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“My god! He killed 512 all by himself, this is inhuman…” Henry exclaimed.

The tide of beasts had retreated. Henry and the other few White students woke from their shock. They knew that the danger from tonight had passed and that the ground was full of genetic meat. They wouldn’t be short on food for these few days.

But they didn’t go pick it up; instead, they waited for Jiang Li to split them.

These students were all elites, and knew how to handle these situations.

“Lara and Liana, collect the rest of the genetic meat and give Henry, and them, half of it. We’ll keep the other half for ourselves. These things can not only be eaten, but also used for arresting bleeding,” Jiang Li instructed.

Without the need for him to say anything more, Lara and Liana had already started to collect the lying genetic meat.

Jiang Li had eaten about 200 during the battle, and now there was about 300 left over. Lara gave Henry and his group half as ordered. With the remaining 100 or so pieces, the three of them could each consume 50 or so pieces.

In fact, one piece was enough to supply a day’s nutritional need, but more was needed when doing intense physical activity.

Jiang Li needed to eat hundreds of genetic meat everyday to ensure that his life force grew, slowly even still, in this harsh environment.

The spirit chi of the Heavens and Earth in his cells only prevented his bodily capabilities from decreasing in the bad environment. Otherwise it would be too scary to decrease to 2.1 from 2.5, like Wang Changrong.

Now with a sufficient amount, plus the vitamins in the nutritional serums, there was the possibility that he could increase his life force.

“So many pieces of genetic meat! If we aren’t extravagant, it can definitely be enough for the 30 days,” Liana said joyfully.

“Don’t save it, eat it all in one day to try to increase your life force. We need to be at our prime at every moment! In the harsh conditions, we must not only not falter, but continually improve! Because this is not the only round for the entrance exam of Astral University; this is only the first round.”

Jiang Li said with resolution: “Next, there’s definitely going to be a few more rounds of examinations which won’t give us any time to rest. If our bodies become weak after we finish this testing on planet Luo Sha, we definitely won’t be able to pass the next few rounds. We would have all worked for nothing. I estimate that if you eat large amounts of genetic meat everyday, 30 days later, your life force is very likely to sky-rocket to reach 1.4, even 1.5. The energy inside can energise the body cells. It’s the essence from the star, it’s effects are much stronger than the lunar essence on Earth.”

The star shining on planet Luo Sha was much brighter than the Sun, and therefore contained much greater energy.

The genetic meat inside Luo Sha beasts absorbed this star energy; in another sense, it absorbed energy like solar essence.

This star had denser energy than the Sun, and therefore, the substance like solar essence was much more viscous. Eating that was equivalent to eating large amounts of solar essence every day. This more superior form of solar essence was converted by the genetic meat, resulting in no side effects.

Jiang Li measured it with his spirit. Approximately 200 pieces of genetic meat contained around 10 grams of superior solar essence.

“Right? Dad wanted to develop solar and lunar essence without side effects. Could the genetic meat by of help to him? But if it’s something I can think of, the Sun and Moon Corporation have definitely thought of it too. There’s definitely a scientific problem with this.” Jiang Li shook his head. Science was more intricate than cultivation. If there was the slightest mistake in a small area, the nuclear reactor could break down.

Liana and Lara also tasted it slowly, eating all of the genetic meat they were allotted.

They no longer seemed fatigued like they had been for the past two days. Now, they were much more energetic and even rubbed some genetic meat on their face. Their scorched skin also started to recover.

Their skin started to flake due to exposure to the intense light. There was no medication that could cure them here. Luckily, they had acquired genetic meat that could remedy this.

The effects of genetic meat were better than any nutritional supplements.

It seemed that by choosing planet Luo Sha as the testing ground, Astral University had also given students a sliver of hope. As long as they kept killing Luo Sha beasts, they could survive very well.

Henry also gasped a sigh of relief and sat on the ground. He couldn’t be bothered upholding gentleman-like customs. He took out a piece of genetic meat and rubbed it on his wounds. Although there were many places that were burnt on his body, he only rubbed it on the most serious wounds. Some small wounds were ignored as there were limited amounts of genetic meat.

“Let’s rest and conserve energy. We still need to get water tomorrow morning.” Henry sighed: “Fetching water is hard labour, walking 100 kilometres under that sun. I suppose in a few more days, the skin on our bodies will start to crack and we’ll develop cancer. If there is water in this cave, then our survivability would increase many folds.”

Many people died on the way to fetch water due to the sun’s heat.

“Henry,” Jiang Li said called, “do you know what the procedures are for the following exams?”

“The next round is a brawling test, and then scientific testing. Finally, it will be the ranked match,” Henry replied. “The past exams followed this procedure. If nothing has changed this year, it will be the same.”

“Ranked match?” Jiang Li asked. “What is that?”

“Very simple. Astral University takes in around 300 people on Earth each year, but these 300 people can’t be treated as the same. This is where the ranked matches comes into play. The first rank in the 300 is the first rank in the Earth student intake sector. Then, the students from Earth are matched with students from other sectors and undergo the matches again to determine the top 10. These top ten students will be awarded the elite prep award. This is the key to migrating to the elite district!” Henry explained.

“Elite prep award?” Jiang Li was secretly shocked. This wasn’t something as simple as the Xing Hua City Feng Yun award. It represented the future of migrating into the elite district, a symbol of status.

“Every year, the top ten new students all shine. Every one of them is one of the greatest prodigies of humanity. Countless power factions and the hierarchy of the government and military all have their eyes on them, as they are destined to be great people. If it’s the first rank, then he may even be chosen by the big powerhouses of the elite district and taken in as a disciple.”

