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Chapter 106 Little Girl

“Meng Xing Yun?” Jiang Li looked at the student’s back and could feel his immense strength. Jiang Li definitely couldn’t defeat him.

But, his sixth sense told him something was amiss. He didn’t know how, but he could feel the qualities of “Cultivator” from that student who seemed unlike a human being from Earth.

That’s right, he was an “Immortal”.

Jiang Li recalled his dream, that sewer corpse’s continent, that all the practitioners were collectively referred to as friars, or as “Cultivators”, in Earth mother language.

He had learned those “Cultivators” Chi many times in his dream. They had no contact with anyone and established several martial art schools and there was no unified regime. All large and small countries were managed by those schools.

If he hadn’t dreamt repeatedly and learnt the martial arts from the Cultivators’ continent, he would never be able to feel the “cultivator” qualities from that student by using his sixth sense.

A thought quickly came to him. “Is he a spy sent by the Cultivators?”

However, there was no evidence, and he only could feel it. The others didn’t have the same experience like him.

“Sure enough, there are many undiscovered talents amongst the new students of Astral University, do you know how many masters still exist besides Meng Xing Yun?” Jiang Li didn’t dare to take the qualifying test lightly.

He didn’t have to think about getting first place.

Although Jiang Li had been through some adventures, he was still too weak and had no guage on how many stunning young people were contained within the human base, many of whom would become more than worthy competitors for the top ten places.

What made things more difficult was that he didn’t want to use the Emperor Wind Seal and Emperor Thunder Seal.

Wang Chang Rong knew these martial arts came from the outer planet, which would mean it was accessible to other expert members of students. So, he prepared to train another martial art for qualifying test.

But, as it was a battle between experts, he must use his most familiar technique. Changing the style and executino of martial arts was an absolute taboo.

The second night, he began to absorb the Spirit Chi from Heaven and Earth and asked Wang Chang Rong about martial arts.

“Chang Rong, my Emperor Wind Seal, Emperor Thunder Seal can’t be used at the qualifying test; you have a rich martial arts experience, what martial art should I use? Perhaps you could teach me your Wang’s Eight Trigrams Wind and Thunder Palm? Let me use it against my opponents.”

“Indeed, your Emperor Wind Seal and Thunder Seal is easily revealed as the traces of outer planet martial arts are too strong. Astral University has many outstanding students who are probably stronger than even me, and they will definitely find it out in a flash.” Wang Chang Rong thought for a while.

“I can teach you Eight Trigrams Wind and Thunder Palm, but to study this technique in such hurry would probably not result in the defeat your opponents. These days, I’ve been thinking about the combination of your martial and our Wang technique, and now I have some ideas to modify a bit of Eight Trigrams Wind and Thunder Palm. Let us discuss. This martial art is using the power of wind and thunder, and after combining it with your two seals, the others cannot possibly find out, and will only think our Wang’s martial art has improved.”

Jiang Li was very humble: “Please kindly give your instructions!” Wang Chang Rong’s research on martial art really evoked great respect in him.

In the remaining two days, Jiang Li was very focussed and serious to learn Wang Chang Rong’s [Eight Trigrams Wind and Thunder Palm]. He used Emperor Seal as the basic, and after a few hours had already mastered the moves and he felt increasingly confident in his chances of topping the ranks.

“Actually, you are able to train for A Class martial arts after you entered the Stasis. This Eight Trigrams Wind and Thunder Palm is only a B Class martial art, you will have some disadvantages if you meet an A Class martial art in the test, which is highly likely.” Wang Chang Rong warned. “I have mastered an A Class martial art named [Big Bang Heavens Seal]. But this martial art required several years of training, and sometimes even demands decades to fully master. Your only choice is to use B Class martial art against your opponents now.”

Jiang Li shocked: “A Class martial art!” He had seen this kind of martial arts; Jiang Liu once has released it, [Dragon and Elephant Breaking The Heavens]! It was indeed very powerful and could expand a person’s potential. Jiang Li only could resist it with Emperor Wind Seal and Emperor Thunder Seal.

Now, it was too late to learn A Class martial art.

But Jiang Li had to keep one thing in mind: If the people were strong enough, not to mention A Class martial art, even with a D Class martial art they could release immense power, such as Martial Ancestor Ba Li Ming, who seemed to be able to destroy the sky in a mere punch, and could make people nervous with his mere appearance.

This kind of person was similar to Buddha. However, Jiang Li was still weak and had to train very hard. Having absorbed the Spirit Chi from Heaven and Earth for three days, his bones, internal organs, and cells become stronger and stronger! At last, his life force has reached 2.3!

Lara and Lina also trained hard in these three days. They didn’t meet with Jiang Li and were completely immersed in learning. After upgrading, the chip could retrieve any information from Astral University Library instantaneously. This would be a real treasure for those who enjoyed learning.

Ding Dong!

Three days of rest time has passed.

