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The Luo Sha beast king’s body was extremely strong, and its ability to resist damage was stronger than that of a mecha.

Jiang Li and Wang Changrong’s combined attack could only shock it away each time but could not actually hurt it. The battle grew into a stalemate.

The Luo Sha beast king emitted a sharp shriek from its mouth, attempting to cast a spiritual illusion.

But Jiang Li and Wang Changrong had been cultivating [Dragon and Snake Combined Attack]. That involved contemplating the dragon and snake that toured the universe freely. Their spirit joined together like tai chi pattern. As the yin and yang changed, they had no weaknesses.

And, the two could also make dragon howls and snake hisses. The howls shocked the air in the room. Lara and Liana could only wait in the corner for the right moment to deliver the fatal blow to the Luo Sha beast king.

Their life forces each were only 1.3 but could also pose a certain degree of threat to the Luo Sha beast king.

When the two cooperated, their martial arts experience was higher than the Luo Sha beast king. However, the demon’s claws were very sharp, slicing metal like clay, so it was very difficult to deal with. Other than its fear of water, there were absolutely no weaknesses on its body.


Wang Changrong spewed another jet of water using the dragon chi.

The water shot out suddenly like an arrow. With the strength of his organs right now, this water arrow could pierce wooden boards within three steps and shatter porcelain items.

This dragon-spewing water used the [Dragon and Snake Combined Attack] and was perfect.

The water arrow shot straight into the Luo Sha Beast king’s eyes. He was a hard shell everywhere else but his eyes were relatively weaker. The king immediately flew in retreat. The piercing pain was intolerable as he went into hysteria. His claws attacked the granite non-stop. Hard granite was instantly reduced to powder. What a good opportunity to strike!

Jiang Li was going to spew water again but suddenly realised there were no water left. All the bottles were empty.

“Crap…” He was shocked as he suddenly saw the king’s body twist and attacked towards Lara and Liana.

“This king’s intellect is definitely the same as humans!” Jiang Li roared as he flung his hand. Immediately, a dragon-like water pole smashed towards it. It was very thick, just like high pressured water gun and it smashed with a powerful force on the king’s back.

At this moment, he couldn’t care anymore if he exposed his secret in front of Wang Changrong. He used his spiritual power to open up a fist size space opening. When the space changed, the huge pressure shot out the water.

The king just charged in front of Lara and Liana and he was drenched immediately. Its scales retracted like a drenched chicken. Its body shook and became much weaker.

The water pillar was still shooting on its body. Wang Changrong was dumbfounded. Where did this water pillar come from??

“[Dragon and Snake Combined Attack], rip it apart!” Jiang Li suddenly exploded. Wang Changrong followed and they both used all their might. They dashed near the Luo Sha beast king and ripped with all their might!


The king was ripped in half. A fist sized genetic meat fell from it, which was picked up by Lara.

“It is finished…” Jiang Li sighed a breath of relief, but found Wang Changrong staring at him.

“What’s wrong?” Jiang Li played dumb.

“Young man, where did that water pillar come from? You made a water pillar out of nowhere? Impossible!” In the depth of his heart, Wang Changrong’s voice sounded: “This couldn’t be done by humans. Could you possibly have space folding items on you?”

This was spiritual communication.

Jiang Li connected with him spiritually although he knew that he couldn’t hide it from Wang Changrong with lies. He was a stasis master with an accurate spirit. Any lies would be to no avail to of him.

“Indeed, I have something that is made from space folding technology.” Jiang Li also used spiritual communication.

“Of course!” Wang Changrong exclaimed: “’I’ve always had a premonition that your future will be prosperous. I didn’t think that you possessed space folding technology that even the elite district didn’t have. Your martial arts is alien to us. If I didn’t guess wrong, you must have acquired an alien treasure right?”

“You are correct.” Jiang Li didn’t bother hiding it.

“Don’t worry, although this is a big secret it doesn’t mean that much. Humans have acquired alien spaceships before. Those are the huge wealth. Relative to you, it is very normal for you to acquire some alien products. The crash between human and alien civilisation is an era where there are countless heroes coming forth. Some have great fortune and in possession of previous treasures, and some just facing death. . There are all sorts of wonders in this world. Those who have reached stasis could calmly face anything without disrupting their heart.” Wang Changrong sighed: “But since you have this technology, I need to rely on you for something.”

“Don’t tell me you want me to remove you from the planet with my treasure.” Jiang LI immediately understood what Wang Changrong wanted: “This mustn’t be done, with your identity, you would cause large trouble when you get out.”

“What trouble?” Wang Changrong sneered: “As long as I can get out, I can immediately contact many authorities. Do you really think I’m someone without a proper identity? How about this... If you bring me out, I’ll give you 100 million star coins!”

“You have that much money?” Jiang Li didn’t believe him.

“Now, you are insulting me.” Wang Changrong looked at Jiang Li as if he was looking down at a measly frog at the bottom of a well: “Is 100 million a lot? It’s no different than 1 star coin to our Wang family. Plus, I’m a secondary hypnotist myself, so the wealth I have acquired is not something you can imagine.”

