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“Captain Jiang Li, what is your life force? The five of us will be living and dying together from now on. Let’s understand each other better.” Li Zhen barely crawled up. He tried to move but sat back down, giving a bitter smile.

“2.7.” Jiang Li said slowly.

“Amazing!” Yu Tiancai gave out his thumb: “I’ve always thought I was the best! My parents also gave me the name Tiancai (Tian cai means genius) but my life force now is only 2.1. I’m still far from your level.”

“I’m 2.2!” Li Zhen said.

“I’m 2.” Yang Miaoyu said.
“I’m also 2.” Lu Jiajia moved her head as if still in pain.

“Everyone’s tired, if there’s something we can talk about it tomorrow. I can’t hold it anymore, I need to go lie down. I will die if I don’t get anymore rest.” Li Zhen didn’t have the mood to chat and barely crawled up making his way towards his rooms.

The other few teammates were not in the mood to chat either and all made their way back to their rooms.

Jiang Li stood up: “It’s time to go out and absorb spirit chi!”

He jumped up quickly and left the base, going into the depth of the forest. Although the training in the day exhausted most of his energy, he was able to recover some now. He had to go absorb spirit chi far from the base in order to maintain his energy during the day training.

He found a place and sat down using the opaque stone to enter fetal respiration.

Shoshoshso….. Countless spirit chi entered his body and was immediately absorbed by his cells. Even his muscles and bones devoured it greedily. An eddy formed inside Jiang Li’s body. He could absorb the spirit chi no matter how much there were. Today’s training exhausted his potential. Now, he was like a dried up pond. Therefore, the amount of spirit chi he could absorb increased significantly.

Moreover, ever since he cultivated the Emperor Fire Seal, his refining ability had also improved.

After a few hours, he felt his body was full. He opened his eyes and started cultivating the lightning, wind and fire seals. Every time he cultivated, the spirit chi in his body would be digested. The substance that remained was the essence and it combined with the muscles and cells making his muscles turn into a structure similar to that of genetic meat.

This was also the first step to the evolution of human life: The transformation of blood and flesh.

After a night, Jiang Li absorbed countless spirit chi. If that was changed into spirit stones, it would be approximately worth tens of millions of star coins. He consumed a large amount but didn’t have the money to buy all those nutritional serums so he could only rely on spirit chi. It was fortunate for him that spirit chi was more effective than any nutritional product.

“I wonder if the teacher’s spiritual state has reached fetal respiration? Can he absorb the spirit chi? He seems to be much stronger than Wang Kurong but I’m not so sure about his spirit. Perhaps the strength of his body is built up from spirit stones. If Wang Kurong could consume spirit stones every day, he would definitely be very strong.”

Jiang Li checked his bank account and found out that there was still 3.43 million left. Because he hadn’t been hypnotizing people, he didn’t have any income. Meanwhile, Big Black was busy with his research laboratory and also didn’t have enough spare funds. Therefore, Jiang Li could only rely on himself to earn money here.

There were many opportunities to earn money in Astral University. Many places on the Emperor Planet had not been excavated. If he could find a few spirit stones, then he would be rich immediately. He opened some information on the computer and found many things he could buy such as all curing venom antidote and the fruit of life. This information was the most important. Every student had to prepare it.

Outside, fruit of life sold for 4 million a piece. In here, it only costed 1 million. Of course, he was interested in battleships and mechas. Secondary mechas were up in the hundreds of millions even billions. Some battleships were even more expensive than that.

As for normal elementary mechas, the school had given a set to each student. The one Jiang Li carried was that. Unfortunately, as Jiang Li’s life force got stronger and stronger, elementary mechas were no longer useful to him. He could rip the mecha apart with his bare hands.

After a night of cultivation, he continued to absorb spirit chi, making his power increase another level. Although there wasn’t an obvious increase in his life force, the tenacity of his body was becoming better and better.

If he continued to train like this, he could definitely improve his life force to 3. At that time, he would be in another state.

The second morning, Jiang Li returned to the base from outside. Hong Heiyu sent a message: “Prepare your equipments and gather outside the base! The location is 316:459!”

“We’re starting the demon training again.” Jiang Li felt this training was too cruel. But only this sort of teacher could gradually train people into strong warriors. Jiang Li had no words of complaint.

In no time, the five people gathered together.

Hong Heiyu still carried his door-sized sword. He looked at everyone one by one and a smile creased on his face: “Very good, you all used spirit stones? Your bodies are full of spirit chi. This makes you more suitable to undertake my demon training.”

Jiang Li also studied his other four teammates and found that they were full of spirit chi. They all seemed to be in a great state. They definitely used spirit stones.

Spirit Stones were also many times cheaper in Astral University than outside. Outside it was approximately 10 million for one gram. Inside Astral University, it was 2 million a gram. Of course, the students of Astral University were not allowed to smuggle it outside. If they got caught doing so, not only would they be expelled but they would also be exiled for life. Sometimes there were even crueller punishments.

