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“Wang Changrong!”

Jiang Li’s facial expression changed. Although he had a high opinion of him, he also wary of Wang Changrong and didn’t want to be too involved with him. These types of people act hospitably towards you superficially, but may at anytime do anything to serve their own purpose. Living for more than ten years on planet Luo Sha, he had probably tossed all forms of morality aside.

“You guys killed these many Luo Sha beasts last night?”

Wang Changrong had already appeared at the doorway of the stone cave. Looking at the ground filled with Luo Sha beast bodies, his face had changed drastically: “You have already grasped the arcanum of the wind and lightning techniques? This technique changes between Yin and Yang. Killing Luo Sha beasts would be very swift and clean with it.”

“Amazing.” Jiang Li was taken aback inside. He didn’t think that Wang Changrong could tell the state of his martial art just from the condition of the Luo Sha beasts’ bodies.

Wang Changrong suddenly raised his head and yelled, “You know that you’re in trouble right?”

“Why do you say that?” Jiang Li frowned, feeling that Wang Changrong was trying to scare him.

“When I saw you didn’t come back to the cave yesterday, I knew you went to kill Luo Sha beasts for genetic meat.” Wang Changrong laughed in a weird way: “As expected, your harvest was abundant, killing so many Luo Sha beasts. Unfortunately, the more Luo Sha beasts you kill, the more their chi will be stuck to you. If you kill a few hundred at a time, the Luo Sha beast king will come. Then you won’t even know how you die.”

“Luo Sha beast king?” Jiang Li’s eyes flickered.

He knew that every 10000 Luo Sha beasts had a king. Its shape was huge and its power was ten times stronger than a normal Luo Sha. Other than this, a Luo Sha beast king’s mental energy was also very strong. It surpassed even the lesser stasis reaching the state of greater stasis.

“Indeed, the Luo Sha beast king.” Wang Changrong looked around. “Yesterday, there was no king amongst the Luo Sha beasts, but it will definitely come today. The Luo Sha beast king’s wisdom is not subpar that of humans. If you underestimate it, you will die a horrible death.”

“You want to help me defeat the Luo Sha beast king?” Jiang Li was beginning to understand Wang Changrong’s intentions. The genetic meat on Luo Sha beasts was already very good, so the genetic meat of a Luo Sha Beast king would be even better.

“I’ll help you, and we can split the acquired genetic meat in half,” Wang Changrong offered. “Only us two together can deal with a Luo Sha beast king.”

“You’re not afraid of the Luo Sha beast king’s spiritual illusions? I’ve checked the information on them and found that its mental state is that of greater stasis. If I haven’t guessed wrong, you’re only of lesser stasis. There’s no way you can defend against the hypnosis from a greater stasis creature.” Jiang Li needed to test Wang Changrong’s abilities.

Wang Changrong shook his head. “In fact, my spiritual training here resulted in me reaching greater stasis a long time ago. Unfortunately, my physical capabilities receded and there are insufficient brain cells to support my spiritual state right now. Thus, I’ve remained at lesser stasis. My mental state receded instead of improving.”

“Your spiritual state can recede?” Jiang Li was shocked: “Are you kidding me?”

“Fahua Sutra says that even the Bodhisattva may recede. Those who cultivate Buddhism must cultivate to a state where the eight grounds don’t move, if they don’t want to recede.” Wang Changrong laughed: “You need to be careful too. If you encounter significant sudden changes, you may recede from lesser stasis and fall back to being a normal human.”

“Then how can I cultivate to the state of eight grounds not moving Bodhisattva?” Jiang Li asked, wanting to see what sort of Dao Wang Changrong was pursuing.

“He he, very simple: kill a person, it’s one ground Bodhisattva; kill ten people, you’re 2 ground Bodhisattva.” A green light shimmered in Wang Changrong’s eyes: “You’re not cruel enough, young man.”

“Never mind, let’s talk about how we deal with the Luo Sha beast king. Would the Luo Sha beast king come into the cave tonight?” This was what Jiang Li cared about.

“Correct: normally, Luo Sha beasts are at the highest mountains when the sunlight is the most intense. They bathe in starlight for the whole day and come to caves to avoid the cold at night.” Wang Changrong looked around: “Last night, the Luo Sha beasts were a clan, as there were thousands of them. Their king should be at another place avoiding the cold. When it counts the numbers today and discovers that there are a few hundred fewer, he will be irate. I think it might even come before nightfall. Luo Sha beasts are more ferocious during the day. I think you have tasted that.”

“The king can appear during the day?” Jiang Li stood up suddenly. “Then that’s really bad.”

The Luo Sha beast’s power was very strong during the day. Neither would be able to rip them apart with their life force. They could only rely on hypnosis to kill them. Unfortunately, a Luo Sha beast king’s hypnotic abilities were stronger than Jiang Li’s. It would be amazing if he could defend against its hypnosis. It would be purely dreaming to hope to kill it.

“But both of us have reached lesser stasis. The Luo Sha beast king can’t hypnotise us in one go.” Wang Changrong sat down. His eyes flickered as he set out his plans: “When the time comes, we can attack together. I have a set of combined attack martial arts techniques; I’ll teach it to you now. If we cooperate, we can definitely find an opportunity to kill the Luo Sha beast king.”

“What combined attack?” Jiang Li was dubious.

“Dragon and Snake Combined Attack.” Wang Changrong’s expression looked on distantly, as if he were staring at a tall mountain: “This is the ancestral technique of the Wang family. I didn’t plan to teach it to you, but to kill the Luo Sha beast king, there must be someone as strong as me to cooperate with to use the technique. Only then will our damage multiply to an adequate force. I can’t trust the other fugitives. Only you barely fit the criteria.”