“You’ve committed such severe -crime that you were exiled on planet Luo Sha for tens of years. You’ve probably already lost all your wealth!” Jiang Li wanted to dig out more secrets from Wang Changrong. Wang Changrong was someone strong. By killing Jiang Liu and Yu Muhua, he had already made enemies with the powerhouses of Jing Hua city and the Sun and Moon Corporation. Finding more help was a key aspect in defending against these two power factions.

“I have already hidden part of my wealth.” Wang Changrong stood with his hands behind his back: “How about it? Take me out, and 100 million, no , 200 million, will be yours!”

“Money is second priority.” Jiang Li waved his hand. Although he needed money, it was clearly a deal if he asked for Wang Changrong’s money. He didn’t want to do this. If someone like Wang Changrong could owe him, that worth would be much more than 200 miillion.

He had already seen through it. With his own abilities, he could earn money anytime.

“I can take you out, but I have some problems in the outside world too. In return I request your help. I don’t need your money. People like us can earn money very easily.” Jiang Li said.

“What troubles?” Wang Changrong wouldn’t agree easily either.

“I have enmity with the Sun and Moon Corporation, this is what happened…” Jiang Li told what had happened.

“ Sun and Moon Corporation, Jiang family…” Wang Changrong had a jeeron his face: “They’re growing bigger and bigger. Things would be a bit tricky. Although bringing them down isn’t easy, protecting you is a piece of cake. As long as you enter the SSRO, no one can harm you. With you strength now, you can reach the hierarchy immediately.”

“I won’t enter the SSRO.” Jiang Li shook his head.

“Young man, you’re very good. You’re not greedy and have your own heart and principles, but you’re still a bit off. You need to mould your own dao.” Wang Changrong praised: “There are not much young men who can receive my praise.”

“I’ve already entered stasis, what can I be greedy for?” jiang Li smiled: “The king has been killed. According to our agreement, we split the genetic meat in half.”

As he spoke, Lara passed the genetic meat over. Jiang Li sliced with his nails and the fist sized genetic meat was split. He gave half to Wang Changrong and then split the other half in thirds and gave Lara and Liana one part each.

The quality of the king’s genetic meat was many times stronger than the normal genetic meat.

When Jiang Li ate this, all the cells in his body rejoiced. A strong gust of power coursed through his limbs and body. Although there was no obvious increase in life force, his cells strengthened quite a lot, especially his brain cells.

If he used his hypnotic skills right now, not only would he be able to hypnotise more people, his strength would also increase as he was a secondary hypnotist.

An elementary hypnotist took 1000 star coins for each person they hypnotised. Secondary hypnotist earned 100 times more. It was very hard for normal people to consult a secondary hypnotist.

And when Wang Changrong consumed it, his Chi was obviously different. It was like dragon howling and tiger roaring. Every hair gland in his body shot out air flow and his muscles seemed to have lustre on the surface. His life force improved a decimal point.

It should be 2.2 now.

This wasn’t extraordinary. It was hard for Jiang Li to improve his life force because he needed to increase his capacity. Meanwhile, Wang Changrong’s original life force was 2.5. it was due to the harsh conditions on planet Luo Sha that he regressed. Now, with adequate nutrition, he immediately recovered to some extent.

“Finally killed a Luo Sha beast king...” After a while, Wang Changrong opened his eyes. He breathed like a dragon but his eyes glanced at Jiang Li and immediately showed some tension. Although, Jiang Li had no obvious progression, his martial arts experience was sky-rocketing.

Meanwhile Lara and Liana, like him, had a one decimal point increase in their life force.

“The energy inside the king’s genetic meat is really abundant! It is at least equivalent to tens of bottles of solar essence. It’s quality is even higher. The most important thing is that it can be directly consumed by the body.” Lara stretched comfortably. She didn’t think that she could improve her life force on planet Luo Sha. Other students could only hope to maintain their life force.

“With the king dead, the rest of the Luo Sha beasts are left without a leader. They are going to retreat and be taken in by another clan. We’re in absolute safety for the moment.” Wang Changrong said: “You hear? All those Luo Sha beasts have flown away.”

Of course, the large groups of Luo Sha beasts rushing to flee. They had a sort of spiritual connection between themselves. When they knew that their king had died, their spirit had collapsed and didn’t dare to live here anymore, much less attack Jiang Li.

“Unfortunately….” Jiang Li didn’t chase after them: “Those Luo Sha beasts are all genetic meat.”

“No matter.” Wang Changrong said: “I know all the caves in thousands of kilometres radius around here. There are still Luo Sha beasts in the area. You can carry water with you. With this advantage, our operation range will increase infinitely. It is possible for us to kill more Luo Sha beast kings. And in some of the caves, there will lie the salt we need.”

The most important part of survival on planet Luo Sha is to live close to a water source.

But since Jiang Li carried with him a pocket space, it was like he carried with him a swimming pool. The water he brought with himself was enough for a few months.

This way, their movement won’t be restricted and could accomplish much more.

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