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With the cooperation between Wang Changrong and Big Black, this cat and man duo would definitely dominate in the black market. Jiang Li almost seemed to have foreseen the destruction of the Sun and Moon Corporation in the black market.

Especially Wang Changrong: He acquired a citizen identity for himself just with a few messages and also changed his name to Wang Kurong. He had great power and was perfect for fighting against the Sun and Moon Corporation.

Beep beep….

A message popped up on the computer.

“Jiang LI, you’re back? Come to Safety building quickly.”

It was Chu Xixi’s email.

“I’ll come immediately.” Jiang Li replied. At this moment, he was already on the train. Seeing that Wang Kurong swiped the identity chip and was able to successfully pass through the detection, he finally rested his heart.

Looks like the whole system of humanity’s citizenship had acknowledged his identity.

Since then, Wang Kurong was a free person.

In no time, Wang Kurong and Jiang Li arrived at a rural mountain in Xing Hua city. They walked into the headquarters of the Safety Corporation. Jiang Li was the head manager here, his status was very high.

When all the workers saw him come in, their bodies shook and showed faces of respect.

“Hello Manager Jiang.’

“Manager Jiang, you’re finally back.”

“Manager Jiang, I’ll help you open the door.”…..

All the workers on the mountain took action as if welcoming the head of state’s work inspection.

This was not only because Jiang Li was the corporation’s head manager but also because he was a student of Astral University. Every student was humanity’s legend. Although Jiang Li didn’t get into top ten, he was still a god like figure in the hearts of many people.

The workers of the corporation rushed to get a look at him.

Jiang Li didn’t care about this, his mind state was not easily disturbed.

Chu Xixi was already waiting for him at the very top floor. Other than her, there was also Chu Shan.

Jiang Li walked into the lobby and saw Chu Shan stood next to the window with his hands behind his back, Jiang Li greeted: “CEO Chu, hello, why did you come?”

“You got into Astral University and came back as a student. Of course I need to come greet you personally. The HQ is also very happy with this news.” Chu Shan turned around looking at Jiang Li without the slightest bit of surprise: “You entered stasis?”

“Just lucky, in the training for Astral University, I saw through life and death and only then was I able to reach stasis.” Jiang Li replied truthfully.

“You killed Jiang Liu and Yu Muhua in the training?” Chu Shan asked again: “Yu Muhua’s father, Yu Tong is applying pressure to our corporation, saying that after you come back, we should immediately sack you and kick you out. Otherwise, our Safety Corporation shouldn’t think about staying in the 36 chinese cities.”

“haha….” Wang Changrong made a sharp laughing sound: “Two little brats, so what if they are killed.”

“You are?” Chu Shan had noticed Wang Changrong behind Jiang Li’s back ages ago but because what he was going to ask was too important that he didn’t have a chance to greet him.

“This is my friend, called Wang Kurong.” Jiang Li introduced: “He’s a master and has accepted my invitation to deal with the Sun and Moon Corporation and at the same time help Safety Corporation pass through this harsh circumstance. His prowess is at greater stasis with a life force of close to 3!”

“Greater stasis!” Chu Shan’s body shook: “I didn’t know you were a great master, my bad for my rudeness, I’m Chu Shan, the CEO of Safety Corporation.”

Chu Shan came up politely and shook hands.

“All good all good, my impression of Safety corporation isn’t bad. I have seen your greatest CEO, founder Zhang Safety 30 years ago. He was an amazing person about 10 years younger than me. He’s still in his prime, at that time, he told me he was relocating to the elite district. Has he been able to realize that?” Wang Changrong sank into reminiscence.

“You’ve seen our founder?” Chu Shan was shocked: “He has migrated to the elite district. 30 years ago, there wasn’t even a Safety Corporation.”

“Past friends are hard to forget…” Wang Kurong shook his head and sighed: “The past is hard to face, the past friends have all become the elite and yet I was trapped in a dead zone, stopped from progression. When I think back, my luck was really back…. But this is all fate, what can you do.”

After just hearing two sentences, Chu Shan knew that this Wang Kurong was someone significant. Just by shaking hands with him, he could tell this person’s life force was extremely strong, at least 2.7 or 2.8.

Chu Shan was only barely 2 himself.

“Please sit, please sit.” He hurried to usher Wang Kurong to the middle seat.

“Don’t need to be so hospitable, I’m friends with Jiang Li. His things are my things.” Wang Kurong waved his hand: “A little powerhouse of the Xing Hua city dares to point fingers at Safety Corporation. He must be tired of living.”

“I also thought so as well, there’s no way we can give up Jiang Li.” Chu Shan opened the screen and immediately displayed the results of the CEO meeting and the current status of Safety Corporation: “Jiang LI, you are going to report to Astral University three month later. In this 3 months, we must completely take care of this and cripple the Sun and Moon Corporation, destroy all of their power in the black market.”

“This is a must, the black market is a fat piece of meat. Whoever gets involved earns big and also control a power that should not be ignored.” Jiang Li have long had this determination and putting Big Black in there was part of his plan.

“The focus is that secondary mecha!” Chu Shan’s faced displayed determination and cruelty: “To deal with this, the HQ has also secretly got their hands on a secondary mecha which will arrive in the black market soon. Who will ride this mecha and fight with the Sun and Moon Corporation and completely cripple them?”

