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Chapter 100 The Flying Cat

“Ha ha, my genetic transformation has succeeded, and gradually transformed to Heavenly Shocking Lightning Beast.”

Big Black growled: “I can fly with the wings! Heavenly Shocking Lightning Beast is our feline’s extreme evolution. Human will soon die as injected its genes! Even it is dangerous for us, but fortunately I have a strong spirit, using my spirit to catalyze the effect of the injection at every time. And my body is able to endure the genetic transformation after went through the fetal respiration. I want you to inject it at first, transforms into flying cat, but based on my experience just now, you can’t endure it.”

“Boss, the legendary Heavenly Shocking Lightning Beast not only can fly, but also can absorb the power from the thunder, released a strong lightning power, don’t know if boss is able to absorb it?” Flower faced overlord asked.

“Still can’t for the moment. Absorbs thunderbolt, creates power, this is an extremely strong genes. Now I only have the ability to fly, unless I have injected a lot of Heavenly Shocking Lightning Beast gene serums, it may be possible to obtain the absorbing thunderbolt ability.”

Big black has mastered the genetic knowledge, it was very studious, tireless, it can research from a lot of information which it got from the web: “inside the Heavenly Shocking Lightning Beast body, there is a thunder relic, naturally formed. It is like a small nuclear reactor, can absorb thunder, store it up and release it, similar to Taoism’s golden elixir. I succeed at the first try, the next risk will getting smaller. After injected it for a long time, I will transform to Heavenly Shocking Lightning Beast for sure.”

“Miaw..” Fifth Meng jumped: “What a great Heavenly Shocking Lightning Beast, the human’s armor can’t compare to it, It is able to tear up a warship, Boss can you really transform to that stage? If I shoot you now, will you able to resist?”

“No, the human’s gun is getting powerful these days, it has a small nuclear kinetic energy inside life creatures simply can’t resist it.” Big Black shook head: “if it has a kind of bullet from two hundred years ago, it will not shoot through my body, however the police’s paralyzing guns are not work on me.”

“So boss, we have to get a lot of Heavenly Shocking Lightning Beast gene serums, after injected seven or eight bottles, you will become stronger and stronger.” Flower faced overlord waved its claws just like the soldiers welcomed for the ruler’s inspection.

“Theoretically, but there will have a risk in every injection, from now I want to study which drugs can be used as the formula, to reduce the risk in injection. Winning a first gamble is due to luck and courage, for the rest gambles it depends on your ability.” Big Black also waved its claws and landed down, the wings at its back shrunk into a ball hidden inside the fur. Big Black could easily move then, if a cat with a spread wings went into the train, people would be curious for sure. Although the government would not arrest, however still could cause a lot of attention.

Now the human government was very open to animals, even if there were animals with odd shapes as long as they didn’t made troubles, government would not catch them.

Since the advent of genetic transformation, many animals have become the test subject. Also the numerous nuclear explosions from the Earth World War many years ago had affected the animals.

“We have to build a laboratory, to study genetics. But we need some professional researchers.” Flower faced overlord checked the information in the hologram computer with a calm look.

“Boss, how is your hypnotism now? Your brain cells must have stronger than before.” First Meng asked.

“Of course, Heavenly Shocking Lightning Beast’s brain cells are extremely strong, if not how to manipulate the thunder? These days after the injection, my spirit is sober in fact but every day it indulges in the illusions, after experienced this pain, the realm has increased again, if not unexpected, I will reach the realm of Greater Stasis soon.”

Big Black walked leisurely: “the trilogy in Stasis, Lesser Stasis, Greater Stasis, and Eternal Stasis, every stage has a big mystery, I would like you to enter the Stasis one by one, so our team will really take over the black market.”

“Stasis, Stasis!” First Meng, Flower faced overlord and other cats were roar up: “We want to reach Stasis!”

“Start to implement the plan, San Long Hui is completely under control. First, try to inquire about Heavenly Shocking Lightning Beast gene serums in the black market, plundered over them.” After finished its talk, Big Black went out from the private room and looked up to the stars: “Don’t know where Jiang Li go to take the test? Can he be admitted to Astral University?”

“Boss, look, Sun and Moon Corporation went on desperately building.” First Meng raised its claw, pointed to the distance, it was a tall building, some mecha were flying on the top of the building, not the secondary mecha, but elementary mecha, still very powerful.

“People from this group will be controlled by me later.” Big Black didn’t act rashly, although it was able to fly now, however still couldn’t beat the gun, needed to accumulate the strength.

Luosha Planet

Jiang Li didn’t know completely about Big Black’s successful transformation, he completely immersed in martial arts training.

Killed Luo Sha Beast with Wang Chang Rong, ate genetic meat, practiced martial arts. Finally at the 28th day, his life force had breakthrough, reached 2.1.

Lara’s and Liana’s life force also increased to 1.6, became the best in the students.

Although Wang Chang Rong hasn’t recovered yet, his life force has reached 2.4.

