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“So it’s you Jiang Li.” Jiang Tianhe looked over, his eyes piercing through the dense forest. There was a smirk on his face: “You didn’t run? Have you come back? You’ve certainly got some balls, you fool!”

“Of course I have returned.” Jiang Li stood calmly upon the tree and continued to tease: “Without the battleship and mecha, you are like a tiger without its teeth… Oh wait, it would be a compliment likening you to such a magnificent animal. At most, you three are several rabid dogs. Why would I run then?”

“Is it really satisfying to be teasing us? You think we can’t do anything to you just because we don’t have a battleship or mecha?” Li Nawei smiled cruelly. Jiang Li’s words were like pouring fuel on fire, and underneath the cold smooth exterior, Li Nawei was so angry that his face was slowly contorted into a vicious shape: “We’re in a really bad mood now and you still dare to walk up in front of the gun. Haha, you really don’t know what’s good for you. Today, I am going to kill you to release all my anger!”

“Don’t waste time with him, hurry up and surround him!” Huang Ye yelled and started moving. She jumped with congenial chi flowing around her. She was like a big bird gliding through the air charging towards the tree Jiang Li was on. One kilometer distance really wasn’t anything. With their real speed, they could finish it within 10 seconds.

Everyone of them had a stronger life force than Jiang Li. Although Jiang Li’s strength recently sky-rocketed to 3, these people were all above 3 because they were old students. They have been at Astral University for many years so their strength wasn’t something Jiang Li could compare with. Especially Jiang Tianhe, his strength way surpassed 3 and even reached above 4. Someone like that could kill Jiang Li in one move.

But just when the three people hunted for Jiang Li, he jumped and disappeared. Then, an opaque stone appeared shooting towards them. Pang! The speed of this stone was 5 times the speed of sound! It pierced Li Nawei’s head straightaway. Li Nawei’s face grew stiff and stopped in mid air. There was a hole between his eyebrows where blood sprayed up. Then, he fell to the ground in a thud.

To be faster than the speed, your life force must be above 7. To be 5 times faster than speed of sound, your life force had to be in the 2 digits. Jiang Li was fearless because he had discovered the secrets of the opaque stone. When he opened the dimension and went inside, he could control the stone to fly and reach mark 5. This was like ramming a spaceship into the enemy.

The spaceship was too big and so ramming people was inconvenient. The opaque stone, however, was small and could smash through anything. Killing people was very easy.

After killing Li Nawei in one go, Jiang Li took out a big underlying threat and immediately gasped a sigh of relief. That person was an expert hacker and could invade computers, andJiang Li had no secrets nor privacy so long as he was alive. Now that he was dead, the threat had been eliminated.

Moreover, he had also destroyed Li Nawei’s brain structure such that there was no chance of reviving him. Even if they took back the body and cloned him with technology, they couldn’t clone the soul. It would always be merely someone who looked like Li Nawei.

The human soul was the most unique to humans. Even the most modern technology could not clone soul. Souls came from the empty space and not from the physical realm. But, technology belonged only in the physical realm. After striking its target, the opaque stone flew back and Jiang Li appeared on a tree 3 kilometers away. Looking at the dumbfounded Huang Ye and Jiang Tianhe, his smile grew cold.

“Li Nawei! What has happened to you?”

The two ran to the body of Li Nawei. They still couldn’t comprehend the mere seconds that had just past.

“How could this be!” Jiang Tianhe looked and saw the big hole on Li Nawei’s head. His brains were completely destroyed by the stone and even burnt. A part of the brain was still burning. He knew then that Li Nawei was completely dead and there was no way of reviving him.

He stood up and stared deadly at Jiang Li: You…”

“What? I have a magical weapon stronger than flying swords, and I do suggest you take your little knives and leave, before you face the same fate.” Jiang Li continued his tease but his complexion was very calm. This trio was going to let him go anyways. As long as he could activate the stone’s abilities, he would kill these three and get revenge. He felt that this was the best time.

Because the school would definitely investigate if 3 squad members died, Jiang Li would make sure they saw the crashed ship and broken mechas. Immediately, they would associate the cause of death to the aboriginals on the planet, and it would have nothing to do with him.

Their computers had broken during the battle and could not contact the outside world; only then did Jiang Li dare to hunt and tease them in the open. These three dared to kill him before because they had the hacker Li Nawei, who cut him off from the world. Jiang Li guessed that they would also disguise his death to fit other causes. There were students who lost their lives in missions each year and it was so common that another death would not receive much attention.

“What magical weapon is this?” A huge alarm sounded inside Jiang Tianhe’s heart. He looked around silently and used words to hold Jiang Li off. He didn’t even see what killed Li Nawei but according to instinct, he felt he couldn’t dodge it.

“You don’t need to know that. Do you feel regret now?” Jiang Li’s said: “But, if you tell me which other strong people your Jiang family has in this university, I’ll let you go, how about that?”

He didn’t kill Jiang Tianhe immediately because he wanted to get more useful information out of him, and hopefully find a chance to eliminate all the members of the Jiang family within the school.

“You want me to reveal my family members’ identities so you can slaughter them one by one right?” Jiang Tianhe saw through Jiang Li’s words and knew his intentions immediately: “You must truly be insane!! I must admit, you’re someone who can accomplish great things, but I suggest you stop this all now. The strongest of our Jiang family is Jiang Naran. You know it. He’s a spiritual master of humanity. He can figure out who did this in a heartbeat.”

“This means you don’t intend on telling me then?” Jiang Li’s tone grew cold and his eyes grew sharp.

