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“Teacher, why didn’t you attack the other students as well?”

Jiang Li almost died from this beating but in that process, he learnt a lot of things. He didn’t know congenial chi could be used in such as way!

For example, Hong Heiyu’s grab and throw just then imploded the air and grabbed Jiang Li from a distance.

This was the [Dragon Subjugation Hand] often described only in novels. Grabbing things through air. This technique of controlling air was almost magical.

But after Jiang Li was beaten, Hong Heiyu didn’t beat the others and this made Jiang Li cry out injustice. The other students retreated in terror. They didn’t want to suffer the same treatment.

“Because you’re the strongest and can withstand a beating. They can’t. If they get this beating, they would die straightaway. Then, even energy won’t be able to save them.” Hong Heiyu said: “This time, I only used the first move of the [Ten Sided Path of Hell]. I broke all the bones in your body and then gave you the fruit of life. Together with energy, I could make your body reconnect. This is the so-called rising from the ashes of destruction and becoming invincible. After you go back to cultivate, your body will become even stronger. Later on, I will use even more cruel methods to torture your body, making you truly strong.”

The other students broke out in cold sweat after hearing this. Originally, they weren’t convinced that Jiang Li was qualified to be their captain. But after seeing Jiang Li being beaten by the teacher, they rejoiced that they weren’t the captain and didn’t have to face the same fate. For a beating as brutal as that, each time was really like going to be hellish.

“But the rest of you shouldn’t be rejoicing too early! From today onwards, we will conduct the demon training!” Hong Heiyu’s announced: “Everyone will carry a tonne on their back and run for 200 km! You are not allowed to stop in between!”

A closet opened up. Inside were five backpacks the size of a human. It contained all sorts of equipments, tents, food, water, weapons, medicine. Other than this, there was also an elementary mecha. It wasn’t a model but a real mecha. It was very heavy and was made of much better quality than the ones on Earth.

But, this mecha wasn’t for them to operate. It was for them to carry. Everyone carried one tonne which almost crushed them. Especially with the three times Earth’s gravity on Emperor Planet, this weight was almost going to kill them.

“So brutal!”

Everyone’s bones made noises after putting on the one tonne backpack. Hong Heiyu didn’t carry a backpack but a big sword on his hands. It was pitch black and was so large that it looked like a door and could almost cover a person in front of it. It was more than twice the size of a normal shield.

He carried it very easily on his hands.

Jiang Li didn’t feel the one tonne backpack was too bad. It was endurable. He saw Hong Heiyu’s door sized sword and asked curiously: “Teacher, how heavy is the sword in your hands?”

“You want to try?” Hong Heiyu smiled, signaling to Jiang Li to catch the sword.

Jiang Li grabbed the handle of the sword and Hong Heiyu let go.

Immedaitely, crack crack! The bones in his hands started to collapse. It was so heavy that it almost dislocated the bones in his body.


The black sword fell to the ground creating a small earthquake. It was as though a mountain just dropped to the ground from the air.

“This sword….” The four other students felt that they should keep their distance with the teacher. In their eyes, Hong Heiyu was no longer a human being.

“Amazing!” Jiang Li rubbed his wrists. He guessed that this sword must have weighed over ten tonnes! With his current wrist strength, lifting 3 tonnes was no problem for him but he couldn’t lift up the black sword.

“This sword’s name is black hell! It’s made from an alloy of metals obtained from outer space and 100 times denser than steel.” Hong Heiyu said: “I don’t know how many monsters I have sliced apart with this sword. It has killed countless enemies of humanity. Even if the opponent is a secondary mecha, I can slice it apart in one sword!”

“What? Teacher, you can face off against secondary mecha?” Jiang Li’s body shook. In his impression, secondary mecha was an invincible existence: “How strong is your life force?”

“Hmph! You need to observe life force for yourself. When you see an enemy, is he going to foolishly tell you his life force?” Hong Heiyu waved his sword: “Go!”

The newly formed Ten Sides Squad left the human base and started training. Hong Heiyu’s training was really cruel. Each person had to carry a tonne and run for 200km. They couldn’t even stop in between. During this time, the difference between strength was shown. At the 50km mark, Jiang Li was ahead of everyone else.

The girl Lu Jiajia was so puffed out that she stopped running and started walking. But Hong Heiyu came up and gave her a beating without hesitation. He beat her until she was full of bruises on her face. Then he shook his hand and tens of needles pierced deeply into her body, stimulating her potential.

Lu Jiajia started to run furiously to try and keep up with the rest of the team.

While she ran, her nose was bleeding. Even her eyes started to bleed and her blood vessels seemed to be bursting open but Hong Heiyu didn’t let her stop at all.

“Teacher, the training cannot continue anymore. If this continues Lu Jiajia is going to die. Let us rest for a bit!” Li Zhen begged. He was also extremely tired.

“Bullshit! This training is nothing. If you get injured in training, you can be saved but if you get injured in battle, the enemy won’t give you any chance!” Hong Heiyu roared and slapped Li Zhen in the face knocking out a few teeth in the process. His whole mouth became swollen. Hong Heiyu yelled again: “Keep running. After today’s run, you still need to learn all sorts of knowledge! After you learn them, there will be a test tomorrow! Whoever doesn’t pass, I’ll break all the bones in his or her body!”

