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Once the seven huge whirls were created, Jiang Li knew things weren’t going to be good.

The woman’s life force was too strong and her martial arts skills were well above his. Her ability to cut, maneuver and control air was already very proficient. She had truly grasped the essence of A ranked martial arts. B-ranked martial arts such as [Gods and Demons Fist] was focussed on contemplation.

Meanwhile, A-ranked martial arts were focused on congenial chi. Once used, it had a huge power, giving people a sense of dimensional shift. A slight attack would change the air into huge waves.

At the highest level of mastery, people could even ride the wind. Controlling the air and riding the wind, how glorious would that be. This was an example recorded only in ancient Taoist texts, and it was now unfolding right before Jiang Li’s eyes. Under the pressure of the air swirl, there were ferocious air currents everywhere. Jiang Li’s vision had blurred already. These air swirls sliced his body, causing a burning pain.


Another air swirl pressed against him, instantly slashing a bloody gash on Jiang Li’s face. The power of the air swirl could be seen through this; it was sharper than swords. With Jiang LI’s current body, even swords wouldn’t be able to cut him, yet an unassuming air swirl could.

The air swirls were closing in and Jiang Li had nowhere to escape. As he was about to be heavily injured, he hurried to use the Emperor Wind Seal. He squatted down as his body began to spin at high speeds. He tried the best to be as small as he could.

The air swirl pressed on towards him but missed.

Jiang Li let out a long howl as he struck with his hands. His body spun like a twister, attacking hundreds of times a second. The strong air explosion created rumbles as Jiang Li squeezed out through the middle.

The two people clashed, creating a huge knock-back. There was a loud explosion, created from the clash between their congenial chi, which affected places more than ten meters out from the epicentre.

Many parts of Jiang Li’s skin were torn but he made it out successfully.

Huang Ye was calm but her eyes grew bleaker. She didn’t expect her [Seven Star Shattering Chi] to fail.


Jiang Li jumped out of the circle and started running, trying to leave the vicinity as soon as possible.

He didn’t believe that these people would dare to hunt him down. Although attacking him just then was already against the school rules, they could still use the excuse of a friendly match. However, if they started to hunt him down, then that would be another case.

“You want to run?” Huang Ye laughed. She flung her hands as air currents rushed. She started gliding in mid air, shooting towards Jiang Li like an arrow reaching speeds of 100 meters per second!

She caught up with Jiang Li in an instant and slammed down with her palm.

Seeing that this palm was about to hit the top of Jiang Li’s head, a silhouette suddenly appeared in front of Jiang Li and grabbed Huang Ye’s arm. That simple movement dispersed all the air waves.

Huang Ye was like a little chicken grabbed by the neck and flung out by this silhouette.


Jiang Tianhe’s eyes narrowed. He dashed and disappeared from where he was. The next moment, he reappeared in mid air.

He grabbed Huang Ye and twisted in mid air three times before falling down slowly with Huang Ye like a god descending from the heavens.

“Why are you old students coming to bully my new students?”

A tall black silhouette stood in front of Jiang Li; the person who asked the question was Hong Heiyu.

The demon-like teacher had appeared.

“You are Jiang Li’s teacher?” Jiang Tianhe nudged Huang Ye, signaling her not to move: “Then I’ll tell you that this is because Jiang Li has killed someone from the Jiang family. He violated the family rules; do you think he should be punished?”

He was cautious yet provocative, and brought out the Sun and Moon name of the Jiang family, hoping that Hong Heiyu would be fearful and not interfere further.

“Do you have the high court decision to arrest him?” Hong Heiyu looked at him and asked.

“No.” Jiang Tianhe said straightaway: “But he killed someone from the Jiang family….”

“But bullshit!” Hong Heiyu suddenly roared. His voice was like thunder shaking the hearts of everyone at the scene. He didn’t even have the patience to hear it out and reproached: “If you don’t, then fuck off!”