“You may trust me, but I don’t trust you,” Jiang Li responded. He was still apprehensive inside. He raised his brows: “I wouldn’t kill and eat people. I also wouldn’t kill you because there’s nothing to gain out of killing you. Instead, I would only cause myself trouble. But you’re different; you would kill me.”

Wang Changrong could already discern the spirit chi of the Heavens and Earth of his body. Wang Changrong was very interested in his flesh.

“Hmph, you’re flesh may be good, but when there’s a better option, who would rather eat humans?” Wang Changrong’s eyes flashed fiercely: “Only demons eat humans, and who would want to become a demon? It is the lifestyle of exile on planet Luo Sha that has forced me into this. I had to do it for survival. The Luo Sha beast king’s genetic meat can recover much of my lost physical capabilities. Your flesh can’t do that. On top of that, if we cooperate successfully, we can definitely kill more than one Luo Sha beast king.”

“Mr Wang, is Dragon and Snake Combined Attack purely martial arts? Is it purely the dragon stance and snake stance of the Xing Yi Fist used together? The ancient Chinese martial arts don’t seem to be that powerful,” Lara suddenly said.

“Little girl, what do you know!” Wang Changrong was a bit unhappy. “The most primal state of Dragon and Snake Combined Attack was indeed that. However an ancestor of our Wang family improved it, and it became no longer just martial arts, but also a very strong spiritual technique! I’ll show you what it is right now!”

“Dragon!” His hands moved as if forming a seal, but at the same time, not forming a seal. Immediately, a dragon appeared behind his back, displaying its dominance. The whole cave appeared to be spinning, as dragon howled from every direction. As if in the depth of outer space, there was a huge dragon cultivating, and in the spur of that moment, the spiritual illusion almost changed the world around them!

Creating a world with one thought.

The spirit that could change the world.

It is said that the whole universe was born from the thought of a great existence.

“Argh...” Lara and Liana both shrieked. They could not avoid this intense spiritual illusion. All they felt was a huge dragon devouring them as they fell into endless darkness.

“Amazing...” Jiang Li wiped some sweat from his forehead. He had almost fallen into Wang Changrong’s spiritual illusion just then.

“This is only one of the spiritual attacks of Dragon and Snake Combined Attack. Its power is minimal and not even coordinated with physical attacks.” There was a sense of pride in Wang Changrong’s words: “This is dragon strike, Jiang Li; I will teach you snake strike. We, dragon and snake, attack together as we transform. While we spiritually contemplate, our thoughts will overlap each other, making our damage output increase exponentially.”

When Wang Changrong talked about martial arts, he seemed like a typical grandmaster. All the bloodthirst had disappeared from him, as he displayed his avidity in cultivation.

This persistence was something that Jiang Li couldn’t even compare with now.

As expected, each master had his own unique side.

From Wang Changrong, he had learnt a lot. But Jiang Li was still only an 18 year-old youth. The path of his life had not been set, as he was still growing. It was reasonable that he hadn’t developed a character like Wang Changrong’s.

“Mental attacks can add together?” Jiang Li had heard this for the first time.

“Why can’t it? Physical attacks can’t be accumulated, but spiritual attacks certainly can. Your life force is 2, my life force is 2.1. We can not beat someone with 4.1 life force together. That person would be able to kill us in one move. However, if our thoughts are collaborating well enough, we can achieve a spiritual communication and hence attack output that is twice as strong.” Wang Changrong went on: “Material life force can not be added, but ethereal, spiritual power can. Many secondary hypnotists after training can add their spiritual energies together to defend against a tertiary hypnotist. But that requires strength in numbers.”

“In that case, I will collaborate with you.”

Jiang Li had not tried spiritually combined attacks. Since Dragon and Snake Combined Attack was a martial art of the Wang family, then it must have its own unique arcanum. Although he had the Spiritual Emperor Seal as his foundation, Jiang Li still needed to browse all sorts of martial arts, and make them his own, before being able to comprehend more advanced skills.

“Okay, I will first teach you the moves for Dragon and Snake Combined Attack, then I will teach you the contemplation process. Finally, our spirits must be able to communicate and collaborate. Luckily, you have reached stasis. By teaching you through the heart, we’ll be able to collaborate better. If it was someone with a lower spiritual state, I wouldn’t even know how to explain it to them.” Wang Changrong sighed: “Only a few of the vicious fugitives have even reached stasis, let alone the students.”

“Entering stasis was indeed hard.”

Jiang Li thought about his experiences. He had the fortune of a lifetime and also received help from many others, plus his own efforts and all sorts of spirit medications, but had still been unable to reach stasis. Only when he killed Jiang Li and Yu Muhua, breaking all the confinements of rules, was he able to enter stasis.

“Let’s not talk gibberish; begin! This is dragon stance!” Wang Changrong suddenly shook, making all sorts of movements. “Look carefully: I will cast a spiritual illusion which will be the contemplation image.”

Jiang Li was silent. As Wang Changrong cast his moves, a dragon appeared on the top of his head. Sometimes it created clouds and rain, sometimes it inhaled and exhaled the universe. Sometimes, its temperament was great, sometimes, it howled with masculinity. Every move, the big dragon operated as well. Its body was controlled by the spirit.

Of course, this dragon was only an illusion and did not exist in reality. Lara and Liana could not see this, as Wang Changrong had targeted it towards Jiang Li. This was the essence of martial arts, and could not be passed on to other people.

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