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Chapter 103 The Furious Jiang Zhen Yue

All the students who had passed the test were taking their meal in the hall and no one spoke to each other. They were quiet, but it wasn’t hard to see the excitement they attempted to suppress.

After half an hour, a sound came out from the radio: “Congratulations, you have qualified, but this is just the start. Your fates have changed, your responsibilities are different with ordinary people now. From now on, you can rest for three days, after which there will be a qualifying test which will decide your final rank and treatment. Now, your test results have been sent to your family members through the human government, and you will be able to communicate with them through email. You can move freely now. The chip will continue briefing you about activity rules.”

Hong Long!

After they heard “you can move freely now”, the atmosphere in hall immediately began to relax.

Some students couldn’t hide their excitement, and gathered in groups to chat, all dreamning of a better life and future.

Of course, there were also some students who remained solitary and reserved.

Jiang Li saw some strong students leave directly. They seemed to be familiar with Astral University environment.

“I will back in my room to send mail to my family.” Jiang Li told Lara and Liana. He too wanted to rest in his room and he was anxious to know of his family’s safety. He also wanted to greet the people from An Quan Corporation.

They chatted for a while, and Lara and Liana were also impatient to inform their family. They went back to their respective rooms. Each room had room number on it. The chip would direct each student back to their room each time.

Jiang Li went to the room according the path showed by the chip. This room was about three hundred square meters, and walled with a big floor-type crystal glass. He could see the distant scenery of Emperor Planet and the entire human base. Primitive jungles and rivers fringed the scenery and Jiang Li could even could spot hordes of strangely-shaped birds flying by. They seemed ferocious and had very large bodies. Everything seemed to be surreal. In fact, this was the world of science fiction.

Emperor planet contained a limitless wealth of rich Spirit Chi from Heaven and Earth, which led the living beings that had went through billions years of evolution to become very powerful. This made the environment beyond the human base extremely dangerous.

While Qubo Planet’s gravity was the same as Earth’s, the living beings there were already very powerful, let alone the living beings on this Emperor Planet.

However, Jiang Li didn’t had time to read about Astral University but he started to send an email. The first email didn’t send to his parents, but to Big Black.

“Big Black, I’ve been admitted to Astral University and am now on Emperor Planet. Did your evolution succeed? Please reply back.”

He sent out the mail with a pang of worry. If Biig Black had failed in evolution, it meant he had lost a good brother.

“Hou hou! I succeeded in my evolution!” Big Black popped back out on the screen: “But if I want to continue the transformation, I need a lot of Heavenly Shocking Lightning Beast gene serums. You have been admitted to Astral University? Great!!”

“How are my parents?” Jiang Li asked immediately.

“They are fine, I visited them last night.” Big Black said: “I also killed some people that were stalkers employed by the Sun and Moon Corporation.”

“That’s great.” Jiang Li finally felt relieved: “Any moves from the Corporation?”

“They are overhauling the black market in Xu Hua City.” Big Black waved its claws: “Their business is getting bigger and bigger; An Quan Corporation’s business is crushed under them. They haven’t done any evil apart from this, and that Jiang Zhen Yue is still waiting for his son to be admitted to Astral University? Speaking of which... Did he try to kill you in the middle of testing?”

“Kill me?” Jiang Li’s face showed a trace of cruelty: “He was done in by me, along with that Yu Mu Hua. The Sun and Moon Corporation will soon learn of how their sons lost their lives, so you must be prepared for their retaliation! Protect my parents at all costs.”

“No problem, no one in Sun and Moon Corporation can beat my strength now.” Big Black waved hands: “They don’t dare to mess around in Xing Hua City! But handling the big boss in Jing Hua City is a bit difficult but since you have become an Astral University student, they have to think twice… They don’t dare to arrest anyone of your status openly.”

“Wonderful, I can count on you then… After I take the qualifying test and enter the top ten, they will not dare to touch my parents any further!” Jiang Li thought: “You need Heavenly Shocking Lightning Beast gene serums? No problem, I’ll but them for you from Astral University market; you can buy anything in this University as long as you have money, you can even can buy armor and warships!”

“Really? Big Black stunned: “Check quickly then, and also, study more about genetics! Help me later in my evolution.”

“Of course.” Jiang Li came to Astral University only only to improve his martial arts, but also to learn a lot of knowledge such as how to improve the Solar and Lunar Essence, research human endocrines and various genetics structures. A deeper understanding to the human body mysteries would be a great help to cultivation.

After chatting with Big Black, Jiang Li checked his bank account and found that he had 34,780,000 star coins. They were all earned by Big Black from the black market.

