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Jiang Li stayed at the Astral University base for another five days before leaving for Earth.

In these five days, he absorbed enough spirit chi and practised quite often. He also discussed martial arts with Wang Changrong and also thoroughly analysed his battle with Meng Xingyun.

Of course, he also bought two bottles of Heavenly Shocking Lightning Beast’s genetic water from the school’s intranet.

It was 20 million a bottle.

He almost spent all of Big Black’s money.

Originally, you needed enough money if you go to Astral University to buy all sorts of supplements. But he had the ability to absorb spirit chi and therefore could save a large sum of money.

It was necessary to help Big Black.

He also did some research. He found out that it was very effective to inject the genetic water of Heavenly Shocking Lightning Beast to feline animals. The scientists of the elite district had done these experiments.

But, it still required the cooperation of animals.

This was all classified information but he could look at it. Through this, he found out the drawbacks of this genetic water as well as many secret research findings.

He downloaded all of the information about Heavenly Shocking Lightning Beast’s genetic water and sent it to Big Black for research.

Big Black started establishing his own laboratory, researching genetic science to improve chances of evolution. Big Black changed from a flying cat to a scientist cat.

He missed Big Black and that group of small kittens quite a lot since he hadn’t seen them for so long.

He also spent the rest of his money to buy supplements for his parents.

Of course, there was another important reason to return to Earth, Wang Changrong.

Only on Earth could Wang Changrong leave his dimension and contact his acquaintances to get a new identity chip. In this society, it was very hard to move around without identity chip. Cards were required everywhere.

Normally, a prisoner that suddenly came could not have acquired an identity chip.

Everyone’s information was in the human data depository and could be searched easily. Even if you change your appearance, you couldn’t change your Dna.

But Wang Changrong said convincingly that he had ways so Jiang Li could only believe him.

With his identity as a student of Astral University, even if he did something slightly out of the line, the law wouldn’t punish him. This was special right.

Today, Jiang Li, Lara and Liana finally stepped foot on the spaceship towards Earth.

In the base on Emperor planet, there were spaceships heading towards all the different human bases. As a student of Astral University, they could travel freely without paying.

It needs to be made clear that wormhole travel was very expensive. The ticket was easily hundreds of thousands. A normal person couldn’t afford even if he sold all he was worth.

On the spaceship, Jiang Li once again felt the space energy being injected into his cells.

The dimension also widened by a third.

Now, it has become a 500 square meter, 9 meter tall dimension. Wang Changrong also received quite some benefits from it.

He didn’t know how long it had been, but the space ship finally stopped on Earth. Jiang Li left the base on Earth and saw a full moon hanging high in the sky to which he felt close with.

Although there were not spirit chi on Earth and the resources were relatively scarce, he still loved his home. On other planets, he missed Earth everyday.

Raise you head and see the moon, bow down your head and think about your home.

TL note: that is a poem which is about homesickness.

When you raise your head and couldn’t see the bright moon, how lonely would you feel?

Jiang Li stood on solid ground. He almost had an impulse to kiss the ground below him but he controlled himself. He took the car back to Xing Hua city, bidding farewell with Lara and Liana as he dashed for his home as fast as possible.

“Mum, dad! I’m back!”

He sent his parents an email beforehand telling the time he would get home. Everyone in the family was waiting for him, even Big Black was at home with flower faced overlord and the other 5 small kittens.

The situation at the black market had stabilised, flower faced overlord could also come to Xing Hua city to do what he wanted. Of course, the most important thing was to protect Jiang Li’s parents.

“Big brother! You really got into Astral University! Wow! This is your school uniform right? So handsome! I heard Astral University’s school uniform looked the best, now I have finaly seen it.” Jiang Xuan jumped up blabbering non stop while touching Jiang Li’s uniform as she came to greet him.

“Has little brother not come back yet?” Jiang Li looked around and frowned.

“No, he is still in training. This military training was very long and we also couldn’t contact him but officers from the military would frequently report his safety to us.” Jiang Zhendong looked at his son joyfully: “Astral University, nice nice nice, Astral University!”

He didn’t know what to say, the thing he had hoped for all his life had finally come.

“Dad, mum, I bought a lot of presents. They are all from Astral University, look.” He took out all the presents filling the whole table. Jiang Xuan was dazzled.

“Jiang Li, we need to have a good conversation!”

A spiritual wave travelled over.

It was Big Black.

Jiang Li secretly nodded and said to his parents: “I’ll go check on the cats in the back yard.

As he spoke, Big Black jumped and landed in the back yard. The litter of kittens saw Jiang Li and all started meowing.

“Big Black, this is the genetic water of Heavenly Shocking Lightning Beast. You saw the information I sent you right?” Jiang Li said seriously.

“I’ve read it all and made some of my own discoveries ho ho!” Big Black waved his hands humanely.

