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On the Emperor Planet

The forest was frigidly cold at night. There were no sounds exceed for the occasional howl of beasts. Jiang Li’s exhaled a long breath, forming a long white line shooting out to almost ten meters before been blown apart by the wind. This white line was like a dragon-snake, showing Jiang Li’s ability to control air.

He was already very far from the base. In fact, his current territory belonged to another region on Emperor Planet. Although Jiang Li didn’t have a battleship and didn’t bring a mecha (so he couldn’t fly long distances), he had the opaque stone which he could enter and fly at mark 5 speed. His range of activity increased to tens of thousands of kilometers away from the base.

Right now, there were extensive investigations outside the base so he could cultivate there by consuming spirit chi. Thus, every night, he flew 2 hours to the real barren wilderness on the planet to cultivate. After reaching greater stasis, his spiritual energy was extremely strong and his intake of spirit chi multiplied.

Jiang Li soon entered a dream again and saw the mark in the stone. The white clothed man appeared once again.

“Hm, not bad. Your spiritual power improved once again. This time, you can activate the cultivation for the Emperor Water Seal. Do you wish to proceed? If you do, your spirit will be weakened for three days.”

“What are the secrets of the Emperor Water Seal? What abilities does it have?” Jiang Li wasn’t so pressed to cultivate it this time. He wanted to know what it was first.

“Water, the source of everything, for it nourishes all life. Life is born from water. When water is volatile, it can exterminate all things creating large calamities. But most of the times, it is placid. After you cultivate the Emperor Water Seal, it will balance with the fire seal and balance the yin yang in your body. Your body will be more flexible yet strong and be able to absorb more spirit chi.” The white clothed man explained.

“Do I have a decent accomplishment in the Emperor Fire Seal?” Jiang Li asked.

“Far from decent, the Spiritual Emperor Seal contains the secrets of creation, the Arcanum of longevity. Every seal contains the heavens. You haven’t even understood a tiny fraction of this martial arts. After you form your holy fetus, the power of this martial arts will be truly displayed. Because with this martial arts, the holy fetus you form is no normal holy fetus. It is the emperor fetus!”

The white clothed man continued: “The emperor fetus controls everything. It runs the universe, unlocks creations and creates pure yang and acquires eternal life. If you can form this holy fetus, you will be thousands of times stronger than anyone you meet! Of course, it will be hard for you to form this holy fetus. After you step foot on the path of the emperor, it is fated that you will become the first, the overlord of the universe. If you pass the three realms, you will be truly invincible!”

“Emperor fetus!” Jiang Li thought about the holy fetus Hong Heiyu talked about and was shocked: “By the way, what magical weapon is this stone? Why can it absorb the energy from wormhole travel?”

There was no barrier in communication between the two as they were communicating spiritually.

“This stone is called the Emperor Relic. It’s origins are very mysterious. It is said to be the brightest pearl on the crown of an emperor who was once the strongest in the universe. I was just recently an owner of this gem.” The white clothed man said slowly.

“Then you must be the strongest out of all the owners.” Jiang Li smiled and asked curiously: “Did you create this Spiritual Emperor Seal?”

“No! It is the cultivation art from the Emperor Relic. I just inherited this cultivation art. What you see now is just the spiritual mark left behind after I died.” The white clothed man sighed: “This relic is the strongest magical weapon. It contains unparalleled power but you just cannot simply activate it just yet. As your spirit grows stronger and stronger, many secrets of this magical weapon will be revealed. Absorbing the energy of space is really nothing. If you give it enough energy, it can form another world.”

“Really? Then how do I give it energy, does it have to be when I travel through a wormhole? And what happens if it steals too much energy and the battleship collapses during wormhole travel? Wouldn’t I be dead?” Jiang Li was secretly nervous every time he took the battleship.

Luckily human technology was advanced and there were backup energy sources aboard the battleships. If it was just a few decades ago, he feared that the battleship would collapse due to lack of energy the first time he travelled through a wormhole. He would have dissipated into molecules and never revive again.

“I can only give answers to everything after you form your holy fetus. I cannot explain it to you now because I haven’t been able to completely grasp the secrets of this relic myself.” The white clothed man shook his head and said seriously: “Will you open the cultivation for the Emperor Water Seal?”

“No.” Jiang Li thought about it and once again made his decision.

Although the Emperor Water Seal was very magical, it wasn’t good to possess too much too fast. He still wasn’t able to fully master the wind and lightning seals, and was only beginning to learn the fire seal, in which he was far from being proficient. It was useless to learn more because he would end up not excelling in any.

Cultivation had to come bit by bit; there was no shortcut. He preferred to take it slow and build a solid foundation. On top of that, demon training began again tomorrow. He wouldn’t be able to withstand it if he had a weak spirit. Cultivating it still meant 3 precious days of weakness; the massive decrease in duration was because his brain cells were strong enough.

