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Chapter 104 Space Expansion

“Mr. Zhen Yue, it’s not easy to kill his whole family!” Yu Tong’s face was contorted, “Jiang Zhen Dong has two sons, the oldest one being admitted to Astral University, so we can’t touch him anymore. The youngest one Jiang Tao is so mysterious and has entered the military. I heard he is appreciated by one of big boss in elite area and has even become his disciple!”

“What? A member of that family, become the pet of an elite area big boss?” Jiang Zhen Yue’s entire body seemed to be like a deflated ball and fell limp. “How could it be? Who is that big boss?”

“I don’t know the details.” Yu Tong’s voice, seeping with hatred, emitted through the screen: “The reason why I call you is that we have to be patient. Do not act rashly, we need a plan for revenge.”

“A plan?”

Jiang Zhen Yue’s face turned deathly pale: “Sun and Moon Corporation will do it! Jiang’s men cannot die in vain.” He hung up the phone abruptly.

“Jiang Zhen Dong, how dare you, I will report this to Father and let him make the decision. Now, the whole thing is very different. This filtyh Jiang’s family hybrid, who should not even have appeared in the world, actually dares to kill a Jiang’s family direct descent?! Rest be assured that we wil not tolerate an act like this in silence.”

He immediately reported the news to his father through mail. A direct descendant’s death was a big deal.

An Quan Corporation

Chu Xixi also watched the news interview on the hologram computer and joy appeared on her face: “Jiang Li really doesn’t disappoint! After his qualifying test he will back to rest before he returns to study in the university. In this time, we will defeat Sun and Moon Corporation for sure!”

Chu San popped out on the screen: “Xixi, Jiang Li is admitted to Astral University, go and make a plan with staff. We will prepare for a big fight against the Sun and Moon Corporation, and our best weapon will be Jiang Li.”

Emperor Planet

Jiang Li’s mind was rested now that he knew Big Black and his family were safe. He could take the qualifying test without worries.

“How about Wang Chang Rong? Is he dead?” Jiang Li suddenly though. He radiated his mind into the opaque stone, opened a trace of gap, then he saw the space expand again, to a full height of six meters and more than 300 square meters. The space had doubled its size.

It seemed he was right, through every wormhole traversing, the stone had absorbed the power of wormhole space folding, and space would expand.

Wang Chang Rong sat up inside it and a strong vibe flowed over his body, telling Jiang Li that he was unhurt.

Jiang opened a little gap of space, letting the air flow in, and Wang Chang Rong immediately opened his eyes.

“Jiang Li, you have arrived on another planet, I feel a strong gravity and rich Spirit Chi, but unfortunately I canot absorb it.” His mind also radiated over.

“You are getting stronger!” Jiang Li stunned: “You have not only recovered your strength, but also increased your cultivation level to the limits! Your life force must be a lot higher than 2.5! And your cultivation level is enough to enter the Greater Stasis! This is amazing!”

“You’re right, and it’s all thanks to your space. When this space absorbed the power, the same power diffused into my cells, making each and every one of them energized! My life force has reached 2.6.” Wang Chang Rong laughed: “And the most important is my cultivation level already reaches Greater Stasis realm.”

Three stages in Stasis: Lesser Stasis, Greater Stasis, and Eternal Stasis. Spiritual power in Greater Stasis was far stronger than Lesser Stasis, and a slight glimpse was enough to hypnotize many people.

“I’m afraid you will suffocate, so I will let you take a breath. We are now on Emperor Planet so you can’t come out yet. Wait until after I take the qualifying test and go back to Earth, and then you can return to the world.” Jiang Li said: “I have some nutritional serums, take it and they should sustain you for some time.”

“Okay, I’ve waited this long, to wait a bit longer will not be problem.” Wang Chang Rong narrowed his eyes slightly: “Emperor Planet? It that where Astral University locates? This planet is so dangerous but also has many opportunities. There are many rich spirit stones in this planet, if you can find a few, you will make a fortune.”

“Have you ever come to Emperor Planet?” Jiang Li knitted his eyebrows.

“Yes, when I first explored this planet, I was still serving in the military and we were the first to come for development. You must be careful, in some dangerous areas, the gravitational power of this planet might be ten times or more than that of Earth, and once you step in them your body will burst. Alas, these are also the areas in which spirit stones are contained, amongst other relisc.” Wang Chang Rong laughed: “Good luck, I will start to meditate and get familiar with my body, which has modified by wormhole.”

“Okay, continue your cultivation.” Jiang Li replied.

