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A black silhouette came in, and Jiang Li ruffled the air flow in the room as he dashed to right in front of the silhouette. His hand bland-sliced and the Emperor Wind Seal sliced down from above.


Like cutting metal, the Luo Sha beast’s body was sliced open by Jiang Li with his bare hands which exposed a small piece of genetic meat.

“As expected, at night, Luo Sha beasts are much more weaker than under the hot sun in the day. Their bodies aren’t tough either.” He chucked the genetic meat inside his mouth. It was as delicious as caramel.

For one month’s time on planet Luo Sha, super-proteins would only be helpful for training your heart. Without adequate nutrition, no one could increase their life force. Instead, their physical capabilities may regress.

But it was a different case if you had genetic meat.

The protein inside was more pure than super-protein. It contained great amounts of energy and this energy could be digested by the body. If ate genetic meat everyday with all the vitamins and trace minerals from nutritional serums, then not only would your physical capabilities not regress, but would instead improve.

Unfortunately, it was too hard to kill Luo Sha beasts. With Jiang Li’s 2 life force with an art as strong as the Emperor Wind Seal, he still needed to wait till night to be able to easily kill them.

On top of that, their body structure was too strong. His palm blade cut just then pained his hands as well.

Jiang Li could break steel boards when he had 1.3 life force; with a 2 life force, he could now slice through steel boards with just a slight cut from his palm blade. The body of the Luo Sha beast was stronger than steel, rather like a piece of machinery.

He wondered how this planet could give birth to such a life form.

This metallic, evil life form.

It was a good thing they had genetic meat in them, and their bodies were so precious. One Luo Sha beast’s body could be sold for thousands of star coins. Many factories needed them.

“They’re coming in on a large scale!” Henry exclaimed.

Another five Luo Sha beasts came through the hole. Their claws were sharp and penetrative. Flesh and bones were like tofu at the touch of their claws.

Lara and Liana were charged up by this time.

Lara stepped up and threw her fist. It was as if a demon had appeared.

B-ranked martial arts: Gods and Demon Fist!

With Lara’s 1.3 life force, this technique was very suitable for her and she wouldn’t mentally mess herself up. Ou Yang Xing had only been 1.2, but had still cultivated this technique and sneaked attacked together with Jiang Li.

Appearance of Gods and Demons! Liana flashed forward. She cooperated with Lara to attack some of the Luo Sha beasts together.

They both used Gods and Demons Fist at the same time and the power multiplied many folds. Though there was only one god and one demon, when the god and demon worked together, they were invincible.

Lara and Liana had been best friends for many years; although they had arguments sometimes, they knew each other very well and could cooperate perfectly.

Their two fists attacked at the same time, one left one right to the body of this Luo Sha beast. It hit so hard that this demon cried out in pain, subsequently grabbed by Lara and Liana from each side and ripped apart.


The whole body of the Luo Sha beast was torn into two halves and a nail sized genetic meat fell out. The two girls reached at the same time, taking half each and putting it in their mouths.

The work was clean and swift, tearing bodies and splitting meat, the killing intent really appeared like gods and demons. Even Jiang Li was stunned for a bit. He didn’t expect their cooperative battling power to be this strong.

“How are we? We have trained in cooperation techniques for a long time, and it has finally been put to use!” Liana said with satisfaction. “Gods and Demons Fist is best for team attacks.”

“Amazing!” Jiang showed his thumb in approval.

Presently, another black silhouette charged across. Jiang Li didn’t bother looking and smashed out a palm seal. Thunder erupted and the palm smashed the beast off its course. Then he rushed forward and gripped the beast with his two hands and instantly tore it apart.

Genetic meat flew outward. He grabbed it by a hand and threw it into his mouth!

He then shot out a kick and another black silhouette was flung into the wall, sticking there.


Now more and more Luo Sha beasts were charging into the cave. The Luo Sha beasts outside smelt the scent of blood and fought to charge in first.

Another slab of granite was smashed to pieces.

“Argh!” a White girl was struck by a Luo Sha beast’s claw and her forearm immediately lost a chunk of flesh. The Luo Sha beast chewed on the chunk in its mouth, rejoicing as if it were in excitement.

They were like bloodthirsty sharks. The smell of blood could activate their destructive battle power.

“Not good.” Jiang Li only now realised why so many people in Henry’s group died last night. The team of fifty was only left with just seven. These Luo Sha beast were too ferocious when they charged together.

He reached out his arms and grabbed the Luo Sha beast that was continuing to attack. With another strike, another fragment of genetic meat dropped. He threw it towards that White girl: “Rest the genetic meat on your wound!”

Genetic meat contained vast amounts of energy, so it could invigorate up muscles and blood. Eating it not only helped cultivate the organs, but could also be applied to external wounds. The energy inside seeps into the cells and blood and regrows the lost flesh.

The girl hastily applied the genetic meat to her wound. It immediately melted and stopped the bleeding. The clawed off flesh also started to heal and grow again.

The Luo Sha beast only had such strong power because it had genetic meat.

In fact, the Luo Sha beasts were a bit like the mechas, but the difference was that they had their own wisdom.

The genetic meat was still too small and too scarce. They needed to kill as many Luo Sha beasts as possible to obtain an adequate amount.

