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Chapter 101 Tripled Gravity

Beep Beep Beep....

The chip vibrated again and a beautiful female voice came out: “All students, please be in your position and prepare to wormhole traverse.”

“Wormhole traversing? Isn’t there a second round test? Does it mean the second round test will not take place in Luosha Planet?” Jiang Li found out the entire room has changed, a huge hood covered up his body and a metallic table slowly rose up.

This was the start of wormhole traversing.

The room he had entered was n fact a cabin in the warship. After undergoing the trial on Luosha Planet, surviving students would rest in the rooms. Jiang Li lay calmly on the metal bed, surrounded by a glass cover, and heard the wormhole traversing countdown.

10, 9, 8, 7, 6…..3, 2, 1!

This time, Jiang Li didn’t feel a tremendous change. He also noticed the students were not required to be induced with a “fake death”. He stayed awake as his brain cells were already strong enough to go against the power of wormhole traversing.

He felt the move of the opaque stone on his chest as it began to absorb the power from wormhole traversing, then the power melted into a warmth which passed through his entire body. Every cell began to strengthen and expand again, he felt his every cell had become a small space, and could store more nutrients and power.

His body would strengthen through every wormhole traversing.

“Don’t know what will happen to Wang Chang Rong?” He radiated his mind to the interior of the opaque stone and the space began to expand.

He peeked and saw Wang Chang Rong was confused because the expansion of space was accompanied by dramatic spiritual changes, as if the whole world was turned upside down.


He shouted fiercely inside. His body seemed to be elongated then shrunk again, but he was still alive.

A huge space power flowed inside the space, causing him extreme pain, like his every cell was being crushed and pulled.

This kind of torture couldn’t be endured by an ordinary human.

But he was able to ignore the pain at last, having entered the “Stasis”, and sat down serenely and travelled beyond the horizon.

Huge powers continued to flow in and Jiang Li’s cells were warmed and finally in a dormant state.

He once again fell asleep. He dreamt that ancient martial art training in the outer planet, absorbed Spirit Chi from Heaven and Earth, tempered martial arts, became martial arts master, little by little from that outer planet seemed to have freshen up.

He entered in that dream on every wormhole traversing, and then after arriving back to reality, had a strong desire to go to the outer planet.

This outer planet could be described as “lost in a reverie”, as it was a world completely different from Earth’s, a world for cultivation, another civilization in the Universe.

Time passes...

He woke up again, feeling energised. A beautiful female voice sounded again in the warship: “Wormhole traversing completed, and we have arrived at Emperor Planet, the location of Astral University . Allstudents have only 15 minutes to adjust.”

“Emperor Planet!”

Jiang Li exclaimed: “Astral University is on this planet? I can sense a rich Spirit Chi from Heaven and Earth, richer and more complex than the Spirit Chi on Qubo Planet!

When humans explored the Universe and found many strange planets, some of them were very large, and they were all water-surfaced, the density of water being heavier than water in Earth. Creatures that lived in the sea were similar to the dragons and had hundred metres of length in common.

There was a planet with caves on it. While it looked like a honeycomb at first sight, which many kinds of insects living in it. These creatures were extremely ferocious, plundering flesh and blood.

There was also a planet that actually didn’t form from soil, but from the gelatinous flesh and blood. It also had some big tentacles, wandering slowly in the Universe, seeming like a creature.

Apart from these, there was a planet that looked like a big diamond, and also some planet which was covered in gold.

This diamond and golden planet were the most dangerous zones in the Universe, and while humans had discovered them, they were unable to develop and exploit them.

In the Universe, most of the planets have poor environment not ideal for human inhabitation. Humans couldn’t evenbuild a base on the planet. Compared to them, Luosha Planet was a heaven, for at least it had oxygen and water.

Until now, human beings had explored a hundred planets that seemed suitable for living, and developed dozens to be human bases. Some planets were still under development and construction.

Emperor Planet was one of them.

Emperor Planet was very large, almost like Qubo Planet, and the gravitational pull was three times heavier than Earth, so it was very difficult for ordinary humans to live there. Only people with a strong life force could survive on this planet.

Of course, only a small part of this planet had been developed, in fact it had a dangerous environment, ideal for training students, which was the reason why Astral University was located on this planet.

“Unexpectedly it is named Emperor Planet, for it has a lot of rich Spirit Chi, the odds are once again in my favour…” Jiang Li felt so excited; there were only a few planets which had Spirit Chi. Every planet big secret, often undiscovered by human beings, such as the mysterious formation of Spirit Chi from Heaven and Earth on Emperor Planet.

