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Admitting he had killed Jiang Zhenyue’s son in front of him and then refusing to cooperate with Yu Tong, Jiang Li knew he had started enmity with the two powers.

But he didn’t care, as long as he was strong himself, no one could do anything to him.

Next, the Safety Corporation started their promotion, ‘Spiritual Curing”. They invited him, Wang Kurong and Chu Shan to come together and gave this discount to all the customers of Safety Corporation.

An elementary hypnotist already cost 1000 star coins per hypnosis, and for a secondary hypnotist to perform his or services, the cost was unimaginable.

Right now, the Safety Corporation started this event allowing all its customers to enjoy the hypnosis of a secondary hypnotist only costing 3000 star coins. This was a large giveaway! Of course, no businessmen would partake in a failing business scheme. This event could greatly boost the fame of Safety Corporation and also attract high-order customers.

However, for elementary hypnotists, it was called hypnosis, but for secondary hypnotist it was called enforcement. Normally, people would say: “A master enforced me.” That meant that it was a secondary hypnotist who hypnotized him.

Because when elementary hypnotists hypnotize people into deep sleep, the highest sleep quality was only 100. But secondary hypnotists could allow people’s sleep quality to reach 200, 300 or even 500! This was an even better treatment for the body’s internal system. One hypnosis could make people appear as if they had a complete makeover. It was more effective than any medicine.

“Jiang Li, this is all the relevant information about the human body’s internal secretion, as well as how secondary hypnotists utilize thought to control other people’s internal secretion. Although you have become a secondary hypnotist, you can kill people with one thought but we need to hypnotise other people and treat their body. That is truly helping people. Killing people is easy but helping people is hard.”

Chu Shan sent a mail to Jiang Li. The computer came up with all sorts of practical information about secondary hypnotists.

“Killing, helping….”

Wang Kurong heard this and seemed to be moved by the words.

Indeed, a secondary hypnotist could change people’s thought, make enemies suicidal, and cause hallucinations as if being haunted by a ghost, living in fear of every moment. But they could also help people, make people be calm at heart, and unlock the true essence of stationary and mobile states, sharing the power of the spirit and step foot on the path of cultivation.

This was helping people. Killing people was easy; they could do it with one thought. Helping people was hard.

“I’ve killed so many people on planet Luo Sha and even ate people before. Now, I’m actually starting to help people. Life really is full of wonders….” Wang Kurong’s temperament suddenly changed, looking sagely. Subtly, it could be seen from his eyes that he was empathetic towards the poor.

“Hmm?” Jiang Li and Chu Shan immediately felt the difference. They looked at each other. They knew that Wang Kurong probably had a breakthrough in his spirit and was in a state of comprehension.

Amongst the three, Wang Kurong’s prowess was the most well-established. It didn’t matter one’s life force or spiritual state, for he was already in the state of greater stasis.

And he had lived an exciting life. In his early years, he came from a martial arts family. After joining the SSRO and encountered a major change, he was imprisoned on planet Luo Sha to survive by himself for ten years. He almost became a demon from hell, living his days by eating people. Now, he had returned to a civilized society and started helping people. This was a living book of history.

His life experience had resulted in his strong spirit. Only after experiencing the different things in the world could one understand a higher state.

“Let’s go help people.” Wang Kurong waved. There was a vibrant smile on his face. Jiang Li felt a sense of pride and satisfaction radiate from him.

“You broke through and reached eternal stasis? Your Dao heart won’t change again?” Jiang Li asked in confusion.

“No, how can the state of eternal stasis be so easy?” Wang Kurong shook his head, sighing: “It’s just that I was touched in the heart.”

Jiang Li thought about it and tried to learn how to utilize his strong thought to change people’s internal fears and obstacles. He had an abundance of knowledge. Having been able to get into Astral University, his literacy skills were, needless to say, excellent. Medicine and anthropology were compulsory subjects.

After a few hours, he already finished reading some of the information and memorised it by heart. Just then, a worker rushed in hurriedly: “Three masters, everything has been prepared. The customers of our Safety Corporation are waiting in the lounge. There’s a massive crowd….”

“You don’t need to tell me, I’ve run these sorts of events many times.” Chu Shan stopped the worker from continuing before turning his head: “Jiang Li, let’s go. Your identity can bring you quite some popularity. You might get pretty tired this time, but it is an excellent display of your skills.”

“I know.” Jiang Li spread his thought out.

The three then rode a flying vehicle to the public square below the mountain. It was really a sea of people and there were many more flying vehicles in the sky. There were hover cars in which journalists travelled; although this was just a commercial event, there were at least three secondary hypnotists working together so there was a large media response.

Especially with Jiang Li’s identity, having been newly admitted into Astral University, he was the stronger focus of media.

“Hello everyone.” The news team directed their camera lens at Jiang Li, Chu Xuan and Wang Kurong who just got off the car.

