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In the large training room, there were loud bangs. This training room was 10000 square meters. However, it was made just for one person.

This was Jiang Li’s treatment in the Safety Corporation. He was the director of Safety Corporation in Xing Hua city. His position was high and he could mobilize a lot of assets.

He struck blows, swift like the wind.

With one fist, he blasted out air waves that managed to push back a mecha. In this 10,000 square meter training room, he was fighting with a few elementary mechas. The people who controlled the mechas were warriors from the Safety Corporation.

Right now, Jiang Li could fight mechas with his bare hands to practice his fighting skills. Beyond a life force of two, the necessary training method was to fight with mechas. Even since humanity’s technology had improved, as well as their life force, the battle between the human body and mechas became an eternal topic. Of course, right now, technology had the upper hand.

This was because of wormhole travel.

Even someone with a life force in the three digits with the spiritual state of sage cannot travel through wormholes alone to get from one planet to another planet. For example, although someone with a life force in the three digits could move mountains, the most they could do is travel from the Earth to the moon. After that, they would drop dead tired, like a dead dog. There was no way they could travel out of the solar system. However, they wouldn’t die in vacuum space as they could still survive even if they were floating in space.

But travelling to the moon from Earth in one physical body was already an unimaginable power.

The human technology was progressing and so was the cultivation of the human body. One day, it would definitely reach a powerful state.


A mecha’s speed reached 50 meters per second and appeared above Jiang Li’s head, smashing down.

Jiang Li howled to the sky with an intense pain. The Emperor Lightning Seal flashed, like a dragon and snake, and twisted, almost allowing people to see the lightning strike down.

There was a vehement clash between metallic arms and flesh and bone. Jiang Li didn’t move at all while cracks appeared on the entire body of the mecha! It fell to the grounds still.

“Wind and rain from all sides!” Jiang Li shook his body. In a blink, many fist shadows appeared around the mecha. Each shadow had the power and might of many tonnes and they rained down on the mecha.

Crack crack!

Countlesss cracks appeared on the mecha. Fire exploded around Jiang Li as he used his maximum strength. This mecha was suddenly ripped apart with his bare hands!

The driver controlling the mecha was shocked and dumbfounded. He stared stiffly at Jiang Li. Ripping apart mechas with bare hands… This was absolutely inhuman.

“Stop! Stop fighting. Although these mechas aren’t battle mechas, they are still training mechas. Each one of them is very expensive. It’s too extravagant to be ripping them apart.” Chu Xixi walked in: “Jiang Li, your power has skyrocketed recently.”

“Yes indeed, it’s approximately 2.5.” Jiang Li put on his clothes. He was originally bare-chested in Chu Xixi’s presence he put on some clothes: “It seems that your powers have been increasing rapidly as well.”

“I was taught by Wang Kurong and understood a lot of things. I may be entering stasis any time now.” Chu Xixi smiled: “Mr Kurong really knows everything. He has already taken in your sister as his disciple. Just three more years and your sister can definitely get into Astral University.”

As soon as Wang Kurong gained enlightenment, his power started to skyrocket. But he was different to Na Man. Na Man didn’t usually show up in public. She was very mysterious. Meanwhile, Wang Kurong had been helping people everywhere in these past two months. From many government personnel to the normal citizens, he had been helping hypnotise them. The money they gave was completely up to them.

Of course, the number of people he helped was still limited to 3000. Anyone could apply online at the Safety Corporation’s website. The names were randomly selected by the computer and that was completely dependent on luck. Those who were lucky could receive his enforcement. Therefore, he became the most welcomed and respected master in the 36 Chinese cities.

Jiang Li knew that Wang Kurong practised cannibalism on Planet Luo Sha and fell into the Asura life. Wang Kurong was then saved by him and returned to the normal world. His actions now were to make up for past bad karma.

Jiang Li too kept hypnotizing people everyday in Xing Hua city. He hypnotized 3000 people every morning. Each person needed to pay 3000 star coins. This price was already extremely low. Many people from foreign places all came rushing in.

Originally, before Jiang Li cultivated the Emperor Fire Seal, he could only hypnotise 2000 people. But after he cultivated the Emperor Fire Seal, he needed twenty or so bottles of solar and lunar essences as well as large amounts of nutritional serums. This resulted in his brain cells strengthening even more, as well allowing him to hypnotise an extra 1000 people.

Everyday, there was around 5 million star coins income added to Jiang Li’s card and that was after tax. But he also used up quite a lot of resources each day as well. After the Sun and Moon Corporation left the black market, the price of solar and lunar essence inflated to 200,000 star coins a bottle.

Therefore, all the money he got from hypnosis each day was spent on buying solar and lunar essence. He didn’t have any money left over. Sometimes, he also went through all sorts of training, cultivating his sister and helping his parents. He could barely make ends meet.

