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Under the guidance of Hong Hieyu, the secrets of cultivation were gradually revealed.

No one had explained the relationship between spirit, energy and matter to Jiang Li so scientifically and systematically.

The body was indeed a type of energy. The more energy in a person’s flesh and blood, the stronger their powers were. The energy arms Hongheiyu used just then was created by using his spirit to gather spirit chi and form an energy body inside his body.

From this, it could be certain that Hong Heiyu was definitely in the state of Fetal Respiration.

“In the vast universe, there were very strong living beings. Right now, the cultivators on the Emperor Planet really were much. Humans had once discovered a type of life that was purely made out of energy. Every new born baby had a life force in the 2 digits. Their technology was strong and their life was long. Their power was also overwhelming. This type of race was the scariest.”

Hong Heiyu finished explaining and gave off a long sigh: “The reason that human technology improved so much suddenly was because of a crashed spaceship. But the most complicated technology are still not yet understood such as soul transferring and space folding. According to information, the owner of this large ship was also a group of energy bodies. Each one of them were god like beings. We don’t know why they died. But 200 years ago, they came to Earth wanting to use humans as experiments but something happened and made Earth civilization progress to what is now instead. However, if that civilization attacks again, humans will definitely be cracked like eggs.”

“Soul transferring?”

Jiang Li had never heard of this technology. He had heart about space folding technology though but humans still hadn’t been able to research it fully.

“It means transferring souls. It can transfer souls however you like even allowing you to transfer it to robotics allowing humans to live forever.” Hong Heiyu not only explained cultivation but science. He was really knowledgeable: “Even I can’t leave my body now. Although I have a holy fetus, if I die the holy fetus withers too. I can’t transfer my soul to another body.”

“How’s space folding technique going?” Jiang Li cared about this the most.

“We’re onto something but the space created is not very stable and may cripple at anytime. I think we still need a few decades before we can throw it into the market.” Hong Heiyu knew a lot about the advanced technology of human civilization because he was also a member of the elite district.

“In the cultivation civilization, are there magical weapons that can have their own dimensions?” Jiang Li tested wanting to know more about the Great Dream Heart Sutra and the secrets of the opaque stone.

“There aren’t these things for now.” Hong Heiyu shook his head: “According to what I know. The magical weapons of the cultivation civilization are also a way of using energy. It stores the volatile energy in the world with spiritual energy. What it is used, it would be too scary if it could create a stable space.”


At this time, there was a piercing alarm in the new student’s base.

“Something happened?” Hong Heiyu seemed to be very familiar with this alarm. His face changed. Every time the alarm sounded. It meant something significant happened.

In the space above the base, a large screen formed from rays of light. People could see it from anywhere in the base. On the screen, a man with an extremely serious complexion reported: “All new students beware. Do not go out. It is extremely dangerous outside. Members of the Great River squad had an accident 5000 kilometers from the base. Three bodies have just been discovered, the remnants of their spaceship and mechas as well. The initial estimation is that they encountered the aboriginals of Emperor Planet. All students must not leave for now in case of accidents.”

The scene changed showing many battleships searching in the sky. Some warriors with mechas were moving the spaceship wreck and body. The screen showed clearly the dead bodies of Jiang Tianhe, Huang Ye and Li Nawei. There was a huge hole on their head.

“These three people died.” Li Zhen were all shocked and could not believe.

“Good that they died.” Jiang Li seemed to be relieved: “With these three people dead, I wouldn’t be afraid anymore.”

“The battleship was destroyed by the instantaneous release of large amounts of energy.” Hong Heiyu looked at the screen: “As for the sound speed mecha, it was destroyed by flying swords. But the way the three people died is a bit peculiar. They seemed to be killed by some particle that shot through their heads. That thing must have at least a speed of mark 5 to cause this damage. It isn’t a bullet. Could it be some sort of magical weapon?”

“Amazing.” Jiang Li applauded secretly. Hong Heiyu could infer this much just by looking at the screen. Luckily he didn’t kill them personally, or it would definitely be investigated by Astral University.

But now, all the responsibilities are on the aboriginals. It had nothing to do with Jiang Li.

The destroyed battleship, ruined mecha, the evidence was empirical.

“The situation is indeed a bit dangerous. Don’t go out for these few days. I’ll discuss with some other teachers on how to sweep clean those aboriginals. Remember, adventure is adventure, don’t get yourself killed. There is only a fine line between fearless of death, and killing yourself. One is great courage, the other is stupidity.” Hong Heiyu stood up and disappeared. Jiang Li couldn’t tell how he left no matter what.

“This time, Jiang family lost another Astral University student. I am gradually weakening this family’s power.” Jiang Li knew that Jiang Tianhe’s death would shake the entire Sun and Moon Corporaiton but this was irrelevant to him.

At the same time.

On the moon base.

It had been well established. There were patches of green land, mountains, rivers, birds and flowers. The most abundant tree on the moon was the Gui Hua tree, filling the moon with an aromatic smell.

