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“This student is indeed outstanding. Look at his martial arts, he can strike out a wind blade! He’s beginning to learn to control congenial chi, killing people with his breath. This isn’t something a normal master can do.”

“This is the Wang family’s [Eight Trigram Wind and Lightning Palm]. Although it’s just a B ranked martial arts, it must not be underestimated.”

“Look, he can grab the air into a ball!” Even more teachers came over and watch Jiang Li practice martial arts.

On the screen, Jiang Li struck out a fist. The air explosion didn’t disperse but instead formed a drill, pushing forward. It only disappeared after travelling 3 meters.

This air drill could completely penetrate any human body within 3 meters radius. It could even pierce metals. Although the air alone was powerless, under high rotational speeds, it’s power was immense.

Normal masters could smash out air explosions that would deafen someone’s ear. When their life force reached above 2.5, they could use congenial chi to control air flow. This multiplied the damage done with their attacks.

When someone’s life force reached 2.5, they would be superman in the sovereign era 200 years ago. Even some martial arts grandmasters didn’t have such strong bodies.

Jiang Li practiced move by move. His hand blade sliced and his wind blade flew out. His body was like a bag, breathing in and out while perfectly controlling the air.

After he finished a set of [Eight Trigram Wind and Lightning Palm], he hugged the air with his hands. Immediately, a large amount of air was actually compressed into a ball by him. Even the normal human eye could see it.

Then, he pushed this air ball. Rumble! The ball exploded in front of him. It’s power was enough to blast a normal person into a pile of bloody remains!


Some teachers cheered: “He’s really good, definitely on par with those in the top ten. How come someone like him didn’t get into top 10 in the ranked matches?”

“He was unlucky. In his final match, he was matched against Meng Xingyun and thus putting him at 11th.”

“That’s really unfortunate, but I’ll take him as my student.”

“You wish, I’m taking him!”

“Stop arguing, I’m picking first!”

“Okay, whoever is the strongest can get this young man. The top ten have all been picked by those old fellows. I didn’t think there was another precious one left here.”

Some teachers actually started arguing to fight over Jiang Li.


This sound wasn’t loud but it was very authoritative. All the teachers became quiet and looked towards the source of the voice.

“It’s Hong Heiyu.”

[TL note: Heiyu means black hell, this will be relevant later in the story.]

“it’s over, if he wants him, then we definitely won’t stand a chance.”

“Don’t worry, Hong Heiyu is called the teacher of hell. No matter how strong the student was, they wouldn’t be able to withstand him. That young man will eventually apply for a teacher change.”

The black-clothed teacher appeared in front of the screen and looked at Jiang Li: “He’s a good seed. I can use my hellish training methods on him. Hopefully, he’ll be able to withstand it.”

After finishing another set of [Eight Trigram Wind and Lightning Palm], Jiang Li gasped for breath: “Now, I should be selected by a good teacher.”

A line of words appeared on the screen: “Jiang Li, your teacher will be Hong Heiyu. Go and greet him. From now on, you will be studying with him. He will teach you everything.”

A ball of energy enveloped Jiang Li and transported him afar.

When the energy dissipated, Jiang Li saw a black-clothed man standing in front of him. He was approximately two meters tall with a sturdy figure. He gave off a sense that he was the supporting pillar of heavens. But when you took a closer look at him, you couldn’t make out exactly what he was. He seemed like a god and demon. It just felt like what you saw was just an illusion and not a tangible body. Or perhaps, this black clothed man didn’t exist in the same dimension as him.

“This person is so strong! Even Wang Kurong cannot emit such strenght!” Jiang Li was shocked. But the stronger his teacher was, the more satisfied he was.

Wen wen….

Another 4 balls of energy descended here, leaving behind two girls and two guys. They were also new students. Obviously, they were also selected by this black-clothed teacher.

Jiang Li looked at these two guys and girls. From now on, they would be classmates. They were all Asian but obviously didn’t come from Earth.

When the energy dissipated, the students looked at Hong Heiyu. The immediately bowed their heads: “Hello, Sir.”

“Tell me your names.” Hong Heiyu pointed at Jiang Li: “Starting from you. You are the strongest student I have picked. From today on, you will be the captain of this little squad.”

“I’m Jiang Li!” Jiang Li stood up firmly.

“Strongest? Immediately appointed as captain?” The other two guys and girls didn’t seem to be convinced. They glared at Jiang Li but they didn’t dare to doubt him in front of the teacher.

Jiang Li could tell these two guys and girls both had a life force above 2. These types of people were all arrogant and wouldn’t be happy to see him as their captain.

“You, report your name.” Hong Heiyu pointed at a guy.

“Li Zhen!”

“Yu Tiancai!”

“Lu Jiajia!”

“Yang Miaoyu!”

The two guys and girls each reported their names. Their voices were full of strength, and their temperament was calm, accompanied with cold and serious eyes. Each one of them were dragons among men.