Now Henry stepped forward with a stern face and threw out a set of consecutive strikes with his fists.

His fist technique was very simple: it was the Military Explosive Thrust. With the consecutive attacks, it only took him a few blows to knock Luo Sha beasts unconscious. He then stepped on them with his foot to rip them apart, taking out the genetic meat. Sometimes, the team didn’t even have time to get the genetic meat from one beast before another Luo Sha beast had charged forward.

More and more Luo Sha beasts rushed in. Even Lara and Liana could only hide in a corner and fend off the Luo Sha beasts with their fists. They had no strength left to kill any of them.

To kill the Luo Sha beasts, they need to be pried apart with a large force. This was highly taxing on stamina and would render the person susceptible to other attacks.

The Luo Sha beast’s claws were like metal tools, a slight attack could rip the heart out.

“Come together quickly; stand like yesterday, and don’t leave any blind spots! Lilissse and I will be responsible for the front. You two responsible for the sides. When you see Luo Sha beasts come, use your fists to blast them away!” Henry yelled out loud: “Lara and Liana, you two stay close and Jiang Li, our life forces are the strongest. We will face them front on and draw the largest attention. We only need to last a few hours. The weather outside is getting colder, so as it reaches the caves, these Luo Sha beasts will gradually lose their strength and retreat!”

It looked like last night’s bloody experience had taught Henry and the rest quite a lot.

Lara and Liana hurried to move closer to Henry’s group, but were caught up dealing with several Luo Sha beasts. They began to tire from the continuous defense.

Jiang Li’s peripheral vision caught a Luo Sha beast jumping towards Lara from behind her, with the frosty claw reaching right for her heart. He quickly kicked a pebble from the ground with the tip of his foot. The stone chipped and flew through the air, shooting through that Luo Sha beast’s head. It knocked the beast to the side with a striking, metallic sound.

Lara felt cold shiver ran down her back, alarmed. She struck with a fist behind her. The fist seemed to flicker from real to hollow as it smashed heavily on the Luo Sha beast’s head.


Jiang Li’s distraction resulted in a sneak attack from another Luo Sha beast. He tried to dodge it but a scratch left five bloody marks on him.

He blocked the doorway all by himself and was attacked by more than 10 Luo Sha beasts. There was nowhere to dodge to and he could take no more than a claw.


He sent the Luo Sha beast flying with a reverse palm and suddenly struck out with his other palm, cutting another beast in half. Immediately, his body twisted and the genetic meat landed conveniently on his hand. He rubbed it on his back and the wound insantly began to heal.

“Hmm?” At that moment a thought came to his head. It was as if he’d just understood the essence of martial arts because then, he used two moves. One was lightning, the other was wind.

The two seals seemed to be merge.


He suddenly found a new world in martial arts. When he thought about the Wang family’s eight trigram wind and lightning palm, it was like the combination of Emperor Lightning Seal and Emperor Wind Seal. A turn of the left hand, like wind scooping up the clouds, and a twist of the right hand, like striking lightning.

Left wind right lightning, they attacked at the same time.


Another Luo Sha beast was ripped apart. This one’s genetic meat dropped straight into Jiang Li’s mouth.

His body moved to dodge many claw strikes with ease. He threw another strike. It was lightning and wind together again. Fighting with his left and right at the same time, his offensive power increased many folds, taking lives of Luo Sha beasts instantly whenever he made these moves with his hands.

In the blink of an eye, five more Luo Sha beasts collapsed.

He became more and more proficient. His knowledge of the Emperor Lightning Seal and Emperor Wind Seal complemented each other. Like a ravaging tiger and wolf, its damage increased many times.

The wind and lightning formation of I Ching appeared clearly in his head. As a student taking part in the exams for Astral University, there was no way he hadn’t studied the ancient texts such as I Ching. After some tutorial from Wang Changrong with the practical battles, he now understood wind and lightning to a deeper degree.

Two lightnings together was the Zheng gua.

Two winds together was the Yi gua.

When lightning and wind were used together, it was the Heng gua.

Lightning Wind Heng: a man could not change his path once he had set on it no matter how perilous it may be ahead.

At this moment, Jiang Li felt his martial spirit ascend. It was as if his body had become much lighter, but yet heavier, at the same time.

His body moved with his heart.

Lifting the heavy like it was light.

At this time, his martial state rose another level and the damage of these two seals also increased. Those Luo Sha beasts were like vegetables under his hand-blade.

Slice slice slice

His palms flew, one twist one rip. He could kill a Luo Sha beast in almost the blink of an eye and take their genetic meat.

Jiang Li could even use his spirit to predict their attack pathway. Sometimes he went forward and block these beasts from escape and just take their lives straight away.

Every time he attacked, he took the life of a Luo Sha beast with him and ate a piece of their genetic meat.

Of course, sometimes, he was also injured so he used the genetic meat on his wound immediately. In this intense battle, he became more and more proficient with his techniques until at last he almost couldn’t get injured at all. His speed was far superior to the Luo Sha beasts. As soon as they came in they would be killed. Their bodies gradually piled at the doorway, creating a bloody yet evil atmosphere.

Finally, the Luo Sha beasts outside didn’t dare to come in anymore. They made whizzing sounds as they retreated.

On the ground, hundreds of Luo Sha beasts’ corpses lay in front of the doorway.

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