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“True, with our current strength, it would be suicide trying to do missions in those feudalistic empires!” Yu Tiancai nodded his head, exposing the deep dread in his fear.

“If we have a lot of money, we can buy a battleship.” Lu Jiajia looked at the information for battleships: “The Emperor Planet is very large. We won’t be able to move far from the human base just on our feet. We can only go and train in those distant places if we buy a battleship.”

Yang Miaoyu sighed: “Sigh, pity pity. Even a small battleship costs billions. We can’t afford it at all.”

“Let’s not think about this first. Let’s go and eat in the canteen!” Li Zhen raised his eyebrow and said: “Jiajia, Miaoyu, I’ll shout dinner for you.”

There were canteens in the base of Astral University and people could buy expensive supplements there.

Jiang Li had inquired previously and knew there was even the genetic meat of Luo Sha beast king in the canteen. However, it was very expensive.

With his 3 million savings, he wouldn’t even be able to buy half a piece.

Other than this, there was even better meat than the genetic meat of Luo Sha beast king, such as the heart of the Heavenly Shocking Lightning Beast. After long refinement by lightning, it had formed a very strong structure. After human consumption, it was very beneficial to the fibres in the human body.

There was also the meat of a space snake called the three headed flood dragon. It contained a power that cannot be created by the human body. After eating it, the energy in the meat would be stored in the depth of cells, released only during exercise dealing with massive damage.

“Never mind, the food in the canteen is too expensive. We’ve already spent all our money just buying spirit stones.” Lu Jiajia was a bit sullen: “It’ll be enough just to drink nutritional serums.”

“Our situation is so dire….” Yu Tiancai cried out.

“Oh right, what team did Lara and Liana join? I haven’t received any news yet, I’ll send an email asking.” Jiang Li was so tortured by the demon training that he was completely distracted by his instinct to survive each day. Now, when he was finally able to take a breath, he immediately contacted them.

However, after he sent his message, there was no reply. It was possible that after they joined a squad, they went to train somewhere where there was no signal on their computer. On the Emperor Planet, it was very difficult to receive a signal if you were very far from the base or in those gravity rooms.


At this time, there was a large rumble outside the base. A ship 30 meters long appeared out of nowhere. The battleship looked like a fish with scales densely packed on the outside. No crevices were visible. It was like a cosmic beast that stayed 20 metres above the ground. A few people opened the door and jumped off. The ship itself was 20 meters high was like a seven storey building, yet these people jumped off with ease and didn’t receive any injuries. This caught Jiang Li’s eyes.

Masters, they were definitely strong.

“This is the Astral Fish battleship, 4 billion for one. If our squad has this ship, then we can go anywhere on Emperor Planet and even reach outside the atmospheric dome of the Planet.” Lu Jiajia stared closely at the battleship, her voice full of envy: “Only the really strong squads can afford this, though it would have exhausted the entire squad’s wealth! But with a ship like this, any mission would be very easy. Money would be earned back very fast.”

“Normally, the old students won’t come to the new student’s base.” Yu Tiancai looked at the old students that got off the battleship. Each of them had an arrogant demeanor as they entered the base. Suddenly, they looked over towards them: “These old students are all very powerful and cocky. We should avoid them. If we aggravate them, we might get beaten up.”

“That may be so, but they wouldn’t dare to fight in the base.” Yang Miaoyu said, but he was still prepared to step aside.

There were 3 old students who got off, two guys and one girl.

As they walked, they took steps like tigers, stalking through the crowds of wide-eyed newcomers. They gave off a very strong imposing manner and some new students tried to talk them up, but recoiled in fear.

Jiang Li was also going to step aside. But suddenly, the computer on his wrist flashed and he seemed to be locked down to his feet by something.

Sho sho sho

The three old students who got off the ship almost at the same time sped towards Jiang Li. Their speed was incredibly fast; one of them had very neat school uniform, and he was 2 meters tall and stared at Jiang Li’s computer. He then talked in a deep voice coldly: “You are Jiang Li?”

“You’re looking for me?” Jiang Li took a few steps back to observe this student. His eyes were razor sharp like knives, constantly slicing on his body. It seemed that he could kill all the cells in his body just with his eyes.

“I asked if you’re called Jiang Li!”

The man in front of him raised his voice, almost like a police interrogating a criminal.

“Why should I answer you?” Jiang Li was very displeased. His words were cold but clear.

This old student gave him a lot of pressure but that didn’t mean he would be scared. Ever since he entered stasis, Jiang Li was less concerned with matters of life and death and had learned to adopt a fearless attitude.


Someone tried to slap Jiang Li.

Before the hand even reached there, the air was pressured into a huge fist that was fast like lightning.

Jiang Li retracted his body. The slap missed, creating an air explosion in the air. If this was before the training, he definitely wouldn’t be able to dodge this slap. But after the ten days of training and of receiving beatings from Hong Heiyu, his reaction and speed all improved a level.

Thus, he utilized the speed from Emperor Wind Seal and dodged the attack, but the resulting air pulse still hurt his skin. He immediately knew that whoever tried to slap him definitely had a life force of over 3. This was stronger than Meng Xingyun from 100 days ago.

