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In the afternoon, Henry and cocame back and saw the ground littered with bodies, including one of a Luo Sha beast king. Their exclaimed in shock, yelling that a god was in their midst. Their eyeballs very nearly popped out of their sockets in disbelief.

Wang Changrong was originally planning on killing these people, but Jiang Li intervened. Changrong depended on Jiang Li to bring him out so he stopped.

When Henry and his crew saw the evil-looking Wang Changrong, they knew this was someone strong, even amongst the fugitives and didn’t dare to get close to him. They went to hide in another cave.

The night was peaceful.

In the following days, Jiang Li and Wang Changrong reached an agreement. The two, as well as Lara and Liana started running on this barren land in search of Luo Sha beasts to kill.

Because Jiang Li had their water supply accounted for, the four didn’t have any concerns and found salt in the distant caves.

In this way, the harsh environment on planet Luo Sha instead became their relatively comfortable land of inhabitance.

Due to this, Jiang LI knew that planet Luo Sha definitely wasn’t a dead zone. Those who could survive here were strong. Astral University wouldn’t let all the students die otherwise the exam would be meaningless.

15 days had passed and so had half of the exam time.

All their bodies were becoming stronger and stronger, especially Lara and Liana. Under the scorching sun, originally, it would only take 2 days for all of their skins to crack but they learned a way to melt the genetic meat in water, forming a sort of goo that they could rub on their skin. This became their sunscreen.

Even when running under that blazing star, the light didn’t do any damage to the skin. Instead, the whole body felt cool, reducing their body temperature.

Especially at night, they also rubbed a layer of their oil. Their bodies would immediately feel warm and this was more comfortable than sitting next to a fireplace.

It even allowed people to stand outside under the frosty winds 50 degrees below zero to practice martial arts.

This genetic meat was a treasure, and it was the hope in this dead zone planet Luo Sha.

At night, the temperature dropped lower and lower. It could freeze people’s limbs off. The frosty wind blew even large rocks into the sky.

But Jiang Li covered his body with genetic meat oil. He felt very warm and stepped out of the cave to practice martial arts in the wind. He was practising the [Emperor Wind Seal]. In the frosty wind, he could bond with the true essence of wind.


He smashed out a palm, forming a eddy resisting the outside wind. His body started to turn like a tornado as he ran. In a short while, a powerful pilla rof wind formed around his body.

His movements became faster and faster. Each palm he struck was like a hurricane, smashed out air explosions. As the ripples of air spread out, there was actually no wind within ten steps radius around him.

He continued to move forward, practising in the harsh hurricane. His [Emperor Wind Seal] became more and more efficient. Sometimes, when large rocks flew past, he could send it flying back with just one palm. No wind or rain could get to him.


Another gust of wind smashed over. It was Wang Changrong. He also had his body covered with genetic meat oil as he practised in the wind. He acquired nutritional serums and large amounts of genetic meat. His life force had finally started to return slowly.

“Haha, Jiang Li, after these ten days or so practice, my life force has returned to 2.3.” Wang Changrong came over talking as he practised: “We have killed about three Luo Sha beast kings these few days.”

“Unfortunately, my life force didn’t increase. It’s still at 2.” Jiang Li shook his head.

“The two girls all reached 1.5 but you still haven’t improved?” Wang Changrong was also confused. But then he suddenly realised: “The contemplation method you are cultivating makes your brain cells operate at an incredible speed. That uses too much nutrition. And the martial arts you are cultivating, [Emperor Wind Seal], [Emperor Lightning Seal], they are all unimaginably strong martial arts. Each time you use it, it uses up a lot of energy. That is what makes your life force grow so slowly. But you offensive power is really not to be taken lightly. I have seen you kill Luo Sha beasts recently. Even during the day, you can slice them in half with your palm.”

Jiang Li nodded. Although his life force was 2, the tenacity of his body and the power of his martial arts had increased drastically.

Especially his spiritual energy and brain cells, they have grown twice as strong.

Perhaps now, he could cultivate thousands of people each day.

Even Wang Changrong secretly approved of his hypnosis.

“After living on this planet, I feel like a haven for me.” Jiang Li cultivated as he spoke. When he spewed out words, thunder roared. Even a hurricane couldn’t blow his voice away: “I think Luo Sha beast king’s genetic meats are better. From tomorrow onwards, let’s only find Luo Sha beast kings to kill!”

“Agreed. I too want to recover to 2.5 as soon as possible.” Wang Changrong howled: “When we collaborate now, our combined spiritual energy is enough to cripple the Luo Sha beast king, so we don’t even need to fight physically.”

“I also feel that my spiritual energy had improved a lot. The Luo Sha beast king will be a piece of cake.” Jiang Li smashed out another palm shattering a rock that was half a person’s height. The shattering of the rock made thunderous sounds but there wasn’t even a scratch on his body.

“Let’s go, out cultivation is done, I’ll go back for a bath!”

Wang Changrong finished a set of eight trigram palm and returned to the caves with Jiang LI.

In the depth of the cave, there was a stone trench. Inside the trench was steaming water. Jiang Li and Wang Changrong jumped in, enjoying their bath.

The hot water was also a type of gel which contained large amounts of genetic meat. When it was cold, it released heat, when it was hot, it released cold.

Now, Jiang Li and Wang Changrong used genetic meat water to bath. This was extremely extravagant. If they continued like this every day, their bodies would continue to get stronger.

