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Chapter 105 Ace of Aces

Jiang Li immediately had a high concentration as he left the base, because he sensed the dangers in the jungles around him. This was different from Qubo Planet.

Although monsters of Qubo Planet were also strong, they could were still reasonable products of evolution. On Emperor Planet, however, even a small mosquito contained a great lethality.

Fortunately, Jiang Li wore his helmet, tied his cuffs tightly and wrapped his body safely.

He entrered the primitive jungle, wanting to find a place that was not easily found, and then entered the fetal respiration and absorbed the Spirit Chi from Heaven and Earth. In this place, he didn’t think of looking for spirit stones, because if there were spirit stones, all of them would probably have been harvested by someone.

Finally he found a cave and radiated his mind in. Having sensed no danger in the cave, not even a reptile, he went in and put the opaque stone into his mouth.

Immediately, he entered the fetal respiration.

Woo woo woo…

When he entered fetal respiration, he only felt the whirlwinds appear around him and countless Spirits Chi moving and swarming into his pores, almost choking him to death! This place Spirit Chi from Heaven and Earth was too rich and too ferocious.

In constrast, the Spirit Chi from Heaven and Earth in Qubo Planet was almost as quiet as a mouse. Jiang Li’s body startled and all pores on his body bled slightly. That was because of the Spirit Chi rushed into the deeper part of the cells, beginning to transform the body. Because of the strong Spirit Chi here, every absorption would make him feel like he was being slashed into pieces.

However, the pain was the same as when he had trained for the [Lightning Needle Body Training Technique]. He only saw that as an ordinary problem, and his mind didn’t stir. he slowly pushed the body endocrines to accept the Spirit Chi. Every inch of bone, muscle and internal organ under the influence of Spirit Chi had some stronger changes. Especially the brain cells, which continued to strengthen, and the deeper part of the body kept storing the energy.

Not only this, Jiang Li’s flexibility had alos increased greatly under the influence of Spirit Chi from Heaven and Earth.

Now, as long as he held his breath, he would become a dwarf with 1.5 meters high. When he inflated his breath would be 2 meters high, with thick hands and feet and a body strong as iron. Spirit Chi from Heaven and Earth entered his body, refining the fascia, and Jiang Li had completed a martial transformation which he couldn’t have accomplished in Earth.

If there was no Spirit Chi from Heaven and Earth, it was impossible to do this. However, rumors said that two hundred years ago, in the countries era, some martial masters didn’t need any Spirit Chi or high-tech nutritional serums and transformed their body purely based on instinct.

Jiang Li couldn’t imagine how strong their spiritual cultivation was. Maybe they already knew the secrets of their genes, transformed to a stronger figure in sub consciousness.

Jiang Li woke up after an inexplicable length of time, and spat out the stone, hanging it once again around the neck, like an accessory, so that no one would suspect its powers.

Jiang Li observed his body, and found that what little ounce of his body fat had disappeared, and what remained were just a tight, strong sinews of his physique, similar to the genetic meat.

He knew after absorbing the Spirit Chi from Heaven and Earth, his cells had completed a perfect combination of mutations and began to store the energy.

Now, he was supported by this Spirit Chi and could refrain from eating or drinking anything in a month, exactly like a Pi Gu Taoist in the ancient times.

[TL note: (辟谷/Pi Gu) - ( A state of being self-sufficient, i.e eating is redundant)

The body was more perfect and delicate and the skin as white as suet. When trained, this skin turned a beautiful baked bronze colour.


He let out a breath of air and was surprised to see a skull-sized rock blown to the exterior of the deep cave.

“How come my breath is so strong, having only entered fetal respiration once? If I train for a long time, might I be able to kill people with a breath? Rumors said the number one Wang Chao has reached this level, how condense his breath must be!”

Jiang Li had a question about martial arts again so he opened the space and asked Wang Chang Rong.

“You little brat, how come your breath has become so strong?” Wang Chang Rong shocked: “Your life force must have reached 2.2! You have more rich Spirits Chi in your body, did you take the spirit stone again?”

Jiang Li ignored his comments. “I want to ask you, in the ancient era, some rumored that your ancestor could kill people by exhaling, it it true? I can’t imagine that in that era, without nutrients or Spirit Chi, how he could have cultivated his powers to be so strong? Is my current physical strength still far behind your ancestor?” Jiang Li asked: “I have tried just now, can’t gather the Chi at all, and can only bloe stones to move. I have no power to kill people at all.”

“Kill people by exhaling? This is the legendary [Taoism’s Flying Sword]. White Chi lased out in a burst from the mouth and within ten steps one could behead someone.” Wang Chang Rong looked dignified: “If someone could have accomplished that in that era, it was simply regarded as a miracle. Your internal organs must concentrate and then gather the “Chi” in the diaphragm, and, at the right moment, release it.” In the middle of talking, he took a deep breath and blew it.


