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The mouth of the volcano was very big. After entering it, it was hot everywhere with poisonous gas steaming. The internal temperatures rose up to 100 degrees.

But these students had strong bodies. 100 degrees could cook a normal person, but not them. After going inside, they closed their eyes and used their spirit to observe the world.

Inside the volcano there were many caves. The caves had rivers of lava bubbling all sorts of dangerous gases. Each time a bubble bursts, lava splattered everywhere. People had to be wary when walking through narrow pathways. If they came into contact with the lava, there would be immediate burns. The temperature of the lava was extremely hot and could not be touched straightaway. The teams side jumped and were very careful.

Jiang Li, Li Zhen and their squad stayed together and walked on the same path. Meanwhile, Meng XIngyun, Tang Yan and their squad also stayed together on another pathway. Both parties walked besides the lava flow into the depth of the volcano.

The temperature was getting warmer and warmer, and everyone felt like it was a sulfur bath. People with a life force of 1.5 and lower would suffocate to death in here. Luckily, everyone here had a life force of above 2 and had consumed large amounts of spirit chi. Their bloods contained spirit chi which could wash away the poisonous substances from the bodily system.

Pang! In the centre of the lava river, a large bubble burst and large amounts of lava splashed out. Everyone saw a flash of red wave in front of them. If this was splashed on the body, they would have been fatally injured.

“Ahhh!” The two girls couldn’t help but scream and tried to dodge the spluttering lava.

“Don’t move all of you!” Jiang Li saw his four teammates were trying to dodge the angry spitting bubbles. He hurried and roared, pushing his hands forward suddenly. Immediately, the congenial chi appeared and an invisible air wall pushed forward. The sound of friction between air could be heard. This air wall blocked the lava, pushing it back into the river. Jiang Li had a certain degree of expertise when using the congenial chi. Every time he used it to control air flow, he felt he had a deeper understanding to the Emperor Wind Seal. However, he was far from controlling their deepest secrets.

“Mhmm, this guy’s not bad.” A man from Meng Xingyun’s team exclaimed, and his eyes were full of surprise and wonder: “Turning the air into a wall with one gesture... Merely twisting his hands for winds to appear, winds which blew the lava away! This method of using congenial chi to control air is very advanced!”

As the man walked, there was a special rhythm of vibration, creating a circle of air surrounding him which repelled the poisonous smoke outside. This was using one’s muscles to control air flow as he walked, forming a type of protection congenial chi. This person’s life force was at least 4. Jiang Li was far from being able to do this.

If someone used a sword to cut his body, it was shattered by the air flow around him. This congenial chi protected the body at any time and was a bit like the unbreakable body in those wuxia novels.

It could only be done once your life force reached a certain height.

These people gave off a sense that they were winds that pushed the clouds with their body gestures. Even a slight shake from their body would resonate with the air flow around them creating a type of air force field.

“This state…. Amazing!”

Jiang Li moved his eyes away and saw Meng Xingyun again. As he was walking, there was also a flow of chi around him. It was exactly the same as that man. In fact, he stood on solid ground with each step, shaking his body making the air around him blow up. His heart beat, breathing and pulse had all become an invisible power, which allowed him to control air flow to a very accurate degree.

This state made him realise something: Chi flow could also be controlled this way. Many parts of the Emperor Wind Seal he didn’t understand were solved now. Now, the way he controlled the congenial chi was simple and vulgar. It wasn’t precise enough. He had learnt from Meng Xingyun in this short while; this was because Hong Heiyu’s means were too advanced. He had already formed his holy fetus and possessed godly arts. Jiang Li could not yet understand the means of godly arts.

Meanwhile, Meng Xingyun was his next target. When he saw him, he immediately knew how he should take his next step. Immediately, Jiang Li started to control his body, using his spirit to feel the waves of air flow. His heart suddenly beat and all the muscles in his body shook in unison. A flow of air was formed immediately. But, he still couldn’t do it as perfectly as Meng Xingyun.

“This kid’s congenial chi controlling methods have become slightly better.” An old student said to Meng Xingyun: “Look, he is using his heart, pulse and breathing to control the air around him to form an air force field to repel the poisonous gas!”

“He’s obviously learning from you.” Another old student said.

“His learning capabilities are excellent,” Meng Xingyun also noticed Jiang Li’s peculiarity: “This person is still talented. Although I beat him easily on the day, his counter-attack was also sharp.”

Li Zhen and the team didn’t have it as easy as Jiang Li. They continued to cough and spit. Jiang Li, however, sliced with his palms, splitting the poisonous smog.

The two girls weren’t careful and had lava splash on their hands. Immediately, there was a region of charred flesh, and the pain made them shriek in terror and anguish. This was really the torture of hell.

But, it was also a part of Hong Heiyu’s cultivation.

Hisss… Suddenly, there was a sound from the crevice in the stones. Jiang Li’s eyes moved and saw a fiery shadow dash. A snake dashed over, aiming towards Lu Jiajia.

“Stone Fire Snake!” Li Zhen sliced with his hand blade, cutting perfectly at the seventh inch of the snake. The snake head flew out and fell to the ground. Even with its head separated, its body was still writhing.