“Good!” Hong Heiyu had his hands behind his back: “I believe you have all studied the basic knowledge for entering Astral University? From now on, you five are a team. Whether it is studying, living or completing missions, you are one body. You share honor and humility, do you understand?”

“Yes!” The five replied in unison.

“You’re identities are now different. You are the hope of humanity. The greater your abilities, the greater your responsibilities. What you need to do now is to protect the peace of humanity. This isn’t an empty sentence. Normal people can enjoy life but you can’t! The moment you entered Astral University has determined that your fate would be to aid the progression of the entire human race. You will sacrifice your blood and life!” There was a heroic sense in Hong Heiyu’s words. It was as if he was going against the heavens while shouldering morality.

“The new students of Astral University will make squads of between 3 to 10 members. The squad will be lead by a teacher. You probably know already that the strongest squad in Astral University are Heavenly God Squad, Samsara Squad, Angel Squad, Red Squad….. each team has to complete many missions in a year. If you fail to complete missions three times, you must leave the school! Of course, each time you complete a mission, there will be a rich reward provided for your cultivation.” Hong Heiyu continued.

Jiang Li read the information. It wasn’t easy continuing study at Astral University. Missions were very important. Some students were forced to quit before even finishing a year of school because they couldn’t complete their missions. This happened to one of the powerhouses in the police department in Xing Hua city. But even if they were forced to quit, they were still well above normal people. They could easily have great authority in the military or political field.

“Teacher, what name should we give to our squad?” The girl Lu Jiajia asked.

“I’m cultivating the S-ranked martial arts, [Ten Sided Path of Hell]. The new squad you form will be called Ten Sides Squad.” Hong Heiyu had already thought of the name. he said loudly:” I hope you can dominate the ten sides and shine brightly. On your computer, you can see the scoreboard for all the small squads in Astral University. The Ten Sides Team has been named.”

Jiang Li immediately clicked on the computer and saw the team scoreboard.

The first on the scoreboard was Eternal Life Squad

The second was Heavenly God Squad.

And there was Samsara Squad, Immortal Emperor Squad, Angel Squad, Red Squad, Sage King Squad, Sun and Moon Squad, Dragon and Snake Squad, Yang God Squad…..

These weren’t composed of new students.

Each year, there were large numbers of new students entering. All sorts of squads emerged but those that could enter the scoreboard was very rare. New students basically had no hope.

The scoreboard only ranked the top 3000 teams. Those squads that could enter the scoreboard had the battle power of a few battalions even if they were only made of 3 to 5 people. Those in the top ten were on another level.

Jiang Li looked at the scoreboard and searched for Ten Sides Squad. It immediately displayed: “The Ten Sides Squad has just been formed and have not yet completed any missions yet. It doesn’t have any score and therefore its ranking cannot be determined.”

“Teacher, how many squads are there in Astral University?” Lu Jiajia seemed very curious.

“When you gradually delve into the life of this university you will know.” Hong Heiyu didn’t reply: “Your powers are still very weak right now. It won’t be enough to complete missions. The first month of school opening is mainly for learning all sorts of knowledge and improving your life force as well as knowing the current situation of humanity.”

“Jiang Li!”

“Yes!” After hearing Hong Heiyu call out his name, he immediately replied loudly.

He saw Hong Heiyu waved his hand and rumble! Jiang Li felt a air wall created out of nowhere crushing towards him. He couldn’t withstand against it at all. The air flow was enough to push over mountains. It was hard like metal and instantly smashed onto his body.


His body flew outwards falling to the ground as he spewed a mouthful of blood.

This was the real congenial chi.

“Come back!”

With more than 20 steps in between them, Hong Heiyu suddenly made a claw with his hand and grabbed the air flinging backwards! Suddenly, a gush of air seemed to have materialized and was sucked out of this space. Suction was created and Jiang Li’s body flew in the sky landing back on Hong Heiyu’s hands.

Hong Heiyu’s hands exploded, smashing on Jiang Li. Every time he smashed, there was an explosion inside Jiang Li’s body. He seemed to be beaten in a pile of rotten meat.

Jiang Li couldn’t hold it anymore and howled like an injured wolf. The students who looked all started shivering. This was like pain of being stabbed thousands of times.


Jiang Li was thrown on the ground. He didn’t move and didn’t seem to be breathing. Meanwhile, Hong Heiyu’s face still appeared normal. He didn’t seem to care as he took out two fruit of life and stuffed it in Jiang Li’s mouth. He opened his computer: Energy, treatment.”


There was a beam of energy shot from the distant. It enveloped Jiang Li and started repairing his body. An hour later, Jiang Li was standing up again fully recovered. No one could tell that he just went through a hellish torture.

“This is my training method. You are the only one in Ten Sides Squad that can use congenial chi. Unfortunately, you have just started.” Hong Heiyu said: “What are explosions and wind blades? Controlling the air and making it twist and twirl to embody thousands of transformations is the top notch skill. I used congenial chi to defeat you. Only then can you understand the true meaning of it.”

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