During training, Hong Heiyu transformed into a demon. Jiang Li already had a clear idea on Hong Heiyu’s personality. He could use Astral University’s high technology and fruit of life to keep you alive. Under such circumstances, he would continue to push out your potential constantly to the brink of death.


After 100km, the girl Yang Miaoyu exhausted too much of her stamina and just fainted on the ground.

“Get up!” Suddenly, Hong Heiyu opened his eyes and Jiang Li felt an overwhelming sea of spiritual energy pierce into Yang Miaoyu’s brain. Immediately, Yang Miaoyu stood up like a zombie: “Wake up and continue running!”

This was arousing her life potential with hypnosis. From this, it could be seen that Hong Heiyu was definitely a tertiary hypnotist or even stronger!

“Teacher, if you hypnotise her like this to improve her potential, it would cause great damage to her life!” Jiang Li couldn’t help but protest.

“You don’t know shit!” Hong Heiyu dashed in front of Jiang Li and slapped him in the face.


Jiang Li couldn’t even dodge and was smacked dizzy. He didn’t dare to talk anymore and ran with his life.

“When I cultivated the [Ten Sided Path of Hell] back then, I experienced hell ten times everyday. I used fire to burn myself, minus 100 degrees Celsius temperature to freeze my body, using electric current to shock my body…. This pain is nothing! If you can endure it, Astral University has enough resources to save you! Other teachers won’t provide you with fruits of life but I will! What you need to do is train! And train, train with all you have. For training, don’t cherish your body!” Hong Heiyu roared: “Today’s training is just the beginning!”

Just like this, under Hong Heiyu’s demonic guidance, even Jiang Li was smacked tens of times before finally finishing the 200 km.

“Okay, I’ll give you one hour rest!” Hong Heiyu took out fruits of life: “Each person will have five. Eat it and cure your wounds. There are supplies in your backpack, use them to patch yourselves up quickly!”

No one had the strength left to reply to him. While they rested, they starting eating the fruits of life or rubbing the fruit on their bodies.

Although Jiang Li was smacked so many times, he was still grateful towards Hong Heiyu. The teacher was supplying fruits of life. Each one was worth a few million star coins. Even though it was many times cheaper in Astral University, it was still not a small sum.

Of course, people like Hong Heiyu didn’t care about money. His power was crazily strong. Jiang Li couldn’t even estimate his life force and didn’t dare to guess. After an hour, Hong Heiyu hurried them. No one dared to disobey his order otherwise it would result in a brutal beating.

Just like this, they ran for the whole day. Everyone’s potential was pushed to the maximum. When they went back to the base, even Jiang Li didn’t want to move much less the other people. The two girls even started crying. They were the elites of humanity, each having willpower that was strong like iron. But under Hong Heiyu’s training, they still showed their weaknesses.

“Cry, what are you crying for!” Hong Heiyu walked up and gave two slaps in the face, smacking Lu Jiajia and Yang Miaoyu and inducing mouthfuls of blood: “Your crying means weakness! You must be strong even in hell. The Di Zang Wang lesser Buddha swore that if hell wasn’t empty, he would not become a true Buddha! If you’re going to cry because of a little training, you might as well quit the school! Get up! We still need to learn general knowledge! Today is medicine, tomorrow is genetics, maths, geography and astronomy! 3 hours, and after you finish I will be checking before you can go to sleep!”

They had no choice but to crawl up and start studying. The good thing was, they had their own study rooms. It was a large room with a computer. They only had to press a few buttons and there would be professors giving them lessons. These professors were all specialists, like Jiang Zhendong. They had acquired extremely high success in one field of knowledge.

Jiang Li focused more heavily on genetic knowledge and found that it was much more advanced than what he had learned in high school. After 3 hours of study, Hong Heiyu came up and checked giving questions to everyone. They had to score full marks or it would be another brutal beating.

Luckily, Jiang Li cultivated the brain of the universe and was outstanding in terms of intelligence. All the knowledge he had learnt could be quickly absorbed and thus, he didn’t get a beating. This wasn’t the case for the other four. They were beaten to near death again. But after beating them, Hong Heiyu still gave them treatment and explained the questions to them.

Hong Heiyu’s power was strong and knowledge was great. He knew everything from the heavens to the Earth and this earned everyone’s respect.

“Okay, today’s training has finished, you may rest. We will continue tomorrow morning! After ten consecutive days of training, I will teach you martial arts and spiritual training. This ten days of training will be used to remove the impurities in your spirit, washing away the weakness in your will. What is left is great courage and determination! Remember, Xing Tian waves Gang Qie, his courage remains constant! The battle god Xing Tian still fought on even after losing his head! If you can have such will and completely disregard your body, then you can become a qualified warrior!” After Hong Heiyu finished, his disappeared mysteriously from sight.

Jiang Li didn’t even know how he left. The teacher’s speed was probably 3 or 4 times his.

“Captain, we’re breaking apart!” The two girls collapsed on the ground, completely without grace. At this moment, they acknowledged Jiang Li’s strength. In the training today, Jiang Li got the least beating.

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