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“Life force of 3, I have acquired it so easily.”

Jiang Li woke up from the state of absorbing spirit and once again searched his body. He discovered that every inch of his skin contained large amounts of spirit chi and energy. Normally, humans stored energy in fat. Meanwhile, masters store energy in the membrane that joins their chakra path together. Those even stronger change their flesh and blood into something like genetic meat. The cells in there had undergone change and could store more energy. Even the hair glands could breathe the oxygen in the air.

Jiang Li was at this state. After his flesh and blood have been refined by fetal respiration, the spirit chi compressed and the blood in his body had all turned to opaque white. It was very heavy. Moreover, this opaque colour could remove all the toxins in the air. His strong immune cells could kill all diseases and bacterias.

After the research of countless scientists, they discovered that those who used spirit stones in a long term would have their blood colour gradually turn white. This cause their body to become one of no tarnish. Opaque white was just the start. At the end, it would change into a sky blue, tinted by blue blood. That was the highest stage at which the body had become a high order spiritual body. In the wave of a hand, the energy stored in the cells could flow out and potentially kill people. Only then would people be able to fully grasp godly arts.

Of course, this required the supplement of adequate spirit stones.

People needed to consume spirit stones day by day, year by year for tens of years before being able to transform.

“Life force of 3, this is very good! If I face that Huang Ye, or Jiang Tianhe, Meng Xingyun again, I won’t be so passive. On top of that, I have my own Dao and reached the state of greater stasis. My body is growing more powerful as I realise more potential. Now, I have absorb spirit chi everyday without restraint. In the long run, my life force can reach 4 or even 5.!” Jiang Li waved his hand and the air around his body behaved tangibly forming an air wall in front of him. His hands pushed and the air wall smashed into the forest. The trees in the forest cracked and fell under the pressure.

“Ten Step Magical Fist!”

Jiang Li took another step and punched his fist in the air. Immediately, a large air drill appeared in front of his fists and drilled into another tree ten feet out. That tree was instantly pulverized by his punch. If that punch had landed on a human body…….

His hands sliced in the air. His body seemed very light, as if he was swimming in water. He started floating upwards, completely defying the laws of physics as he glided into the distance.

Under the strong power and speed, his arms became something like wings. With the slightest shake, he could propel himself with air. His hands were better than the wings of birds.

With one glide, he could travel 100 meters out while flying faster than a bird.

Birds controlled air flow with their wings and therefore could fly in the sky. Humans couldn’t.

But when the air flow created by human arms was stronger than birds, humans could also fly too.

Jiang Li glided through the forest like a bird. Every time he jumped, he jumped up 4 to 5 meters. Then, he drew an arc in the air with his arms that could even be seen by the eye. The arc-shaped air flow carried him to fly out into the distance.

Air was no different to water. People could make all sorts of swimming positions in water, they could do so in air, as well as long as you had to ability to turn air into water. No doubt a huge increase in life force!

Huge Increase in spiritual power! This was the result of Jiang Li’s cultivation. When he went back to base, even Hong Heiyu would probably be shocked. Jiang Li fully enjoyed the benefits of reaching stasis. He released the spirit chi absorbed by his body and practiced with it making it completely part of his body.Every time he glided in the air, he would gain a deeper understanding of the Emperor Wind Seal.

He practiced all sorts of Emperor Wind Seal movements and contemplation. Each time he contemplated, his body automatically made the accompanying movements that flowed with the wind, making him feel as though he was becoming part of the wind. His speed became faster and his movements more elegant. They looked completely natural.

He still hadn’t reached the highest stages of Emperor Wind Seal. It was said that once reaching a high standard, one could integrate his body into the wind without separation. This was no longer martial arts, it was the immortal techniques of the legends. But now, Jiang Li couldn’t unleash the full power of the emperor wind seal. It was still considered martial arts.

Wind passed through his hair glands and his muscles, and Jiang Li glided faster and faster. Every time he rose and fell, he was more than 100 meters in the air, sometimes even 200.

When he used the Emperor Wind Seal to run, his body was like the wind, reaching almost 100 meters a second. Of course, he couldn’t stay in this state for long, and could only hold it out for a few minutes to filter out of stamina.

100 meters a second, this was 1 third of sound speed.

“Hmm? Human activity on the front?” Jiang Li was enjoying flying, making more of the spirit chi integrate into his body. He was immersed in the satisfaction when his spirit felt a pulse and many scenes was immediately reflected in his brain.

Jiang Li stopped flying and hurried to hide on a big tree. He completely stopped breathing and didn’t emit any heat, heartbeat or pulse. He just relied on the internal circulation of spirit chi to sustain his life. His thought wave quietly seeped out and saw the 7 men and women in the forest. They were wearing ancient clothes and communicated with the Emperor Planet language.

