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Liu Yilong was angry.

No, he was furious.

Being hypnotised felt worse than being slapped in the face. This was a pure insult. Being hypnotised meant that his entire spirit was being controlled, giving the person control to everything about himself. A slap in the face was just physical torture.

He didn’t think that Jiang Li was already in greater stasis.

There weren’t even many older students in greater stasis. The most common ones were of lesser stasis. He himself was still lesser stasis and wouldn’t be able to reach greater stasis for a long time.

It was because of this that no matter how many resources he had, he couldn’t improve his life force. He was still around 3.2. The capacity of his body couldn’t increase.

Now, seeing that Jiang Li had reached greater stasis, there was jealousy deep in his heart.

Greater stasis meant that future cultivation would go smoothly until a life force of 7. Meanwhile, he was a dead pool of water. Even if he underwent genetic changes, the effects would be minimal and possibly even result in failure.

The limit to his life force was dependent on spiritual prowess.

There was a common saying: “Your power is as great as your spirit.”

The progress of spirit was the change occuring in brain cells. When the brain advanced, it brought changes to the entire body. If the brain couldn’t be elevated, it was pointless no matter how much resources you had and how valuable they were. Once you reached greater stasis, you would be significant person in society.

Immediately, Liu Yilong’s spirit was covered in fury. First, had Jiang Li humiliated him in front of everyone; second, Jiang Li’s potential was much greater than his.

Roar! Liu Yilong attacked, creating rumbles that tore through the air. Congenial chi shot everywhere, with almost enough power to destroy everything. This was A-ranked martial arts Dragon and Elephant Breaking The Heavens.

His was full of power and much stronger than Jiang Liu. After all, Jiang Liu had only had a life force of 2 back then. Liu Yilong was 3.2.

“Endurance of The Dragon and Elephant!”

As he smashed out a fist, his hands continued to change. One hand was like a heavenly dragon flying in the sky, and the other was like a huge elephant stomping the Earth. As his hands changed, he emanated the temperament of a martial arts master.

This move of Endurance of The Dragon and Elephant was meant so he could endure all sorts of insults, view the outside world as empty illusions, as well as to separate the spiritual world from the outside world. Only then could his full potential be released without being fearful of fire or ice.

But, Liu Yilong used it under rage, without any sense of endurance. Jiang Li could see there were countless weaknesses in the air flow. He had a look of contempt as he took a step forward.

Left hand wind, right hand lightning. He used the wind and lightning eight trigrams. They sliced through the air waves and clashed heavily with Liu Yilong’s hands.

Before their hands even met, the clashing air flow made a huge sound.


At last, they smashed their palms together. Jiang Li used the essence of the wind and lightning seal which allowed him to slice straight through Liu Yilong’s defences and attack his chest.


Liu Yilong twisted his arms and used his elbows to protect his chest before once again attacking Jiang Li.

Thud thud thud. Jiang Li retreated three steps, spinning his body to avoid falling into the lava. Meanwhile, Liu Yilong only retreated one step.

This was a clash between powers and Jiang Li had lost a bit.

But Liu Yilong’s face was red. He knew that he had lost in technique.

“The difference in life force can’t be reconciled.” Jiang Li shook his head. He grasped the weakness in Liu Yilong’s spirit, taking victory in technique and martial arts experience. Jiang Li had broken though Liu Yilong’s defences, but couldn’t defeat him because he was stronger than Jiang Li.

There were some difference between a 3 and 3.2 life force that couldn’t be overcome.

A difference of 0.1 could already decide victory. Jiang Li was able to defend against him because his spiritual state was higher and had greater martial arts experience. With his body also being strengthened by fetal respiration, he was much stronger than a normal 3 life force person.

He could’ve been able to hypnotise Liu Yilong, but Meng Xingyun was behind him, who would intervene.

Meng Xingyun was also in greater stasis. If he were to send his thought into Liu Yilong’s brain, Jiang Li wouldn’t be able to invade with his own thought.

Dash dash dash!

Liu Yilong attacked once again. It was still Dragons and Elephants Breaking The Heavens.

Dragon and Elephant Sudden Dash!

Courage of the Dragon and Elephant!

Dragon and Elephant Crossing The River!

The blows were consecutive, and congenial chi splattered everywhere.

Jiang Li used eight trigrams wind and lightning palm to defend against them. Although it was just B-ranked martial arts and had a huge difference with A-ranked martial arts, they had become an A-ranked martial art after Wang Kurong modified them by putting in stances of the Spiritual Emperor Seal.

The dragon and elephant rumbled, wind and lightning howled.

In the red river of lava, the two fought an intense battle on the small island. They were both very careful not to harm the fire-cleansing flower in the middle.

The two continued to battle, trading blows. The battle was a draw.

The more Liu Yilong fought, the more agitated he became. He was an old student and had a higher life force than Jiang Li, but he still couldn’t defeat the new student. This was a pure insult to him.

Meanwhile, Jiang Li became more and more aware as he fought. Liu Yilong was the perfect opponent for him to practise his martial arts with. He aimed at the many weaknesses in his martial arts and attacked them. He felt that if the battle continued, he could defeat him.

Suddenly, a cold voice sounded.


Jiang Li felt there was something black; a person flew over, gliding in the sky like the ancient sword immortal flying onto the island with the sword.

It was Meng Xingyun!

He aimed at Jiang Li.


Congenial chi sliced through the air, leaving the airless vacuum shaped as a sword.

Jiang Li hurried to twist his body, barely dodging it. The sword chi sliced the rock on the island, resulting in a huge ditch. Jiang Li’s heart grew cold as he watched.

