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Wang Changrong’s fists changed shape, and countless snakes appeared on the top of his head. With the slightest movement of his hand, there was the incessant sound of snake hisses. Jiang Li’s eyes blurred, seeing the floor crawl with snakes; some writhed onto his body, some even bit him. Jiang Li then immediately felt like he was being poisoned, feeling numb and having difficulty breathing.

But he didn’t move at all.

Like the Buddha going into stasis under the Bodhi tree. Nothing could hurt him, everything including the gods and demons were all nothing to him.

And just like this, the illusions disappeared.

But for the combined technique, he was starting to understand how it worked.

It was indeed a strong technique, but it was difficult for just one person to fully utilize its power.

“Remember, contemplate and use your heart to connect and hear. Only then can you unleash the huge attack power with me! When the dragon hides, it can transform into the snake, and when the snake evolves, it can transform into the dragon. When the two cooperate, they are invincible,” Wang Changrong warned. “Let us now practice our combined attack!”


Jiang Li suddenly jumped and started practicing with Wang Changrong. He too gradually released a spiritual illusion, the illusion of dragons and snakes dancing together.

With continuous practice, he slowly felt the essence of this combined technique. It was helping him develop both contemplation as well as martial arts. Jiang Li was learning some of the essence of a master from Wang Changrong.

Gradually, the one old and one young practitioners became more and more engrossed in the training. They communicated with their spirit and could see each other’s contemplations.


A few hours later, both of them gave off a roar and attacked with both their fists on a rock in the cave.

There was a great rumble.

It was like dynamite blowing up the entire mountain. The whole granite was blown to pieces. It wasn’t like pebbles erupting everywhere; instead, they just turned straight to dust. This was the power of yin yang conversions. They could smash out hundreds of shocks in one instant.

In the ancient times, the masters who practiced [the soft hand] put bricks on tofu. When they struck with their palm, the brick would shatter but not the tofu. This was the pinnacle of controlling power.

And now, Jiang Li and Wang Changrong had reached this state, and even surpassed it.

With this combined strength, and the synthesis of hundreds of shock waves, no matter how strong the Luo Sha beasts were, they would be instantly stunned to death.

“Haha, good!” Wang Changrong howled. “I didn’t think you would be this good at comprehension. You grasped the essence of this combined technique with me very quickly. The true power of this combined technique is much more than what we’ve done, but this should be enough for the Luo Sha beast king. No matter what, when our thoughts have joined together, the Luo Sha beast king cannot hypnotise us. And we can even attack back.”

“Indeed.” Jiang Li felt that this trip to planet Luo Sha had definitely been worthwhile. Wang Changrong had opened up to him a new world, allowing him to see a slither of the martial arts secrets of the Wang family.

Colossal, unimaginable, devouring Heaven and Earth, containing the will of the universe. This was the essence within the Wang family’s style of martial arts.

Now, it was already in the afternoon. Henry and the others still hadn’t returned, when a cruel, sharp sound travelled into the caves.

“Careful, the Luo Sha beasts are coming back! Normally they come back at night, but now they’ve came back in the afternoon. It’s quite obvious that they are here for revenge, so prepare yourself! By the way, do you have water? If you have large amounts of water it would be even better. The Luo Sha beasts fear water and frigid air.” Wang Changrong warned once again: “Splashing water is very effective in dealing with the Luo Sha beast king.”

“Splashing water…” Jiang Li was glad. He had tonnes of water. If he splashed it all out at once, even the king of Luo Sha beasts wouldn’t be able to handle it. But then this would expose his secret of owning his own space. That said, Wang Changrong couldn’t leave planet Luo Sha, and no one would believe his words anyways, so that didn’t matter.

But he still couldn’t expose it until the most crucial moment.

There was a creaking sound of metal rubbing against each other. Jiang Li and Wang Changrong immediately emanated their thoughts out. As expected, they saw large numbers of Luo Sha beasts coming back to the cave from the sky.

Suddenly, Wang Changrong and Jiang Li both ‘saw’ a huge figure flying in the sky at the same time. “That’s the Luo Sha beast king!”

It was a good 2 metres tall. Its wings patted lightly, the airflow supporting the flight of this demon.

Its ruby, blood eyes scanned everything in condescension as if it was the demon lord of hell. Its claws were very long, yet very similar to human hands. It had webbed feet which also consisted of claws. It looked down at the land in an excessively haughty manner, as if it was the general of demons, the king of demons.

Its strong temperament reminded Jiang Li of a sound speed mecha.

This Luo Sha beast king definitely wasn’t as strong as a sound speed mecha. However what made it more scary than the sound speed mecha was that it could release spiritual illusions.

Another rumble.

Just when Jiang Li and Wang Changrong’s joint spirits had discovered it, it had also discovered the two.

“Foolish humans…how dare you kill my subordinates...” Immediately, Jiang LI and Wang Changrong both heard a spiritual wave that transmitted a message into their brains. There was no language barrier.

In the universe, the advanced civilizations all used spiritual communication to talk. Language would eventually lose its purpose.

With one spirit, they could understand very clearly what each other meant.

Only those who had entered stasis could obtain the ability to communicate spiritually.

“Don’t connect with his spirit, take your spirit back and focus on yourself, contemplate the free bodhisattva!” Wang Changrong suddenly said. “Wait for it to enter the cave. This cave is narrow, so that herd of Luo Sha beasts can’t enter on a large scale all at once! That way we can guard the entrance all by ourselves! As long as we can defend the cave for a few hours until dusk approaches, the temperature will drop and the beasts will run away, chaotic amongst themselves.”

