trainings.”

“This is only the first time. When you guys are strong enough, you must experience life and death everyday. After you become accustomed to life and death, then you can control life and death.” Hong Heiyu suddenly pointed and that fire spirit stone exploded at his finger tips turning into a beautiful dancing flame.

The fire had five different colours.

Hong Heiyu grabbed the flame and patted it onto Jiang Li’s head.


Jiang Li almost bit his tongue in half. His teeth started to shatter, that pain seemed to burn his entire body.

Even the lightning needle technique didn’t hurt as much.

Beams of burning spirit chi traverse his body and slowly injected into the depth of his cells. That burning sensation made him want to kill himself. Even his greater stasis spirit almost regressed.

“Notice, hold your spirit. This pain is very intense. If you can’t endure it and fall unconscious, then your spirit will regress. From greater stasis to lesser stasis or even deep sleep. The worst case scenario is regressing to a normal person. Because you haven’t reached eternal stasis, it is very common for your spirit to regress.” Hong Heiyu’s voice sounded.

Jiang Li could only bite his teeth together and endure.

If he regressed, then he was done for.

Life force could be sustained with resources but spiritual prowess, after you encounter something significant, you may regress to a normal person in that instant. It was too scary.

The heart calamity was difficult to pass.

The heart monkey was difficult to suppress.

It was really becoming immortal in one thought and becoming mortal in the other.

This intense pain made his entire body quiver. Sweat rained down and his blood vessels even started to crack. There was blood on the surface of his skin. He could only endure this sort of pain.

In the depth of every hair gland, Jiang Li felt that there was a fire burning. There was also fire burning in his brain cells. He couldn’t contemplate anything. There was only the endless pain of being burned by fire.

Seeing this situation, Hong Heiyu’s complexion was also a bit serious.

If Jiang Li couldn’t resist the pain, not only would his previous efforts be for nothing, his spirit may regress which is the most lethal.

In this situation, Hong Heiyu was also unable to help him and couldn’t help him ease the pain or the efforts would still have gone to waste. Jiang Li could only progress on the path of cultivation if he relied on his own will to endure and conquer the pain.

The fire spirit stone turned into spirit chi under Hong Heiyu’s help and continuously embedded into Jiang LI’s body.

Jiang Li wanted to jump up to take out his pain but he forced himself not to. His spirit almost collapsed.

At last, he almost felt like he couldn’t endure it anymore but a beam of light flashed in the depth of his brain. It showed all the different positions of the Emperor Fire Seal and its contemplation as well.

“If I have a next life, change into a cleansing fire, burn the body, reaching the state of crystal clean…” This was the sutra in the Emperor Fire Seal.

In that instant, he felt that being burnt in fire was nothing, he was afraid if all the bones in his body shattered.

And, under the burning of the fire, he felt like his body was turning into a crystal becoming brighter and lustrous. All the pain had gone and instead, there was a great light in his spirit shining on everything. The light was of wisdom.

“Amazing!” Hong Heiyu immediately felt Jiang Li’s spiritual state: “Who said that Meng Xingyun was a genius, my student is the real genius!”

The fire spirit stone continued to be injected into Jiang Li’s body. Jiang Li was completely red like a roasted lobster. The depth of his hair glands were ready to spew fire at any time.

His flesh was cooked.

This was like the pain of being burnt in boiling water but there was no pain on his face. Instead, it was placid. There seemed to be a bit of light between his eyes.

Gradually, the fire spirit stone melted in the blood.

Meanwhile, excess blood seeped out from Jiang Li’s body There was also a grey white substance that looked like stone. This was some substance that was refined out of his bones. His bones turned into something more flexible yet tensile under the refining of the fire.

He closed his eyes and looked inside his body. He could see that there was a faint red on his bones.

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