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Jiang Li shook once again using [Ten Thousand Tonnes of Lighting] to shock away a white student. He won that battle without a doubt.

This was the 28th battle.

Ever since he drew with Tang Yan, Jiang Li had been undefeated in every match. But as his score got higher and higher, the opponents he faced were also getting stronger and stronger. The first 25 rounds were all those with less than two life force. But after 25 rounds, every opponent had a life force of 2 or higher. The battles were gradually becoming harder.

Just then, the white student with 2 life force could actually use an A ranked western martial arts [Doomsday Fist].

Its power succeeds even [Dragon and Elephant Breaking The Heavens] but this white student wasn’t experience enough with it. He couldn’t handle this with his two life force. Although the initial power was shocking but after a few moves, Jiang Li found his weakness and smashed him away with [Eight Trigrams Wind and Lightning Palm].

Jiang Li’s battle experience was getting more and more abundant.

Every student who could get into Astral University had their unique attributes. They were the best practice partners for Jiang Li.

After every battle, Jiang Li would think.

He was finding the inadequacies of his martial arts.

But these type of practical opportunities weren’t many especially under the protection of energy. Both parties weren’t exposed to danger and could fight however they liked without holding back. This sort of battle was more satisfying.

And, he would also remember the martial arts that each student used. Gradually, he melted these martial arts in a stove and moulded it into his own martial arts essence.

Ding dong

The computer sounded: “Jiang Li, your 28th battle has ended. Your score is 55. If you win your next battle, your score will be enough for the top ten. Please continue your hard work!”

“What? I only need one more battle and I can enter the top ten? Perfect!”

Jiang Li clenched his fists. But as his score increased, the opponents he face got stronger because the computer would select those with similar score to battle. There was no chance that someone with low score battle someone with high score.

He waited quietly. His spirit felt a sudden surge of pressure.

He immediately felt that this time, the opponent must be very strong!

Because his sixth sense had already sensed some changes.

As expected, the energy transported someone in.

The energy dispelled.

An arrogant yet cold man appeared. His body was like a sword standing upright. His temperament was all-encompassing that solitary. He was like a sage who stood at the pinnacle, looking at the stretch of horizon, containing the landscape in his chest.

“Meng Xingyun….”

Jiang Li shook, the fearsome opponent had finally appeared.

It was actually Meng Xingyun. Jiang Li subconsciously gulped.

This person was too scary. The first time he saw him outside the base, Jiang Li knew this person was definitely strong and he was no match. He didn’t think his luck was this bad, facing him in the ranked match.

But no matter how strong the opponent was, Jiang Li still wanted to try!

This match was extremely important. If Jiang Li could win, his score would be enough for top ten! If he failed, then there was no place for him in top ten.

The top ten students had much better treatment that normal students. They would be noticed by powerhouses and even taken in as disciples.

No matter what, he had to fight it out.

“You’re very strong.”

Meng Xingyun’s first words were a slight praise. His eyes glanced and Jiang Li felt the environment start to change. He stood wretchedly on the ground while Meng Xingyun stood up in the clouds. His body was colossal like a Buddha. He could suppress Jiang Li with just one hand. His voice shook the heavens and Jiang Li’s heart.

This was making the opponent forfeit without a battle.

“Hypnosis! Greater Stasis!”

Jiang Li immediately recovered. This was spiritual illusion. He operated his brain of the universe slightly and all the illusions disappeared.

With his current hypnosis state, even greater stasis people couldn’t do anything to him.

“Spiritual prowess is not bad.” Meng Xingyun suddenly pointed. His feet didn’t move but his body shot over as if a tall mountain moving by itself on the ground. His fingers were like swords and they struck down.

“[Heavenly God Sword]!”

A ranked martial arts.

Jiang Li was shocked. He could only see the finger sword come slicing down covering the entire sky. There was no where to hide.

This temperament and blade energy was irrelevant to power. It was a sort of force, a type of chi! He didn’t use power to make people succumb to him, instead he used force/chi.

“[Dragon and Snake Combined Attack]!”

At this time, Jiang Li didn’t even need to think to know that other low ranked martial arts wouldn’t be able to stop this move. He couldn’t use [Emperor Lightning Seal] and [Emperor Wind Seal] so the only move he could use to defend was [Dragon and Snake Combined Attack].

His left hand formed a dragon, right hand formed a snake. They entwined each other and rolled out the attack. One dragon and one snake fighting for the world. They smashed towards the Heavenly God Swords.

Seeing that the two was going to collide, Meng Xingyun used another finger. This time his finger shook dream like circles. In that instant, it became a huge circle that dispelled all of Jiang Li’s force.

Then, Jiang Li felt a scary chi rise up his heart.

It was like his attack was sunk into a black hole, he couldn’t even move to retreat.


Another sword finger appeared out of nowhere. It pointed on his body and Jiang Li immediately felt like all the bones in his body was broken, it was like he was struck by lightning.

