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A hover car was flying about a few hundred meters above the ground in mid air. Its speed was approximately 2 thousand kilometers an hour. It was three times as fast as planes from 200 years ago.

However, compared with those spaceships that could fly tens of thousands of kilometers an hour, it was a far cry.

Even so, this hover car’s price was more than 5 million star coins. It was 7 meters long and could just fit 5 people. It could also store some supplies. The body was made from high tech alloy and was a bit similar to fighter jets. Outside, the price would be nearly 30 million.

The only con about it was that it had no weapons system.

It could only carry people for flight and couldn’t attack.

This was bought from the members of the Ten Sides Squad pooling in money. It was used for travelling away from the base to find wealth in the far distant places.

It was impossible to excavate Emperor Planet on a large scale. If normal workers came, they would die. So after Astral University was established here, they let those strong students, the pre human elites to excavate the lands and gather resources.

Jiang LI and his teammates were now going to where the fire god birds appeared to capture a few birds to sell for money and squad points so they could buy spirit stones for cultivation.

In order to tame fire god birds, there needed to be hypnosis.

Good thing was that all five team mates were strong. Of them, Jiang Li and Li Zhen were lesser stasis. The others were all at the third stage of deep sleep and were very proficient in hypnosis.

“Attention, we’ve already arrived at forest inhabited by the fire god birds!” After flying for approximately 2 hours, they were very far from the human base. A boundless mountain that stretched on forever appeared in front of their eyes. They knew they had arrived at unexcavated forests. Jiang Li’s eyes were sharp and could see many oddly figured animals as well as some large beasts hiding in the forrest.

He could even see an elephant ten times the size of elephants on Earth. It was drinking water with its long nose and then spraying it tens of meters into the air forming a mist.

This was emperor elephant. It had boundless strength and would only exist on Emperor Planet.

But these things weren’t valuable and were hard to carry. Normally, no squads would go capture it.

“We must descend the car. This is already the terrain of the fire god birds. Anything that flew over their terrain would be attacked by them in groups. Their bodies are very large and their fire can melt metals. Although our car has a heat proof layer and won’t be melted. But if we’re under attack for too long, it would still cause damage.”

Li Zhen looked at the boundless forest: “We must use hypnosis to capture fire god birds. I’m a secondary hypnotist and so is Jiang Li. We’ll be the main attacking power. Lu Jiajia, Yang Miaoyu, Yu Tiancai, you three have learnt the [Spiritual Communication Technique]. Layer your spirits and hypnotist together.”


The hover car descended towards the ground. However, there was no descending point as all that was below them were trees. Yang Miaoyu who drove the car complained: “There’s no parking spot, are we going to park on a tree?”

“You’re stupid, hehe, look at my means.” Yu Tiancai raised his eyebrows, opened the window and threw out a grenade.


The ground shook and immediately, a ten square meter area of forest was cleared exposing a barren and dented area where they could park.

This was a tube shaped cloud grenade. Its power had undergone many improvements. What was inside was purely condensed high energy gas. It could even blast stones into dust making it perfect for opening up space in the forest.

The hover car descended down steadily.

The five people walked out and put on their elementary mecha. This could protect them from venomous snakes and bugs as well as all sorts of bacterias and poisonous substances.

In the forests of Emperor Planet, the most dangerous was some toxic mists. They had no shape and sound. But when it corroded people, it acted like sulfuric acid turning people into white bones.

This could only be avoided by wearing a mecha.

The Astral University’s mecha wasn’t only made of metal. Inside, there was another layer of protection which could defend against toxic substances and bacteria.

Similarly, the bacteria on Emperor Planet was also very strong. Luckily, after a person’s life force exceeds one, his immune system can kill bacteria very easily.

“The fire god bird has appeared!”

The five people just settled when they saw balls of fire in the distant sky. These fires were formed by different fire god birds. Each one was over ten meters wide when it spread its wings. It’s wide wings, graceful plumage and mighty looks made it appear like a fire god.

Jiang Li observed silently and found that this group of fire god birds came out to hunt together.

They glided high in the sky and when they found prey, they would suddenly dive down like an arrow. When it was still tens of meters above the ground, it chirped and opened its mouth spewing fire. After burning the prey dead, it would eat the essential parts while abandoning the rest of the body.

Jiang Li spread his thought out and found that a ten meter long snake was burnt cooked by the fire god bird. Then the bird flew straight down clawing open the skin with its claws before extracting the snake bladder and eating it. It didn’t even eat a single bit of the snake meat.

“Be careful! The fire god birds have discovered us. They are treating us as preys. When they spew fire, we must dodge. Although the mechas won’t melt, the heat will be enough to cook us.” Li Zhen looked at the fire god birds in the sky that were nearing them. 6 or 7 flew towards them obviously treating them as prey.

The fire god birds had very acute sense and seemed know that there was spirit chi on their bodies. Eating their flesh would definitely be beneficial.

The 6 fire god birds flew down.

