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“Guo Meng, was that really your friend? Jiang Li from Astral University?” After Jiang Li left, Xiao Feng had a face full of shock: “your best friend?”

“Yes.” Guo Meng nodded still looking dazed at the direction Jiang Li disappeard from: “We played together from little all the way to end of high school. He just gave me 1 million star coins telling me to live a good life.”

“Wow, 1 million!” The two girls from Xiao Feng’s dorm all became excited, 1 million was an astronomical amount to them.

“If only he was my boyfriend, Guo Meng, Guo Meng, hook me up with him. Lets eat dinner with him tonight?” Youyou grabbed Guo Meng and asked desperately.

“Youyou don’t think about it. Jiang Li isn’t the same type of people as us. He is high above like a god. There’s no way we can get close to him and be friends with him” The other girl was more calm.

“Sigh…” Youyou was full of regret and sighed: “Yes, we’re not the same type of people as him. We’re just normal people. The essence of his life is different from ours. I really want to become like him.”

“He might not be so happy as well. The fatality rate for Astral University students are very high each year. The greater the power, the greater the responsibility. We can live a peaceful life without fighting in life and death situations. This is also a type of happiness.” Guo Meng walked up and pulled Xiao Feng’s had: “Let’s go eat. I’m going to start my own company with this sum Jiang Li gave me! I will make you live a happy life.”

Xiao Feng smiled and nodded walking while holding hands with Guo meng.

The different students each walked their different path fighting for their respective ideals.

On the path of life, everyone have their own decisions.

Jiang Li felt that amongst all the living beings, everyone was a story.

What was empty space? People came from the empty space to the mortal world because of what?

After leaving Guo Meng, Jiang Li seemed to understand something but not really understand it at the same time. He was a bit confused.

“Big brother, my life force broke through to 1!”

In the Safety building, his little sister Jiang Xuan suddenly jumped and glided in front of Jiang Li like a sparrow gliding across the water surface.

“You’re improving so fast. Looks like a few years later, you can definitely enter Astral University.” Jiang Li looked at his sister with joy.

“Yes, my shifu purifies my body everyday. Now, I’m also an elementary hypnotist!” Jiang Xuan smiled. She opened a computer and showed her certificate saying proudly: “I already have a contract with the Safety Corporation. I can hypnotise 4 to 5 people everyday!”

“Little sister can also earn money now, I can safely let her take care of mum and dad.” Jiang Li felt relieved. The situation was completely different from a year ago.

Jiang Xuan had officially worship Wang Kurong as her master and studies martial arts everyday as well as the spiritual techniques. In a few months time, her powers sky rocketed.

Wang Kurong was almost the strongest in the 36 cities and one of the rare masters on earth. With his solid foundation, his powers overwhelming changes after finding his dao.

“Jiang Li, come to the training room!”

A voice travelled from the sky. It was Wang Kurong’s thought wave creating the effect of passing sound from thousands of miles away.

Of course, thousands of miles was an exaggeration. With Wang Kurong’s current spiritual prowess, he could only send his thought ten kilometers away.

This was straight line distance. If it was a circle, then the distance would only be a few kilometers.

Unless he improves once again and forms his holy fetus and reach fetal respiration, then he would be able to spread his thought to the entire city and became a super hypnotist.

“sister, you need to work hard cultivating.” Jiang Li said and disappeared from where he was. He was faster than the start up of a car, reaching 50 meters per second in a very short time.

Right now, he only took 2 seconds to run 100 meters.

With a life force of 2.5, he had overwhelming power and could already be called superman. His strong body was like a super engine allowing his body to be able to defend against machineries.

When he came to the training room, Wang Kurong was cultivating his physical capabilities. He seemed more and more youthful, looking like he was 40 years old. He was authorative without being angry. In front of him, there was a wooden pole with an arm’s wrist’s thickness.

He stood within 5 steps and suddenly inhaled. Then, he opened his mouth and a white gust shot out like a flying sword. In that instant, the wooden pole was slice in half.

“Killing people with exhaling breath!”

Jiang Li looked, this was killing people with air.

“Indeed, this is the Taoist congenial chi and could be used to kill people. When the speed reaches a certain point, the air waves can rip apart the human body.” Wang Kurong had his hands behind his back: “Recently, my life force has reached 3. With your Emperor Wind Seal, I understood the true essence of speed. Therefore, I asked you to come so we can discuss. If you can grasp the secrets of the congenial chi. Then you increase your damage by multiple times.”

As he spoke, he sliced in the air with his palm.


There was a gush of air wave.

Jiang Li just felt that the air around where Wang Kurong struck became like waves in the ocean, forcing him to take a few steps backwards subconsciously.

Under the strong air wave, the wooden pole exploded in the air into pieces.

“Slicing Air Palm!” Jiang Li could tell that when Wang Kurong sliced this palm, his body underwent thousands of times of vibrations in that instant. That condensed the air into a ball which he then pushed out with extreme speed creating a strong air explosion. This shattered the wooden pole through air.

This was god like martial arts.

Jiang Li’s martial arts had to connect his fists onto the body of the opponents to be effective. Just air waves wasn’t enough to rip apart the human body much less shatter a wooden pole.