“The three secondary hypnotists have appeared. Let me introduce them. Out of these three masters, I’m sure everyone is quite familiar with one of them. He is the student of Astral University, Jiang Li. Jiang Li came from a normal family but was a prodigy…” After a large introduction of Jiang Li, they then pointed the camera at Wang Kurong: “This is the mysterious guest of the Safety Corporation, Wang Kurong. It is said that his spiritual prowess has reached greater stasis and acquired the certificate for secondary hypnotist many years ago. The last hypnotist is one of the CEO’s of the Safety Corporation, Mr Chu Shan.”

Many news outlets were broadcasting live. At this time, everyone from all 36 Chinese cities were listening and watching.

This was Jiang Li’s first time facing all these cameras. However, his spiritual prowess was strong and he had seen many big scenes so he wasn’t surprised.

He came to the public square. The workers of Safety Corporation had already prepared the grounds. They separated the crowd and built a high podium. And in open sky, they invited people to line up to receive the enforcement.

Three high podiums, one for each hypnotist.

Jiang Li climbed the high podium and the workers arranged for ten customers to get on the stage. These people were all fairly reputable. Under the eyes of the public, they didn’t dare to be rude and greeted Jiang Li with reverence.

“Jiang Li, please enforce us!” A middle aged man said: “I’m the manager of the daily news of Jing Hua city. After this personal enforcement experience, I will write a report that will spread you name throughout the lands.”


Jiang Li didn’t reply to him. His hands suddenly formed a seal creating lightning roars.

In that instance, all of the ten people on the stage suddenly shook, making the same stance as him. They formed seals with their hands and stumbled off the high stage before sitting on the ground, entering a deep sleep.

Immediately, there were people from the media and Safety Corporation going up to test their sleep quality.

“Entered deep sleep, sleep quality, 500. Internal secretions are at a high state of accordance!” A doctor immediately checked and reported. At this time, many media teams were recording and writing about the scene. Each of these 10 people were hypnotized to form seals with their hands. They sat on the ground in a special state. There seemed to be lightning hums within their bodies.

The face of each and everyone of them showed a complexion of understanding; it was as though they came to a sudden enlightenment.

People could feel one word from their expression, and that word was zen. Their hearts were calm and it was as if they understood the world, having acquired a type of peace.

“Viewers, this is the hypnotic power of Jiang Li. It’s too amazing! I’ve had one other chance to interview a secondary hypnotist before. They can only hypnotise people into deep sleep with a sleep quality or around 300 to 400. But now, every person Jiang Li has hypnotized reached 500. And everyone, look at their faces. It’s as if they have learnt something and are cultivating. The internal cycle and chi of these people have changed. Their bodies are emitting sounds similar to that of tiger roars and lightning hums…” A reporter announced excitedly on the scene.

Jiang Li remained indifferent. He repeated the cycle of getting the customers of stage, using a hand seal, emitting a sound, and these people all made the same movement as him. They walked off the stage automatically and sat on the ground, starting a deep sleep cultivation.

He knew that this was helping people. For each person he hypnotized, he made their spirits attain peace and gain enlightenment, dispersing the cloud of confusion above their heads.

He felt like he was a Buddha, enforcing people with his might and helping to reduce the calamity and misfortune in the world. All the negative emotions such as cruelty, sinister, jealousness had all disappeared. He felt everything he did was holy and great.

And indeed it was. Everyone who was hypnotized by him received benefits spiritually and physically.

“This young man is so strong!”

On an island in Jing Hua city, base of Sun and Moon Corporation.

Jiang Zhenyue and Guxiong looked at this commercial event with wonder.

Gu Xiong saw Jiang Li continuously hypnotizing hundreds of people. His face became pale: “His spirit is so strong, looking so calm even after hypnotizing so many people. His powers are absolutely absurd!”

“I have already reported his words to the elders in the family. The elders are outraged! They have sent people to deal with this kid.” Jiang Zhenyue recovered to his normal state as if recovering from the death of his son. He was no longer hysterical but very calm instead.

“What did the few elders say? He is a student of Astral University, it’s hard to deal with him.” Gu Xiong’s lips were dry: “He can probably hypnotise even me right now!”

Our Jiang family also has students in Astral University. There are many countless training exercises in Astral University. He is only a new student. We’ll find a chance to kill him during a training exercise. His death at my hands is a fate that is sealed ever since he took my son’s life...” Jiang Zhenyue closed his eyes: “After killing him, we’ll apprehend Jiang Zhendong!”

“We need to plan this carefully. Don’t forget that he still has a mysterious son, Jiang Tao!” Gu Xiong reminded.

“Hm, although that Jiang Tao is mysterious, he doesn’t have much impact. He is way less significant than the current Jiang Li. Besides, after we capture Jiang Zhendong, he can’t do much more about it.” Jiang Zhenyue patted the table: “The Safety Corporation did this promotion to increase their influence. Send out my order, disrupt the Safety Corporation with full might in the black market! Jeopardize their business and kick them out of the black market!”

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