Jiang Li suddenly opened his eyes spreading his thought out all the way until 100 meters in the air. While the fire god birds haven’t spewed fire yet, it invaded their brains.

In that instant, the 6 birds were all invaded by his thought and descended slowly.

“This fast?” Li Zhen was shocked: “I haven’t even attacked yet. Your hypnosis is this strong?”

The 6 fire god birds brought wind with them as they flew down. They stood by Jiang Li’s side. Each one was about 5 meters tall. It was a huge bird and could look down at humans in condescension.

But now, these 6 fire god birds were very tame. They rubbed their heads against Jiang Li as if they were his pets.

Normal secondary hypnotists could do this.

Unfortunately, Jiang Li wasn’t a normal secondary hypnotist. Chu Shan for instance could only hypnotise 2 or 3 hundred people each day. Meanwhile, Jiang Li could hypnotise 3000 back on Earth.

After coming to Emperor Planet and going through 10 days of demon training. The spirit chi he absorbed everyday were digested by his cells making his brain cells stronger once again. This allow him to spread his thought even further and could hypnotist more people at once.

Now, he was equivalent to more than ten secondary hypnotists combined. This was his real potential. With the slightest flicker from the brain of the universe, it could control all living things with emotions.

“I can approximately tame 30 fire god birds in one go. I won’t be able to control them if there’s more. These fire god birds’ thoughts are much stronger than humans’.” Jiang Li howled once again, this time his voice was very sharp as if like an arrow shooting into the clouds. The distant group of fire god birds all flew down.

The birds gathered. There were 30 of them gathered at the open space in the forest each chirping loudly as if fighting to show their presence to Jiang Li.

Even if these fire god birds were sold, they would be kept by wealthy people and fed super nutritional serums each day. This would make their bodies stronger as well as increase their lifespan. This was beneficial to them as well.

“My god, 30…. There’s 30!” Lu Jiajia couldn’t believe her eyes.

Each one could be sold for 5 million. 10 was 50 million. 30 was 150 million?

They made 100 million just like this??

The four people were shocked. They looked at this group of fire god birds as if they were dreaming. They immersed themselves in the immense joy.

“Let’s go! We need to leave quickly. It’d be dire if we startle the fire god bird king after capturing so much fire god birds in one go. If the king comes, we might all die.” Suddenly, Li Zhen seemed to have remember something and said seriously: “Before, there were also strong squads who captured large amounts of fire god birds. But that startle the king and it hunted them down crazily. It burnt them all to ash with one mouthful of fire. The bird king was hundreds of times stronger than the normal bird. We are no match for it.”

Jiang Li thought of the Luo Sha beast king.

But animals of the Emperor Planet were much stronger than those on Planet Luo Sha.

In every group of animals, there would definitely be a king. This was the special characteristic of animal groups of Emperor Planet.

“Let’s leave!”

Just when Jiang Li and them were going to take back 30 fire god birds, suddenly, in the distant mountain ranges, a heavenly shocking bird twitter sounded, echoing through the mountain ranges. Large fire rose from the mountains like it was a volcanic eruption.

Jiang Li saw a colossal bird fly up into the sky. It was like a fire cloud flying ferociously towards them.

When it expanded its wings, it was more than 50 meters wide.

It flapped its wings slightly and there was many swirls formed in the sky. Some trees were even pulled up from its roots.

“My god, this is the fire god bird king?” Jiang Li was almost dumbfounded but suddenly woke up: “You guys run quickly. Go on the car and take the 30 fire god birds and go. I’ll draw away the fire god bird king, otherwise no one will be able to leave! My hypnosis can affect the fire god bird king’s brain making it not chase after you. This way you guys can run.”

“What about you?” Li Zhen asked.

“Don’t worry about me, I have my way to escape. Run!” Jiang Li told the other 4 to get on the hover car and ordered: “All fire god birds, follow them back to the human base!”

The 30 tamed fire god bird must not be left behind or all would have been for nothing.

Meanwhile, Jiang Li must also divert away the fire god bird king.


Jiang Li jumped up dashing into the depth of the forest. At the same time, he made loud roars to suppress the fire god bird king’s twitter.

As expected, when the fire god bird king heard his roar, it followed him in the sky.

At the same time, the 30 fire god bird and the hover car flew away into the distance.

Jiang Li’s roar just then had already utilized the Emperor Lightning Seal to the max. When he roared, his body expanded on circle. The sonic pulse he sent out blew up all trees into powder within a 5 step radius.

When this sound shot up into the sky, it fazed the fire god bird king for a moment and lowered its speed by ten times. This was because Jiang Li’s lightning sound could create illusions. At this moment, the scene the fire god bird king saw was furious lightning everywhere. The heavens and earth changed colour descending into darkness. It didn’t dare to make a move as it was scared it would fly into the lightning clouds.

In the wake of the force of nature, these spiritual beasts such as the fire god bird king would only be more fearful.

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