After making up his mind, he entered the opaque stone dimension again and flew at mark 5. He descended near the base and returned, pretending that he was cultivating outside.

“Get up get up, the training starts now!”

On the third day, the sun had barely rose when Hong Heiyu’s thunderous voice sounded, almost causing his students’ ears to bleed.

Jiang Li hurried and flipped up, cleansing himself before coming to the meeting point. He saw Hong Heiyu with his big sword, standing there like a heavenly god. His cold eyes glanced at Li Zhen and the team immediately started to quiver in their positions. Even Jiang Li felt afraid. It was impossible to predict what the teacher would demand of them.

“Today’s training will be for you to enter a volcano and pick a herb called the fire cleansing flower.” Hong Heiyu opened his computer: “The target will be a volcano 30000 km out from the base!”

“Start the battleship!”

Rumble! As soon as Hong Heiyu’s voice sounded, a battleship appeared. It rose slowly from the base and was 100 meters long. It looked very intimidating and was covered in spikes, as if it were some sort of Astral Beast. Suddenly, a beam of energy shot down, transporting the five into the ship.

Jiang Li came to inside the ship and found it to be very spacious and luxuriously decorated. There were rare items everywhere; people must have felt like they were flying in cloud nine when they were seated in this ship.

“Teacher, is this your battleship?” Yang Miaoyu felt the sofa. There were sparkles of lightning on the furs, yet she didn’t feel electrocuted. Instead, she felt like the cells in her body had been activated.

This was the fur and skin of the heavenly shocking lightning beast. After treatment with high technology, there would be electrons that entered the bodies of people who laid on it. The electrons would strengthen the cells; this was the dream leather of many wealthy individuals.
It was very hard to kill a heavenly shocking lightning beast. After you killed it and removed this skin, you needed to then treat it with technology, or people would be electrocuted to death by the high voltage electricity. After countless complicated procedures, you could then produce a near invaluable piece of material. Of course, only someone like Hong Heiyu could afford such extravagant products as this fur wasn’t sold in the market. Even the wealthiest people on Earth couldn’t lay their hands on it.

Moreover, this battleship was so many times stronger than the Astral Fish battleship of the Great River squad because it actually had an energy system. It had the ability to sweep and transport people in and out, like what happened just then.

“Teacher, the production cost for this battleship must be colossal! How many star coins is it?” Lu Jiajia admired it so much that light shone from her eyes. This battleship was 100 times more attractive to girls than the expensive cars from over 200 years ago: “If a guy would gift me this battleship, I would marry him immediately.”

“This is a custom battleship, and I spent half my fortune on it. It also saved my life many times.” Hong Heiyu sat down with his legs crossed, speaking coldly. Hearing this, even Jiang Li was shocked. People like Hong Heiyu had an inestimable fortune. If he spent a big half of his fortune on this, was that even a figure comprehensible by these students? No one spoke from now.

“Start!” Hong Heiyu ordered, and everyone felt the battleship shake. After ten minutes, the battleship rocked again before stopping. Jiang Li raised his head and saw the countless volcanoes on the screen. Some volcanoes were even spewing thick black smoke.

“We have arrived, get off now.” Hong Heiyu said.

“30000 km? We’ve arrived already? It has only been ten minutes!” Lu Jiajia was shocked and almost jumped: “My god, how fast is this spaceship?”

“This is nothing. According to the calculations of Earth. First astronomical speed is 79 km per second, the second astronomical speed is 112 km per second, the 3rd is enough to fly out of the solar system, at 176 km per second. My spaceship is faster than the 3rd speed.” Hong Heiyu waved his hand and said: “Battleships are divided into many levels. After you learn the knowledge of battleship creation, you will understand the true secrets of technology.”

Then, Hong Heiyu waved his hand and a gush of energy enveloped the 5 people as they descended slowly. They stood at the foot of the volcano and immediately, hot toxic sulfur gas blasted into their faces. They coughed non-stop.

“That would be the poisonous gas from the volcano. My lungs are burning I can’t take it anymore!” Yang Miaoyu was crying due to the smoke, and held her nose: “Mecha, I need mecha! A gas mask, please!”

Slap! A big slap came down on her face: “Breathe the poisonous gas! If your lungs rot, I’ll treat it for you. With the medical treatment of Astral University, you can be recovered even if your organs fully rot. If you can’t even endure this slight pain, you might as well piss off!”

Hong Heiyu was ready to strike his students again. Yang Miaoyu hurried to stay silent. She put on a normal face and didn’t even dare to complain about the pain.

“Today you will be picking the fire cleansing flower. You must not wear any mechas. Use your body to defend against the heat and poisonous gas. Don’t be afraid of death. This is the first type of cultivation in the hell path! After you withstand the torture of hell, your spiritual state will go up a level.”

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