“No problem!” Jiang Li nodded his head. This time, it was different from last night. With the great help from Wang Changrong, the two could cooperate. Killing Luo Sha beasts would definitely be much faster.


One Luo Sha beast crawled into the cave. Jiang Li and Wang Changrong almost attacked at exactly the same time. Their palms struck the body of the Luo Sha beast.

The strike immediately ripped the Luo Sha beast down the middle, showing the hanging piece of genetic meat.

Wang Changrong grabbed it and threw it straight into his mouth. He was very desperate.

Jiang Li didn’t bother to fight him over it. He was still digesting the few hundred he had eaten last night as it was.

Sho sho shoom...another three Luo Sha beasts ran in. Jiang Li and Wang Changrong attacked once again, killing them all. Wang Changrong would also sometimes drink a stomach full of water. When there were too many Luo Sha beasts, he would spew it out. The Luo Sha beasts would hurry to dodge the approaching water. This created mayhem, resulting in them being killed one by one.

“You can do that too?” Jiang Li was shocked, and praised, “as expected from the survival expert on planet Luo Sha.”

For people like Wang Changrong, their organs could inflate and deflate according to their will. They could drink half a bucket of water in one go. When they spewed it out, it was like a water gun. For those who were shot by the water, it was really more like getting smashed by a heavy fist.

The Luo Sha beasts were fearless except when it came to water and the cold. These were their soft spots.

Immediately, Jiang Li took a water bottle and rapidly drank a gulp of water as well. He drank a few bottles of water all in one go. His stomach inflated like a rubber ball, but it didn’t matter. He was still very mobile. When people cultivated to this state, it wasn’t a big deal if their organs inflated a little.

The Luo Sha beasts continued to swarm the place like a school of fish.

Ten minutes later, the ground was full of Luo Sha beasts’ bodies. They were all piled up by Lara and Liana as a makeshift obstacle to the cave’s entrance. The more barred and narrow the entrance was, the better. This way, Jiang Li and Wang Changrong would have less pressure to kill as many Luo Sha beasts. The bodies they kicked away smashed into the other Luo Sha beasts, sending them to fall all over the place.

There were again another 500 bodies on the ground, some having had their genetic meat eaten, while some still had it inside their bodies. Lara and Liana went up to the bodies to dig out the genetic meats.

“This is too simple. When we collaborate, the moves in Dragon and Snake Combined Attack can easily cripple any Luo Sha beast.” Jiang Li smiled.

“Luo Sha beast king incoming!” Wang Changrong moved confidently. All the strands of hair on his body stood up.


Jiang Li heard a shrill shriek. It was like a needle piercing his eardrums. His head felt like it had suffered a heavy blow; Lara and Liana fell straight to the ground. But their reactions had been very fast. They had taken two pieces of genetic meat to block their ears beforehand. Only then were they able to avoid being shocked deaf, shocked to death.

A strong surge of spiritual power assaulted, and subsequently all the Luo Sha beasts in the cave flew out, creating space for their king.

In the blink of an eye, Jiang Li saw a huge black figure appear in front of him. It was only 3 metres from him, and he could clearly see the scales and vicious eyes of the king. The average person would have probably fainted just from seeing its figure.

Jiang Li and Wang Changrong immediately spewed out water at the same time.

But the black figure dodged and the water sprayed onto the wall. The king disappeared, and when it appeared the next moment a claw sliced through the air, reaching for Jiang Li and Wang Changrong.

“Dodge it!” Wang Changrong and Jiang Li’s spirit moved at the same time. Their cooperation was well synthesised. They shifted to the side. Two big holes appeared where they stood moments before. It had been clawed out by the king.

“Such savage power, such speed, it surpasses us by miles.” Jiang Li hung there, shocked; it was like they were facing a terrifying mecha.

“Dragon and Snake Combined Attack, spiritual attack!” Wang Changrong raised the dragon seal and roared ferociously. Jiang Li immediately followed with the scowl of a snake.

The two’s spirits joined together, and they charged menacingly at the king.

The king turned its body suddenly and stood up. The ruby glow in its eyes intensified, defending against the two’s spiritual attack, and then it followed with another clawed slash.

Its sharp claws were almost like cutting machines made from high-tech alloys. It wasn’t something that mere flesh and bones could defend against. Wang Changrong and Jiang Li dodged once again. The claws ripped a huge hole in the wall. All the rock and granite that came into contact was like tofu in its hands.

But his claws missed again. Jiang Li and Wang Changrong spun around, and using this spinning power unleashed an even stronger fist strike on its back.

This was the martial art of Dragon and Snake Combined Attack. It contained the essence of fighting that had undergone thousands of revisions. Although the king was strong, there was no way its battle experience could compare with that of humans from Earth. This was the battle technique formed from the wisdom of countless people.


The king was sent flying and smashed roughly against the wall, although he sustained no actual damage. It flew up again with even more furious eyes, and unleashed a kamikaze-like attack towards Jiang Li and Wang Changrong.

“What a strong body.” Jiang Li observed, him and Wang Changrong both shocked. They felt like they had miscalculated. But now there was no turning back. One of the parties would have to die here.

The two unleashed Dragon and Snake Combined Attack once more with their full strength, as the battle of life and death with the Luo Sha beast king went into full swing.

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