Jiang Li flew outwards and heard a voice by his ear: “Battle ended, Jiang LI lost! You have lost your chance to be in top 10. I wish you all the best.”

When he heard this voice, Jiang Li didn’t feel sullen, he was very calm. He knew that after being pointed by Meng Xingyun’s finger, all the bones in his body had broken, he had serious injuries. But with the medical capabilities of Astral University, he would recover very soon.

But he still lost the spot in top ten.

With his life force, he had a chance at being top ten. However, he was unlucky and was matched with Meng Xingyun.

“This person’s martial arts state is obviously higher than me. Even if I used [Emperor Lightning Seal], [Emperor Wind Seal], I still wouldn’t be a match for him. It’s mainly because I don’t understand the two seals well enough and couldn’t use its true power.” Jiang Li was very clear headed. He was covered by a mist of energy. He saw many medications being rubbed on his body inside the energy cloud. Then, the energy seeped into his body and started repairing his bones.

Crack crack

He could see the bones in his body start healing.

Stasis cultivation state could allow a person to microscopically view every part of his body.

After 3 hours later, the energy dissipated and he found himself lying on a patient bad. The computer showed his final rank: “Jiang Li, ranked 11.”

He shook his head as he recounted Meng Xingyun’s finger attack. It was like an immortal flying through the heavens. Using his finger as sword, Meng Xingyun locked all his life potential. Under the heavens, who can escape that sword?

He walked off that bed and moved his muscles. He found out that his wounds had fully healed. He secretly praised the power of high technology medical means.

“Although I didn’t get into top ten this time, it doesn’t matter. The days are still long, I will eventually bring my power up.” Jiang LI was peaceful at his heart. He walked into the waiting room and discovered that many students had come out. They were disqualified too.

“Jiang Li? Were you disqualified too? How?” Lara and Liana were also in the waiting room looking at the screen. When they saw Jiang Li, they hurried to come greet him.

“Nothing extraordinary, there are many hidden strong people in Astral University. It’s normal for me to be disqualified.” Jiang Li waved his hand: “I was matched with Meng Xingyun, I lost, so I was placed 11th.

“That’s really unfortunate.” Lara looked at Jiang Li with pity: “If you were 1oth, then you would be treated differently.”

“We’ve all become students of Astral University, that’s good enough.” Liana comforted, she pointed with her finger: “Look! The top ten battle has begun! The battles before were private but now, the top ten battle is public. I wonder who will get first?”

Jiang Li looked at the screen.

Ten people had appeared on it.

Meng Xingyun and Tang Yan were all in it.

Other than this, there was also another Asian. The other six were white people and another black person.

3 Asian, 6 white, 1 black.

It could be seen from this that the white people had an advantage in terms of life force. There were also quite some martial arts experts amongst them. The current state of humanity was in which the white people had the advantage.

“battle has started?” that Meng Xingyun is so strong, he defeated another opponent!”

At this time, the top ten battle had begun.

Jiang Li fixed his gaze on Meng Xingyun. This person was too strong and gave him insurmountable pressure. He wanted to see if this person was going to be the star show.

The screens showed that he was matched with a white student with 2.5 life force but he only used one move of [Heavenly God Sword] and broke through all of the opponent’s defences with that one finger smashing his opponent’s body away.

Then, he continued to beat each opponent swiftly and cleanly. Even Tang Yan was defeated by him.

At last, he won first with overwhelming advantage.

“Amazing, his life force is probably 3!” Jiang Li looked at these battles and shook his head. Meng Xingyun was definitely the strongest in all of the students. He acquired crushing victory,” Could this person really be a spy from alien warriors?”

He buried this thought in the depth of his heart. He needed to watch him secretly.

The results of the ranked matches were finally announced. The first was Meng Xingyun, the second was a white student called Howard. The third was the black student called Laman.

Tang Yan was 5th.

The remaining Asian student was called Ma Yiyuan. He was sixth.

Jiang Li looked. His life force was about the same as Jiang Li’s. however, he was extremely experienced in battle with a conspicuous military style, full of killing intent. Jiang Li wondered how many bloody battles he had went through.

“The top ten students come to the high levels of the base to receive your valour. The other students may disperse.” The computer sounded: “Now, you may choose to cultivate on Emperor Planet and wait 3 months till school starts or you may choose to take the spaceship through wormhole and return to your family to share the good news. Remember, three months later, your life as uni students will officially begin!”

The top ten students could receive valour and even special training. Meanwhile, the other students didn’t have anything, they could choose to cultivate or go home.

Jiang Li still chose to go home.

Although he could absorb an abundant amount of spirit chi on Emperor planet, his cells have already stored enough spirit chi in these few days of cultivation. It wouldn’t be much helpful if he stayed longer.

It was better to go back to Earth to digest it.

More importantly, he needed to go back and see his parents and make arrangements to defend against the Sun and Moon Corporation’s desperate measures.

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