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With Jiang Zhenyue’s order, the Sun and Moon Corporation was prepared to destroy all of the Safety Corporation’s assets in the black market.

Gu Xiong at the side stared at the screen and suddenly stood up. He exclaimed: “How can that be possible? How? Eternal stasis, this is the state of eternal stasis.”

“What, eternal stasis?”

Jiang Zhenyue was shocked by Gu Xiong. He was about to tell him off.

But then, he followed Gu Xiong’s eyes and looked at the scene played on the screen. He became quiet.

On the screen, Wang Kurong was hypnotizing.

This giveaway event hosted by the Safety Corporation consisted of three hypnotists, Jiang Li, Chu Shan and Wang Kurong. After they finished reporting Jiang Li, they started to report Wang Kurong.

All the news channels switched to Wang Kurong.

At the start, he was just patting people’s heads placing them in a state of tranquility and putting them to sleep with a smile of satisfaction. But as the number of people he hypnotized increased, his spiritual state seemed to be improving. He emitted a sense of ‘dropping the sword and becoming a Buddha immediately.”

Wang Kurong walked down the stage and into the crowd.

He closed his two hands and made mumbling sounds. It seemed like Buddhist hums, Dao lyrics or maybe songs. Originally, there was a sea of people at the event. They all wanted the enforcement of secondary hypnotists and therefore, that created a lot of crowding. That would result in a lot of disruptions. Maybe workers tried to maintain order. Wang Kurong could not come off stage or that would create a massive disturbance.

But now, he walked off stage. With him as the centre, there seemed to be a strong influence emitted around him.

Everyone copied him and closed their hands, sitting on the ground. They were no longer created rupture and instead hummed in a low voice.

These people were all being hypnotized. Their mouths constantly repeated the same sentence: “Completely eradicate all seeds of annoyances and obsessions. Be no longer lured by it. Enlighten to the state of eight grounds Buddha. The heart to seek Dao, forever ingrained in my heart.”

Completely eradicate all seed of annoyances and obsessions. The heart to pursue Dao does not change. That is the so called eight grounds Buddha. That is eternal stasis!

At this moment, Wang Kurong ascended to the state of eternal stasis.

He really understood the true meaning between eternal and non-eternal.

In The Great Sutra of Mercy, Guan Yin Buddha heard The Great Incantation of Mercy and immediately went from elementary ground Buddha to eight grounds Buddha. But he had already because a real Buddha in the past. He became a lesser Buddha in the present due to his ties with the mortal world and showed the mortals his state.

Right now, Wang Kurong came back from planet Luo Sha and freed his spirit from slaughter and started helping people. This enlightened him to the state of eight grounds Buddha.

This was the last of the three stasis, eternal stasis.

Wherever he went, people would close their hands and sit down. They entered a state of serenity. He didn’t use any hands signs or special moves. It seemed like that wherever he went, the filth soils of the mortal world became a heaven like utopia.

Everyone’s troubles were severed by him and thus entering a state of great joy and peace.


The few workers and doctors were also influenced by him. The testing equipments dropped from their hands displaying a sleep quality value of 1000! This far exceeded Jiang Li’s result.

“This is!”

At this moment, many people who looked at the news were shocked. They didn’t think that something like this would occur. A secondary hypnotist ascended to eternal stasis. That meant he was a tertiary hypnotist.

On the sea, in a beautiful island, there was a beautiful lady wrapped in black clothes. She was the strongest hypnotist in Jing Hua city. Na Tan was also viewing this hypnosis event. When she saw that Wang Kurong entered eternal stasis, her eyes flashed with praise and stood up: “Eternal stasis, another person from the 36 cities has reached eternal stasis. I won’t be lonely anymore.”

Jiang Li was also dumbfounded.

It took him by surprise that Wang Kurong reached eternal stasis at this moment. Such rapid ascension was unimaginable. But he left planet Luo Sha which was equivalent to leaving hell and then he came to the human world, helping the mass. This sudden change in environment resulting in ascension was also understandable.

“Constant, irregular. Who can really see through it?” Jiang Li was mixed with feelings. Seeing Wang Kurong’s ascension, he was also very happy.

Eternal stasis could not be compared to lesser stasis and greater stasis. Not only is there a sky rocket change in spiritual state but also more importantly, your powers would never regress. Nothing would be able to affect your mood anymore.

Jiang Li for example, if someone killed his parents, he would definitely lose his calm. If something worse happened to him, then his heart that reached stasis may regress back to deep sleep due to the spiritual trauma. He may even turn into a normal human completely.

But this wouldn’t happen to Wang Kurong. Even if the world was destroyed, he would only see it as a dream. His spirit would never change as it is maintained constant for eternity.

The people who viewed the live broadcast couldn’t hold themselves from excitement anymore.

This was major news.

Vindicating the birth of a tertiary hypnotist.

The government of humanity would definitely see him as master among masters because when a person was equivalent to a whole army, then wherever he went, people around him would all be hypnotized.

This event became Wang Kurong’s one man show.

Jiang Li and Chu Shan became his set offs instead. But both of them were very happy. They looked at each other. The sensation created by this event was at least ten times bigger than what they expected.

It could be seen that after the event ended, countless citizens would come to Safety Corporation.

“Tertiary hypnotist!”