“You….” Jiang Tianhe was so angry that he almost couldn’t breathe.

Hong Heiyu walked a step up and used an interrogative tone: “You’re someone from the Great River squad, and your teacher is called Huang Shengling right?”

“How did you know?” Jiang Tianhe’s complexion seemed very calm even when he was under humiliation. Meanwhile, Huang Ye obviously couldn’t take this humiliation and was going to go ballistic, but was stopped short by Jiang Tianhe.

In fact, he didn’t know Hong Heiyu. There were too many students and teachers in Astral University. Many of the masters didn’t come out often; some teachers only cared about their own cultivation and as a result they never took students. No one could know everyone. But Jiang Tianhe felt a very strong pressure from Hong Heiyu. Even when being humiliated, he didn’t dare to do anything.

“Huang Shengling this useless garbage, he still takes students? Go back and tell him. If he allows his students to come cause trouble in the new students’ base again, I won’t let him ever enjoy peaceful sleep again.” Hong Heiyu lost his patience. As he checked Jiang Li’s wounds, he said: “You’re still not going to piss off?”

“Let’s leave!” Jiang Tianhe glared furiously at Hong Heiyu and dragged Huang Ye, leaving the new students’ base together. They boarded their battleship and disappeared instantly.

Jiang Li gasped a sigh of relief and hurried to take out medical sprays to spray the wound. The wounds closed immediately showcasing his strong regenerative ability.

“Teacher, thank you very much for saving me.” Jiang Li was very grateful.

“Protecting students is my responsibility.” Hong Heiyu’s was expressionless: “Next time you need to be careful. The competition between squads in Astral University is very cruel. In the base, it’s only small fights but when you leave the base, it will be death! These sort of things happen all the time. You are not normal university students but are born and bred to be warriors. All you need to do is cultivate and cultivate. Get stronger and stronger! I don’t want to know your conflicts and don’t want to hear your long explanation.”

“Yes teacher!” Jiang Li immediately felt respect towards Hong Heiyu and didn’t say a word more. Hong Heiyu then disappeared cleanly.

“Luckily Teacher intervened this time, otherwise we’d be in serious trouble. The Great River squad has their eyes on us now; our life in the future is going to be hard.” Lu Jiajia sighed.

“They are coming for me, so it has nothing to do with you. You will all be fine as long as you don’t intervene.” Jiang Li said calmly.

“Jiang Li, what are you talking about?” Li Zhen’s eyes straightened up and punched him, pretending to be mad: “We’re a team, a whole body. Our hearts are together in life and death. We share glory and humiliation. You are our captain and you still say something like this. Are trying to piss us off? If we’re in danger, are you not going to care about us?”

“That’s right. From the moment we became a squad, our fates were tied together.” Yu Tiancai had always been happy go lucky but after hearing Li Zhen’s words, his face became serious and said solemnly: “The business of anyone in the squad is the business of the whole squad. No matter who tries to take us on, we must work together and fight till the end!”

“Right, no one can humiliate us Ten Sides squad!” Lu Jiajia said while stomping her feet. She was also very angry about Huang Ye’s arrogance

The four reached out their hands to Jiang Li. Jiang Li was speechless. Looking at their serious face, he was touched deeply. At this moment, he didn’t know what to say anymore. He just nodded his head solemnly and reached out his hand as well.

They put their hands together, thus forming a bridge of trust between each other. In this moment, time seemed to have stopped. Yu Tiancai talked first, breaking the silence: “What’s important now is to get stronger. Only that way will we not be bullied further.”

“Let’s go, we’ll go out on an adventure while enjoying the scenery of Emperor Planet. I’ve already done the research. In approximately 3000 kilometers from the new students’ base, there is an ancient forest. There are very strong beasts inside such as the fire god bird. Each one we capture and donate to school, we can get one squad point as well as about 5 million star conis as a reward.” Li Zhen opened up his computer: “Fire god birds are very precious on the pets market. They can be sold for at least ten million outside of the university.”