Big Black was very strong at first, after reaching Stasis, he almost swept away the entire black market. Risking his life to inject the Heavenly Shocking Lightning Beast gene serum, he then transformed to a flying cat with a bulletproof body. He was now a fast flying killing machine, and to add to this, his brain cells were getting stronger, and his hypnotic skills far exceeded that of a secondary hypnotist.

Jiang Li then sent a mail to his parents.

“Dad, Mom, little sister, I’ve been admitted to Astral University, and after the qualifying test I will finally return home!” Mail returned quickly as his father Jiang Zhen Dong popped out. His face was one of true elation: “Good son, we have waited for days for this good news! Your mother and I are incredibly proud.”

Jiang Li’s mother spoke next, off-screen: “Zhen Dong, the government informs us to hold a press conference to say our son has been admitted to Astral University, and all parents have to go to Jing Hua City. The government’s fleet has come and there are also many reporters outside.” His mom appeared in the screen, saw Jiang Li and was immediately surprised: “Li, is that you? Are you hurt?”

“Mom, I’m fine, I’m resting in human base of Astral University on Emperor Planet.” Jiang Li quickly reported his current situation.

“That’s great, that’s great.” His mother wept with joy.

“Let’s go, they are waiting for us.” Jiang Zhen Dong was restless with excitement: “Li, take care yourself, we are going to the press conference!”

“Okay, take care.” Jiang Li hung up and smiled. Government press conferences would be broadcasted globally and his family would be interviewed by various medias. Under the influence of the worldwide news, Sun and Moon Corporation and Jing Hua City Big Boss would be unable to harm the Jiang family, at least for now.

Jing Hua City, a base of Sun and Moon Corporation.

Sun and Moon Corporation had bought a sea and built an island on it. Their base was located on this isolated land.

A picturesque landscape, suitable to cultivate the mind, had been designed to surround the base. But the owner of this island had a calm face and sat limp and prostrated in a chair. That owner was Jiang Zhen Yue.

“My Jiang Liu is dead?” His face was filled with grief: “How can it be? Liu succeeded in his gene serum injection and has reached the Stasis; there are only a few students had 2 life force like him, how could he have died!?”

Mr Jiang had just received news that his son had died on Luosha PLanet, and he found this news hard to believe.

The hologram computer broadcasted the news of Astral University.

A host continued to switch the screen: “To all viewers, the results of Astral University test has finally come out, reported from the front lines! We have a total of 53 students admitted to Astral University from Earth, and the global government will soon be holding a press conference on Earth, having invited the parents of these students. A huge congratulations!” Subsequently, the parents of the students appeared on the screen, one by one.

Jiang Zhen Yue immediately recognised a middle-aged man. That was Jiang Zhen Dong!

“Damn!” Suddenly his vision became dark with fury. Jiang Zhen Dong was invited, so it was clear that his son has been admitted to Astral University. Their status was different from now and it would be even more difficult to deal with him in the future. Although the Sun and Moon Corporation was very large, they couldn’t afford to become involved with Astral University.

“Jiang Zhen Dong, how could your son be admitted and my son dead?! It’s impossible!” He stamped with rage, slamming his palm down on the desk.

Beep beep beep…

A call came in, and a middle-aged man’s features displayed on it. It was one of the big boss in Jing Hua City who possessed a big power.

“Good evening, Mr. Yu Tong .” Jiang Zhen Yue didn’t dare to infuriate him, and lowered his voice with reverence.

“Good evening, Mr. Zhen Yue.” The middle-aged man had a cold face: “My son Yu Mu Hua also died in the test. He was the friend of your son Jiang Liu, have you received the bad news?”

“What the heck is going on?” Immediately, Jiang Zhen Yue smelt a rat.

“I have investigated this matter. Mu Hua and Jiang Liu didn’t die of natural causes but have been killed by someone!” Although Yu Tong voice was calm, however Jiang Zhen Yue could feel he was at the edge of exploding.

“Who?” Jiang Zhen Yue shouted.

“Jiang Li, Jiang Zhen Dong’s son Jiang Li, who has now been admitted to Astral University! I’ve been informed by the students there that his strength is no joke and he stands a good chance of being in the top ten!”

“Mr. Zhen Yue, killing students in the test is a normal act and will not be persecuted by law. Since we don’t have any evidence, what can we do? We must take revenge for Jiang Liu and Mu Hua!”

“Kill!” Jiang Zhen Yue growled: “Kill Jiang Zhen Dong, and the entire family of Jiang Li! Then, we kill that bastard Jiang Li!”

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