Meanwhile, Wang Kurong could use explosive power to control air flow and shatter the wooden pole within five steps. His power and technique was many times better than Jiang Li’s.


He waved his hand again and immediately, another wooden pole within five steps was sliced. The surface was smooth like a mirror.

“Wind Blade!”

Jiang Li’s eyes brightened up again. Just then, Wang Kurong waved his hand, using his hand as a blade to slice the air. The rapid speed created a wind blade that slice the wooden pole.

Wang Kurong turned around and drew a circle in the air with his fists. Then, he pushed towards Jiang Li.

Immediately, Jiang Li like the air was pushing towards him like a wall making him suffocate. He hurried to retreat until the air wall disappeared.

This method of controlling air was almost magical.

“When your martial arts reach a certain state, you can obtain magical effects when you control the air flow. In the sovereign state era, although martial arts masters were able to reach this state, their physical capabilities couldn’t keep up with it. Their body couldn’t withhold the power of air waves and thus can’t get the effect of congenial chi. But now it was different, the human body can be stronger than iron and steel.”

Wang Kurong said calmly: “Your body right now is very strong. With the cultivation of the Emperor Fire Seal as well as the genetic meat you ate on planet Luo Sha, your body has now become impenetrable to knives and swords so you can barely use the congenial chi. It’s just that your technique isn’t very well grasped”

“My body is indeed very tought.” Jiang Li took out a sword from beside him and suddenly sliced onto this arm.

The moment when the blade and his arm connected, his arm shook and this sword was shattered to many pieces.

If Jiang Li operated his cultivation techniques, his arm would be strong like scales and could truly achieve impenetrable by sword and knives. But if it was those super sharp alloys that sliced metal like claw, then he still wouldn’t be able to block that.

And, he felt that he definitely couldn’t defend against the air explosions and wind blades.

“Meng Xingyun who beat you in the ranked matches of Astral University grasped the essence of chi and could kill people through air. The reason that you’re no match for him is that one inch longer, one inch stronger. Even if your attack range increased by one inch, that would be fatal in a brawl. I can tell that Meng Xingyun’s congenial chi can kill people within ten steps of him. That means a distance of 4 to 5 meters. His attack range is 4 to 5 meters longer than yours. Ten of you wouldn’t be a match for him.” Wang Kurong analysed.

Jiang Li went into deep thought.

This was a real existing problem. Your fists would only be effective if they connected with the opponent’s body. Meanwhile, the opponent could damage you just by slicing air from 4 or 5 meters away.

“In fact, your Emperor Wind Seal contains the true essence for chi but you still haven’t been able to understand it. This is such a pity.” Wang Kurong sighed: “With your body, you can use congenial chi that is effective within 3 steps. This is equivalent to gaining 1 meter of so attack rank. The cultivation of congenial chi can also boost your strength. The wind makes the fire stronger! Emperor Wind Seal is a very strong martial art, if you can’t pass the basics and learn the profound arts straight away, then you wouldn’t be able to understand it. I have designed a set of cultivation method for congenial chi for you to learn. It is derived from the martial art of our Wang family [Tai Chi Chi Collection].”

As he spoke, Wang Kurong stood up on his feed and got into a horse stance. He reached out his arm and grabbed the air.

Jiang Li immediately felt a gush of air was grabbed by his hand. It actually turned into a ball and spun for a second before dissipating.

Air seemed to have materialised on his hand. His speed was too fast and could indeed grab air.

When he grabbed, all the hair glands in his body opened up and closed. It seemed like a balloon that filled and deflated.

“Making intangible air into something solid. If you practise slowly, you can cultivate the congenial chi.” Wang Kurong explained clearly: “Changing between inhaling and exhaling, your hair glands change, your organs breathe in and out. In the process of collecting chi, your body is like a wind pipe. It uses chi to wash your body and gradually work harden it. With the cultivation of the fire seal, I think your physical capabilities will still improve a lot within a month.”

Jiang Li immediately understood what was told to him and also got into this stance. He inhaled and exhaled grabbing the air. However, he could only grab the air into waves and ripple but couldn’t control it into a swirling ball in his hands.

“Take it slowly, this is also a type of cultivation. Your foundation techniques aren’t good so you can’t control the air. You can’t show the essence of the Emperor Wind Seal. Our Wang family’s [Tai Chi Chi Collection] is the best way to establish your foundation.” Wang Kurong had his hands behind his back: “if you cultivated on the Emperor Planet, the effects would be much better. It has three times Earth’s gravity and contains spirit chi in its atmosphere. The air is much better than Earth’s air. I believe that when you go to school, your teacher will teach you this in the first lesson. I wonder who your teacher would be? If it’s someone with a life force of ten, then he can use [Hundred Steps Magical Fists]. Within 100 steps, all trees and plants would be blasted away by his air wave created from his fists.

Jiang Li continued to cultivate the basic techniques.

[Tai Chi Chi Collection]

One grab one shake, one circle. The hands looked to be fluffy but actually contained tonnes of power. Only through this could you grab air into a spinning ball in that instant.

However, he grabbed the air for more than 10,000 times but still couldn’t get it into a ball.

Meanwhile, Wang Kurong continuously gave him pointers on the side.

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