Flower faced overlord on the other hand wobbled his head as he walked up, using its claws to touch Jiang Li’s silver white school uniform: “Meow, this quality is so good, I also want one!”

“Pfft, you’re a cat, why would you need clothes?” Big Meng patted flower faced overlord’s butt signalling him to move over as he and rest of the mengs huddled onto Jiang Li.

Second meng just jumped onto Jiang Li’s shoulder using its whiskers to touch his face.

These small cats have all learnt to talk and have all became very proficient in hypnosis.

“Let’s go, we’ll go to the black market now. You want to expand in the black market, I have found a good helper for you.” Jiang Li smiled.

“What helper?”

“You’ll know once we get to the black market.” Jiang Li brought Big Black onto the car and drove towards the train station. He wasn’t scared that people would follow him as his sixth sense was very acute. No one could follow him.

They took the train to the black market, Jiang Li found the headquarters of the Three Dragon Clan. He entered the secret room and waved his hand. Immediately, a dimensional door opened and Wang Changrong jumped out eagerly.

“hahahaha! I, Wang Changrong have returned to this world once again!” He greedily breathed the air with a face full of euphoria: “finally left that dam planet Luo Sha.!”

“Mr Changrong, you need an identity otherwise you can only live in the black market your whole life and can’t leave.” Jiang Li explained the rules of the black market to Wang Changrong.

“Black market? Good place! I didn’t think that there would a place on Earth that is not restricted by the law.” Wang Changrong was very excited when he heard this: “This place is perfect for me to develop…. Ey? This cat!”

He found Big Black.

Big Black was also staring at him.


The person and cat both retreated as if they brawled spiritually.

“Such strong spiritual power!” Wang Changrong’s eyes flickered: “Is this really a cat?”

“Who are you?” Big Black talked: “Your spiritual state is very strong, are you Jiang Li’s frined?”

“Okay, Mr Changrong, this is my cat brother, he has been in the black market for a long time and enslaved some of the heads of the clans and gangs. You can now work together and create a career.” Jiang Li came to stop the argument.

“Is that so? This cat is truly magical.” Wang Changrong praised but he didn’t seem to surprised to see a talking cat: “Its spiritual prowess seems to be stronger than you.”


Big Black flew and looked down at Wang Changrong in condescension: “You are the strongest human I have seen in the black market. Since you’re Jiang Li’s friend, we can work together and dominate the entire black market. It would be best to rob the secondary mecha from the Sun and Moon Corporation.”

“Secondary mecha?” Wang Changrong’s eyes brightened up: “Good thing, I’ll take it! Give me a computer, I’ll contact my people and ask them to get me an identity chip. Although I haven’t contacted them for 20 years, they would still definitely give me help after my escape.”


Big Black chucked a computer to Wang Changrong and he immediately connected to the internet, transmitting some secret information. Seeing as how he used the programs, he really did have the temperament of a hacker.

Big Black and Jiang Li looked at each other, not expecting this old man to be so proficient in computer programming. His fingers clicked as he reached into the sophisticated deep web. Large amounts of data started to appear.

He sent out many information.

Approximately 2 hours later, the computer started to shake as if the program inside is upgrading.

“Citizen status, Wang Changrong, born on Earth, age 62, occupation, soldier, unit location, secret….” A series of information appeared and this chip was inserted with the program. It actually changed Wang Changrong’s status to that of a citizen. In the blink of an eye, he had become a secret personnel in the military, enjoying special rights.

When Jiang Li saw these changes, his eyes almost dropped out. Wang Changrong’s connections were a bit too strong.

He changed his identity this fat and it belonged as military secret. This way, it was impossible for many organisation to look at this blood type and DNA.

“Good thing that my old group of brothers are still there.” Wang Changrong laughed satisfyingly as he put the computer away: “I’m going to take a shower and wear new clothes to celebrate my rebirth!”

A while later, Wang Changrong appeared again. He had cut his hair short and his beard off. His ne change of clothes was clean and well fitted giving him a sagely and holy temperament.

He looked at himself and felt very content. He ran his chi around his body. His life force seemed to have improved again surpassing his prime.

His spiritual state had reached greater stasis.

“Mr Changrong, are you remaining in the black market or are you coming back with me to Xing Hua city?” Jiang Li asked for his opinion.

“I’ll come with you to Xing Hua city, although the black market is where I fight for a career, that place is like planet Luo Sha where you can kill people freely. I want to live a bit of a normal life to cleanse my spirit. That way, I may improve even further.” Wang Changrong thought.

“Okay, I must go back, there is still a lot of things I need to deal with at Safety Corporation.” Jiang Li and Wang Changrong turned to leave the black market.

Right now, he was invincible in the black market. His only concern was the sound speed mecha.

If someone operated the mecha, he still wouldn’t be able to defend against it.

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