A white girl was filled with admiration: “Although the elite district is high above us and the powerhouses with three digit life forces won’t appear, it would still be pretty good if someone with 2 digit life force chose us.”

“That’s only if you get into the top ten,” Henry said sullenly. “I’ll be satisfied if I can become just a normal student at Astral University. Right now, Jiang Li has the potential to be in the top ten. Everyone has seen his ability. If you get into the top ten, please look out for us.”

“There are countless strong people in the whole of humanity, how can I have that sort of ability. We’ll see. If there’s a chance I’ll try my best.” Jiang Li was being modest but he had secretly set his determination. He had to get into the top ten. Only then would his position be more outstanding and therefore have the power to fight against the Sun and Moon corporation.

The Astral University exam was so hard, no wonder no one from Xing Hua city had gotten in last year.

Now, half of night-time had passed and everyone hurried to recover their strength. Everyone huddled into the depth of the cave. Because there was a lot of people, everyone felt warm. Especially Jiang Li, who had eaten large amounts of genetic meat now being digested by his body, was like a large fire stove to everyone and everyone could feel the heat emanating off his body.

He exhaled and a stream of hot air rolled out, carrying with it an aromatic smell.

The genetic meat was good stuff.

“Jiang Li…” Lara walked over and sat beside him saying quietly: “Thank you, for just then… if it wasn’t for you, I would have gotten seriously injured.”

She was talking about when Jiang Li kicked the stone and knocked the Luo Sha beast from behind, simultaneously catching himself in a difficult situation, getting clawed.

“Don’t need to be so courteous.” Jiang Li wasn’t comfortable when she suddenly became so polite. “There’s no need for thankyous between us two.”

“I…” Lara opened her lips, about to say something.

“Ay! Your body is still the warmest.” Liana rejoiced by his side: “Let me hug you for another night…”

As soon as she had finished her words, she hugged Jiang Li, exhaling a breath of satisfaction.

Lara, who was interrupted by Liana, didn’t say anymore and just sat beside Jiang Li, resting with her eyes closed.

Liana looked at Lara and also closed her eyes, tired. She hugged Jiang Li and flirted with him jokingly: “Jiang Li, it pained my heart to see you get hurt…”

Jiang Li was surprised and turned to look at Lara who sat quietly by his side, not making a sound.

Liana groaned: “Hmph, just joking, you don’t have any humor cells; boring!”

Then, the night proceeded in silence.

The second day, the temperature started rising and the cave began to feel hot, but Jiang Li’s chi instead changed to a coolness. His temperature was constant, keeping the normal body temperature and even radiating it out to his surroundings, stabilising the temperature in a small radius around him.

This was the effect of the spirit chi of the Heavens and Earth.

It was like an air conditioner.

He was deeply nostalgic of his time on planet Qubo, and really wanted to go back there to cultivate for 10 years and then leave after becoming invincible. Unfortunately, there was no ordinary flight to planet Qubo; the last time was a special trip organized by the military. That meant that it was impossible for Jiang LI to get back on that ship.

There weren’t many of those opportunities.

Henry walked out of the cave, looked at the weather outside and then came back and asked, “We’re going to get water, want to go together?”

“No need, we’ll stay.” Jiang Li waved his hand: “Our water can last a few days, so we don’t need to waste our energy everyday.”

“That won’t work. although the temperature in the caves is lower than outside, it still reaches 40 degrees. You need large amounts of water, and we still need to go find salt. Though there is salt content in the nutritional serum, that will be exhausted one day,” was Henry’s reminding reply.

“That really won’t be necessary, we’ll stay here and guard the cave,” Jiang Li insisted. He shook his hands: “We’ll rest for a day and get water tomorrow.”

“Okay then, you guys guard the cave, we’re going out.” Henry gently shook his head. “I’ll share some of the water we bring back with you.”

“That won’t be necessary either, we can take care of our water problems.” Jiang Li smiled: “I’m not trying to take advantage of you.”

Henry sighed and left to collect water. He had quite a lot of water bottles, but each person was using up too much water each day.

After these people left, Lara revealed confused eyes: “Jiang Li, where are we going to get water from? Those few water bottles are empty.”

The temperature was rising. By drinking water non-stop, the water was exhausting rapidly and so was the salt content in their bodies. That required nutritional serums to replenish.

The genetic meat also had a certain amount of salt.

“Wait here, I’ll get water.” Jiang Li took a water bottle. It was empty. He waved his hand slightly and immediately, a stream of water appeared in the air, filling the bottle until it was full.

Lara and Liana were shocked and dumbfounded. They had just seen water appear out of thin air.

Jiang Li had used his mental energy to open the opaque stone and use spiritual illusion to make the two girls see the magical scene.

“There’s enough water for you to take a shower,” Jiang Li laughed.

“No way, you hypnotized us without us noticing, right?” Liana took the bottle and shook it, discovering that there was actually water inside. She still didn’t believe it, thinking it was an illusion. She took a drink and a cool flow went down her throat. The feeling wasn’t fake.

But this also wasn’t convincing. Good hypnotists could make you feel pain and even compel your senses to make mistakes. They could make bitter poison taste like sweet jelly in your mouth. Even if there wasn’t water in the bottle, you would still see a fountain. Drinking the water could also be an illusion making you feel cool and refreshed.

“Of course it isn’t fake, why would I trick you with an illusion?” Jiang Li shook his head.

“He he, young man, so you came and hid in this cave. Looks like you killed quite a lot of Luo Sha beasts yesterday. How bout you gimme some genetic meat?” a gruff voice travelled into the cave from outside. It was Wang Changrong’s.

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