Although Big Black was living well in the black market, he also needed to cultivate everyday. Not only did he need large amounts of nutrition, he was also establishing his own laboratory, researching the DNA of the Heavenly Shocking Lightning Beast. This burned money. For something like a science laboratory, countless amounts of money must be invested into it. Therefore, Big Black was also short on money!

Jiang Li’s credit was empty. Although his balance wasn’t negative, there wasn’t any surplus either, given that his nutritional needs were 100 times that of a normal person. After cultivating the Emperor Fire Seal, it made him a complete pig. It was said that in the ancient times, some martial arts master ate three whole cows a day, some even a whole elephant.

But now, technology was advanced. One kilogram of nutritional serum had much more nutrition than that of 3 cows, and solar and lunar essence was even more powerful. This controlled Jiang Li’s appetite; such were the benefits of advanced technology.

Every morning, he hypnotized and earned money. Every afternoon, he trained. At night, he discussed dao with Wang Kurong. The days passed and Jiang Li lived a very fulfilling life.

This day, an idea came up in his mind so he used the resources of the Safety Corporation and mobilized some training mechas. After fighting with them, he discovered he had the ability to rip apart mechas with his bare hands.

Originally, mechas were strictly prohibited. However, large companies could cross over this line and apply for training mechas. There were no guns and laser cannons attached on them. At the same time, mechas were also unable to fly. It could only jump and glide. Of course, these types of mechas still had a terrifying offensive power. The power of each fist was at least 5 tonnes. That was enough to send a small car flying.

Unfortunately, Jiang Li’s life force now was 2.5, and each fist had a power of 6 tonnes. The impulse was shocking. After his wind and lightning seal were primed by Wang Kurong, his understanding of them became deeper and deeper. His speed and explosive power all had significant improvements.

More importantly, Jiang Li’s parents were living with Wang Kurong under his protection. Although one of the powerhouses of the 36 cities, the Yu family, resented Jiang Li, there was nothing they could do. Authority seemed insignificant in the wake of absolute power. People like Wang Kurong could affect a whole army just by himself. Wherever he went, people would be controlled by him. After he projected his thoughts out, people who would be willing to die for him. No powerhouses could withstand the consequences of angering him.

Moreover, assassination didn’t have any effect on him. These people’s sixth senses were very acute. Although they weren’t fortune tellers, their spirit would still be able to sense when someone wished to ambush them. And once he sensed that and retaliated immediately, no one would be able to withstand it.

The powerhouses knew the terrifying might of these people, so they avoided coming into conflict with them. Moreover, these people had the own power factions. Saftey Corporation was one of the regional mafia bosses. Its founder, Zhang Safety, was already someone in the elite district. Who dares to cause them trouble?

Right now, Jiang Li’s family is in absolute safety. Meanwhile, Jiang Zhendong started gathering resources and prepared for the research of new solar and lunar essence. Wang Kurong would help cultivate his body everyday, making him smarter and thus helping with his scientific research.

Everything was unfolding well.

“There’s one more month before I step foot into Emperor Planet and experience the real uni life. In this last month, I’ll relax and spend more time with my family.” Walking out of the Safety Building, Jiang Li felt the sun was so bright and beautiful. He wanted to completely relax for a while.

Although he would lose around 6 million star coins each day in he didn’t hypnotise, hypnotizing 3000 people each day was an extremely tiring job. If he continued this without rest, that would result in spiritual fatigue.

Beep beep beep….
He called his best friend Guo Meng.

“Wow! Jiang Li, I didn’t expect you to call!” After picking up the phone, his best friend Guo Meng was very shocked: “Right now, you’re a big shot! A student of Astral University, secondary hypnotist, and on top of that, you’re a high level manager of the Safety Corporation. How would you remember me?”

“Brother, we’ve been best friends since a young age. There’s one month before I leave Earth, let’s meet up!” Jiang Li smiled. He was very relaxed as if going back to the days he was a normal person.

“Haha, come on then. I got into Xing Hua University and I’m with my girlfriend at school right now.” Guo Meng laughed: “Come, stir some shit up!”

“Don’t!” Jiang Li hurried: “It’ll be fine just with us two. I don’t want to create any sensations. But you have a girlfriend? I must meet her, wait, I’m coming to Xing Hua University.”

“Okay! I can also help introduce you to a girl. But with your current status, you wouldn’t even want the prettiest girl in Xing Hua University.” Guo Meng laughed.

Jiang Li hung up the phone. He didn’t drive and took the rail to the city. He changed to a normal set of clothes which made hims look just like a normal student.

Right now, he could easily tweak the muscles on his face to change his appearance. He could even slightly change his bones and organs. Unless it was someone very strong, then no one would be able to see through it.

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