But, that segment of severed head still got up and lunged towards Li Zhen. The situation was very scary.

“Be careful!” Jiang Li flicked his finger. Immediately, a small swirling body formed from wind flew out and exploded on the snake’s head. The snake’s head immediately shattered. This was almost like the finger-flicking godly art. One didn’t need stones or other physical objects, and merely used air flow to flick. The force was harder than stone and could pierce people’s bodies within ten steps.

Jiang Li twisted his hand, spinning softly, using the methods of [Taichi Chi Collection] to form a swirling cloud of gas in his hands. Then, he flicked it out. The spinning chi exploded the snake’s head. It was magical.

“This is the stone fire snake, it is very venomous and usually forms groups. They survive on eating the fire cleansing flowers in the lava. If you are bitten, the fire poison would seep into your body and burn you to a crisp! However, with the appearance of stone fire snake, it means that there will be fire cleansing flower ahead!” Yu Tiancai was overjoyed and hurried to tell Jiang Li. But then, he coughed vehemently with blood in his spit.

“It’s ahead!” Jiang Li blew and immediately, there was a huge wind blowing away the sulphurous gas. Then, he saw approximately 500 meters ahead that there was an island in the centre of the lava river.

There was a green flower on the stone island which emanated a clear flow of air. The smoke and sulfur could not contaminate the flower. The flower seemed to possess the ability to cleanse the environment around it. Seeing that green flower, everyone felt relieved and more confident in their efforts.

Fire cleansing flower was the flower that grew in the lava. After people consumed it, they could be protected against fire poison and smoke. They could also use that to clean the poison from inside the body, as well as remove the impurities in the blood. It could extinguish the fire in the heart, allowing people to be more efficient during cultivation.

“The fire cleansing flower has appeared. I will get it with my own hands. If i wait any longer, the poisonous gas would be so much stronger, and would accumulate at my feet. If we don’t retrieve the fire cleansing flower, we can only leave and let that group get the fire spirit stone.” Jiang Li knew that the fire cleansing flower was very important to everyone on his team.

He ordered: “You guys wait here!” Then, he jumped, moving his hands as he glided in air towards the lava river and the island.

The lava river was very wide. There was at least 100 meters between the two sides. Only those who knew how to control congenial chi could glide over. Even then, this glide was also very dangerous. What if something happened and you fell into the lava? That would mean certain death.

“This kid is so fast, is he after our fire cleansing flower?” One old student from the Godly Arts Squad saw Jiang Li jump. There was a gush of air and Jiang Li glided out fearlessly.

SHou! Jiang Li had travelled 500 meters in 5 seconds, gliding to the centre of the lava island.

He was just about to grab the fire cleansing flower when the other old student got on the island. He palmed the air and there was a gush in the air, creating a suction pulling the fire cleansing flower.

This was subjugation across air. Jiang Li frowned and immediately responded. He sliced in mid air and a wind blade cut the place at where the suction was created.

The entire air flow immediately crippled. The fire cleansing flower just shook and was left unharmed.

“You have some real skill, so you’re called Jiang Li?” The old student stopped. Both of them were five steps from the fire cleansing flower, “However, your life force is a bit low. I’ll have this fire cleansing flower. Don’t think of getting any this time. For the face of our teacher, I won’t be lenient.” The older student teased.

“What’s your name?” Jiang Li asked calmly.

“You still want to know my name, why is that? Do you want to take revenge on me in the future? Okay, it doesn’t matter if I tell you. My name is Liu Yilong. I’ve been in Astral University for two years. Junior schoolmate, your two years late, and you still want to compete with me? Hurry up and call me senpai…” Liu Yilong teased with a vicious smile.

As he laughed, he took a step forward emanating his imposing manner and attempted to cripple Jiang Li.

“Haha, two years older than me, and your life force is only this?” Jiang Li wasn’t moved and pretended to shake his head with eyes full of pity. He could tell that although Liu Yilong was stronger than him, and his life force lingered at around 3.2. It was impossible for it to be any stronger.

“Hmph! Junior schoolmate, it’ll be enough to beat you even if I’m only a little bit stronger.” Liu Yilong sneered and couldn’t be bothered speaking any more. The air flow around him shook and he was about to attack.

“Go back.” Jiang Li’s eyes shimmered as he said the two words. Liu Yilong’s hand stopped looking confused.

Jiang Liu had hypnotised Yilong.

Although Liu Yilong’s life force was stronger, his spiritual state was weaker. It was lesser stasis and not greater stasis. After all, the people in the greater stasis state had their own Dao. Only a small group of people could reach this. Even Meng Xingyun was greater stasis not eternal stasis.

Normally, the state of stasis could allow the life force to grow to 3 and it would be difficult to improve from there. But as an old student who had been in Astral university for many years, Yilong must have found many ways to improve his life potential with technology.

“Hypnosis, greater stasis!” Meng Xingyun’s eyes glimmered in the distance. When he glimmered his eyes, the hypnotised Liu Yilong was suddenly awake. His face was bleak: “You dare to hypnotise me? This is an insult to my honour!”

Rumble! He was no longer playful, and there was an urge to kill that loitered in his eyes. He started to attack back with a fist.

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