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A whole month’s time had passed.

Jiang Li had been cultivating the [Tai Chi Chi Collection] technique every day. In the first ten days, he could master it very well and could only smash out simple air waves and explosions. His stances weren’t perfect either. As he cultivated, he repeated the moves tens of thousands of times a day under the surveillance of Wang Kurong and naturally became more and more fluent. There was a sense of primordial wholeness. His moves seemed soft but were actually powerful. They seemed slow but were actually fast like lightning.

This way, when he made the slightest movements, he felt like the air around him was made of plastic, sticking by his side. He could grab it however he wanted.

Finally, his martial arts reached a new state. When your speed becomes too fast, the air becomes a resistance. When air became resistance, it could be grabbed by the hand and manipulated however one liked. Everything depended on speed and speed depended on many movements. Air was on the hand, in the air, inside the body and inside the cells. Every inch of space was filled with air.

Jiang Li did as Wang Kurong instructed and cultivated this congenial chi that strengthened his body. Wind made the fire stronger.

Everyday after cultivating the [Tai Chi Chi Collection], he cultivated the Emperor Fire Seal and immediately felt the fire in his body rush ferociously. The fire burned, making him sweat like a pig. Each day, he smelt bad due to the sweat; this was because of the many impurities in his body which had been refined out.

Not only this, his appetite also increased by another fold. He needed to drink almost 50 bottles of solar and lunar essence each day as well as 2kg of nutritional serums. He also needed all sorts of expensive medicine that helped strengthen his bones and tendons. This way, he almost spent tens of millions of star coins each day.

He almost couldn’t pay for himself just with earnings. Luckily, Wang Kurong supported him with all he could, ridding him of this problem. Wang Kurong earned a lot of money now. Other than that, he also seemed to have a large amount of secret savings. This person was becoming more and more mysterious.

But Jiang Li knew that he was a friend and not an enemy.

Also, it seemed that Wang Kurong seemed to have changed his name and did not contact the SSRO. He seemed inclined to leave that organization. Ever since Wang Kurong found his dao, his though process had become really strange, as if he was trying to help all the people in the world.

Ding Dong!

The computer showed the notification for the beginning of school. “All new students who have returned home must come back within 3 days and report to Emperor Planet. The new term begins. You are about to enter a wonderful journey in your life.”

School was starting for Astral University. Jiang Li had to go back.

“School is starting?” Wang Kurong received news and waved his hand: “Go, I will take care of your parents and your sister. I won’t let any harm be done to them.”

“Thank you.”

“No need, I need to resolve the yin yuan of you saving me.” Wang Kurong said indifferently: “Whatever cause you plant, you will receive whatever effect.”

[TL note: yin yuan: karma, cause and effect, whenever someone does something, that is the cause and they will receive the effect whether it’s good or bad.]

Jiang Li felt very secure leaving his parents and sister with Wang Kurong. Of course, he still had a special secret card to play, and that was Big Black. Before he left, he went to the black market to bid farewell to Big Black.

Big Black was now busy researching genetics every day. He had established his own small research lab and things were going very well. His research in feline genetics had surpassed even many great professors. Of course, Jiang Li also taught the Emperor Fire Seal to Big Black. The Emperor Fire Seal could refine the impurities in your body and was helpful for evolving DNA. In fact, cultivating was changing the body’s DNA. It gradually changed people into a higher life form. It could also be seen as the progression from human to god.

Big Black was also getting stronger and stronger. After a series of research, he consumed the second bottle of Heavenly Shocking Lightning Beast’s DNA and began to evolve once again. Its body was getting stronger and stronger and even managed to evolve a horn between its eyes. Electricity crackeld on the horn. This was the first step to evolution and Big Black was one step closer to becoming a Heavenly Shocking Lightning Beast.


Big Black moved and dashed out. It roared in excitement: “The second stage of genetic evolution is a success!”

Jiang Li looked at the current Big Black. It had wings on its back and a horn on its head. It did not look anything like a cat. Jiang Li smiled: “Look at what you have become! You don’t even look like a cat. If we humans injected genetic water and grew out a pair of wings and a horn, then we’d probably be suicidal.”

“You humans put too much importance on your bodies. The Buddha ancestor said in the Diamond Sutra that those who seek me with a physical body will not be able to see me. Why is it so important how your body looks? In Buddhism, there’s the thousand handed Buddha, 3 heads and six arms Buddha. One even has a flying snake on his back, and others have wings. How is that strange? Jiang Li, you still haven’t seen past the difference between shape and shapeless. It’s hard for your spiritual state to progress like this.”

Big Black shook its head as it said those wise words. Jiang Li knew that what he had said was right. Humans inevitably associate too much importance with how they look. But if he really was to have an extra horn on his head, grow out 3 arms or a pair of wings, he still wouldn’t be able to accept it. Humans were humans, and they would cease to be if they had extra ligaments.

Meanwhile, Big Black had seen past this. Not only was his spiritual prowess above Jiang Li, his body was gradually becoming stronger, something like the Heavenly Shocking Lightning Beast.

“Big Black, what you accomplish in the future won’t be small. The day we control the entire black market won’t be far away. Brother, I await the day when you enact your ambition. Perhaps, the cosmos Is the true battle ground for you in the future.”