Why did an old student he didn’t even know come looking for trouble with him?

“Ha, you’ve got some balls!” The girl from the three old students stood out. She was the one who had tried to slap Jiang Li just then. Originally she thought she could slap Jiang Li to the ground but didn’t expect he would dodge it, and she recovered from her surprise with a haughty laugh.

“Who are you? Why are you attacking in the base? Are you disregarding the school rules?” Li Zhen stood out. Although the 3 old students seemed very strong, he wasn’t about to sit timidly. After all, there were school rules.

“I asked you if you are called Jiang Li!” The man asked again. His killing intent grew and an intangible air wave rushed from his body pushing Li Zhen back.

His body didn’t even move and air waves were created out of nowhere. His martial arts were almost magical.

“No need to ask, he is definitely Jiang Li.” The girl took another step up, locking her sharp eyes on Jiang Li: “You’ve got guts! How dare you kill Jiang Liu. A scum that shouldn’t have even come into this world got into Astral University. This really is an insult to the Jiang family.”

“You’re from the Jiang family!” Jiang Li finally understood why these people would come looking for trouble with him. The Jiang family, who ran the Sun and Moon Corporation, was a colossal family. It wasn’t hard for them to have their people infiltrate Astral University.

“I’m Jiang Tianhe.” The man spoke again. The eyes with which he looked at Jiang Li were that of him looking at an insect. He said arrogantly: “Jiang Li, your father, Jiang Zhendong was researching solar and lunar essence for our family but you betrayed and fled. Your father violated the family rules and got married and reproduced. You are worse, killing the Jiang Liu of the direct lineage. Tell me, how should such great sin be accounted for?”

“Great sin?” Jiang Li seemed to have heard a funny joke. He laughed and replied with a cold tone: “I only know the laws of humanity and not some bullshit family rules. If the laws of humanity judge that I have committed no crime, then I am innocent. As for Jiang Liu, so what if I killed him? It’s not worth my time to explain to others.”

“The ignorant is truly impressive.” Jiang Tianhe looked around: “This is your newly formed squad? What’s its name? Ten Sides Squad? Unfortunately, this newly formed team will be destroyed due to your stupidity. Perhaps in some mission, you will suddenly all mysteriously perish?”

“You dare to threaten us!” Li Zhen, Yu Tiancai, Lu Jiajia, Yang Miaoyu clenched their teeth and stood behind Jiang Li’s back when they heard the words: “Just because you’re old students and members of the Great River Squad, do you think you can do anything you want? I’ll tell you, we’re not afraid either!”

The four teammates just found out that Jiang Tianhe belonged to the Great River Squad through the internet. That squad was very strong and ranked around 2000 on the score board.

“Killing you new students is like squashing an ant. There are always new students that are clueless.” Jiang Tianhe shook his head and then looked at Jiang Li: “Now, I’ll give you a chance. First, quit the school. Second, go back to Earth and tell your father to go admit his wrong in front of the few elders. Third, after you quit the school, the law enforcers of the Jiang family will apprehend and punish you. If you comply with these three conditions, you may still stay alive. If you continue down this path, then no one can save you. Your father controls too much of the family’s scientific secrets. He even wants to help other corporations research solar and lunar essence. The elders of the family are already infuriated. Don’t naively believe that Astral University can protect you.”

“You’re full of shit talk!” Jiang Li had a sneer on his face, he yelled: “The Jiang family wants to intervene with the Astral University? I’ll stay here and see if the Jiang family has such powerful means. What can they do to me?”

If I told you that Astral University can’t protect you, then it can’t.” The girl spoke again: “If the elders of the family told Master Naran, then he only needs to utter one sentence, and the school would kick you out.”

Master Naran was Jiang Naran! A spiritual master of humanity, someone with a life force in the three digits. He was invincible even in the elite district. He was the overlord. One sentence from someone like him had endless power. Countless government officials would be shaken. But these people didn’t speak so easily.

“You’re also from the Jiang family?” Jiang Li asked the girl.

“My last name is Huang but I’m about to be married into the Jiang family.” The girl sneered: “Come, you don’t have the worthiness to know my first name but seeing that you can dodge my slap, you have the right to know… But barely.”

“Huang Ye, take him away.” Jiang Tianhe still didn’t move. It could be seen that this girl Huang Ye was hi girlfriend and was about to marry him.

“That works.” Huang Ye suddenly took a step forward and grabbed.

Wind gushed and air waves rolled. Air became a weapon in her hands. With a small grab, a large amount of gas was sucked away and Jiang Li immediately felt his body was being sucked into the space in front of him. Jiang Li didn’t even need to think as he shook his arms, stirring up air waves. A series of air explosions mitigated the suction.

“A useless struggle.” Huang Ye took another step, grabbing seven times. Each grab formed a huge air swirl covering tens of meters of radius.

The air was spinning rapidly. The eyes could even see the air condensing and expanding as it spun. When the air focused to the max, there was friction between the air and there seemed to be sparkles in the centre of the eddy. It was like seven bright stars in her hand that never lost their luminance.

A-ranked martial arts - -[Seven Starts Shattering Chi]

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