The rock beneath his feet were hard rocks that couldn’t be melted. There probably wouldn’t even be a scratch if it was hacked with metal. However, it was damaged to this degree by a beam of congenial chi. How strong was the air flow Meng Xingyun controlled?

This was the real sword chi technique. It could slice open the human body with ease.

Just as Jiang Li dodged, Meng Xingyun snatched the fire-cleansing flower, flying into his hands.

“Liu Yilong, you’re too agitated. You need to calm down or you may regress.” Meng Xingyun patted his team mate’s shoulder and Liu Yilong immediately calmed down.

He breathed out slowly and was no longer furious. He returned to his play boy looks of before and laughed carelessly. He said to Jiang Li: “Not bad, not bad, little junior school mate. Not bad. I’ll let you off this time and defeat you after we go outside.

Liu Yilong was able to control his emotions in time. He was quite someone.

Jiang Li raised his eyebrows, but didn’t say anything.

He was thinking about Meng Xingyun’s series of moves. It was terrifying. He would be completely outmatched.

Immediately he jumped, gliding to the other side. He didn’t dare to stay on the island in case Meng Xingyun attacked him. Although he knew that the teacher was constantly watching, the distant water couldn’t extinguish the nearby fire. If some accident occurred and he died in this lava, it would not be worth it.

“Xingyun, this kid’s potential is huge. If he continues like this, he may pose a threat to you. With his greater stasis, he can increase his life force to 7 as long as he has resources…meanwhile, our teacher has great hatred for Hong Heiyu. Why don’t we...” Liu Yilong looked at Jiang Li retreating, speaking in a low voice to Meng Xingyun.

“He’s nothing.” Meng Xingyun’s voice was very calm and contemptuous: “But I’m really curious, what’s the conflict between our teacher and Hong Heiyu? Although they didn’t fight this time, I can feel there’s a great feud between them. You have been with the teacher for quite some time, so how about you tell me?”

“This is a secret, but you’re the teacher’s favourite student so it won’t matter if you know.” Liu Yilong knew that although Meng Xingyun was a new student, his power was well above his. “Hong Heiyu had a woman he loved, but our teacher found out and told the high authorities of Astral University. They were furious and sent hitmen to kill the woman. Thus, Hong Heiyu constantly wants to kill our teacher.”

“Oh? What’s the relationship between that woman and our teacher?” Meng Xingyun asked. Suddenly he realised: “Could it be…the woman wasn’t from Earth?”

“Indeed, that woman is a princess of the Da Qian empire on Emperor Planet. At the same time, she was also a disciple of the principal of Da Qian Academy. They were originally implacably opposed to each other, but somehow they found love during their battle. This wasn’t allowed by the high authorities of Astral University. Our teacher wouldn’t allow this to happen, so he reported it. Therefore, the high authorities sent a team out and finally managed to kill this woman. From then on, Hong Heiyu went crazy and constantly went after our teacher. This time, he came to prevent him and his students from getting the fire spirit stone to suppress them. If he heavily suppresses his students, he will be very happy!” Liu Yilong had now told him what had happened before.

“So that’s it.” Meng Xingyun was now completely clear.

“Jiang Li, are you alright?”

At this time, Li Zhen and them saw Jiang Li return. They quickly huddled around him and asked: “The Godly Arts Squad is too strong. They’re clearly a few levels above us. We don’t have a choice, I don’t think we’ll be able to get the fire spirit stone at all. We can’t even collect the fire cleansing flower.

“Meng Xingyun’s power is indeed strong, but we still have a chance.” Jiang Li thought calmly: “We need to fire collect some fire-cleansing flowers. There are still some ahead, so we’ll go there now.”

Immediately, they left towards the depth of the volcano.

There were rivers of lava everywhere branching off. On the small rocky islands in the centre of the river, there would always be fire-cleansing flowers. After walking for around 1 km, there was indeed another fire-cleansing flower.

By the time Jiang Li had descended on the island, Meng Xingyun had already grabbed it. His speed was obviously faster than Jiang Li’s. He reached out and grabbed the second flower, before speaking in a cold tone: “I suggest you guys leave. You won’t be able to get even one flower. When the volcano erupts, you will all die without the protection of any fire-cleansing flowers.”

“Meng Xingyun, there are a lot of them here, enough for you to use. Why do you have to take ours?” Jiang Li’s eyes were sharp.

“Nothing, our teacher told us to get the fire spirit stone, so we must get it. This is a mission.” Meng Xingyun didn’t look at Jiang Li: “If you get any fire-cleansing flowers, wouldn’t you guys have hope? Then I must eradicate that hope.”

As he spoke, he suddenly flew up. His graceful control of airflow was not something Jiang Li could compare with.

In front, there was another fire-cleansing flower.

Jiang Li didn’t chase it because he knew he couldn’t beat Meng Xingyun to it with his speed.

Just like this, ten more flowers were collected by Meng Xingyun.

“Little schoolmate, look…” Liu Yilong took out a fire-cleansing flower and shook it towards Jiang Li from a distance. Then he smiled peevishly and ate it, making an obvious sigh of satisfaction. He made a face as if he’d eaten the most beautiful thing in the world.

This was an overt provocation. He meant to say that what you can’t obtain, I don’t even value and can eat it however I want.

“Argh!! They’re insulting us too far!” Lu Jiajia was stomping her feet in anger.

Li Zhen and the others were also very furious. Only Jiang Li had a calm face and wasn’t moved.

Tang Yan saw this and slapped Liu Yilong angrily: “Are you an idiot? It’s a waste to eat the fire-cleansing flower now!”

“Stop it, just continue moving.” Meng Xingyun turned his head around to stop them. His words were powerful and the squad became quiet again, resuming their walk into the depth.

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