A white line burst out from his mouth and seemed to have the power of sword, but then it disappeared.

“With a 2.6 life force, I can barely do it, so I too am unable to kill or even wound people. My ancestor Wang Chao, really can kill people just by exhaling!” Wang Chang Rong flashed his eyes: “Little brat, you have a spirit stone, how about you give me one? I will buy it according to the market price, or even higher.”

“I don’t have a spirit stone, and I don’t want to hide the truth. In fact, all thanks to this stone, I can enter the fetal respiration! From that I can absorb Spirit Chi from Heaven and Earth, so it is not because I have a spirit stone.” Jiang Li nodded his head; Wang Chang Rong already knew about the secret of his space anyway: “Moreover, this stone has already seen me as its master, so only I have this function.”

“Fetal respiration….” Wang Chang Rong shocked: “Little brat, do you know how terrible the realm of fetal respiration is? To harness it properly you must first tie “Sheng Tai”. Taoism’ Sheng Tai will form after the spirit cohesion. Then Sheng Tai will respond with Heaven and Earth and then you must at last use your spirit to breathe. This stage has baffled innumerous heroes. Even within Astral University, only a few people can reach this point. If you take reckless action in fetal respiration, you will be transfomred irreversibly into a mummy!”

“I know, but with the Spirit Chi supplements, you can fear nothing.” Jiang Li moved his body: “I know why I get so strong in a short time, it is because this tripled gravity places my cells under tremendous pressure all the time. Once I absorb the Spirit Chi from Heaven and Earth, the cells will immediately bulge and pulsate against gravity repeatedly, making my cultivation improve faster.”

“Yes, gravity is a big part of the reason.” Wang Chang Rong seemed to recall something: “Our Wang’s family once had a gravity training room, to let a variety of disciples train under a different gravity.”

“I have heard of this training.” Jiang Li looked at the sky outside the cave: “I have trained for a night and now must return. Unfortunately my body has limit and cannot absorb Chi endlessly.”

People couldn’t have an endless Spirit Chi from Heaven and Earth absorption, otherwise their body would break under the stress. Jiang Li only could absorb Chi once a day and also had to train a lot to convert the Spirit Chi into his life force.

But, under the influence of tripled gravity, he had a great consumption in his training and could do so faster than most people.

He jumped out from the cave and ran through the jungle.

The morning air was nice and saw many students in their uniform, exploring the jungle.

These students were very curious about everything on the Emperor Planet and naturally wanted to leave the base to explore. Fortunately, some monsters, mosquitos and insects near the base had been cleaned up and would not harm people.

Jiang Li was surprised when he saw Henry and waved his hand to say hello: “I didn’t see you in the hall yesterday and I thought you weren’t admitted!”

“Hi, Jiang Li… It is a shame to say, the energy being of martial ancestor Ba Li Ming is too strong! I could barely pass the test, and because I was seriously injured, I went to the infirmary for treatment.”

Henry laughed, a pang of guilt in his voice. He suddenly felt a strong Chi from Jiang Li and exclaimed: “Oh, God! Your Chi is so strong, you create a strong spiritual oppression. If I fought with you, I would be defeated in a strike!”

Henry’s spirit cultivation was in the three stages of deep slee and still had a big disparity if compared to Jiang Li, for he hadn’t entered the entrance of cultivation yet.

“I still have a lot to learn… I only have a little understanding in the recent training. These new students still have undiscovered talents and we must lay low.” Jiang Li gave a slight smile, he didn’t like bragging.

Swoosh swoosh swoosh…

At this time, a tear sound came from the sky. A massive bird landed and stood on the base entrance. Someone jumped down from the bird, and it appeared to be a new student, with straight eyebrows and starry eyes. He had an imposing appearance, kind of like a leader.

That big bird had bright blood-red feathers, and each of them seemed like a metal plate, somewhat similar to the legendary Fire Phoenix. It chirped, a long, crisp sound which pierced the skies and commanded the attention of all.

“This is a Vulcan Bird, special creature on Emperor Planet, very powerful! It is able to spout a flame, light a tree and its power is even larger than the flame injector.” Henry said with full of envy: “It actually surrendered to that student, he must have a really have a strong hypnotic power!”

Jiang Li was secretly scared as this student seemed to be even stronger than Wang Chang Rong, seeing that the Vulcan Bird was apparently hypnotized by him.

This was also a hypnotist that had entered the Stasis.

Jiang Li hasn’t started to observe him carefully, but the Vulcan bird had passed the entrance with that student, obviously having been hypnotized by him at last night or at this early morning.

“Do you know him?” Jiang Li asked Henry: “He is of our yellow race, yet I don’t know which planet he originates from!”

“He is Meng Xing Yun.” Henry’s eyes were full of respect, replying with the mother tongue of Earth: “Very, very strong, and he comes from Gulong Planet. He is highly expected to take the first place in the coming qualifying test.”

Translated by CassiEast

ED Carolin Cao

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