But, there are still some students who were willing to take the risks and smuggle. His four teammates were rich people. They were willing to spend tens of millions to buy spirit stones for their lives. Even Lara and Liana had become rich. Their families were expanding and received the support of the military and the government. They must have signed some contract to get the financial support for their study and cultivation.

Jiang LI didn’t ask for money from the Safety Corporation and didn’t want to sign any contracts. He could absorb spirit chi himself and this was his biggest wealth. Why sign a contract that would confine him?

“Judging by the density of spirit chi on your body, you used about 1 gram of spirit stone last night! Hong Heiyu pointed at Lu Jiajia. Then, he pointed at the other three people: “You’re all the same, looks like I need to increase the level of difficulty for today’s training!”

“Please no, teacher!” These few people almost fainted.

“You, are even more extraordinary. You used at least 5 grams of spirit stone! You training today will be twice as hard as theirs!” Hong Heiyu pointed at Jiang Li.

The other four people flashed eyes of sympathy towards Jiang Li.

The high intensity training begun again. It was ten whole days. Every day, they seemed to have gone to hell once. The pain was indescribable. The two girls even wanted to suicide as they lived the days like years.

But, Jiang Li was gradually getting used to it. As he continued to absorb spirit chi each night and then going through the demon training the next day, he cramped up every ounce of potential in his body. This repetition was a great experience for him. But now, his life force was still stagnated at 2.7 and didn’t increase.

This was because he used up too much energy in training each day. Hong Heiyu’s eyes were very sharp. He adjusted the intensity of the training based on the amount of spirit chi Jiang Li absorbed. This made it so that he couldn’t keep any of the spirit chi he absorbed. They were all used up during the training.

This way, his life force would never increase.

But the benefit was that during training, the spirit chi would dissolve into his muscles and cells, resulting in underlying change in his life essence. It was like a cat turning into a baby tiger. The baby tiger had the same power as the cat but its growth potential was huge.

Hong Heiyu’s hell-like training operated under the same philosophy. He didn’t want your life force to increase too fast and was instead more focussed on building a solid foundation, changing the essence of your life.

Ten days had finished and the five finally managed to survive it. After this ten days of training, their life forces didn’t increase the slightest bit but the strength of their body increased significantly. The torture on their spirit made it so that they weren’t afraid of any pain, rendering them a fearless temperament in the face of evil.

Jiang Li practiced his fist technique secretly and found out that he could smash out his congenial chi more than five steps away. This was a breakthrough improvement.

“Very good, you managed to live through the ten days of training. I’m very happy. During the years I’ve been taking squads, some members couldn’t take my cruel training and suicided! These people are useless to me.” Hong Heiyu said: “I will give you 3 days rest since the ten days had passed. The dao of martial arts is a balance between tension and relaxation. In this 3 days, you can completely relax. 3 days later, there will be even more cruel cultivation awaiting you.”

After he finished, Hong Heiyu disappeared again.

He seemed to be walking slowly but if you blinked, he would have disappeared. His speed exceeded what the human eye could capture. It was really like the appearing and disappearing of a god.

“We can finally rest!”

The five people finally managed to relax. These ten days almost made them go insane. After hearing the 3 days rest announcement, everyone had a feeling of going from hell to heaven.

But with the thought of even harsher training awaiting them after 3 days, their hearts felt heavy. Even Jiang Li felt Hong Heiyu’s training was insane. If he didn’t have the opaque stone, it would be very hard for him to sustain through it.

“Captain Jiang Li, lets try to complete some missions and increase the score of our squad. At the same time try to earn some money?” Li Zhen thought: “In order to deal with the demon training these ten days, we’ve spent all our money on buying spirit stones. We barely have any money left and that would make it very difficult for us to continue through with the training.”

“Yes, we should work together. We should be able to do some normal missions like hunting for some wild beasts on Emperor Planet and selling them to the market, or collecting some special fruits. These can all earn quite some money. Of course, the most lucrative mission is to capture slaves from the native empire,” Yang Miaoyu opened the computer and searched.

“Capture slaves from the native empire on Emperor Planet? That’s too dangerous, don’t even think about it.” Jiang Li shook his head.

He had been studying this a lot recently. He knew that Astral University only had a base on this planet, which was not fully excavated. This large planet was very complicated and all sorts of things existed on it, one of which were ancient humans. These humans had established a feudalistic empire, within which some martial arts masters thrived.

Although they weren’t as strong as that cultivation world in Jiang Li’s dreams, there definitely were strong people inside the kingdom.

The strong squads of Astral University always charged into those empires to rob spirit stones and capture slaves. Jiang Li didn’t want to do that. He didn’t want to be involved in the clash between an ancient civilization and Earthling humans if he didn’t have to. Unless, of course, they made the bad decision to invade him first.

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