A sound came from the chip: “All students, please go to the combat room for new students to participate the qualifying test; the first round is elimination!”

Jiang Li quickly replied the mail: “I’m ready.”


Suddenly, an energy fell down from the sky, encompassing him. When the energy scattered, he had already arrived in a sealed ring.

Jiang Li felt as if he was in a XianXia world, and everywhere in Astral University base was controlled by energies, such as teleportation, delivery goods, all completed by the energy. Jiang Li looked around and found the entire ring was wrapped by an energy. He couldn’t see outside and also didn’t have any audiences. He knew that the energy was controlled by a huge holographic computer.

He had also read the rules by now. The battle in the qualifying test was very brutal. In order to prevent casualties, all students took the test in a combat room which was formed by the energy. To reduce the casualty rate, once the student was in danger, the computer would stop the battle and display the score.

Jiang Li stamped on the ground and found it was hard as iron with a glassy texture. This would consume large amount of energies in every second, and only Astral University could afford it.


Just at this time, an energy sent another student to this room and disappeared. It showed the true colors of this student.

It was a young male of the yellow race. He had a lazy look and wore a cynical smile on his face: “Ou ou ou.. so you are my opponent? What is your name? I’m Mo Xiyun.”

Jiang Li quickly nodded to show his manners: “Hi, I’m Jiang Li”.

Hong long!

At that moment, the cynical Mo Xiyun took the chance and stepped on the ground, instantly becoming very powerful. Then he released B Class [Gods and Demons Fist] as his sneak attack.

In all B Class martial art, [Gods and Demons Fist] was the most suitable for launching a surprise attack, which had one move called [Come and Go Like Gods and Demons], it was the classic example for a surprise attack. All the students were enthusiastic to train for this move; once they succeeded to release the move, they could knock down the opponent with ease.

Jiang Li was able to avoid this fist and he suddenly released a palm. This palm seemed to surround one’s opponent and move in fleeting, unpredictable ways.

[Eight Trigrams Wind and Thunder Palm], [Blowing the Floating Clouds]

“What is this?” Mo Xiyun boxed the air as he saw the shadows of the palm fly over to surround him. he was unable to see where Jiang Li was and was obviously surprised.

“Sweeping the Scattering Clouds!”

Hong long!

Suddenly, Jiang Li changed his moves from “Blowing the Floating Clouds” to “Sweeping the Scattering Clouds”, and the wind whistled and the palm shadows shook the sky immediately.

Mo Xiyun’s suffered a dozen hits of the Palm in a blink of an eye, and every palm destroyed his fighting power and came close to taking his life.

The palm shadows disappeared afterwards.

Jiang Li stood in place and Mo Xiyun was falling to the ground, unable to move even one of his fingers. His complexion wasn’t fillded with cynicism anymore and he gritted his teeth and said: “Amazing… Really strong, I will remember you, Jiang Li!”

After that he was sent out by the energy.

A sound came out from the computer: “First round, Jiang Li vs Mo Xiyun, Jiang Li triumphs. Rest for 30 minutes, and then enter the second round.”

Thiis Mo Xiyun’s life force was no more than 1.6, and naturally would be defeated by Jiang Li. There was a sudden shake after 30 minutes, and the energy sent another person in again. Then the computer said: “Second round begins!”

This student actually was a young girl and smiled sweetly, giving a bright and brave appearance with her uniform. She wore a bouncy ponytail and glowed with youthfulness.

Jiang Li greeted her with manners and didn’t release a sudden attack: “I’m Jiang Li, how ehm.. how old are you? “

This girl was very young, only about 15 years old, and the fact that she was successfully admitted the Astral University at this age was pure genius.

The little girl smiled: “Don’t ask my name, I won’t tell you. According the rules, only the winner has the right to know the loser’s name. The loser will never know the winner’s name to prevent the loser taking revenge on the winner in the future. What do I do if you take revenge on me later?”

Jiang Li couldn’t help laughing and thought this little girl was fun: “Are you that sure you will win?”

“Of course.” The ponytail girl flashed her eyes and made Jiang Li felt a strong youthfulness, glowed with enthusiasm.

“Okay, time presses, let’s start the battle.”

Jiang Li clapped his hands and had a posture to release Eight Trigrams Wind and Thunder Palm.

“Eight Trigrams Wind and Thunder Palm? Wang’s martial! It’s fun…” The little girl laughed: “Your surname isn’t Wang, but you can actually can release the essence of martial arts from Wang’s name? It seems you have modified this martial, and your real spirit cultivation contemplation is not the real Wind and Thunder Palm, but another martial of Wind and Thunder, interesting! Using another spirit cultivation method to control this move, aren’t you afraid you will be possessed?”

“This girl is so amazing, she has such sharp eyes!” Jiang Li was shocked; he had only showed a small posture before this little girl saw through it all. Her wisdom had already grown beyond that of Wang Chang Rong.

Translated by CassiEast.

ED Carolin Cao

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