Luckily, Jiang Li could understand the Emperor Planet language because this was compulsory school work. Hong Heiyu forced them to learn it for 10 days. With his brain power, he learnt 80% of it within 10 days.

“Could these people be…” Jiang Li immediately guessed that these people were the aboriginal on the Emperor Planet.

“Shi Xiong, let’s have a competition this time to see who can kill more foreign demons.” A girl laughed. They were sitting on the ground eating something. The stuff they ate were pieces of spirit stones. The girl who spoke put the spirit stone in her mouth. It melted immediately as a blue flow of gas flowed in and out of her seven holes like snakes when she breathed in and out. Subsequently, her body made the sound of frying peas.

Meanwhile, another man took out a short sword from his back. It was around 30cm long with a very deadly, sharp edge. He then took out a spirit stone and rubbed it on it. As he rubbed, he focused his spirit as if in contemplation. Then, he used his nails to cut a small wound on his finger. A drop of blood seeped through which he immediately dripped on the spirit stone. The spirit stone started to melt, slowly seeping into the short sword.

Under his will, the short sword hummed as if having a will of its own.

Suddenly, the short sword flew by itself like a silver snake flying across the sky, laminating this region of forest ground. Everywhere it went, all the trees were cut apart with almost no resistance. Even rocks were ground into powder by it. Cutting rocks seemed like cutting tofu to the sword.

The human body could not withstand this sword. Judging by the looks of this, even mechas could be sliced open by it.

“Flying sword!”

Jiang Li was alarmed. He lived a few lives in the cultivation world of his dreams. He understood cultivation civilization very well and knew what this flying sword was.

This was a sword that cultivators picked since a young age. Every day, they focus their spirit and use spirit stones to wash and strengthen the sword. After many years, there would be an energy circuit formed inside the flying sword which could be felt by the human spirit. When you controlled it with your thought, it could fly out by itself and cut the enemy’s head clean off from hundreds of kilometers away.

In fact, in the ancient legends on Earth, there were also stories of sword-controlling. Unfortunately, there was no spirit chi on Earth and no cultivation civilization could be formed eventually; what replaced it was the technological civilization.

If there were spirit chi on Earth as well as substances like spirit stones, the Earth would definitely advance in another direction and wouldn’t continue developing into the technological civilization it is now.

All sorts of development were dependent on resources. Spirit stones were the crystallization of a type of energy not unlike the batteries on Earth. This type of energy was very odd; it could integrate into human blood, improving the human DNA and making it stronger. It changed humans into non-human immortals.

When the spirit stone integrated with blood after long years of seeping into a metal substance, they would gradually synthesise together, making the metal gradually turn into something that had its own life. It was just like computers.

The masters of cultivation civilization were all good at making flying swords. However, a real flying sword required a lot of spirit stones to make, so it wasn’t cheap. Even in the cultivation continent in Jiang Li’s dream, there were not a lot of people who could have their own flying sword. These seven aboriginal cultivators, however, looked extraordinary. They were obviously strong.

Jiang Li didn’t move, and he could feel that the man with the flying sword was really strong, possibly even stronger than him. Also, the flying swords were very sharp and fast. It was very possible that it was faster than the speed of sound. Even mechas couldn’t block a strike from a flying sword.

“Shi xiong, it’s so good that you have a flying sword. If only I can have one too sometime.” Another girl admired.

“This was rewarded by a senpai from the academy. I can’t forge a flying sword with my own abilities.” The man with the flying sword had strong confidence in his eyes: “The foreign demons have established their base in our world. Each year, they would transport a new batch of demons from beyond the heavens. Their powers are becoming stronger and stronger. Eventually, they could conquer our entire world. This time, we come to kill the new batch of foreign demons. These new demons are relatively weaker. If we kill one it’s one. We’ll kick them out of our home eventually.”

“But, these foreign demons are really strong. I don’t know what power they use to transport people from a distance. Even the principal cannot do this and is unable to leave this world. The foreign demons are too strong.” One girl shook her head.

“They rely on something called technology. It is not their own power… Now, our people have already seeped into the world of the demons and are studying the thing they call technology. When we finish learning it, it would be the doomsday for the foreign demons!” The man with the flying sword controlled it his thought and the sword flew back into its sheath.

“Let’s go, be careful. Do not be discovered by the strong ones amongst the foreign demons. Otherwise, they could hunt us until they kill us. We need to kill as many singled-out demons as we can.” The few people stood up and rapidly dashed into the distance.

A few hours later, Jiang Li recovered his signals of life and opened his eyes. His face was gloomy. It was his first encounter with the aboriginals on Emperor Planet. This group of people was really strong, and very hostile. They possessed greater resources of spirit stones than the students of Astral University combined. After all, humans have only been on Emperor Planet for a few decades. Meanwhile, they have lived here for thousands or even tens of thousands of years.

Jiang Li seemed to foresee the clash between the two civilizations. What could he do?

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