In the other cave, there was another trench. Lara and Liana was also bathing inside. Their smooth and lustrous legs showed while the mist covered the rest of their bodies. They continued to play inside the water.

“I didn’t think that our life forces could increase this much on planet Luo Sha.” Lara splashed water on Liana: “hehe, my life force reached 1.5, how about you?”

“I am also 1.5. what? You want to beat me?” Liana laughed and also started splashing water at Lara.

The sticky water was very easily digested by the skin forming a layer in the depth of their skin. This made their skin look like it was polished with gleaming lustre. It was as though they were royal goddesses.

“Unfortunately, we’re not allowed weapons this exam, not even cold weapons.” Lara played for a bit and felt her energy get better and better: “If I could bring my silver needles in, I can use acupuncture to excite the potentials of our body so the rate at which we absorb energy is greatly improved. It wouldn’t be a problem for us to breakthrough once again.”

“It doesn’t matter if you couldn’t bring in the silver needles. We still have the bodies of Luo Sha beasts right? Their bodies are live metal, it should be soft now. You can rip some off and make it into a needle.” Liana poked Lara’s forehead and laughed: “You’re IQ is so low.”

“That’s true, why didn’t I think of that!” Lara came to the sudden realisation and jumped out of the water pool. She put on her clothes and walked outside and found a Luo Sha beast body. She started to rip the flesh from it. As expected, the flesh that was originally as hard as metal had softened.

She had clever hands and made hundreds of needles in a short while. She then returned back to the cave and these needles became very hard. They were just like silver needles but their quality was probably even better.

She took off her clothes and sat in the pool again. She started to put needles in all of her major chakra points and then twisted the needles to excite the chakra points. Her whole body started to shake but she was soaked in the genetic meat water. Her body started to absorb the liquid on a large scale. The speed was much faster than before.

For the whole night, she sat like this.

When it was almost dawn, Lara opened her eyes and exhaled. Immediately, many pebbles and stones were blown away.

Liana sat close by watching knowing that it would be her turn soon.

As expected, Lara took the needles off her body and smiled as she waved her hand: “Come, Liana, I’ll do acupuncture for you.”

Although they had frequent arguments, they would still help each other at the crucial moments.

“Are you doing it for Jiang Li?” Liana asked: “You acupuncture can awaken the body’s potential, it would be perfect for Jiang Li.”

“No, Jiang Li is too strong, his nerves and cells have joined together. He can control his own internal secretion. He could acupuncture himself with his nerves at will, he doesn’t need acupuncture anymore.” Lara shook her head and helped Liana tie up her hair as she prepared for the acupuncture.

“Is stasis really that strong?” Liana felt this was too magical.

“It is indeed. You and I are only at the 3rd stage of deep sleep but if we want to enter stasis it would be as hard as climbing the heavens. Hopefully we can break through that barrier sooner.”Lara was also pursuing Dao.

“Jiang Li killed Jiang Liu and Yu Muhua. Only then was he able to enter stasis. This price was too much to pay. We don’t even know what would happen once the examination finishes. When the two power factions take revenge, his family would be hurt even if he was a student of Astral Univeristy.” Liana started to worry.

“Defend against whatever comes your way, and there will be nothing to worry about.” Lara was open minded: “Since it had already occurred, it is pointless to worry. The best thing to do is to improve your strength. The stronger you are, the more you enemies fear you. I can tell that Jiang Li had already thought of this so his heart is clear and does not worry about the consequence.”

“Lara, Liana, let’s go. It’s day now. Let’s go out to hunt Luo Sha beasts!” At this time, Jiang Li’s voice came from the depth of the cave.

Lara and Liana both heard him and hurried to jump out of the trench as they pit on their clothes.

“Why are we leaving this early today? I was going to do acupuncture for Liana.” The four met up and Lara asked.

“Today, we’re going out 200 kilometres. The target is a Luo Sha beast king so we need to leave early. You guys need to be careful.” When Jiang Li finished speaking, he and Wang Changrong left the cave first.

Lara and Liana followed behind.

The four once again underwent another harsh cultivation session.

[At the same time, Xu hua city black market.]

In a secret room of the Three Dragon Clan, six cats, flower faced overload and the 5 meng guarded Big Black silently. Big Black’s body had obviously grown bigger. It sat cross legged, soaking in solar and lunar essence. On its back was actually a pair of wings. This was the result of genetic mutation.

Many days had passed since Big Black drank the Heavenly Shocking Thunder beast’s genetic serum. He had been in meditation ever since. The Three Dragon Clan had been fully controlled by Big Black. The leader of the clan Li Sanlong had become his spiritual slave, making perfect arrangements on the outside.

Flower faced overlord was very nervous and continued to rub its cat claws as it walked in the secret room. It was restless.

This concerned Big Black’s evolution. If Big Black failed, it would be disastrous.

Big Meng and second Meng didn’t worry at all. They still had the hearts of children. They played around like furry balls as they rolled on the floor.


Suddenly, a stronger air wave erupted from Big Black’s body. It slowly opened its eyes as the wings on its back patted. It floated in mid air with eyes like lighting. A strong wave of thought scanned the room and seeped outwards.

“Big boss, was your evolution successful? You’ve acquired the Heavenly Shocking Thunder Beast’s abilities! Now you can fly. I bow down to you, o Great One!” Flower faced overlord roared.

“Meow….” The five meng’s also rejoiced.

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