Pang! At this time, Huang Ye took out a pistol and aimed at Jiang Li. She fired a series of shots.
The bullets shot to the tree Jiang Li was perched on, creating a series of explosions but he had already disappeared. How could someone in greater stasis be ambushed so easily?

“Dodge!” Jiang Tianhe roared. Seeing Jiang Li disappear, he knew there was danger and wanted to pull Huang Ye away. But he was too late.

The opaque stone flew over into Huang Ye’s head. But she didn’t fall over like Li Nawei. She stood still and didn’t even feel pain. She just reached out her hand and felt her forehead, discovering that it was a mixture of white and red.

“I…” She couldn’t believe this fact. Her thought was still at the moment before. She fell to the ground after just saying one word.

Li Nawei was dead, and now Huang Ye was dead too. This arrogant woman was still acting cockily in front of Jiang Li a few days ago but now she was reduced to yet another corpse. Jiang Li appeared on the tree 3 kilometers out. He stood on the tip with a smile on his face. The opaque stone was in his hands. He was getting more and more proficient at using the dimensions. He could kill people with 3 life force and greater without breaking a sweat.

In fact, the opaque stone was a very strong magical weapon but he could only use a little of its power now. Jiang Tianhe’s face was pale. He felt like Jiang Li was a demon, taking people’s lives whenever he chose. He was like a ghost that would haunt him forever.

“Jiang Li, you’re really going to kill me?” He was sad and resigned. There was hope in his eyes: “Perhaps, we can be friends?”

“I killed your fiancé Huang Ye, yet you’re not even sad and won’t fight me with your life? You’ve got a really cold heart…” Jiang Li said playfully: “But this arrogant brainless woman is really not lovable. No wonder you don’t care.”

“Don’t bring this up anymore. Just pretend nothing happened? I won’t ever appear in front of you again and won’t do anything to harm you.” Jiang Tianhe seemed very genuine: “They’re not from the Jiang family and nothing happens if news travels that they’re dead. I’m from the direct lineage. If I die and the people in my family search for the cause, you won’t be able to live! How about this, I’ll give you another 100 million, no 1 billion star coins!”

In fact, he knew that Jiang Li wouldn’t let him go. He was just trying to hold Jiang Li there with words while finding a way to escape.

“Okay, but you must first tell me who else in the Astral University is from or affiliated with the Jiang family?” Jiang Li knew Jiang Tianhe’s intentions, but wasn’t moved. He showed interest on his face and began playing word games with Jiang Tianhe in a casual tone.

“Jiang Li, if you do this, you will be doomed eternally. The Jiang family is not something you can deal with.” Jiang Tianhe continued to persuade Jiang Li, as if for his own benefit.

“But if I was caught by you, wouldn’t I still be doomed eternally?” Jiang Li raised his head. Knowing that he couldn’t get anything out of him, Jiang Li did not bother wasting time with Jiang Tianhe. His tone was cold and straightforward: “You attacked me once in the new students’ base, and then locked my computer in this wilderness trying to kill me. If I don’t kill you, I would be doing a great injustice to myself…”

Before he finished, Jiang Tianhe suddenly jumped up. His body shook looking like he was charging forward but also looked like he was retreating. This was a really strong movement technique. In that instant, many after-images appeared, creating all sorts of illusions in the air. There was a strong pulse of spiritual wave invading Jiang Li’s brain.

He wanted to hypnotise Jiang Li.

“You want to die!” Jiang Li once again entered the dimension and the opaque stone flew up. Air explosions sounded as it flew across the sky creating a line of fire. This was because its speed was so fast that fire sparks were created due to friction.

Pang! Jiang Tianhe’s back head was shot through. His body fell to the ground and his brain was completely destroyed. With modern technology, people could be recovered if their head was cut off as long as the treatment was on time. But if the brain cells were broken, then it was really hopeless.

Seeing the three people completely lifeless, Jiang Li didn’t stay for too long and left the vicinity immediately. He believed that not long after, this place would be thoroughly investigated by the school. But he used the opaque stone to kill, so there was no traceable mark left behind.

After the trio’s death, Jiang Li finally felt relieved. This time, he was swift and clean; unfortunately, he didn’t get the information he needed out of Jiang Tianhe’s, or this would have been more ideal.

With the rise in his spiritual state, Jiang Li became more and more absolute, changing from his previous cowardice and gentility. This time, he killed Jiang Tianhe much faster than Jiang Liu.

“I’ll go back now and cultivate with Teacher Hong Heiyu! With the new found ability of the opaque stone, my power has increased a lot. I’m not even afraid of sound speed mecha or battleships. But, still, I must not expose it. I must go back and research it more. It might have more functions.”

He opened a dimensional door and entered his own dimension again. The stone flew across the sky towards the new student’s base. After a while, he descended a few hundred kilometers from the base. He put the stone away and started jumping. An hour later, he got back to the base and contacted Li Zhen and the rest of the team.

“Hahahah, Jiang Li, you’re finally back! You actually escaped from the hunt of the fire god bird king?” The four teammates saw Jiang Li’s return and were very happy.

Suddenly, Li Zhen noticed something: “Jiang Li, your life force…. It’s so strong! I feel like your body is a huge unstoppable river. I’m no match for you.”

“In the process of running from the fire god bird king, I had near death experiences and finally ascended to greater stasis. Therefore, I have also surpassed the limits of my body. The potentials in my cells were released. My life force should be 3 now.” Jiang Li’s words were both true and false, and kept his conscience clear while also protecting his new secret. The opaque stone mattered as much as his life; he simply couldn’t reveal it.

“Your life force has reached 3?” A voice sounded behind his back.

Jiang Li hurried to turn his head and found it was his teacher Hong Heiyu.

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