But, now he couldn’t put the opaque stone to his moth to enter fetal respiration, so people couldn’t find out. He could train and absorb the Spirit Chi for a long time on this planet after admitted to Astral University anyway.

“All students, be ready to take turns to deliver the energy….” The voice came out again: “Everybody has to adapt to conditions here first, so we will now go the human base.”

An energy infiltrated out, gradually wrapping Jiang Li up, then the door opened. He was sent out by the energy. After landing on ground, he had arrived on a huge human base.

All kinds of students appeared gradually, having been transported in a similar way.

There must have been hundreds of thousands students! Not just from Earth, but from all planets which had human bases.

They had all survived the trial on luosha Planet and passed the first test, but there were many kinds of tests waiting for them.

“There a lot of powerful students, as the Chinese refer to them, they are the hidden dragons and crouching tigers that must not be underestimated…” Jiang Li had no time to look around. Suddenly the top of the base began to open, then he felt his body being tightened by something, with “kaka kaka” sounds coming from his system., His brain seemed to be oppressed by many things, and his vision began to blur.

Every part of the body was tightly bound and he seemed to be suffocating.

This was the gravitational pull.

Emperor Planet’s gravity was very powerful, and if ordinary people lived on this planet, they would probably die soon as they would be unable to handle the atmospheric pressure.

However, none of the students fainted as their physical strength was way too strong. The people who qualified for the first test must have at least 1 life force. After the elimination round on Luosha Planet, the remaining students would have at least 1.3 life force. These people could barely endure the gravity and were unable to move around easily.

Jiang Li quicklytook a deep breath and, about an hour later, all kind of discomfortingsymptoms had disappeared. His amazing life force had enabled him to fully adapt to the atmosphere on Emperor Planet.

His life force had reached 2.1, and he was too strong for the impact of tripled gravity to have a lasting effect on him. If the gravitational pull was more than 3 times that of Earth, he might faint, but he was functioning very well.The radio from Astral University still didn’t release a sound, and it seemed this 1 hour was allowed for the students to adapt to the environment. If someone fainted, they would be eliminated.

In an hour,some people fainted as expected, and were immediately carried out by the white mecha fighters.

“Everyone seems to have adapted to the gravitational environment. Your next test is to walk and run to the test location. Each person will have a hologram computer and your chip has been programmed with the test location.” The radio broadcasted again.

From Jiang Li’s current location, there was a 5 km distance to the test location.

He would have to runto the test location.

All the students started to run after receiving the news.

Under the oppression of tripled gravity, one was definitely gambling with Death if one started to run or fight. Your majore arteries and veins would risk exploding under pressure.

But, they had to run, otherwise they would be eliminated. Jiang Li started with a big step, and after 15 minutes he arrived at the test location. He saw a few rows of semi-enclosed compartments, each of them containing a hologram computer. One of the hologram computer displayed his own information, and he scanned his chip, afer which a whole list of aptitude and intellect questions appeared.Answering the questions under a tripled gravity was very difficult, as the brain seemed to pulsate painfully even while processing a small though. But his brain cells were stronger than average, and he didn’t care about brain congestion, so answering all the questions would not be a problem.

However, these questions were very difficult, so difficult that Jiang Li . Fortunately, Astral University cultural test didn’t require a full score to pass. The questions which he couldn’t answer must have only been solvable by a small handful of people.

About 3 hours has passed, and Jiang Li has done all the questions which he could solve. The system immediately showed his score: “Literacy score, 78! Passed! Next round is combat test, after passing this test, you will be admitted to Astral University.”

With Jiang Li’s welath of knowledge, his low score of 78 showed that the test had a high level of difficulty and would definitely eliminate some people.

“Finally, I’ve passed the literacy test…. How about Lara and Liana?” Jiang Li clenched his fists. There was only the last round left and he was so close to success.

What would the combat test about this time? Was it martial expert trial again? Or perhaps a stronger version of the martial expert trial.

Under a tripled gravity, the combat would be really difficult, and even Jiang Li could only release half of his usual combat prowess.

However, this was the last round and he would fight desperately to succeed.

Jiang Li didn’t worry at all because with his life force and martial arts experience, if even he was unable to pass,less of ten people could pass this time Astral University test.

It was impossible that the annual global enrollment quota of Astral University numbered at only 10, (generally there would be a three thousand quotas).

With this mentality, he entered a sealed room and entered the last round: combat..

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