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Chapter 102 Martial Ancestor Ba Li Ming

The room was in complete darkness, but afterwards an energy flashed, and the room was filled with light.

Numerous halos of light merged to form a person.

This person was big and tall. He was a powerful fellow and wore a loose and comfortable cloth-buttoned Chinese jacket and a long gown. The most eye-catching attribute of this man was his beard, which was stylish and voluptuous, and a sharp sword circled on the cheek, giving people the impression of the ancient great general Zhang Fei reincarnated back into the world.

But after a closer look, this fellow had the peaceful Chi of a Taoist.

Then after a while, the fellow changed into a superior God-like figure, rising into the sky and overlooking the grounds. His hands were as big as mountains and could completely crush any strong enemies in one move.

“Oh My God… he is…” Jiang Li stunned: “Martial Ancestor Ba Li Ming! This test is extraordinary!”

Martial ancestor Ba Li Ming was one of the experts in martial arts from over two hundred years ago, and rumors said he was a good friend of the number one expert Wang Chao. His martial arts prowess was incredible and could be described as a superhuman skill. His willpower traversed in three realms: void, physical, and the material world, back and forth in these realms; there were no barriers.

No one could tell if he was alive or dead.

But, as the expert of the countries’ era, despite reaching the highest realm of martial arts, living until 120 or 150 years old would be impossible. Still, the ambiguity surrounding his existence remained, mysterious as the fog that clouded his true powers to those that were ignorant or arrogant.

Ba Li Ming was an energy being that Astral University did not hesitate to harness in the testing of their new generations of warrior students. . Every martial art move from this man was extremely miraculous and high professional. Just his domineering appearance was more than most people could handle before bowing down in respect or defeat..

When Jiang Li looked at the appearance of this energy being, even he trembled with fright. This was not surprising at all, as he had an effect on people similar to some portraits of characters used in ancient times to exorcise evil spirits.

“The test will start and you will face the energy being of martial ancestor Ba Li Ming. The main test is to check your combat effectiveness and martial quintessence. It doesn’t matter if you are defeated. As long as you can gain recognition from the system, you will pass the test. You are now given ten minutes to adjust your mood.”

A sound came out from the system.

After ten minutes, the computer anounced: “Let the combat test begin!”

Hong long!

As the test started, the energy being of martial ancestor Ba Li Ming started to move, although he didn’t flash, jump, and even run. He just walked a step righteously.

Two fists separated, a flick, then a burst.

Bang Bang Bang Bang Bang…..

Jiang Li suddenly saw a mountainous of thousand fists rushing towards him> he saw only the fist couldn’t see any shadow, and there was nowhere to run.

“This is [Countless Arrows Hit]!” Jiang Li also has learned this move, [Exploding Military Fist Thrust] actually was developed from this move, but this was the first time Jiang Li saw someone relesae it with such a high ferocity.

This was simply not [Countless Arrows Hit], but a chaotic attack of the mountains

Every fist was like a big mountain bombardment, crushing the literal breath our of its opponents.


Jiang Li didn’t have other choice but to release the [Dragon and Snake Combined Attack], left hand as dragon, right hand as snake, intertwining each other and a huge yin yang circle. This stopped the fists coming towards him, but every strike made him feel unsteady.

In 30 seconds, he resisted a hundred bombardments, until he finally couldn’t hold out, and his entire body fell to the ground.

Jiang Li had only come against 1 move, but this single move was enough to eventually kill him in battle. Martial Ancestor Ba Li Ming looked coldly at Jiang Li, then disappeared.

Ding Dong.

The system said: “Martial experience, high level, fully qualified. Congratulations you have admitted to Astral University, from now you are our student, and a pre-elite of humans! Contributing to the human powerhouse and protecting ordinary people and becoming a hero is now your responsibility, duty and every calling!”

This cold and heartless voice was, to Jiang Li, a voice that pleased his ears.

He felt an unprecedented joy. Finally, I’ve passed the all tests! He though joyously to himself.

So many years of hard work, all working towards his success in this day. Now he was finally admitted to Astral University, and no longer an ordinary person, but a pre-elite human.Every student of Astral University had to protect humanity, and their lifeong task was to resist the enemies and defend their base, no matter how powerful.

Astral University students were more like warriors than soldiers, as they all contained a bloodthirsty craving for justice and a menace within them that they would be taught to harness and use for the greater good.

An energy filled Jiang Li’s body. His injuries began to recover which was an automatically treatment provided by the system. To compare Astral University’s system and Xing Hua City High School’s system was like comparing the powers of God to that of a small ant.Beep Beep Beep…

After that, Jiang Li’s chip started to vibrate and a lot of messages sent in. The first was to congratulate him, and the second was the replenish the chip with new energy, upgrading it to suit the specific needs for Astral students.