In this way, they could kill Luo Sha Beast faster, in the last two days, they actually have killed 4 Luo Sha Beast. Each of them has got a genetic meat, after ate it, their cells would strengthen once again.

Jiang Li felt his brain cells couldn’t stop to get stronger, the nutrients and power which he plundered were ensured to supply his brain cells first and then to the body, so his life force increasing was slow.

But for Wang Chang Rong who was also a secondary hypnotist, Jiang Li’s spirit strength was far stronger than his.

If counted from the number of hypnosis, Wang Chang Rong also couldn’t compare to Jiang Li.

Finally, a hell-like 30 days training has passed.

Beep Beep Beep...

This day Lara’s, Liana’s, and Jiang Li’s chip rang at the same time: “All students, 30 days trial has ended, come back to the base, to count noses, and starting the next round test.”

Wang Chang Rong moved his body and looked tightly at Jiang Li, he knew this was the only chance he could get out from Luosha Planet.

“Since we have an agreement, I definitely will take you out. But I also had to take a big risk, if found out by Astral University, I not only lose the eligibility of the test or even to be exiled.” Jiang Li said.

“Don’t worry, space folding technology is the highest technology that human still research about, how can they find out?” Wang Chang Rong quickly said: “hurry, put me into the space.”

“Well, but I have to warn you, this space will absorb great energy in wormhole traversing, I’m not responsible for any problems you may have.” Jiang Li thought of this problem.

“That’s okay, if I die, die then. It is better than die of old age in this planet.” Wang Chang Rong was already unable to hold himself back: “I have no hope anyway, take a chance is better.”

“The truth is so, indeed, instead of to die of old age you are better to fight for a chance.” Jiang Li opened the space slowly, there still had some water, the water also had a lot of genetic meat, Jiang Li was going to take them back to Earth, gave to his parents, brother, and sister, and also to soak those cats.

Wang Chang Rong went into the space in a jump, the space immediately closed, cut off from the outside world.

Jiang Li just came out from the cave, called Liana and Lara: “Let’s go.”

“Where is Wang Chang Rong?” Lara asked.

“This is a secret, you better don’t know about it.” Jiang Li spoke with a heavy voice: “I don’t want you to involve in this.”

“Tsk.. even if you want to say, I don’t want to hear it…” Liana curled her lips and mumbled.

Lara nodded her head: “Okay, let’s go, this time trial has finished, the following literacy and combat test will be a lot easier.”

Three of them ran faster than the original one, Lara and Liana in the last two days took a Luo Sha Beast King’s genetic meat, although didn’t have the breakthrough to reach 1.7 life force, but after back and trained hard, they had greater possibility to having a breakthrough.

Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh Swoosh…..

Three people transformed into a shadow ran on gravel plain under a high temperature, the speed has already reached 100 km per hour, they also have applied the genetic meat lotion to their skin, sunburn was nothing.

After about five hours later, the human base appeared in front of them. From which an energy lased out, rolled up the three people.

Next, they were brought into the big hall in the base, looked at the spacious and luxurious floor, had a feel like reincarnating to human again.

Jiang Li’s spirit also touched, between uncivilized and civilization was separated by a wall.

Liana and Lara thought calmly, this time trial was also a spirit sharpening, had given a great help to their spirit cultivation.

“You three…” this time, a fighter in white walked towards them, eyed them from head to toe, found out they applied genetic meat lotion, couldn’t help but to surprise: “You killed a lot of Luo Sha Beast? How many genetic meats do you get? Actually could extravagate it for applying to your skin?”

“Simply a luck.” Jiang Li laughed.

“Congratulations, have passed the first round test! Survive from Luosha planet.” The fighter said: “Your chip has marked your pass in the first test, next we have prepared a room for each of you, there are nutrients, various kinds of food and clothes inside, change then go to rest, wait for the next test notification.”

“Yes sir!”

Jiang Li, Lara, and Liana gave a military salute.

“Your room is on that side, and the girls’ are on another side, there is a path displayed on your chip, go to rest then.”

The trio separated. Jiang Li walked for a long time, saw a lot of dense honeycomb-like rooms, one of which is his room. Scanning his chip, the room opened. There was 50 square meters, no bed, but could sleep on the floor, the room’s cupboard was filled up various kinds of nutrients.

He didn’t need an explanation, rushed over and ate them up, and then did many kinds of soft exercises. After digested the nutrients, he began to meditate, rest, and wait for the notification.

He took things calmly at everywhere.

This was a result from a strong spiritual cultivation.

“Don’t know how many of Earth students who are staying alive? It’s unlikely a half of ten thousand students suffer in hurt and death. If all young masters from Jing Hua City have died, nobody will know I have killed Jiang Liu and Yu Mu Hua then. But that time still have a lot of people, fire can’t be wrapped up in paper, it will spread out some day, better prepare to have a death match with them.”

After rested for a couple of hours, has recovered the energy, has reached the most vigorous state. Jiang Li stood up, exercised and thought what he should do afterwards.

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