“Of course it will be me.”

Jiang Li patted the table with blood boiling. Fighting with mechas, this was raw bloodiness and violence. This could practice Jiang Li’s will power and battle experience.

“This is too dangerous, you are a student of Astral University. You have a great future ahead of you.” Chu Shan looked at the computer. On it displayed many artificial clips showcasing the battle between two secondary mechas: “The fight between mechas is very dangerous. During the intense battle, there are bound to be damages. The moment there is a damage, the driver must grasp the opportunity or use hypnosis to control the enemy and make the enemy destroy the mecha’s ignition system from the inside!”

The hypothetical battle between the two mechas, the different degrees of damages as well as all sorts of possible scenarios were all remembered by Jiang Li.

“Mr Kurong.” Jiang Li suddenly said to Wang Changrong: “Would you have the interest to hypnotise and become the head hypnotist of our Safety Corporation? We can start an activity to increment the prestige of our corporation. Right now, we’re both secondary hypnotists and basically don’t attend normal scenes and hypnotise for normal people. But right now, we can start a limited time promotion where we hypnotise for normal customers. This would definitely make our business popular once again.”

“This is a good way.” Chu Shan praised: “I can also participate in this activity. Lets hold it at Jing Hua city! But Jiang Li, you still need to test for a secondary hypnotist certificate.”

“I already have a certificate.” Wang Kurong laughed: “so I don’t need to test for a new one.”

“Okay, you guys organize this event! I’ll go home first.” Jiang Li talked with Chu Shan for a bit longer discussing a series of things before going home.

“I’ll go to your house and have a look.” Wang Kurong only trusted Jiang Li right now and didn’t want to have too much contact with the Safety Corporation.

The two returned to the mansion beside White Dragon River. Jiang Li settled down Wang Kurong before telling his parents that there would be an extra guest at home who would be living for a short while.

Jiang Zhendong could tell that Wang Kurong was someone significant.


Just as the family was talking, there was suddenly the sound of cars stopping outside.

Jiang Li moved and went out of the mansion and saw tens of cars stopping outside his mansion. A crowd of people got off the car all wearing the uniform of the Sun and Moon Corporation.

The old man Gu Xiong also appeared.

He came opening the door to one of the cars from which a significant person walked out.

It was Jiang Zhenyue.

At this time, Jiang Zhendong also came out. After seeing this scene, his face changed.

“Jiang Zhendong, we meet so soon.” Jiang Zhenyue waved his hand and the crowd of people from the Sun and Moon Corporation circled the mansion.

“Jiang Zhenyue, you dare to charge in a private home?” Jiang Zhendong walked up withstanding the pressure from Jiang Zhenyue.

“Rushing into a private room?” Gu Xiong walked forward sneering: “The surrounding mansions have been bought by the Sun and Moon Corporation. We are the land owners here.”

“Gu Xiong, don’t waste so much time with them.” Jiang Zhenyue signaled to stop as his eyes glared over at Jiang Li: “You are Jiang Li?”

“Correct, what do you want?” Jiang Li walked to the balcony slowly looking down at the crowd below before replying lazily..

“Do you know that as a member of the Jiang family, your father does to have the right to reproduce?” Jiang Zhenyue had sharp eyes like knives: “Your birth has violated the laws of the family.”

“What sort of thing is the law of the Jiang family? I only know the laws of humanity, the reproduction right of every citizen is holy and not to be perversed.” Jiang Li jeered.

“What sort of thing is the law of the Jiang family? Very well…” Jiang Zhenyue was so angry that he laughed: “Jiang Zhendong, do you know what consequences there would be after some of the elders in the family hear what your son just said?”

“What consequence?” Jiang Zhendong’s face didn’t change at all: “My son is already a student of Astral University, If the elders are really powerful, then go to Astral University and apprehend him, I wonder if they have such balls?”

“You!” Jiang Zhenyue’s face sunk down, although the Jiang family could indeed do whatever they like in many cities but for something as colossal as the Astral University, they were still powerless against it. Looking at the uniform of Astral University uniform that Jiang Li was wearing, his face was so bleak that water could almost drip out.

“The laws of the Jiang family will be enacted. A small student of Astral University counts for nothing.” His eyes suddenly exploded with unprecedented glare: “Jiang Li, today I come to ask you one question. Did you kill my son Jiang Liu?”

This was bringing matters to the surface.

Jiang Zhendong looked at his elder son. The meaning behind his eyes were very clear. Don’t admit it even if it was true. If he admitted it, the consequences would be huge.

Everyone looked at Jiang Li, waiting to see how he would reply.

Jiang Li stood with his hands behind his back with a faint smile on his face. He replied slowly: “I’m telling you Jiang Zhenyue. I killed your son Jiang Liu, I broke all the bones in his body with one palm and then crushed his head with my foot! Now, his body has probably been eaten by the criminals on planet Luo Sha.”

“What did you say?” Jiang Zhenyue didn’t seem to hear clearly almost not believing that Jiang Li dared to admit it.

“Your ears not working properly? Then I’ll say it once again, listen carefully…” Jiang Li first sentence was still very calm and placid with light sarcasm. The tone of his next sentence suddenly changed, his voice was like a thunder that shot across the sky, he yelled coldly: “I killed him!”

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