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The fire god bird king chirped clearly. Immediately, all the clouds and illusions dispersed.

Jiang Li’s body shook and he ran even harder and faster. In the process of fleeing, he constantly made angry roars to attract the attention of the fire god bird king so that it wouldn’t chase after his squad. As long as he could stall the animal, the squad members would successfully bring the 30 fire god birds back to base and acquire a large amount of profit. Then, he would also be able to escape. But Jiang Li would be lucky if he could escape from such a colossal beast, much less capture it.

When he cast out his hypnosis, although he could create brief obstacles for the fire god bird king, it would howl every time it was in illusion and the illusions would immediately disappear. At the same time, Jiang Li’s spirit would feel like it was poked by a needle.

He knew that this fire god bird king’s spiritual power was really strong but it wasn’t enlightened to wisdom and didn’t know how to cultivate. Otherwise, it would be ten times stronger.

Normal fire god birds weren’t much but the fire god bird king was an unique breed. It was the leader of a group of beasts on the Emperor Planet. Its howls shook the heavens and earth and it had its own temperament and might.

Jiang Li was running at lightning speed, and he must have reached 300 km an hour. But compared to the speed of the fire god bird king, this was nothing. On top of that, there were a lot of obstacles on the ground and he was unable to utilize his maximum speed.

But, because it was a forest and dense trees grew, it blocked the huge body of the fire god bird king from descending.

Pu! The fire god bird king flew into the air above Jiang Li and suddenly spewed fire. This flame was like a fire dragon sweeping across the field. All the trees started burning, causing a massive forest fire. If Jiang Li had been a normal person, he would have died long ago in this forest fire.

But luckily Jiang Li was wearing a mecha. He leaped past the fire, only leaving some marks on the mecha. There was a rocket-propelling mechanism on the back of the mecha allowing him to fly rapidly in the forest and therefore dodge the flame attacks.

As long as he was hit by the fire head on, the mecha wouldn’t melt. Unfortunately, this was only an elementary mecha. If it was a sound speed mecha, Jiang Li felt like he could have a decent fight with the fire god bird king.

The fire god bird king continued its pursuit, spewing fire every now and then. Sometimes, Jiang Li didn’t have time to dodge and was swept by the ferocious flame. There were dents on the metal surface of the mecha and his body within also felt the scorching heat of the flames.

Luckily, he was strong enough. If it was someone below 2 life force, he would probably be cooked already.

“Beep beep beep… mecha severely damaged, about to lose propulsion mechanism. Please take off immediately to prevent falling from mid air.” The robotic voice sounded.

Although the elementary mecha was tough, it would be dangerous to wear it without the propulsion system. It would make movements slower and therefore render him more vulnerable to the fire god bird king.

Jiang Li’s explosive power could rip apart the elementary mecha, but could he do the same to a fire god bird king?


Jiang Li hurried to press a button and the mecha started disassembling, falling piece by piece from his body as he jumped down.

Subsequently, the fire god bird king spewed another mouthful of flame. The red flame swept across the ground and the mecha was melted into a pile of liquid metal. Even some rocks on the ground softened under the heat, turning intimidatingly into lava.

“My god, if that fire hit me I would probably evaporate on the spot.” Without the mecha, Jiang Li seemed was in a more difficult position. This was because the mecha could defend from harm from the flames and it also had a propulsion system that allowed for low-altitude flying. Although he was more agile now, he was in an extremely dangerous position, having lost the only protection he possessed.

What if he fainted due to the mist in the forest? If he fainted and the fire god bird king spewed more fire, it would be useless even if he was ten times stronger. At this time, one hour had passed since Li Zhen and the other four left.

Jiang Li was running around like a frenzied monkey in the forest. Luckily, the frequency with which the fire god bird king spewed fire decreased. It seemed that spewing too much fire exhausted its energy reserves.

Jiang Li was completely charred. Some regions of his body were even fried with an disturbing smell of burnt flesh. It was not because he was hit face on by the fire god bird king but that he was burnt by the forest fire while he ran.

When Jiang Li smelt himself burning, he swore angrily. He was going to cook this dumb bird sooner or later. Only then would he be relieved of his hate.

At this moment, his ears moved and he heard the faint flowing sound of water. Immediately, he became excited: “This must be a waterfall! Or a big river! I am finally saved!’

The fire god bird king was good at spewing fire but it could do nothing against water.

If there was a large river ahead, Jiang Li could just jump in and he would be safe. He had the opaque stone. After he entered fetal respiration, he could stay under the water forever like a fish.

As expected, when he jumped onto a tree, he saw a large river in front. It was tens of kilometers wide. It flowed great and mighty with waves of up to 6 meters tall splashing aong the river banks. The ravaging river flowed thousands of kilometers downstream.

He immediately ran and jumped rapidly. In mid air, he flung his arm fiercely and cast out the congenial chi making his body glide a little easier in the air.

Splash! He dived head first into the river, immediately disappearing beneath the depth of the waves. Meanwhile, the fire god bird king flew over and spewed another ball of flame but it was already too late.