“Capturing fire god birds can earn us money?” Jiang Li thought about the day when the exam had just finished. The first time he saw Meng Xingyun, he had captured a fire god bird from outside the base and rode it to the entrance of the base.

He didn’t think that fire god birds were so valuable. They were priced at 5 million even when sold to the school. With his hypnosis, he could definitely capture a lot of fire god birds. That way, money would come rolling in to him. On top of that, he had a large storage dimension that allowed him to carry large amounts of supplies and resources.

Jiang Li opened his computer and searched for all sorts of information regarding the buying and selling price of Astral creatures.
“Heavenly Shocking Lightning Beast, 300 million each.” Jiang Li opened this news and saw: “Must be alive for research purposes. Squad points 100.”

Being on the scoreboard was very important as each month, Astral University would give out abundant prizes and rewards for those squads. He didn’t know how much points they needed to be more the scoreboard.

“Fire god bird. Capture a live one, tame it and give it to the school. This will earn you 5 million and 1 squad point.” Jiang Li searched the fire god bird market and found it to be burgeoning. After being tamed, the fire god bird was very loyal to its master. It could be used to guard homes, look after children and even for flying. Being a pet with practical uses, it was heavily contested by many wealthy humans.

The fire god bird feather could even be made into exquisite and extravagant products. It was highly sought after in the upper classes of society. But fire god birds were also very strong. They could spew fire and had a body that was stronger than iron; even guns couldn’t pierce their body unless it was those laser cannons installed on battleships. However, a dead fire god bird was useless. Only those live ones could be tamed and turned into something valuable.

Of course, after being tamed by humans, they could get stronger by drinking nutritional serums. They were not like other beasts that were very hard to tame, for example, the Heavenly Shocking Lightning Beast. It was very arrogant and it was almost impossible for humans to tame it. They could only be used for research after being killed.

“Let me see, what’s the first beast on the point ranking?” Jiang Li continued to search. After a long time of data organization, it suddenly displayed a page.

“My god, what monster is this? It’s worth 100 million points? 1 trillion star coins?” Jiang Li looked at the page and was shocked. This must be the most precious beast on Emperor Planet. He hurried to open it and discovered it was a person.

It was a middle aged man with long robes. He had his hands behind his back standing under the cosmos with his eyes looking into the distance. He had the grace of an emperor but at the same time had a scholarly look.

“Emperor Planet, principal of the academy of the Great Qian Empire, Chen Tianshu. He was an Emperor Planet aboriginal and a very strong master. He has slaughtered students from Astral University many times and attempted to destroy the base. An initial estimation of his life force is around 64. Spiritual state, fetal respiration: Hun Yuan Respiration. He knows a shen tong! Danger rating SSSSS.”

TL note: shen tong/ 神通: magical ability usually of very high order.

Stasis was divided into three levels: lesser stasis, greater stasis and eternal stasis. Fetal respiration also had three levels: they were thought respiration, spirit respiration and hun yuan respiration.

TL note: hun yuan/混元: primeval chaos

Hun yuan respiration was the highest level. Jiang Li didn’t know what state that was but seeing the life force of 64, he closed the search on his computer. These sort of people could break battleships with their bare hands. They could probably kill him with one thought, and from thousands of miles away too. Capture him? What a joke.

Capturing Chen Tianshu gets you 100 million squad points. You would immediately become the first ranked squad and receive 1 trillion star coins in rewards.

Up until now, all those who tried to attack him had died. With Jiang Li’s current 2.7 life force, not even a fraction of Chen Tianshu’s power, he estimated that even his teacher Hong Heiyu would be instantly killed by Chen Tianshu.

Chen Tianshu being the leader of the academy of the Great Qian Empire was an existence equivalent to Astral University’s principal. He constantly wanted to destroy the human’s base.

The more Jiang Li thought about this, the more an additional layer of worry for his future started to form.

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