In the depth of a floating building, a group of people had a meeting.

“Elder, there was news from the Astral University that one of our bright geniuses Jiang Tianhe died with his fiancé.

A report was on the table which was handed to an authoritative elder.

This elder had a robust figure but his hair was pitch black. He seemed to have experience a lot but the more you looked at him the younger he seemed.

This was one of the elders of the Jiang family, Jiang Haitian. He managed solar and lunar essence as well as all sorts of medical products. He had a lot of power.

Of course, there were also other powerful figures in the Sun and Moon Corporation but they weren’t in the normal district, they were in the elite district.

Jiang Zhenyue was also one of the core members of the meeting. But at this moment, he sat docilely at the side and didn’t dare to speak. He waited for the old man to talk. The order and rank in the Jiang family was very serious. Those high in power had the right to kill those below him. This was the rule of the family.

Other than Jiang Zhengyue, there were also a few people responsible for the Jiang family.

“Dead? Tianhe just died like this?” Jiang Haitian’s body shook. He took up the report as his eyes grew sharp as if ripping apart the air. The entire meeting place was getting bleak.

Although the Jiang family was huge, there were still not a lot of members that could get into Astral University.

“Elder, how did Tianhe die? And, what’s the situation with Jiang Li the twat at Astral University?” Jiang Zhenyu couldn’t resist to ask.

“Shut up!”

Jiang Haitian smashed the table making everyone quiet: “Jiang Zhenyue you really disappoint me this time. I sent you to black market on Earth to establish a base so you could increase the sales of our solar and lunar essence. But what did you end up doing? A pile of mess! Fleeing away, making a joke of yourself! Tell me, do you think you should be punished?”

“Yes, yes I should be punished…. But Jiang Zhendong’s son killed my son, he should die more!” Jiang Zhengyue quivered and hurried to admit his wrong. But he was very painful after losing his son, so he took the opportunity to bring up Jiang Li and remind the elder to deal with it.

“Jiang Tianhe’s death is a huge loss to our family. He was killed by the aboriginal masters of Emperor Planet. He died for humanity and Astral University are already working on the compensation. But his death is peculiar. The other students of our family and teachers have found something suspicious. He was killed near the new student’s base. He is an old student and shouldn’t be near the new student’s base. After investigation, he went to take care of Jiang Li but his luck wasn’t good and met the strong people of the aboriginals.” Jiang Haitian said slowly, being back into composure.

“Then could it be that Jiang Li….” Jiang Zhenyue hurried.

“Jiang Li doesn’t have that strength, destroying battleships, slicing through sound speed mecha. That required large amounts of energy.” Jiang Haitian looked at the report and was suddenly angry again. He raised his voice: “But all of this is related to Jiang Li that brat. If it wasn’t to kill him, how would Tianhe de?”

“Yes, elder you’re very right.” Jiang Zhenyue conformed, he was very happy.

“I have already ordered to the members of our family in Astral University to think of ways to make the brat quit school and then capture him to our base to enact the family rules. He will become our guinea pig. We will also capture Jiang Zhendong and make him do things for us until he dies.” Jiang Haitian knocked the table.

“But, Jiang Zhendong sided with the Safety Corporation and is being protected by a master. We can’t do anything about it.” Jiang Zhenyue said: “I also left because that master appeared to avoid losing more of the family’s power.”

“You mean Wang Kurong?” Jiang Haitian opened the information showing Wang Kurong’s body. Everything on it was confidential: “This person is a bit hard to deal with. All his information is confidential. Obviously, he has connections in the authority. His popularity is very high int eh 36 chinese cities. His power is unthinkable. He may be someone from the Wang family.”

“Wang family….” Everyone gulped saliva. The Wang family was much bigger than the Jiang family.

“So what if it’s the Wang family!” Jiang Haitian sneered: “We also have someone standing at the top in our Jiang family, Jiang Naran. How many people in the Wang family can beat him? He’s the reason that our Jiang family will never fall. Hmph! Wang family have been standing at the top for all these years. It’s time they hand their seat to the Jiang family.”

“But, what if the ancestor of the Wang family Wang Chao is still alive?” The high authorities were worried.

“He’s definitely dead.” Jiang Haitian said with absolution: “He has not appeared for many years. Even when Wang family faced crisis a few time, he didn’t appear. Did you guys forget? Twenty years ago, the government of humanity investigated the SSRO and apprehended some people from the Wang family. The Wang family surrendered the people obediently and didn’t fight with the government of humanity. This means that they didn’t have the confidence!”

“Kill Wang Kurong, capture Jiang Zhendong!” Jiang Haitian looked into the distance as if looking at Earth before ordering: “Zhenyue, Zhenshan, Zhenlei. You three come up with a plan to reunite the black market and bring back Jiang Zhendong! Don’t have any concerns, I will be supporting you. The Jiang family will be supporting you! It’s time to let the people know the power of our Jiang family.”


The three stood up.

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