Jiang Li hugged Big Black, flower-faced overlord and the other five small kittens.

After this farewell, they won’t be able to see each other for at least a few years. Once he begins at Astral University, he wouldn’t be able to come back so easily.

On the battle ship

Jiang Li looked for Lara and Liana. The three hadn’t seen each other for these three months; Jiang Li tried to contact them but couldn’t as he didn’t know which secret base they went to for rigorous training.

“Jiang Li!” Lara waved to him in the crowd, standing tall. Liana smiled on the side. Jiang Li hurried to walk over. “We’ve all improved a lot this 3 months. Our life forces have reached 1.9!” Seeing Jiang Li, Lara and Liana both got excited.

“What training have you been doing?” Jiang Li smiled, he was curious: “How come I couldn’t contact you guys?”

“We went to Antarctica, the Ji Xian city there. We have been training in 4 times Earth’s gravity! Our families contacted the military and the military sent us there.” There was a strong sense of confidence in Lara’s eyes. She almost completely transformed during the time they were apart.
“So that’s it.” Jiang Li understood. Lara and Liana both got into Astral University. Their potential were the same as his. They would definitely be hooked in by the military on Earth. They must have received quite a lot of benefits, including the best training bases on Earth as well as all sorts of supplements. The benefits they acquired was more than what he acquired.

Once they entered Astral University, they would be the elite. Their families would probably expand ten times larger during these years. Many families would try to get close to them. The government of humanity and the military would all give benefits and conveniences to their families.

“By the way, what’s your life force now? I heard you have a friend called Wang Kurong. He became a tertiary hypnotist.” Liana had quite a lot of information sources.

The three talked as they sat in the seats. The ship started to submerge into the ocean.

“My life force….” Jiang Li used his spirit to scan his body structure. He discovered that every part of his flesh had changed into fibres with extremely strong elasticity. Even his bones started to turn into fibres and wasn’t the slightest bit brittle. They could bend easily. But when he operated his chi techniques, wherever his will went, his body would become firm like a mountain.

After cultivating the Emperor Fire Seal, his life force was 2.5.

These days, he received tutelage from Wang Kurong and cultivated the congenial chi, gaining greater understanding to the Emperor Wind Seal. The wind made the fire fiercer. More impurities had been refined out of his body. He also gained small mastery over the congenial chi. This improves his life force by 0.1 again.

“I’m about 2.6.”

And this was because there was insufficient nutrition on Earth. If it was on the Emperor Planet with an abundance of spirit chi, he wouldn’t have a problem ascending to 3.

“My god, you improved that fast.” Lara and Liana felt this was incomprehensible. They were about to ask more when the ship started to shake.

“Wormhole travelling initiated!”


The battle ship began interstellar travel.

In the process, Jiang Li returned to the dream of that alternate world, that cultivation world. At the same time, the energy from the wormhole not only changed his cells but also opened up more space in the dimension inside the opaque stone. This time, the dimension enlarged to more than 1000 square meters and ten meters tall.

He didn’t know how long it had been until he woke up from the dream. He checked his body and found it to be even stronger than before. A ball of energy washed over Jiang Li. When the energy dissipated, he came once again to the base on Emperor Planet.

Nowadays, 3 times Earth’s gravity was nothing to him. Walking and breathing was very easy for him and the constant pressure of the gravity was good training for him.

He could even feel the dense spirit chi and couldn’t wait to absorb it through fetal respiration. But now wasn’t the time as according to procedures, he must report to the school and have a teacher select him.

“I wonder who my teacher will be?” Jiang Li thought to himself: “Could it be someone with a life force of 10? Wang Kurong said that someone as strong as this could control the air and blast people into pieces from 100 steps away. The [Hundred Step Magical Fist] with its boundless power. I want to see it!”

Astral University was full of hidden dragons and crouching tigers. Especially those teachers, they were the strong people of humanity.

He looked around and didn’t know where Lara and Liana were transported to by the energy. He was in a big room.


A ball of energy formed a screen showing the face of a serious man: “Hello, Jiang Li, you are being selected by teachers right now. Show your strongest power, your strongest martial arts and let the teachers assess you.”


Jiang Li immediately started practicing. At the same time in a huge room, many screens flickered. There were hundreds of teachers of Astral University in this room. They were all watching the screens on which new students practiced their martial arts. They were looking at their potential and selecting their student from there.

These teachers were all dragons among men. Each had their strong temperament; their bodies emitted an imposing manner and a sense of authority. They were the heroes of mankind and fought countless battles for humanity. The survived in the complicated and dangerous universe, expanding humanity’s terrain.

“We’re picking the leftovers. The top ten of the ranked matches were all selected by the powerhouses of the school. I don’t think there will be any good ones left this time.”

“Yes, we’re picking from the Earth region. There’s even weaker tudents. Sigh! Bringing weak students to battle and war. I wonder how long they can survive....” A few teachers discussed.

“Hmm? That Earth region student, his physical capabilities are so strong!” Suddenly, the eyes of the teachers all focused on one screen.

They were looking at Jiang Li.

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