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The volcano constantly emitted black fumes and heat waves. The temperature here was at least 80 degrees. If they went any further, the temperature would be even higher.

Just standing here for a while would make you feel dizzy from all sorts of poisonous fumes.

If you wanted to go in and pick that fire cleansing flower without any mechas or protection, it was looking for death.

Jiang Li knew that Hong Heiyu was making them experience the torture of hell. As long as he was there, they wouldn’t die. They would only feel like they’d rather die than live. After the many times of torture, their hearts would grow more peaceful and think of hell as nothing.

“Teacher, we can’t do this, this way we’ll be poisoned.” Li Zhen coughed.

“Useless!” Hong Heiyu walked up and gave him another slap: “You’re bodies are hundreds of times stronger than normal people. Your lung’s ability to clean poisons is also superb, why rely on something else? Look.”

As he spoke, he took a big breath in. it could be seen that a lot of smoke and poisonous gas was sucked into his mouth.

Then, he coughed and coughed out a pitch black clot of mucus. All the black smoke that entered his body was actually purified by his lungs and changed into mucus.


Jiang Li was shocked and began to learn this technique. He saw that Hong Heiyu just then used the powerful ability of his lungs and blood to cripple to poison and then filter it with his lungs. After he condensed the particles, he used the clotted liquid in his body to envelop the particles and spit it out.

His control of his body was on a microscopic level.

“The body, is the strongest and most intricate machine. If you spirit can accurately control every part of your body, then you can survive anywhere without using any tools. When the poisonous gas enters your body, you can catalyze the antidotal attributes of your blood to cure the poison. And the through sweat, you can remove the poison form your body. When the particles enter you lungs, you can secrete liquids to envelope the particles and spit it out. With your spiritual state, you can feel if any part of your body is uncomfortable or sick and then catalyze the corresponding secretion to recover it. You have consumed that many spirit stones. Your cells have enough energy stored that haven’t yet been released.”

Hong Heiyu explained how to use your spirit to control your internal secretion, how to secrete liquids, cleanse the lung of particles. This was a lesson perfectly analyzing the secrets of the human body.

“You even need to learn to absorb heat energy. When the heat wave strikes, you can open your hair glands and close them to take in the heat. Then you spray it out from your mouth so to prevent the heat from damaging your organs. This would keep the inside clean and cool. As long as your organs aren’t damaged, you will have strong battle power.”

As he spoke, Hong Heiyu demonstrated. With him being the centre, the temperature around him dropped a lot. It seemed that a lot of heat were absorbed by his hair glands. And when he exhaled, the heat was intense. It made people feel that this breath was more than 100 degrees.

“Our teacher is really strong.” Jiang Li suddenly learnt a lot of things especially about hair glands intaking heat, converting, concentrating and spewing out from the mouth to keep the inside cool. This was quite similar to some of the techniques in the Emperor Fire Seal. Originally, he didn’t quite understand some of the moves in the Emperor Fire Seal but now, that all seemed clear to him!

At the same time, he rejoiced that he took it slow and didn’t try to cultivate the Emperor Water Seal. Otherwise, how could he learn the true secrets of the Emperor Fire Seal.

He even thought that he should go back and research more about the wind and lightning seal. There must be specifics of these two seals that he didn’t completely get.

Before he formed his holy fetus, the Spiritual Emperor Seal was still martial arts not immortal arts.

And according to what the white clothed man said, when he cultivated the Spiritual Emperor Seal, he would form the Emperor Fetus. This path was much more harder than the usual one.

So now, he had to build a solid foundation and didn’t strive for speed. He was going to cultivate step by step.

He started learning what Hong Heiyu did. He secretly ran the Emperor Fire Seal and as expected, when the fire wave hit him, it was absorbed by the skin. Before it went into the internal organs, it was spew out.

Sometimes when he spat, a black clot of mucus was spat out which contained all the poisonous particles.

Immediately, Jiang Li felt a lot better while standing on the volcano.

“Good, you learn very fast.” Seeing this scene, Hong Heiyu applauded: “You seemed to have learnt a technique of San Mei true fire. It will be very helpful if you experience this volcano.”

Hong Heiyu waved his hand again letting the people go in and began the journey.


Suddenly, there was the sound of another battleship in the air.

A huge spaceship appeared out of nowhere and stayed afloat in the air. It looked powerful, on the same grade of that as Hong Heiyu’s battle ship.

Hong Heiyu raised his head, there was a different glow in his eyes, they were cold.

A blight beam shot down from the ship clearing away all the poisonous smoke as six people appeared.

It was a teacher with 5 other students.

This teacher was a middle aged tall person. His temperament was different to Hong Heiyu.

Hong Heiyu’s temperament was savage yet hidden, as if some crouching ancient beast. Meanwhile, this middle aged man was more serene calm and scholarly. It made Jiang Li remember the alliance lord of the martial arts novels.”

Meanwhile, Hong Heiyu was the half good half bad alliance of the left side.