There was a rumor that the highest level of human’s mecha, holy mecha, was a group of powerful energy beings implanted in the human body, transforming into something like Taoism’s gold elixir. If one only moved one’s mind, a strong energy would encompass you to fly. This would take many more years of hard training and upgrading of the chip.

Hong long!

The chip began to upgrade, and a wealtht of energy formed a loop, finally transforming into a shining chip whcih also seemed like a medal emgraved with the logo of Astral University.

If you took out this chip in the future, you would be in the highest class in human society, as no one dared to disrespect Astral University students, who had many secret privileges.

This was the dream of most Earth students.

“I wonder how many students will be admitted this year? Would Lara and Liana be admitted? If they still have a 1.3 life force, they will not be able to tpass the test. But now they have 1.7 life force, so they still have a great hope.”

Jiang Li took the shining chip, examined it carefully, and knew his status was completely different now.

But this data was still a secret, as he still had to wait until the final results were published.

Despite your status, be it the offspring of government officials or any big bosses, your test results were completely out of bounds to the outside world, and any violation of this golden rule would mean certain death.

“Jiang Li, you have completed your test, please rest in your room to wait for the other students’ results. The University will make a set of uniform for you, provide you with a variety of channels, and you can pay through the University website to buy various kinds of drugs. These performance-enhancing drugs for humans were made legal especially for you and your future cohort.” The system explained.

Later, an energy encompassed Jiang Li, sendinghim to a big spacious hall.

He sat in front of large metal table which had many nutrients, including Solar and Lunar Essence.

These illegal drugs now were legal for him, which meant he could bring them to the street, use them anytime and be questioned no further so long as he mentioned his status as an Astrala student. It was only illegal if you sold these substances to others.

The purpose of this privilege was to givee him nutrition after the test.

He looked around and suddenly felt cold, because he found some people had also sat down, and took various kinds of nutrients. It was obvious they had passed the test, some even faster than him.

There were only about seven or eight people.

Everyone had a strong vibe, and their life forces had to be above 2, and they were certainly be able to enter Stasis!

These were the most powerful people among all human candidates, and all eyes looked straight while injecting medicine at ease. The clinical new-comers then closed their eyes and refreshed the mind. They didn’t communicate with each other. Everyone had a unique temperament, and were fiercely independent.

Jiang Li wanted to say hello to these people at first, but after observing them, he knew they would refuse any sliver of unnecessary interaction with strangers.

Jiang Li was also clear that even after he had passed this test, he ultimately still had to fight with these people.

To think of this, Jiang Li was excited and felt an upsurge of wars, fearless and bold. To fight against the best people was his long-cherished wish.

Subsequently, more and more successful candidates started to enter the hall

Jiang Li looked everywhere, searching for Lara and Liana, but still couldn’t see them, and he felt increasingly uneasy: “Have they been eliminated? It is unlikely but not impossible...”

Swoosh Swoosh!

As if to calm his worry, the two slim shadows appeared at the same time in the hall. They were Lara and Liana and they both actually the test. Theeir faces were filled with excitement.

People who were admitted to Astral University had a higher position and were immediately upgraded to the high society, what could be more exciting than that? Even the people who were able to enter the Stasis would be tempted.

Unless it was the Eternal Stasis, people who had reached that realm would be fearless, not pleased by external gains nor saddened by personal losses.

So that they would have the potential of Bodhisattva, never turning back and always looking to go further and climb higher.

At first, when the girls saw Jiang Li, they wanted to shout with excitement, but after realized the atmosphere in the hall, they kept quiet, sat down and ate and drank quietly.

Liana turned her head and winked to Jiang Li,. Her eyes seemed to be filled with numerous stars, and she smiled a proud and contented smile. Lara saw that and immediately held her chin up, turning her head back. Later she took a bottle of Lunar Essence and jammed it in Liana’s mouth in a playful attempt to wipe the grin off her face. Liana replied with a soft humph then started drinking the essence.

The girls made Jiang Li smile, something he had not done in a long while.

The students continued to enter the hall.

At last, about three thousand students had entered the hall. Jiang Li didn’t see Henry and Lilisse and knew they were eliminated.

Henry’s failure was a pity as he had a life force of 1.5.

Jiang Li secretly scanned the students and found three from Jing Hua City who had actually passed the test. They were shocked and afraid to see Jiang Li, Lara and Liana.

They smiled a sincere smile to Jiang Li, tying to bridge their gap of emnity.

Jiang Li killed Yu Mu Hua and Jiang Liu before and had also threatened them, so these people were very angry internally. But now everyone had become the students of Astral Universit and held the same identity. They knew there was no benefit to go against Jiang Li.

Tl by CassiEast.

ED Carolin Cao

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