The flame sprayed across the surface of the river, evaporating large volumes of water which formed mists that shrouded vision. It looked very beautiful. Unfortunately, it had no effect on Jiang Li. Although the fire god bird king was strong, it was powerless against the large flowing river.

Jiang Li sunk to the bottom of the river and immediately placed the opaque stone in his mouth as he entered fetal respiration successfully. Spirit chi flowed into his body as it traversed between cells.

The waves were very big in the middle of the river and there was also dark currents ravaging. Luckily, his body was strong and could settle himself down very easily. He spread his spiritual energy out and found that the fire god bird king was still flying in circles above the river, unwilling to leave.

Jiang Li didn’t feel disappointed. He knew that the fire god bird king didn’t dare to come down here. The more it flew in circles, the safer Li Zhen and the rest of the company would be. In order to make the fire god bird king stay, Jiang Li periodically came out of the water and roared, sending sonic shockwaves that covered even the sound of the crashing waves.

Illusions immediately formed in front of the fire god bird king. It knew the illusions were caused by the person in front of him and became very angry. With a sharp shriek, it charged down, not spewing flames but reached with its claws attempting to catch Jiang Li like a fish.

But Jiang Li twisted his body and flipped as it dashed into the depth of water, making the fire god bird king rise with no catch.

After repeating this over and over again, the fire god bird king seemed to be tired and suddenly glided to rest on a tree beside the river, patiently waiting for Jiang Li to resurface again.

“This bird is really clever.” Jiang Li cursed but no matter how he provoked the surface of the water, the fire god bird king didn’t move and just glared at him with its eyes.

After around 2 hours later, Jiang Li’s burnt skin started to heal due to the spirit chi of the heavens and earth. It had already become smooth like new.

He sunk to the bottom of the river and scanned around with his thought. He discovered that it was very quiet and there were many oddly shaped organisms and big fishes swimming around. Some even wanted to attack him but with a sweep of his thought, those ferocious big fishes became his guards instead.

“What to do? I want to leave the river and get onto land but I will still be hunted down by the fire god bird king. This bird seems to have set me as his target and simply won’t relent! I need to search for some relevant information.” At the bottom of the river, Jiang Li opened his computer and searched for information.

The computer displayed information about the fire god bird king: “Strong, clever, good at hunting, very patient. It remembers hatred most deeply out of the animals on Emperor Planet. In order to capture the prey that has annoyed it, it often waits for months.”

“Fuck!” Jiang Li swore. This thing was capable of waiting for a few months. What would he do then? The fire god bird king had a very wide vision and could see things from 100 kilometers away. Jiang Li couldn’t possibly emerge from the river without being discovered by the fire god bird king.

In terms of patience, he couldn’t beat this bird. In terms of speed, however, he would be completely outdone. In terms of battle power, it could claw him to death even if it didn’t spew fire.

What could he do? He hid under the water for another 3 hours and, as dreaded, the fire god bird king remained where it was perched. In the distance, many fire god birds flew over with huge fruits in their mouths as they offered it to the fire god bird king.

This was a type of fire red fruit. It contained a special substance that could build up in the fire god bird king’s body and store fire. But humans couldn’t eat these or the entire body would burn by itself.

The fire god bird king ate many of those fruits and became energetic again. It flew spirally down, not giving any chance for Jiang Li to run away.

Ding dong. There was a message on his computer: “Jiang Li, we have reached the base. Where are you now? Is it dangerous? If it’s not dangerous please reply. Also, the 30 fire god birds have been sold. We received 150 million star coins. We discussed that you take 100 million and the rest of us split off the 50 million, is that okay?”

“It’s fine, share it how you like. I’m at the bottom of a river right now avoiding the attacks of the fire god bird king. This bird has its eyes on me. Don’t think about coming, I’ll find a way to escape, don’t worry.” Jiang Li hurried and replied. As soon as he finished, he closed his computer to prevent his team mates from coming and causing trouble for him instead.

After another few hours, it was night. Jiang Li continued to absorb spirit chi and his body was getting stronger and stronger. His brain cells were also strengthening too as he felt his spiritual powers seemed to have increased a level.

Suddenly, Jiang Li had a crazy idea. He quietly left the surface of the water and was prepared to run away. At this time, sho, the fire god bird king charged down with its fastest speed and clawed downwards. However, it missed and started falling down into a dark black hole. The black hole closed immediately and the fire god bird king disappeared from thin air.

This scene was very strange. The colossal fire god bird king just disappeared out of thin air. It almost caught Jiang Li and victory was at hand but then, it fell into a trap.

“Job done!” Jiang Li jumped out of the water, holding the opaque stone. At this moment, in the depth of the dimension, a clueless fire god bird king appeared. Just then, Jiang Li used his spiritual illusion to create the illusion of the surface of the river while opening the dimension to the opaque stone. At this time, the fire god bird king dashed into the depth of this dimension.

The dimension closed and the fire god bird king was trapped in the depth. The dimension was thousands of square meters large and ten meters tall so the fire god bird king had a little space inside and wasn’t cramped. It spewed flames furiously but it was useless, for the flames could do nothing in the dimension. After struggling for a while, the fire god bird king felt tired. It knew it was trapped and became quiet instead. Its eyes kept turning as if it was racking its brains for an idea.

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