The space had grown and Wang Chang Rong lived comfortably within. Besides, Jiang Li had let the air of Emperor Planet flow into the space.

Jiang Li began to search Astral University on his hologram computer, and scanned the entire environment of Emperor Planet at the same time.

Astral University had sent a lot of information to the chip, and all new students had to learn this basic knowledge. Fortunately all the new students were outstanding characters, and didn’t need to be taught specially; they learnt on their own initiative.

As expected, the base which Jiang Li lived in was the admissions of Astral University, more than 100 square km and was surrounded by high-technology weapons to ward against the invasion of various monsters. Jiang Li opened the information later and found a full introduction of more than 100,000 species, of which Heavenly Shocking Lightning Beast was one.

“Heavenly Shocking Lightning Beast, large feline species, can fly, can absorb the electric from thunder, releases lightning, and can burn a tree from a radius of 10 km distance. Its strength if converts to human’s life force is over 10! Very dangerous monster.” The computer reported nonchalantly.

There were also various kinds of dangerous animals, even a mosquito-like beetle which had a deadly lethality.

But Astral University encouraged their students to explore outside the base, training to kill various monsters, and the monster which they killed could be donated to Astral University and converted to star coins. The entire Emperor Planet was a huge trial field.

Jiang Li also checked the planet various circumstances, such as storms, heavy rain, and thunder within the sky, as well as geological changes. He found that the storm on Emperor Planet were extremely powerful and could roll up the mountains and lakes sometimes. It was possible that when you walked a mountain would fall from the sky crush you.

But these dangers didn’t matter in the human base. Even if the stone fell, it could be measured in advance. They would issue a missile to splinter the stone well before it reached the ground surface.

As for the thunder on Emperor Planet, its explosion sound could shock many animals and people to death in a quake. In addition, the entire planet had very frequent geological activities, such as volcanic eruptions and earthquakes were not surprising.

However, everywhere in the planet could be described as treasure field. even the most simple wood, if brought back to Earth, would be a precious wood. Under the influence of tripled gravity and Spirit Chi from Heaven and Earth, the structure of wood was very solid, heavy, and could even be used make swords, its quality far beyond that of alloy steel.

“Really a strange planet, but unfortunately the gravity is too heavy so geological activities happen frequently. Otherwise this planet is really suitable for large-scale human migration.” Jiang Li read carefully. Soon the sky went dark and stars appeared. The Milky Way was still inivisible, as they were in a separate galaxy; although the Milky Way had various planets, there were only few planets that suitable for living.

So, human must leave the Milky Way to search for a rich resources planet.

At first, humans wanted to build a base on Qubo Planet, but after they found the Emperor Planet which was more suitable to build the Astral University, Qubo Planet was left vacant. But Qubo will too be developed soon.

“Ding Dong! Your uniform is ready, please retrieve it.” An elegant female voice came out from the air, and there was a vibration of energy delivery in the wardrobe.

Jiang Li opened the wardrobe and a set of uniform appeared in front of him.

It was silver and had a nice cut, made from a polymer and couldn’t be destroyed easily. There were also gloves, boots, and even a helmet.

Jiang Li wore the uniform and looked very handsome, almost changed to another person, kinda like a military guard of honor. This uniform couldn’t compare to any famous brands. This uniform had passed so many hands of designers. Any people wore it would have a different feel altogether as compared to normal clothing.

Moreover, it was also a combat uniform and could prevent harm from insect bites or even the entering of bacteria, be it in the jungle or the desert. Toxic gases were also unable to penetrate, so the uniform was a gem in itself. Any students would love this uniform in a first glance.

Wearing this uniform to attend at any place would have a noble and generous feel, and would definitely attract people’s attention.

Jiang Li looked at himself in the mirror and his energy seemed to flow over his body. Now he was 1.9 meter tall and sported a solid and slender body, growing into a dashing young man.

The experts didn’t rely on muscle power, but relied on “spirit”. Jiang Li had muscles at first, but after a long time of training, the muscles changed into a more powerful fascia.

[Tl Note: fascia is a sheet of tissue that covers or connects parts inside the body (such as muscles)]

“Tonight, I will leave this base and take a stroll around the planet, go to a quiet place and absorb Spirit Chi! I want to know how strong the Emperor Planet’s Spirit Chi is.” Jiang li couldn’t wait.

He left the room, flew out and arrived at the entrance of the base in half an hour.

Scanning his chip, an energy appeared and encompassed his body to send him out.

The students could train any time at the outside of base, but the University was not held responsible if something bad was to happen to them.

Translated by CassiEast.

ED Carolin Cao

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