“Gui Junzi, it’s you.” Hong Heiyu gave off a long laugh superficially, and greeted: “You also brought your students here to cultivate?”

“Of course it’s me. There would a wave in this volcano group this day each year. The magma in the depth surges and brings the things at the very bottom to the top. There may even be fire attribute spirit stones. This type of spirit stone is very precious. After people consume it, the essence of fire would be stored in the cells which will gradually improve your body ridding all the impurities from your flesh. You want to bring your students here to get it, so do i.” The tall scholarly middle aged man had a very calm tone.

He was called Gui Junzi and it could be see that he was a strong teacher just by looking at him.

“Meng Xingyun!”

Jiang Li immediately saw the tall youth with the other wordly temperament amongst the five students. He had a strong sense of those ancient sword heroes as if not belonging to the mortal world. It was Meng Xingyun, the person who beat him last time.

That battle made him lose the right to top ten.

“So strong, still stronger than me! His life force seems to be on par with Jiang Tianhe.” Jiang Li looked and found out that he still couldn’t even estimate Meng Xingyun’s strength.

Before, when he fought Jiang Li 3 months ago, his life force was already past 3.

This wasn’t the most important part. Being the first in the new students, he received heavy attention from the high levels of the Astral University and was immediately sent to all sorts of special training.

Three months at Astral University could really completely transform someone.

For example Jiang Li, he hadn’t been in for long and wasn’t given any special training but had already reached 3 from 2.5.

All in all, the resources received by the top ten was 100 times that of normal students. Every student who got into top ten would be greatly ahead of students of the same year after the 3 months training especially people like Meng Xingyun. He was the first amongst billions, Jiang Li could not compare with him in terms of potential.

“Jiang LI, it’s you?”

The voice of a small girl sounded.

It was Tang Yan, she was also in this team.

Looked like the teacher Gui Junzi was a very strong teacher in the university. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have the right to lead a team that had people in the top ten.

Every one of these 5 students was very strong.

The other three students weren’t new and seemed to be old students. Their life forces were all above three. It was very common for old students to have life force of above three.

“This squad was called Godly Arts Squad. It is ranked higher than the Great River Squad.” Li Zhen secretly searched them up: “there were originally 5 old students but during a dangerous mission, they encountered aboriginal cultivators and two of them died. Therefore, this team took the best of the new students.”

“Gui Junzi. I was the one who discovered there would be magma pulses each year and could spew out fire spirit stone. I have been cultivating my [Ten Sided Path of Hell] in here for many years. I was the first one here, what, you want to fight over it with me today?” Hong Heiyu sneered: “You want to fight with me?”

“Hong Heiyu, I admit you’re strong but we have fought many times without anyone taking victory. There doesn’t seem to be a need to battle.” Gui Junzi’s tone was always moderately paced like a scholar: “How about we let our students fight it out? We’ll send our students into the volcano and see who’s can get the fire spirit stone. Whoever gets it wins.”

“Your student are all the top ten of this year. This competition is unfair to me!” Hong Heiyu pierced the ground with his huge sword. The rock was as soft as tofu under his sword: “Gui Junzi, although you learn the art of gentlemen all the time, but you are just a pretentious hypocrite.”

TL note: Jun Zi means gentleman.

“Regardless, I took my students out to experience things. Let the students fight it out, how about it?” Gu Junzi smiled and didn’t appear to be angry: “Aren’t you the best at turning the tables under pressure. You give your students huge pressure making them undertake hellish training. I think the pressure of this volcano isn’t enough so I’ll give them some more pressure. You should be thanking me.”

“Remember, there will be magma pulses in the depth of the ground from which fire spirit stones would appear. But before this, you must collect enough fire cleansing flower. These flowers can cleanse fire poison and give you resistance against the corrosion of lava. If you consume it, there would a cool energy circulating your body. Each flower has limited amount of cool energy. It will only last ten minutes, so you need to collect more and fight for the fire spirit stone… remember, collect as much of those flowers as you can!”

Suddenly, there was a voice in the depth of Jiang Li, Li Zhen and their spirit. It was Hong Heiyu communicating them with his immense spiritual power.

Meanwhile, Gui Junzi on the other side was also quiet. Meng Xingyun and them were nodding their heads as if listening to something. Gui Junzi must also be communicating telepathetically with them.

“Hong Heiyu, both of our students can’t wear mechas, protection gear or anything. They can only go in relying on their bodies, how about it? This is a type of training for them.” Gui Junzi waved his hand towards Meng Xingyun and them, “Start going into the volcano.”


Meng Xingyun dashed first into the volcano.

“You guys go as well!” Hong Heiyu didn’t say much and gave Jiang Li a meaningful look before waving his head.

Jiang Li immediately understood the meaning in Hong Heiyu’s eyes. He wanted Jiang Li to shoulder the responsibilities of a captain and be careful.

He hurried to take lead leading the four into the volcano.

This time, the Ten Sided Squad must win face for the teacher.

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