On an island, Jiang Zhenyue sat defeated in his chair.

He didn’t expect something like this to happen to the Safety Corporation. A tertiary hypnotist could not be compared with the likes of Chu Shan and Gu Xiong.

This sort of person had extremely strong offensive power. If he came to the black market, then countless masters would be hypnotized with one thought and attack the Sun and Moon Corporation. Even the workers of the Sun and Moon Corporation would rebel and try to assassinate Jiang Zhenyue at any time.

You must not make enemies with these sort of people because there was no way to defend against his attack. He doesn’t even need to be at the scene and countless people would rush to kill you.

It was hard even for the police to acquire concrete evidence.

For example, you were in your office, then suddenly, your loyal guard kills you and then suicides. What evidence could the police have?

Although technology was advanced now, it was still impossible to detect thought hypnosis because people’s thoughts were intangible.

But, normally, those people who reach this state wouldn’t go assassinating people because every one of them is sitting high above. They could render the enemy immobile with just one word.

The event finally ended and Jiang Li and Chu Shan left to rest. Meanwhile, Wang Kurong was surrounded by journalists. However, he didn’t accept interviews. He walked out with his hands clasped together and all the journalists moved out of his way automatically.

With him being the centre, everywhere his thought went, all living things with emotions were surrendered to him

“This thing really went perfect today. Who would’ve thought the brother Kurong could be enlightened to eternal stasis. I really admire him.” In the balcony on the top of Safety Corporation’s mountain, the three enjoyed the peace.

Chu Shan’s face couldn’t hide his excitement.

“Too late.” Wang Kurong’s face didn’t change: “This day came too late…”

Jiang Li was feeling his own spiritual state. This time, he hypnotized two thousand customers. Meanwhile, Chu Shan only hypnotized 200 or so.

He hypnotized ten times as much as Chu Shan. That means that despite Chu Shan and Jiang Li are both in lesser stasis, Jiang Li’s brain cells were ten times stronger than Chu Shan’s.

“CEO Chu, there’s news that the Sun and Moon Corporation are fully retreating from the black market. Jiang Zhenyue is leaving Jing Hua city I a battle ship heading towards their base on the moon.” This time, a worker reported to Chu Shan.

“Oh? Hahahahaha, that’s good news!” Chu Shan had already expected such circumstance but he was still surprised that Jiang Zhenyue left this fast: “Brother Kurong’s eternal stasis must have scared him. This is good, saves us many troubles. But after the Sun and Moon Corporation leaves, our supply of solar and lunar essence would be exhausted.”

“The black market would return to the state it was before.” Jiang Li smiled: “But I feel that the Sun and Moon Corporation wouldn’t leave so easily. They must have left some cards behind. They are just dodging the bullet for now. But it’s good that they don’t dare to get cocky with us for now. With this 3 month time, I’ll develop with all our might! I’ll use this opportunity to increase my power. Only then would I be able to stay on top of everyone when I get back to Astral University. I didn’t get top ten this time and this makes my heart feel uneasy!”

“Indeed, the problem of the Sun and Moon Corporation has been solved and you can fully focus on cultivating. The more outstanding you are, the better of Safety Corporation can develop.” Chu Shan smiled and stood up: “Mr Kurong. The Safety Corporation would like to hire you as the director of Jing Hua city, managing all the business of the 36 chinese cities. Your yearly salary is 30 million star coins and there are also other earnings. What do you think?”

“Okay, I’m honoured.”

Wang Kurong’s face stayed calm and answered without even thinking. No one knew what he was thinking right now.

After all the things have been handed over, Jiang Li gasped a sigh of relief. The following three month would be cultivation. Originally, he wanted to fight with the Sun and Moon Corporation but now, Wang Kurong ascended to tertiary hypnotist and the opposition just fled. This allowed him to rest peacefully.

“It’s time to cultivate the Emperor Fire Seal.”

He wanted to improve his strength rapidly and the only way was by cultivating the Emperor Fire Seal.

He wondered what secrets were contained in this martial arts.

Late at night.

He sat in a secret room in the headquarters of the Safety Corporation’s Jing Hua city site. He went into stasis seeping his spiritual energy into the opaque stone, entering a dream almost instantly.

Dream for many millenniums, what era is it now?

The white clothed man appeared once again.

“Do you wish to start the cultivation for the Emperor Fire Seal? If you do, your spirit will be weakened for 30 days.”

“What? Wasn’t it 49 days before?” Jiang Li was curiuous.

“Your power has grown a lot, so the weak period would be less.” There was not the slightest bit of emotion in the white clothed man’s tone. He asked once again: “Do you wish to begin?”

“Begin!” Jiang Li answered without hesitation.


He just felt that after this, the whole world was shaking. There seemed to be something taken from his brain cells as the activation energy. His spirit felt extremely weak but he still endured and looked at the cultivation method for the Emperor Fire Seal.

“Fire, is the origin of all civilization. It’s greatest use is refining. Any human who used fire could eat cooked food and thus lessen the burden on his stomach and gain more energy as well as opening the wisdom in their brain. But fire can also destroy everything, burn everything. After you learn the Emperor Fire Seal, your desire for food would increase ten folds and so will your digestive abilities! Your strength will also increment significantly. You’re refining ability would be completely different from before. The essence of your life would also be improved!”

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